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Abbass Studios Ltd.
Abbass · Corporate body · 1946-Present

The Abbass family emigrated from Lebanon to Cape Breton at the turn of the 20th century. With his wife, Lilly Khattar, Jobe Abbass built a home on Townsend Street in Sydney, N.S. and together raised twelve children. It is in this building that three of those children, George, John and Anthony started Abbass Studios in the summer of 1946.

While still in high school at Sydney Academy, George took a job as an apprentice at Meyer’s Photography, a national chain. In 1941, after graduating from high school, his brother John also secured a job with Meyers where they both learned the craft of photography. Eventually they began private work contracting jobs with the Post Record and Chronicle Herald newspapers. In January of 1943 four of the Abbass boys, George, John, Joe and Ferris, enlisted to serve during World War II. They left their younger brother Anthony (Tony), who was too young to enlist, in charge of their Post and Herald contracts. When the brothers returned from war, they received a stipend from the government to open their own business.

Abbass Studios opened its doors July 18, 1946 in the family home on Townsend Street in Sydney, N.S. . The studio offered photo finishing, portraits and commercial photography. By the mid-1960s Abbass Studio served all of the Maritime Provinces. The company built a photo finishing plant in Moncton, New Brunswick and purchased stores in New Castle, New Brunswick. The brothers eventually brought the Econo-Color Camera Stores and Studios franchise from Sherman Hines.

Abbass Studios captured and continues to document the diverse economic, political and cultural heritage of the area. The business is still in family hands and run by John’s sons Blaise and John. The Townsend Street building was demolished in 2014 and Blaise Abbass now operates Abbass Studios, Sydney from his home. John Abbass runs the store at Scotia Square Mall in Halifax.

MacKinnon, Hugh Allen
Person · TBD

Hugh Allan MacKinnon was a medic who was present at Dieppe, after the raid carried out on August 19th 1942. He was a resident of Sydney and lived on 25 Styles Lane.

Sydney Millionaires
Corporate body

The Sydney Millionaires challenged the Quebec Bulldogs for the Stanley Cup for the first and only time in 1913, under the leadership of Captain Alfred "Cap" McDonald. In 1922, the team name was resurrected under a new senior team, which would go on to play for two Allan Cup national titles. In 1949, the name was also used for a junior team, which started up in 1949.

Corporate body · March 22, 1987- ca. 1991

The Sydney and Area Community Futures Committee was established to create a long term economic development strategy for the Sydney area of Cape Breton. The goal was to determine the root of the region's negative economic growth and establish self-reliance within the community. Membership on the committee was made up of individuals from local small businesses, unions, educators and government and private sector developers. When the committee disbanded is unknown.

Parris, Eddie
10-Jul-1942 to 31-Mar-2018

Eddie Parris was a former Alderman for Sydney, Nova Scotia.