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A Ceilidh at Benacadie

Item is an audio recording of a ceilidh at Benacadie, N.S. Includes conversation in English/Gaelic with informants throughout the Iona area. Features:

MacKinnon, Joseph - Brief biographical sketch

MacDonald, Joseph L. - A Ceilidh at Benacadie

Campbell, Neil - Biographical sketch

Campbell, Neil - How did your people first acquire land here?

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Brief biographical sketch

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Who were instrumental in bringing the Highland Village to Iona

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - How was land acquired for the Highland Village?

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Highland Village Day

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Problems facing a curator

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Archie Gillis and John Beaton: Gaelic Songs and Stories

Item is an audio recording of Archie E. Gillis and John Beaton performing a selection of Gaelic songs and sgeulachd.

Archie E. Gillis

        "Olc mar h' fhalbh sibh air turs..."
"Smuid a null gu duthaich na Gallamg (?) ..."

John Beaton:

             Sgeulachd: "Cailleach nan Cno"
"Sealah cuan 's i bho thuath..."

Unidentified Informant Sgeulachd: About "Buidseachd - sgoil - dhubh"

Leach, MacEdward

CBC Radio "Fresh Air" 1982

Eddie MacPherson Middle River
Information on the "Yankees Line"
Transportation problems - snow plows, flooding of the river etc.
Birds in the area
Superstitions about birds, storms etc.

Robert Smith
Early industries at Middle River - grist mills, thrashing mills etc.
Lumbering in the 50's
Community life in the area

D.D. MacRae
Began farming in Middle River in 1980
Tells about moving to C.B., from Alberta

Georgina MacRae
Former R.N., worked with r. C.L. MacMillan
Tells about her nursing career in the area - traveling in all sorts of
D.D. MacRae
The foot bridge they had to use to get Charles School, Middle River
The brige was 275 feet long, hung about 15 feet about the water
Lumbering in the area in the 50's
Social life in the area

Neil MacLennan Benacadie
A funny story about "bull beer"

Aggie MacLennan
How she learned to stepdance
Her brother John MacLean - a violinist and stepdancer
Describes a highlan wedding

Neil MacLennan
Gaelic his first language
His first teacher, Jessie MacKenzie
His expericences in the service, World War Two
The purposes of the C.B. Gaelic Society

Dan MacNeil
2 Songs - Copper and Silver (English) Ho Ro, 'S toil leam fhin thu
The old days, going to ceilihs
The old traing boats
Mary doucette Social like in the old days

CBC Radio

Catherine Patterson and Lucy Byrne: Gaelic Songs

Item is an audio recording of Catherine Patterson, her daughters, and Lucy Byrne performing a number of Gaelic songs.

Mrs. Patterson & Daughters Benacadie "Ho ro gur togamaid hugain fhathast"

Mrs. Patterson & Daughters "Ged a sheoil mi air m'aineoil..."

Lucy Byrne "Nochd an Oidhche"

Mrs. Patterson
"Tha mi direadh as an dorus..."
Sgeulachd: "Coma leat co as na h-eileann..."
Carson a mhol thu mhor thir mhosach?

Leach, MacEdward

Collection of Gaelic Songs Sung in Christmas Island Parish

  • G157
  • Item
  • ca. 1965

Item is a collection of songs, and information regarding the songs, that were commonly sung in Christmas Island and surrounding communities. Most of the songs were composed in the area, but a few are Old Country songs.

Gaelic Song and Conversation: Benacadie & Castle Bay

Item is an audio recording of interviews with residents of Benacadie and Castle Bay, Cape Breton (N.S). Recording includes songs, stories and community history.

MacLennan, Mrs. Rod - Biographical sketch

Doucette, Mrs. George - Biographical sketch

Doucette, Mr. George - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Story

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Na threig thu...leannainn

MacInnis, Donald - Biographical sketch

MacInnis, Donald - Gun crodh gun aighean

Morrison, Peter - Biographical sketch

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Bitibh aotrom 's togaibh fonn

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - O's ann tha mo ghaol-sa thall

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Gaidheal air aineol

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Tha mo chion-sa air an fhiurain

MacNeil, Jim D. - Biographical Sketch

MacNeil, Mrs. Hector J. - Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic songs; Joe L. MacDonald, Finlay Cameron, Alex & Hugh MacKenzie

Finlay Cameron Boisdale (N.S.), Christmas Island (N.S.), Halifax (N.S.) S toigh leam ho ro hu bhith'sa chul a fuireach...

Finlay Cameron Story - If she only had horns and a tail...

Finlay Cameron Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn...

Joseph L. MacDonald Hinn hainn hogadan...

Joseph L. MacDonald Ho hi ri ill rathill o...

Finlay Cameron Fleasgaich ur, leannain thu...

Finlay Cameron Tha mi sgith o'n timseo 'n de...

Joe Lawrence MacDonald Eilean mo Chridhe

Joe Lawrence MacDonald O hi ri ill o robha...

Hugh MacKenzie O Mhairead mhin mholach...

Hugh MacKenzie Oran na Mohawks

Hugh MacKenzie Graf Zeppelin song

Archie MacKenzie An tulach boidheach

Archie MacKenzie An samhradh air tighinn a's ur oirnn

Hugh MacKenzie Orana' mhathain

Archie MacKenzie Nighean an Taillear

Hugh MacKenzie S toigh leam cruinneag dhonn nam bo...

Hugh MacKenzie Faill irinn illrinn uill irinn o

Hector MacNeil, Gaelic Songs and Stories

Item consists of 1 audio recording of Hector Macneil singing and telling a Gaelic story.

Hector MacNeil sings a song composed by a priest about himself.

Hector sings a song about the departure of the highlanders

Hector MacNeil tells the story in the song about the man who left his homeland only to return some years later and finds everything in tatters.
Reminiscences (Anecdotes)

Hector sings a New Year's song

"Gillean mo run" (Song--Love)

Johnstone, Mark

Naidheachdan, Sgeulachdain and Songs from Dan MacKenzie and Joe Allan MacLean & Annie MacLean

Item is an audio recording of stories and songs performed by Dan MacKenzie, Joe Allan MacLean and Mrs. Annie MacLean. Featuring:

MacKenzie, Dan - Song sung from the perspective of an old pit mare purchased to help with the November plowing. Horses were plentiful and cheap, so when they ceased to be of use people took them to the marsh and killed them.

MacKenzie, Dan - Òran do Nighean Òg Bréagha. Song Composed by Iagain Steaphainn Ruaidh. Uses the chorus to "Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire".

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "A'Chailleach a'Bheat an Deamhan".

MacKenzie, Dan - Fairy Story "Di-Luain, Di-Mairt, DiCiadain"

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "Cònar a'Seòladh is an Grog Làidir"

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-195

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: A man leaves home to hunt on "Beinn Dhunnchaidh" to earn his fortune. On the way there he encounters several characters and obstacles. He eventually is dissuaded from going to the mountain an returns home. He discovers gold and goes to England with it, where he open's the country's largest shoe factory.

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: "An Dròbhair Cruinn"

MacLean, Joe Allan - "Òran Bàs Eachainn MhicDhùghaill" composed by Archie MacDougall of Benacadie. Hector (Eachann "Larry") left Baddeck in a boat in 1896 but never returned home. He was presumed drowned. Archie's aunt, Mary (MacDougall) MacLeod also composed songs.

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - Biographical sketch

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Bha Mi'n Raoir gu Sunndach Sunndach" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil)

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Tha Mise fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil). Song concerns a difficult winter and trying to preserve hay.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - History of Iona Credit Union

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence