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Christmas Island (N.S.)

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A Ceilidh at Benacadie

Item is an audio recording of a ceilidh at Benacadie, N.S. Includes conversation in English/Gaelic with informants throughout the Iona area. Features:

MacKinnon, Joseph - Brief biographical sketch

MacDonald, Joseph L. - A Ceilidh at Benacadie

Campbell, Neil - Biographical sketch

Campbell, Neil - How did your people first acquire land here?

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Brief biographical sketch

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Who were instrumental in bringing the Highland Village to Iona

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - How was land acquired for the Highland Village?

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Highland Village Day

MacNeil, Stephen R. Curator of Highland Village, Iona - Problems facing a curator

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Annie MacLean - Gaelic Songs

Item consists of an audio recording of Annie (Mrs. J.P) MacLean of Rear Christmas Island, (N.S) singing a number of Gaelic songs. Recorded by Sister Margaret Beaton and Hilda Day.

Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Christmas Island (Rear):

"Mise tha fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" Song about a difficult winter composed by Catriona MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

"Why did she compose this song?" She had to do so many difficult tasks in the winter.

Song about finding a rich man to marry; composed by Catherine MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

Stories about Catrìona Bean Ruaidh. She lived further inland than Jack Pheadair (informant's husband)'s uncle, Ruairidh Chaluim Ghobha MacLean. Ruairidh lived at the foot of Eskasoni Mountain where Rory S. MacNeil lives.

Forerunner portending the death of the bard.

Bard's father was married to Christie Alasdair Chaluim Ghobha "The Big Widow".

Song about working at the the Steel plant in North Sydney by Archie "Larry" Gillis, originally from Rear Beaver Cove.

Day, Hilda

Annie MacLean: CHER Radio Fàilte 'is Furan

MacLean, Mrs. Annie Rear Christmas Island "Bha Mi'n Raoir gu Sunndach, Sunndach" composed by Catherine MacNeil (Catrìona Bean Iain Ruairidh| Iain Ruaidh)

MacInnis, Dan Joe Sydney (N.S.) Violin selections

MacPherson, John Alex Sydney (N.S.) Conversation with Mrs. Annie MacLean

MacLean, Mrs. Annie Rear Christmas Island "Mise tha fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill". Song concerning a difficult winter in the Rear of Christmas Island by Catherine MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh| Bean Iain Ruairidh)

Campbell, John Sydney (N.S.) Discusses Gaelic songs with Mrs. MacLean

Munroe, Deanie Sydney (N.S.) Bagpipe Selections

MacPherson, John Alex and MacNeil, Mike Sydney (N.S.) Conversation re: Cape Breton Gaelic songs

MacLean, Mrs. Annie Rear Christmas Island. Song about aging and marriage by Catherine MacNeil (Catriona Iain Ruaidh | Bean Iain Ruairidh)

Hashem, Lila Sydney (N.S.) Piano selections

MacPherson, John Alex; MacNeil, Mike; MacLean, Mrs. Annie. Conversation re: types of songs, milling songs.

MacNeil, Mike. Song "Horo is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu"

MacInnis, Dan Joe Sydney (N.S.) Violin selections

MacPherson, John Alex; Campbell, John Sydney (N.S.) Conversation re: Gaelic in Cape Breton

Gillis, Wilfred Antigonish (N.S.) Violin selections

Archibald A. MacKenzie fonds

  • MG 6.6
  • Fonds
  • 1983

Fonds consists of a selection of songs in Gaelic composed by Archie Alex MacKenzie.

MacKenzie, Archie Alex

Archie Alex MacKenzie

Item is an audio recording of Archie Alex Mackenzie singing Gaelic songs.

Song composed for the Gaelic Society of Cape Breton

Song "Tilleadh an Eilthirich" (Composed for a ceilidh in Barra)

"Òran Taigh Chaluim is Màiri" (Composed for a ceilidh in Glasgow before returning to Cape Breton)

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"

Bodaich Rolaisteach

  • GPLAY47
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a play performed by members of the Sydney branch of the Scottish Catholic Society. A cast list appears on the last page.

Christmas Island and Boston Gaelic Singers

Item is a sound recording of the Cape Breton Singers.

Track List:
Track B1 - Unintelligible recording 07:57
Track B2 - The Waters of Iona. Singer: unknown. 03:58
Track B3 - Ma Bhuannaich thu Nighean Ghrinn (poor audio quality). Cumha. Local song composed in Christmas Island 05:57
Track B4 - Chuir iad an t-Sùil a Pilot. 02:11
Track B5 - Och Mar tha mi 's mi 'nam Ònar. Singer: Peter Jack MacLean of Rear Christmas Island. 10:27

MacKinnon, Rev. Angus

Christmas Island Catholic Church

  • 77-437-571
  • Item
  • ca. 1972

Item is a photograph of the Christmas Island Catholic Church (St. Barra's) which was destroyed by fire in 1974.

Collection of Gaelic Songs Sung in Christmas Island Parish

  • G157
  • Item
  • ca. 1965

Item is a collection of songs, and information regarding the songs, that were commonly sung in Christmas Island and surrounding communities. Most of the songs were composed in the area, but a few are Old Country songs.

Gaelic Conversations in Iona N.S

Item is an audio recording of conversations in English and Gaelic recorded in Iona, Christmas Island and Mackinnon's Harbour.

Gallant, Mrs. - Brief Biographical Sketch
MacNeil, Martin - Brief Biographical Sketch
MacLeod, Sister Colista C.N.D. - Brief Biographical Sketch
MacNeil, Sister (Sister St. Joseph of Mercy) - Brief Biographical Sketch
MacNeil, Mrs. - Brief Biographical Sketch
Jankawski, Mrs. - Brief Biographical Sketch
Murphy, Mrs. Peter - Brief Biographical Sketch
Murphy, Mrs. Mary - Brief Biographical Sketch
Murphy, Mrs. Hugh - Brief Biographical Sketch

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Song and Conversation: Benacadie & Castle Bay

Item is an audio recording of interviews with residents of Benacadie and Castle Bay, Cape Breton (N.S). Recording includes songs, stories and community history.

MacLennan, Mrs. Rod - Biographical sketch

Doucette, Mrs. George - Biographical sketch

Doucette, Mr. George - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Story

MacNeil, Malcolm J. - Na threig thu...leannainn

MacInnis, Donald - Biographical sketch

MacInnis, Donald - Gun crodh gun aighean

Morrison, Peter - Biographical sketch

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Bitibh aotrom 's togaibh fonn

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - O's ann tha mo ghaol-sa thall

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Gaidheal air aineol

Morrison, Peter and Donald MacInnis - Tha mo chion-sa air an fhiurain

MacNeil, Jim D. - Biographical Sketch

MacNeil, Mrs. Hector J. - Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs performed by various informants the in the Boisdale / Christmas Island area.

MacLean, Mrs. Rod - Gaol an t-Seoladair

MacLean, Mrs. Rod - Chi mi bhuam, fada bhuam

Nicholson, Rod - an Loch Mhor

Campbell, Michael - Gille Calum

MacKenzie, Hugh - Oran an Telephone - Barra Glen

MacKenzie, Hugh - Oran a' Bhocain

MacKenzie, Hugh - Oran na Mohacks

Nicholson, Rod - Stop your Tickling, Jock

Nicholson, Rod - Lament for his old home

MacKenzie, Archie - Song composed in Scotland

MacDonald, Joseph L. - O gur toigh leam, e gur toigh leam

MacKenzie, Hugh - Old MacDonald had a farm

MacKenzie, Hugh - Oran a' bhata

Beaton, Sister Margaret

Gaelic Songs with John A. Beaton

Item is an audio recording of singers from Boston, Judique, Christmas Island and Southwest Margaree singing a selection of Gaelic songs.

John A. Beaton :

Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn
"Faill i O Ro Faill I O
Oran Seòlaidh
O Sud an Taobh a Ghabhainn
Òran Seòlaidh
Mo Chrìdhe Trom 's Cha Neònach
Ochoinn a Rìgh Nach Mi Tha Muladach
"Ochoin a righ, gur h-e mi tha muladach..."
"Ochion fada bhuam thu..."
"Ho ro thill e ill o ro..."
"Ho gur mise, he gur mise..."

Joe MacKenzie (Christmas Island N.S) and Kay Macdonald ( Southwest Margaree N.W) :

"A mhairi dhubh, a hu a ho..."

John A. Beaton : "Gaol an t-Seoladair"

MacLellan, Malcolm : Deoch slainte luchd nam brachannan

John A. Beaton :

Buain nan dearcan
Hu a ho , 's mi fo m'inntinn
Horionn o 's mi fo m'inntinn
Horionn o 's na ho ri

MacLellan, Malcolm : Ho ro iu 's na hiurabh eile

John A. Beaton :

Mi nighean dubh
Airigh baile cno

Alex Macleod (Boston) : Air fail irinn, ail irinn

Carmichael, Kenny - Mo Mhali mhin meall-shuileach...

Beaton, John A. - Teannabh dluth is togaibh fonn

MacKenzie, Joe and MacDonald, Kay - Morag 's na horo gheallaidh

MacLean, Peter - Illean ill o, illean i...

MacLean, Peter - Mairi Nigh'n Dhomhnuill

MacLean, Peter

Gaelic Songs, Annie MacLean, Peter MacLean and Joseph MacKenzie

Item is an audio recording of Annie, Mrs. Jack MacLean, her son Peter MacLean, and Joseph MacKenzie - both of Boston (Mass.) but formerly of Christmas Island, performing Gaelic songs.

Recording Summary:

  • "Mi Seo 'nam Shìneadh air an t-Sliabh" composed by Dr. MacLachlan of Rahoy.
  • "Horo Is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean, Peter MacLean, Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "Tha Mi Seo 'gad Chuimhneachadh" composed by Donald Alec MacDonald of Kensaleyre, Skye. (Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "An Gàidheal a'Tilleadh Dhachaidh o'n Chogadh" Part IV of Donald MacKechnie's song "An Cogadh ann an Africa-mu-Dheas" concerning the Boer War. Printed in MacTalla Vol. X No. 1. (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "A Chruinneag Ìleach" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Fuadach nan Gàidheal" (Peter MacLean and Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "Gleann na Maiseadh" composed by John V. MacNeil (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Gaidheal air Aineoil" composed by John V. MacNeil (Annie,Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "A' Bhanais Chridheil" composed by Malcolm H. Gillis (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Tha Mo Bhreacan Dubh fo'n Dìle" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean. In Cape Breton Highlander, reprinted from Dec. 15, 1894 issue of Mac-Talla, courtesy of Neil Morrison, Sydney Forks)
  • "Aideachadh an Fhleasgaich Ghlic" Composed by Archie J. MacKenzie (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "An Tulach Bhòideach" Archie J. MacKenzie (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)

Gaelic Words from Cape Breton County

Item consists of an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie discussing Gaelic words that are not known in Scotland, or are known with a different meaning. Words old, and perhaps not so old, used in Cape Breton County.
This tape was sent to Dr. Kenneth MacDonald, Glasgow, December 8, 1969

Beaton, Sister Margaret

Group portrait of the MacNeil and MacKinnon families

  • 82-1409-8109
  • Item
  • ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of the MacNeil and MacKinnon familes of Christmas Island, Pipers Cove, and Grand Narrows. Fiddler Neil MacKinnon is identified as being present in the photograph.

History and Folklore of East Bay, N.S

Item is an audio recording at Boisdale N.S. Joseph Lawrence Macdonald, Sarah Cameron, Miss Janet Cameron, Angus Beaton, Finlay Cameron tell discuss lore, history and sing songs.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Frolics in the home, different types

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Shearing of sheep, processing of wool, milling frolics

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Duties of women

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Grist mill at MacAdam`s Lake, operated by Mr. MacLean

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Best carpenters of the times, MacEacherns, MacDonalds and others

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Three steamships operated out of East Bay, groceries had to be brought in from Halifax, hardwood shipped to England

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Scottish Catholic Society of Canada organized by Father M.A. MacAdam

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cape Breton Island Co-op. Society was organized at East Bay, 1932

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Mineral spring at East Bay

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Excerpts from Mary L. Frasers book,Folklore of Nova Scotia`.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - East Bay Pirates - Capt. Alex and Dan MacLean. MacLeans sailed the Pacific Ocean (1880-1914) on the sea wolf.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Primary concern of settlers was the making of a home. Coal mines and steel plant took men from farms to cities and towns.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Early settlers of Christmas Island (N.S.)

MacDonald, Joseph L. - What were living conditions like

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Tell about the August Gale

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Peter MacNeil

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Malcolm MacPhee

Cameron, Sarah - Biographical sketch

Cameron, Miss Janet - Biographical sketch

Beaton, Angus - Song: O hi ri ill o robha

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Air faill irinn ill irinn oich irinn iu

Beaton, Alexander - Song: O sud an taobh a'gabhainn

Cameron, Sarah - Song: An Te Ruadh

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

Beaton, Angus D. - Song, a lament

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Hugh Francis MacKenzie fonds

  • MG 6.23
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1986

Fonds consists of papers that include:

b. Two copies of the history of the first settlers in Iona including MacKenzie's version of the story of their first encounter with the Mi'Kmaq ; a story in English and set in Christmas Island. Many cultural practices are discussed ; a speech addressed to The Nova Scotia and Canadian Associations of Social workers ; two songs in English.

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Hugh MacKenzie - Gaelic Songs and Stories

Item is an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie singing and telling stories including:

"Yellwo to you, my Mary"
"Mary's hat..."Sheepers"
"Ship in a storm"
"Go to mountain and born the horse"
"Mountain under his head"
"Not bad for a horse with no shoe on its last feet"
In Big Pond "Prayer against Buffalo Bill's Power"
Christmas Island (N.S.) "Story of Pancakes"
"Story of pan-cakes" continued
Prayer at wake by Little Mike
Don't say 'Thusa'
French man working with MacNeil, neither could speak English
Story about fish on the Banks
Come for the hungry, Mr. Frang
Cast all six widows to hell
No permission to go to wake
Wake at Grand Narrows.

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Joe Neil MacNeil, Joe Allan MacLean, Dan MacNeil Gaelic Stories and Songs

Item is an audio recording of Joe Neil MacNeil, Joe Allan Maclean and Dan MacNeil telling Gaelic stories and performing songs. Joe Neil discusses the death of Sister Margaret Beaton.

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Words on the Death of Sister Margaret Beaton

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Duine a' spealad"

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Bean an tuathanaich agus an nighean a' sniomh"

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "An te a ghoid an t-aodach"

MacLean, Joe Allan (Christmas Island, N.S) - "Mac IlleBhrath a' bhrocain..."

MacNeil, Dan - "A shealltainn a gruagaich..."

MacLean, Joe Allen - "Bas a' chogaidh..."

MacLean, Joe Allen - "Donnachadh Ban an tuathanach..."

MacNeil, Dan - "Nighean donn an t-sugraidh"

MacLean, Joe Allan - "Duan na ceardaich..." & history of the song

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"

Joseph L. MacDonald. Hugh F. MacKenzie and Joe Gillis: Gaelic Stories

Hugh F. MacKenzie (Christmas Island):

Story - A Lost Old Lady
Story - Old Maids and Bachelors
Story - Big Donald and the Member
Story - Donald Halifax and the well
Story - Digging for Gold
Story - Donald from Uist
Story - Neil and the Bishop
Song - Horan ho 's na hi iu o

Joe Gillis:

Story - Blessing of Seed

Hugh F. MacKenzie:

Ghost story
Story of the rum seller
Story of the devil's death
Story of the Old Scotsman
Story of foresight
Ghost story

Joseph L. MacDonald:\

Story of St. Stephen's Day
Church dues
Old-time wakes
Story of Stephen MacNeil

Joe Gillis:

Donald's Story

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Joseph Lawrence MacDonald fonds

  • MG 6.31
  • Fonds
  • 1896-1995

Fonds consists of materials collected by Mr. MacDonald while he was on an LIP grant. Papers include:

  1. Promissory note of Angus MacLean in favour of D. N. McIntyre, Boisdale, 1896. Original, 1 page.
  2. League of the Cross membership card for Ronald MacKenzie, Christmas Island, 1908. Original, 1 page.
  3. Nova Scotia High School certificate, Grade X, for Joseph Lawrence MacDonald, 1926. Original, 1 page.
  4. Memorial card of Mrs. Alex N. MacNeil, 1962, Printed, 1 card.
  5. Diary kept by John A. MacDonald, of a trip to Scotland, 1971. Photocopy, 11 pages.
  6. List of the Alexander MacDonalds on the Kinloch estate, 1700-1800. Photocopy, 2 pages.
  7. Translation of the Gaelic story “Cross Road House” by Joseph L. MacDonald. Typescript, 4 pages.
  8. Historical sketch of the Island of Lewis. Photocopy, 4 pages.
  9. Weekly Work Record of Joseph L. MacDonald, 1972 Original, 20 pages.
    10.3 Gaelic stories. Original and typescript, 7 pages.
  10. Gaelic bible tract: “Ubhlan Oir” Printed, 26 pages.
  11. Plan and descriptions of violins. Printed, 4 pages.

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

MacNeil, Hector Character Reference

  • MG 6.5
  • Fonds
  • 1802

Fonds consists of a character reference for Hector MacNeil, one of the first Scottish settlers of Christmas Island.

MacNeil, Hector

MacTalla nan Cul

  • G40
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a booklet of Songs composed by Hugh Francis MacKenzie. A forward is written in English.

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

May Ann MacKenzie's Diaries

File contains 3 diaries including information regarding births, deaths and marriages in Christmas Island and Iona Parishes as well as a record of the many visits made and received.

MacKenzie, May (Mary) Ann

Miscellaneous Writings in English

Materials include:

MacKenzie's English song compositions.
A speech for the meeting of the Nova Scotia and Canadian Associations of Social Workers in which his aunt Jane (Sr. Alexandra) was honored.
The story of the courtship of shy bachelor Donald MacNeil. It is set in late 19th century Christmas Island and references many cultural practices.
Early history of the first settlers to the Barra Strait region including a version of the story of first contact with the Mi'kmaq. Incomplete. Two copies.

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Naidheachdan, Sgeulachdain and Songs from Dan MacKenzie and Joe Allan MacLean & Annie MacLean

Item is an audio recording of stories and songs performed by Dan MacKenzie, Joe Allan MacLean and Mrs. Annie MacLean. Featuring:

MacKenzie, Dan - Song sung from the perspective of an old pit mare purchased to help with the November plowing. Horses were plentiful and cheap, so when they ceased to be of use people took them to the marsh and killed them.

MacKenzie, Dan - Òran do Nighean Òg Bréagha. Song Composed by Iagain Steaphainn Ruaidh. Uses the chorus to "Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire".

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "A'Chailleach a'Bheat an Deamhan".

MacKenzie, Dan - Fairy Story "Di-Luain, Di-Mairt, DiCiadain"

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "Cònar a'Seòladh is an Grog Làidir"

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-195

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: A man leaves home to hunt on "Beinn Dhunnchaidh" to earn his fortune. On the way there he encounters several characters and obstacles. He eventually is dissuaded from going to the mountain an returns home. He discovers gold and goes to England with it, where he open's the country's largest shoe factory.

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: "An Dròbhair Cruinn"

MacLean, Joe Allan - "Òran Bàs Eachainn MhicDhùghaill" composed by Archie MacDougall of Benacadie. Hector (Eachann "Larry") left Baddeck in a boat in 1896 but never returned home. He was presumed drowned. Archie's aunt, Mary (MacDougall) MacLeod also composed songs.

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - Biographical sketch

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Bha Mi'n Raoir gu Sunndach Sunndach" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil)

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Tha Mise fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil). Song concerns a difficult winter and trying to preserve hay.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - History of Iona Credit Union

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Newspaper Clippings

Material includes:
A typed manuscript of the anecdotes of pioneer Neil "Goillician" MacNeil by Hugh Francis MacKenzie.
The above, as appearing in an article in the Weekly Cape Bretoner, January 25, 1958.
An article concerning the history of Christmas Island by Hugh F. MacKenzie.
An article by MacKenzie about the history of Christmas Island Catholic church.
Two obituaries for Hugh Francis MacKenzie.

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Rev. Duncan Joseph Rankin

  • MG 6.32
  • Fonds
  • 1911

Fonds consists of:
The 1920 petition by M.R. MacLeod to allow Gaelic to be taught in public schools.
A letter to the editor of the Casket urging readers to speak Gaelic to their children in the home.
Various writings in Gaelic, including a story attributed to Joe "Eòs a'Ghobha" MacNeil of Christmas Island, a story about a humorous trip for Boisdale to Christmas Island and a congratulatory speech for the 50th anniversary of Johnny A. and Peggy MacKinnon of Rear Iona.

Sgeulachd Agus Duain, Joe Allan MacLean

Mr. Joe Allan MacLean was interviewed at his home.
MacLean's origin story of "Duan na Ceardaich". The "boss" in a forge threatens to fire all employees if a "duan" is not composed for him.

"Duan na Ceardaich"

Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-409

Day, Hilda

St. Barra's Church

  • 94-1169-25684
  • Item
  • 1994

Item is a photograph of St. Barra's Mission Church on Christmas Island, Cape Breton.

Stephen D.R. MacNeil

  • 77-474-608
  • Item
  • ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Stephen D.R. MacNeil, a bard from Benacadie.