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Broad Cove (N.S.)

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Archie Dan MacLellan and Lauchie MacLellan: Gaelic Songs

MacLellan, Archie Dan

Stories about Raonall Mor Mac Ailean Oig
Story about "Sithichean" (fairies) in Isle of Cann, Inner Hebrides
The French boat in P.E.I.
Oran an T-Seathaich
Puirt-a-beul - words to Miss MacLeod's Reel
"Gillean nan Drobhair"
Traditions concerning Miss MacLeod's Reel "Ceann Locha Morair"
First Pioneers' voyage from Scotland
"Murderer on ship tested with coin"
"No successful wedding without a fight..."
"Bocain" and connected beliefs...
"Spiorad an Drobhair"
Transportation by will...
"'Tha diofar math eadar na mic..."
"Priest and minister in River Denys..."
"Song about the burning of the jail at Inverness (N.S.)"

MacLellan, Lauchie (Dunvegan)

"Bheir mi o ro hoireann o"
"Sealladh nam mor-bheannan"
"An Gille Glas"
"Oran an T-Seathaich"
Saying from Gaelic Calendar
"'S e mo run an t-oigear og..."
"Illean bithibh sunndach..."

Beaton, David

Killer whales at Broad Cove

Shaw, John

First Scottish concert held in 1957 at Broad Cove, Cape Breton.

The late Lauchie Gillis, Grand Mira, Gaelic song with Marie MacLellan on piano

Violin music by Theresa MacLellan with Marie on piano

Angus Alex MacDonald stepdancing with Donald Angus Beaton on violin and Marie MacLellan on piano

John Alex Gillis - Gaelic song accomp., by Broad Cove Chorus

The Mabou dancers (square set) with music by Donald Angus Beaton on violin and Mrs. Beaton on piano

Violin music by Peter MacDonnell of Deepdale (N.S.): (a) Maggie Cameron's Strathspey. (b) John Morrison's Reel

A group from Deepdale (N.S.) stepdancing - violin music by Mrs. Cassie Belle MacIntyre of Inverness (N.S.)

A finale of Inverness (N.S.) county fiddlers with Angus Allan Gillis, Donald Angus Beaton, Cameron Chisholm, Theresa MacLellan, etc., with Mrs. Donald Beaton on piano, (3) groups of tunes, strathspeys and reels

Angus Allan Gillis playing a group of wedding reels

Jimmy and Harold MacDonnell - bag pipe selections

Two Gaelic songs by the Broad Cove Chorus with Marion Gillis on piano
Inverness (N.S.) pipe band playing "Road to the Isles"

Highland dance by Christine Kennedy with bagpipe music

Gaelic song by Angus Alex MacDonnell and sisters (2 songs)

Violin music by Jimmy MacLellan with Jessie Maggie MacLellan on piano
Jimmy MacLellan from Sudbury, Ont. (St. Rose) violin accomp., to Maureen Fraser to stepdance

Cameron Chisholm playing violin for his 1st public concert

Gaelic song sung by Margaree singers

Violinist Johnny Wilmot with Gussie Miles as piano accomp.,
Donald Angus Beaton on violin with wife Elizabeth on piano

The Beaton's playing for stepdancer Willie Fraser, Deepale, Inverness County (N.S.)

Angus Allan Gillis violin selections and Jessie Maggie MacLellan on piano

Gaelic song sung by a group from Southwest Margaree (N.S.) - Father Hugh A. MacDonald on piano

MacEachen, Rev. John Hugh

Mrs Archie Kennedy: Early Days of Teaching in Broad Cove, N.S

Item is an audio recording of Mrs. Archie Kennedy. She speaks on life in Broad Cove and Margaree, education in the area, local lore, and prevalence of Gaelic language especially in the church.

Early days at home in Margaree...

Early school days at Captain Allan's House...School books, studies, school hours, discipline, temperature of school room.

"Hard shoes and woolen stockings" Mogans were pulled over the shoes to keep the feet warm.

Story about the "brocan cruaidh"

A day in school...The day started with a prayer, then the pupils stood in a row and read. Next came the spellings. Places of honour were won according to one's ability to spell. This was an ungraded school.

Teachers and method of teaching. The Friday program.

Nothing was learned in Gaelic in the schools.

The Church in Margaree. Prayers and Catechism all learned in Gaelic.

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

North Shore Gaelic Songs

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic singers from the Dunvegan and North Shore areas.

Beaton, David (Broadcove, N.S) - Unsuccessful moonshine... (Story)

Beaton, David - First electric shock treatment of rheumatism in Broadcove

MacLellan, Lauchie - "Moch 'sa mhadainn rinn mi gluasad..."

MacLellan, Lauchie (Dunvegan) - "Nighean donn a'bhreacain uaine..."

Shaw, John; MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "'S e mo cheist..."

Shaw, John; MacLeod, Malcolm A.

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Ho ro fear mo ruin thu..."

Shaw, John - "An teid thu leam a ribhinn og..."

Shaw, John - "Fidhler an ceann an drochaid..."

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - (Skir Dhu, N.S) Port a beul

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Port a beul

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Miss MacLeod's Reel

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Mo luaidh a' chruinneag"

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Thuirt an gille 's tu mo laochan..."

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Song by "Lazarus" with history

Shaw, John - (North Shore, N.S) "Caidil thusa 's gheobh thu fheidh..."

Shaw, John - "An cluinn thu, leannain, an cluinn thu..."

Shaw, John - "Ho ro ho goraidh o..."

Shaw, John - "A nighean donn an t-sugraidh..."

Shaw, John - "Chunna mi lair dhonn aig Seumas..."

Shaw, John - "Mo nighean donn ghuanaich..."

MacLean, Alex (Big Baddeck, N.S) - "Am minister MacLeoid..."

Shaw, John

Part of Broad Cove Concert

MacEachern, Most Rev. Malcolm - Part of Scottish Concert at Broadcove, 1970 - Address at opening of concert

MacEachern, Rev. John Hugh - Song - written in honor of Bishop MacEachern

MacEachern, Mrs. Bessie - Song - "An t-Alltan Dubh"

MacLean, Sandy - Violin selections

MacEachern, Hon. Allen J. - Opening address at Broadcove concert, 1971

MacMaster, Buddy - Violin selections

Macdonald, Angus

Rev. John Hugh MacEachen

  • MG 6.67
  • Fonds
  • 1982

Fonds consists of a Gaelic song (with English translation) composed by Father MacEachen on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of St. Margaret's Parish, Broad Cove.

Sgeulachdan and Gaelic Songs

Campbell, Hector Hillsdale, Inverness County (N.S.) "Nighean Righ Eireann"

Morrison, Dan J. Breton Cove, Victoria County "Gaol an t-Seòladair"

MacDonnell, Hughie Dan Broad Cove, Inverness County (N.S.) Port-a-beul

Morrison, Sandy Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Gur e mo rùn an Domhnallach..."

MacLeod, Malcolm Agnus Sgir Dubh, Victoria County "Annt a rill u o..."

Morrison, Sandy Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Airfaill irinn o..."

Morrison, Sandy Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Airfaill irinn o..." (cont.)

Morrison, Sandy Wreck Cove. Victoria County

Campbell, Hector Hillsdale, Inverness County (N.S.) "Ceadach MacRigh nan Collach"

Shaw, John