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Big Pond Scottish Concert

MacEachern, Allan J., Pres. Of Privy Council - Ho ro 's toigh leam fhein thu...

MacInnis, Donald, M.P. -Violin selections

MacKenzie, John Archy, M.L.A. - Stepdancing

Munro, Deanie - Lizzie Lindsay

Gillis, Lauchie - Violin selections

Gillis, Lauchie - My Cape Breton Home

MacDougall, Mike - Accordian Selections

Morris, Father Eugene - The Three Marys

Snow, Ted - Violin selections

MacLellan, Teresa - Stepdancing

Hibbs, Harry - Stepdancing

Hibbs, Harry - Illean beag horan o ro...

Hibbs, Harry - s e mo run an t-saighdear og...

MacInnis, Dan Joe - Puirt-a-Beul

LeBlanc, Kathy - Puirt-a-Beul

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Chafe, Winnie - Violin selections

Chafe, Winnie - Violin selections

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacDonald, Kay

Coisirean Oigridh : Mod 1970

  • MODSB17
  • Item
  • 1970

Item is a collection of choral songs prescribed for performance by children's choirs during the 1970 Nation Mod in Oban, Scotland. Included is the song "I Hiuraibh O Chan Eil Mi Slan" which uses an air provided by Frank MacNeil of Big Pond, Cape Breton.

Conversations in Middle Cape, Big Pond and Boisdale

MacPherson, Duncan Middle Cape (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacPherson, Duncan Middle Cape (N.S.) Strip mining of celestite at Loch Lomond

MacNeil, James Big Pond (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Mrs. James Big Pond (N.S.) Biographical sketch

Cherguin, W.L. Collection of Ivan Bailey

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Haggis - a recipe

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Norman MacLeod's vessels

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Norman MacLeod's vessels

MacNeil, Malcolm J. Cape Breton Past and Future

Melvin MacPhee Good old days at Glace Bay

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Excerpts from old Cape Breton newspapers

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Dan Joe MacInnis, Gravestone

  • 94-404-23579
  • Item
  • 1992

Item is a photograph of the gravestone marking the burial of fiddler Dan Joe MacInnis (1922-1991). Mr. MacInnis is buried in the Big Pond Catholic Cemetery.

Prendergast, Paul

Dunvegan and Big Pond Gaelic Songs

MacIssac, Alex John (Dunvegan, N.S) - Song about the arrival of a boat from P.E.I. And explanation of song

MacIssac, Alex John - "Sine Chaluim Bhain"

MacIssac, Alex John - "An Domhnallach Urramach"

MacLellan, Archie Dan (Dunvegan, N.S) - "Oran na Muice" & explanation of song

MacLellan, Archie Dan - "Dh'fhalbh na gillean grinn le damh"

MacLellan, Archie Dan - "Oran do'n uisge-beatha"
Song about burning of the jail in Inverness, N.S
Oran na Bainnse"

MacNeil, John K. (Big Pond, N.S) - "An Duine anns a Sgoth agus an Currac"

MacNeil, John K. - "Oran an Eich"

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie (Big Pond, N.S) - "A null am monadh..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Coma leam buntata charach..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Bha mi air banais..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Peigi Raonaill 'ic Thearlaich..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Cairistiona Chaimbeul..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Johnny Cope..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Tha teine anns a'bhaille an diugh..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "A Mhoraig am bheil thu ann..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Cha sheas poca falamh..."

Shaw, John

Gaelic Songs and Prayer

Cameron, Finlay - Nighean Bhàn Ghrùlainn

Sadie Beaton Cameron - An Té Ruadh 's am Bodach

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - Tha Mo Bhreacan 's a fo'n Dìle

MacNeil, Frank - Òran do Reisimaidh Bhraid-Albann

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - O 's e mo run a maraiche

Rankin, Peter - Each am Màbu by Sam Nicolson

Cameron, Finlay - Tha mi 'n diugh gu tinn

Rankin, Agatha - Song composed by Janet MacPherson (Creignish)
MacDonald, Hector H. - Will you Marry Me my Bonnie Lass (Gaelic)
MacDonald, Hector H. -
MacDonald, Hector H.
Rankin, Rev. Donald - Gaelic prayer, Preface of Mass

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Oran do Cheap Breatuinn

MacEachern, Elizabeth - O tiugainn a leannain

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Legends and customs

MacEachern, Elizabeth

Gaelic Songs and Stories - Jim Charles MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of Jim Charles Macneil singing, and discussing stories/history of Big Pond (N.S).

Brief talk of Father Michael Gillis
Singing; this Cumhna was written by John MacKinnon, Big Pond.
True, funny stories
MacPherson story...
Father MacAdam's death...
Address to Scottish Catholic Society; first Convention - short time after Father D.M. MacAdam's death.
Song part of Cumhna composed by Vincent MacLllan; Cumhna in honor of Father D.M. MacAdam.
Duain - Halloween customs in Cape Breton
Funny stories - One about the carpenter...
Song composed for that carpenter by Mr. MacInnis; supposedly spoken by the man who hired the carpenter.
"Tell us something about Bishop Grant of Scotland and Canon MacInnis"
Reads the address given to Bishop Grant and Canon MacInnis by Father Stanley MacDonald; composed by Father S. MacDonald

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Gaelic Songs and Stories - Jim Charles MacNeil and Joseph Campbell

Item consists of audio recordings of Jim Charles Macneil, and Joe Campbell telling Gaelic stories and anecdotes, singing Gaelic songs, and discussing local history, traditions and genealogy.

"The August Gale..." An account of the 1873 August Gale (Joe Campbell)

"The snowslide..." A terrible diaster - many were killed, buried by falling snow. (Joe Campbell)

"Story of my political career..." An account of his twenty years as councillor. (Joe Campbell)

"Tha Fonn air na Mocaisean" Composed by a Cape Bretoner in Newfoundland (Jim Charles MacNeil)

A new way of teaching the alphabet... (Jim Charles MacNeil) (Anecdote--Humourous)

"Thill thu, Iain,an dh'fhuair thu na caoraich..." (Jim Charles MacNeil) (Anecdote--Humourous)

"Railroad won't eat oats..." (Joe Campbell) (Anecdote--Humourous)
Story about the drowning of three men... (Joe Campbell)

A strange story. (Joe Campbell) Priests driving at night were troubled by a strange apparition on the road.

The murder of "Klondike Angus" from Ben Eoin (Joe Campbell )

Continuation of the "Klondike Angus" murder (Joe Campbell)

Note signed by A.D. Morrison, Big Pond,for a Mr. Temple, was dishonoured...A young lawyer, D.A. Cameron, was hired (1896) (Joe Campbell)

"Riley sold himself to the devil..." Riley went to Father MacKeagney for help. (Joe Campbell)

Father Duncan MacDonald's arrival at Big Pond. (Joe Campbell)

"Don MacIsaac's house is on fire!" (Joe Campbell) (Story--Second sight)

Miracle cure in Margaree... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Story of the mineral spring at Glengarry Road (Jim Charles MacNeil)

"Bhean an tighe..." (Jim Charles MacNeil) Song composed in Big Pond when J.C. MacNeil & family were moving from that area.

Discussion on shipbuilding at Johnstown... (Jim Charles MacNeil & Joe Campbell) The "Annie Laurie" and others.

Cures in Big Pond... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Father William's cures... (Joe Campbell)

The Atkinson murder... (Joe Campbell)

Storm in Cap Breton in 1905. (Joe Campbell) Storm stopped all mail in C.B.

"'S e Cheap Breatuinn tir mo ghraidh..." (Jim Charles MacNeil) Composed by
D.A. MacDonald, Framboise.

A.W.R. Mackenzie started the Gaelic College at St. Ann's, C.B. (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Mr. MacNeil was principal speaker at the Gaelic Mod, St. Ann's, on Pioneer Day (Jim Charles McNeil)

Early history of the Gaelic Gollege... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Farewell address to Dame Flora (Jim Charles MacNeil)

A mysterious 'bocan' he saw... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

"Throw that stone into Hades out of my way!..." (Jim Charles MacNeil) (Anecdote--Humourous) "If I do, you'll meet it again!"

"O gurmise th'air mo mhealladh..." (Joe Campbell)

Story of a mail driver's hardships (Joe Campbell)

Noise of a train was heard but there was no train... (Joe Campbell)

Story about a lady from Middle Cape... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

"Fire on the mountain! Run boys, run!" (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Tells a series of legends... (Jim Charles MacNeil)

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Joe Neil MacNeil, Jim Charlie MacNeil, Dan MacNeil Gaelic Conversation

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Gaelic stories & songs from Cape Breton "A hiu robh ho na hiu bhan o, Chaneil na soir a cordadh rium..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A true Halloween story...

MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) James MacNeil and the old lady...

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Halloween superstitions

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Halloween tricks at Irish cover

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Paying for seats in Church at Big Pond...

MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) The widow and the shoemaker...

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Old customs & superstitions

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A story of Halloween custom...

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) MacDonald "Clan Sheumais" from "Tir-Mor"

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A "rann" - "Franci Cham"

MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) Story about a cure for a cold...

MacNeil, Joe Neil Sydney (N.S.) Stealing cabbage at Halloween...

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) A true story of a priest at Big Pond...

MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) "Ho ro mo nigh'n donn bhoidheach na gorm shuil mealladh..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Story of the man who swore...

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Story & song about the Cailleach-bhuain" at harvest time

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) The man who slept for three days...

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) A debate - the married man vs. The single man...

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Saying grace - two versions...

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Lost cows - "30 days in the pen..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) "Mac Banntraich - an fhear a mharbh na mheirleich..."

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) "Thusa" vs. "sibhse"

MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) He found the tracks of the red fox

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

MacAdams Lake and Big Pond: Gaelic Songs and Stories

MacNeil, Mrs. Frank Big Pond (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Mrs. Frank Big Pond (N.S.) Mo chaileag bhinn

MacNeil, Mrs. Frank Big Pond (N.S.) Early school days in Big Pond

MacNeil, Mrs. Frank Big Pond (N.S.) How "mogans" were made

MacNeil, Peter East Bay (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacKenzie, Ann East Bay (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacKenzie, Mrs. Jessie Big Pond (N.S.) Bheir mi o

MacNeil, Stephen MacAdam's Lake Biographical sketch

MacSween, Stephen MacAdam's Lake Biographical sketch

MacSween, Stephen MacAdam's Lake Story of getting a bottle

MacSween, Stephen MacAdam's Lake Two more Gaelic stories

MacSween, Mrs. Hugh MacAdam's Lake Biographical sketch

MacSween, Dan Joe East Bay (N.S.) Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Reminiscences of Big Pond by Joseph Campbell

Pioneers of Big Pond (N.S.)

Story of the drowning of three men March 18, 1885. Two men were MacKinnons and the third was a MacNeil.

Religious Life in early days. Priest-Church 1890-1892.

Private graveyards. Private graveyard not far from Church on Neil MacIsaac's farm

Tell us about the Mi'kmaq...

What was that second-sight story about the burning house?

The house was seen burning 30 years before it actually did burn.

Man sees his Mother return from the dead. She returned for Mick Currie's brother

Father Duncan MacDonald tells a story

Was this a miracle?

Hardships of mail drivers

Story of tragic snowslide. Decendants of victims still living in the area.

Old diary

Political meetings at Big Pond (N.S.) in the early 1900's

Councillor elections - results, Big Pond (N.S.)

Rural Route Mail.

Couriers Pay and Contracts


Were there blacksmiths in those days?

When did Father MacDonald come to the Parish?

Building of the Glebe House (1905-1926)

Story of the Coal Schooner

Coal landed on Island

Father Laughlin MacDonald followed Father Duncan MacDonald - 1930

Father MacDonald was folllowed by Father MacLean

What can you tell us about school teachers and their salaries

Teachers were licensed

Tell me something about the night of the elections as well as the night before