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            CA BI MG 20.24 · Fonds · 1915-1918

            The 185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders) was authorized on the first day of February, 1916 by the appointment of Lt.-Col. F. P. Day, as its commanding Officer. Cape Breton Island, particularly the industrial sections, had already contributed a long list of men in various units such as the 17th, 36th, 25th, 40th, 64th, 85th, and 106th infantry units. It was felt, however, that the authorization of a Battalion recruited from all sections of the Island would be met with a strong response, and the authorities were not disappointed. Within a period of three weeks from the day the first recruit was signed on, the battalion was up to strength and ready to mobilize. For recruiting purposes, the 185th divided the Island into four districts: "A" Company from Inverness, Richmond and Victoria Counties; "B" Company from the towns of Glace Bay, New Waterford, and adjacent districts; "C" Company from Sydney Mines, North Sydney and suburbs; "D" Company from Sydney and the Mira district.

            Fonds consists of the register of recruits ledger, casualty forms, nominal rolls for drafts, absentee list, declaration and attestation papers, and the list of members of the 185th during World War 1.

            CA BI MG 12.168 · Fonds · [ca. 1915]

            Fonds consists of correspondence, including a letter from "Bob," a soldier in Fredericton, New Brunswick, during World War 1.

            MacDonald, Abbie (MacAulay)
            Allan Ridgway fonds
            CA BI MG 12.110 · Fonds · 1915-1973

            Fonds consists of papers and medals concerning enlistment and service in World War I, including award of the Military Medal, 1915-1921; appointment as Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1931; and clippings of obituaries of Allan and Frances Ridgway, 1970-1973.

            Ridgway, Allan
            Alvinus Calder fonds
            CA BI MG 12.192 · Fonds · 1962

            Fonds consists of of an undated autobiography, a travel-logue of a trip to Moscow in 1962, a letter to the editor of a Grenada newspaper concerning that island's economy, a clipping of a speech that Dr. Calder gave on racial prejudice, and a report of the Medical Committee. The fonds also includes an address given by Dr. Calder to St. Andrew's Brotherhood, Sydney, 1950 about racial prejudice.

            Calder, Dr. Alvinus
            Angus McLellan fonds
            CA BI MG 12.172 · Fonds · 1906-1934

            Fonds consists of documents relating to census and school in Grand Mira North, as well as McLellan's military enlistment in World War I, his appointment to Justice f the Peace, Dominion Doal Company pay slips, grocery and school receipts.

            McLellan, Angus
            Annie MacDonald fonds
            CA BI MG 20.21 · Fonds · 1918

            Fonds consists of an autograph book of signatures and poems that Annie MacDonald collected during World War 1.

            MacDonald, Annie
            MG 21.44 · Collection · [191-] - 2017

            Collection consists of photographs, genealogical records, correspondence and financial records belonging to various members of the Basker Family.

            Basker Family of Mull River, Nova Scotia
            CA BI MG 20.18 · Fonds · 1918-1940

            Fonds consists of two wartime registration certificates issued to Mrs. Lillian Lavy Harrison in 1918 and 1940.

            Canada Registration Board
            CA BI MG 15.73 · Fonds · 1973-1985

            Fond include the following: A. Summary of the Cape Breton Artists Association, the President's Annual Report, December, 1985 (3 copies). B. Cape Breton Artists Association exhibit, Beaton Institute, exhibit list with prices. C. Cape Breton Artists Association visitor's book (1973-1979). D. Minute Book - C. B. Artists Association (1979-1982).

            CA BI MG 12.50 · Fonds · 1880-1978

            Fonds consists of correspondence, papers, scrapbooks referring to ships, shipping, sailing, and items that were of interest to Captain John Parker. Included is a scrapbook that includes information about "Gaelic speaking Blacks" and photographs from a sailing trip to the West Indies.

            Parker, John
            Charles H. Sutherland fonds
            CA BI MG 12.119 · Fonds · 1917-1974

            Fonds consists of a scrapbook assembled by Charles Sutherland that includes some World War 1 clippings.

            Sutherland, Charles H.
            City of Sydney collection
            CA BI MG 14.27 · Fonds · 1864-

            Fonds consists of textual records that were created by the City of Sydney, including city reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, town histories, police reports, and legal documents. Included within the fonds are materials that provide information about Black Nova Scotians living within the city, including voting records, education reports, and town histories.

            Crowdis family fonds
            CA BI MG 12.123 · Fonds · 1883-1949

            Fonds consists of personal papers of the Crowdis family over generations, including legal papers, correspondence, ephemera, and birth certificates of various family members.

            Crowdis, Edward
            Daniel J. MacKay fonds
            CA BI MG 12.124 · Fonds · 1876-1936

            Fonds consists of personal papers (1876-1901), appointments, deeds, stock certificates and business papers (1900-1921), and memorial cards.

            MacKay, Daniel J.
            CA BI MG 12.125 · Fonds · 1830-1970

            Fonds consist of correspondence relating to MacDonald's private, business, and civic life including probate papers, will, deeds, and other legal documents, land papers, genealogical information, clippings relating to Inverness history, Gaelic documents, and other miscellaneous family papers.

            MacDonald, Donald Cameron
            Dr. Thomas Carter fonds
            MG 21.39 · Fonds · 1970-1979

            The fonds consists of images and sound recordings of the Beaton and Kennedy family in the Broad Cove. The recordings feature John Beaton playing the fiddle, while family is heard speaking with Tom Carter about various topics pertaining to Cape Breton. There is a change in language between English and Canadian Gaelic from individuals on the recordings. The fiddle playing is Scottish-Canadian in style, while some are Scottish fiddle music. The recordings include small conversations between reels and songs, descriptions and origins of the music’s is also discussed. The photographs are of the Beaton family house and farm, highlighting rural life in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The photos also show the boarder Broad Cove community and Inverness county.

            Carter, Thomas Dr.
            CA BI MG 12.198 · Fonds · 1900-2005

            Fonds consists of papers that reflect Elizabeth Beaton's work at the Beaton Institute and personal academic research. The materials included cover a wide variety of topics concerning Cape Breton history, especially ethnicity. Beaton's work contains extensive research on Whitney Pier's West Indian and Ukrainian population.

            Beaton, Elizabeth Dr.
            Harold L. Hill fonds
            CA BI MG 20.2 · Fonds · 1914-1918

            Fonds consists of a notebook kept by Hill while completing training for the Canadian Engineers unit.

            Hill, Harold Lester
            Helen Kendall fonds
            CA BI MG 12.275 · Fonds · 1916-1985

            Fonds consists of Helen Kendall's personal correspondence, genealogy records, nursing and war service certifications and documents, photographs, and clippings.

            Kendall, Helen
            James A. Murphy fonds
            CA BI MG 20.25 · Fonds · 1893-1972

            Fonds consists of a scrapbook containing textual records, photographs, and objects related to James Murphy's experience as a World War 1 serviceman.

            Murphy, James A.
            James D. Day fonds
            CA BI MG 20.4 · Fonds · 1923

            Fonds consists of James D. Day's certificate of military service, 1914-1923.

            Day, James Douglas
            James MacMillan fonds
            CA BI MG 12.147 · Fonds · 1874-1976

            Fonds consists of correspondence, legal documents, diaries, and clippings. It includes Anthony's MacMillan's wartime correspondence with his cousin, Cecilia MacMillan, in addition to other wartime correspondence.

            MacMillan, James
            James W. Maddin fonds
            CA BI MG 12.80 · Fonds · 1905-1961

            Fonds consists of correspondence, including letters from the Right Honourable Arthur Meighen, clippings, poetry, addresses, scrapbooks, and army service records.

            Maddin, James William
            CA BI MG 12.271 · Fonds · 1914-1933

            Fonds consists of John Alexander MacKinnon's diaries, a photographic postcard, and his World War 1 enlistment information and record of service book.

            MacKinnon, John Alexander
            John Bernard Croak fonds
            CA BI MG 20.9 · Fonds · 1918-1996

            Fonds consists of photographs, maps, correspondence, and textual records related to John Bernard Croak and his military service. Fonds also contain details on the Victorian Cross and its recipients as well as a booklet by the Royal Canadian Legion, Glace Bay.

            Croak, John Bernard
            John Smith
            CA BI MG. 15.36 · Fonds · 1954

            Fond consists of a folk tale, “Every Dog has His Day” in which the author uses names of people living in Shenacadie.

            CA BI MG 6.69 · Fonds · 1981-1982

            This fonds consists of correspondence, brief and other papers pertaining to the historical and educational position of the Gaelic language in the schools of Nova Scotia.

            CA BI MG 12.22 · Fonds · 1871-1964

            Fonds consists of letters from Gordon H. Harrington, clippings, deed, and genealogical notes regarding the Campbell and Curry families, and five scrapbooks related to politics, world events, Nova Scotian sports, and one related to the career of Campbell.

            Campbell, Andrew D.
            Katharine McLennan fonds
            CA BI MG 12.189 · Fonds · 1880-1983

            Fonds consists of textual records, scrapbooks, and photographs relating to McLennan family events and personal correspondence, including records related to Katharine McLennan's time spent serving overseas during World War 1. Also included are medals and awards received by Katharine as well as a hand-painted Christmas card of the bomb proofs at Louisbourg for a friend Anne Cameron Cook.

            McLennan, Katharine Sophia
            Kenneth Morrison fonds
            CA BI MG 6.65 · Fonds · 1917-1958

            Fonds consists of correspondence between Kenneth Morrison and Alick Morrison of Glasgow, Scotland, concerning the Morrisons of Berneray (1950-1958). Records also include miscellaneous papers including material on World War 1 victory loans and a reproduction of the will of Kenneth's father, Roderick Morrison.

            Morrison, Kenneth
            Liscombe family fonds
            CA BI MG 12.59 · Fonds · 1860-1957,1913-1938 predominant

            Fonds consists of four series: Ella Muriel Liscombe (1913-1938), Olive Margaret Liscombe (1910-1956), Francis Gerald Liscombe (1914-1916) and Susan Kate (Howie) Liscombe (1916-1944). It includes the diaries and records of Ella Muriel Liscombe, the diary and correspondence of Olive Margaret Liscombe, the diaries and correspondence of Gerald Liscombe, and Susan (Howie) Liscombe's correspondence.

            Liscombe family
            MacLean, John
            CA BI MG 6.30 · Fonds

            Fonds consists of "The Spanish Treasure Ship of Mull", a story of the "Florida" a galleon of the Spanish Armada which was blown up and sunk off the coast of Mull by Donald Glas MacLean in 1588. The story is closely connected to the story of the "Doideag Mhuilleach" or Mull Witch who was said to have worked for the MacLeans of Duart in using her powers to destroy the ship.

            Malcolm A. MacDonald fonds
            CA BI MG 12.134 · Fonds · 1908-1950

            Fonds consists of personal correspondence covering subjects such as remembrances of World War II, social life in Cape Breton in the 1940's, and various Christmas cards and postcards.

            MacLeod, Malcolm Angus
            Malcolm MacDonald fonds
            CA BI MG 12.148 · Fonds · 1876-1957

            Fonds consists of textual records related to Malcolm MacDonald and his family, including correspondence related to Malcolm MacDonald's application for military service exemption and a letter from Pte. Dan MacDonald to a friend.

            MacDonald, Malcolm
            Margaret MacPhee
            CA BI MG 15.76 · Fonds · 1912-1997

            Fonds consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings:
            a. Newspaper clipping: Tribute of Margaret MacPhee, August 23, 1980. 1 p.
            b. Thank you acknowledgement. 1 p.
            c. Letter from the Gaelic Society. 1 p.
            d. Testimonial napkin and invitation.
            e. Newspaper clipping: MacPhee Clan Ceilidh is enjoyed. 1 p.
            f. Coloured photographic portrait of Margaret; 3.5 x 5 inches, 1980.
            g. Newspaper clipping, The Coastal Courier: New Waterford Gaelic Singers, February 1, 1989.
            h. Newspaper clipping, Cape Breton Post: "A Lively Step" Annie Grechuk and Margaret MacPhee, March 13, 1989.
            i. New Waterford Parks and Recreation Committee volunteers the Heart of the Community Award to Margaret MacPhee, 1989.
            j. Certificate of Achievement, Continuing Education Class Program, 1974.
            k. Biographical letter highlighting Margaret's career, 1989. 1 p.
            l. Magazine article from "A Cape Breton Ceilidh" by Allister MacGillivray, June 1988, featuring the piano career of Margaret MacPhee. 2 p. Also a stepdancing article from the same magazine on Margaret's accomplishments as a step dancer, June 1988. 4 p.
            m. Musical compositions by Margaret MacPhee: Alex Graham's Jig, Jeanette (MacDonald) Beaton's Jig, Margaret MacPhee's Jig, Jacqueline's Jig, Doug's Jig, Josie MacArthur's Jig. Photocopies, 2 p.
            n. Newspaper clipping, The Community Press, Wednesday, November 27, 1996 "Margaret MacPhee - A Very Talented Lady," 2 p.
            o. Biography and Obit., C. B. Post March 5, 1997.
            p. Eulogy - Fr. Greg MacLeod - March 6, 1997
            q. Funeral Notice and Card of Thanks - C. B. Post April 5, 1997.
            r. Appreciation card and photo of Margaret MacPhee.
            s. Tribute by Elizabeth Patterson, Cape Breton Post, March, 1997; See MG 11.40 Dr. Charles MacDonald, Reference item D (
            t. Newspaper clippings from Community Press & C. B. Post In Memoriam tributes for Margaret on the anniversary of her death March 3, 1997.

            MacPhee, Margaret
            Mary Belle MacNeill fonds
            CA BI MG 15.70 · Fonds · 1915-1970

            Fonds consists of a speech that was delivered by Mary Belle MacNeill concerning her nursing career, with particular attention to her time spent nursing during war years.

            MacNeill, Mary Belle
            Mary Cadegan fonds
            CA BI MG 12.204 · Fonds · 1915-1916

            Fonds consists of documents primarily concerned with the military service of Mary Cadegan's brother, Malcolm John MacKinnon, during World War 1.

            Cadegan, Mary
            Matheson Family fonds
            CA BI MG 12.156 · Fonds · 1915-1925

            Fonds consists of the correspondence of the Matheson family. It includes two letters from Ken Matheson to his mother while at Army camp in Valcartier, 1915.

            Matheson family
            Paul MacEwan fonds
            CA BI MG 9.30 · Fonds · 1936-1998

            Fonds consists of the personal materials of Paul MacEwan, founder and leader of the Cape Breton Labour Party from 1982-1987 and former member of the Nova Scotia Legislature for Cape Breton Nova from 1970-2003. Included is correspondence, subjects files concerning healthcare and agriculture, press releases, and papers related to the New Democratic Party and Cape Breton Labour Party.

            MacEwan, Paul
            Percy Charles Willmot fonds
            CA BI MG 20.15 · Fonds · 1914-1919

            Fonds consists of correspondence, a scrapbook of pictures, clippings and letters, an album of photographs, Christmas cards and clippings referring to Lieut. Willmot and the 25th Battalion, CEF 1914- 1919, the 1914-1915 Star and the Military Cross awarded to Lieut. Willmot and a box of buttons, hat badges and other military memorabilia.

            Willmot, Percy
            CA BI MG 14.155 · Fonds · 1883-1967

            Fonds consists of textual records including correspondence, memoranda, annual reports, voters lists, and documents related to Port Hastings History.

            Port Hastings Historical Society
            Rev. Duncan Joseph Rankin
            CA BI MG 6.32 · Fonds · 1911

            Fonds consists of:
            The 1920 petition by M.R. MacLeod to allow Gaelic to be taught in public schools.
            A letter to the editor of the Casket urging readers to speak Gaelic to their children in the home.
            Various writings in Gaelic, including a story attributed to Joe "Eòs a'Ghobha" MacNeil of Christmas Island, a story about a humorous trip for Boisdale to Christmas Island and a congratulatory speech for the 50th anniversary of Johnny A. and Peggy MacKinnon of Rear Iona.

            Rev. John Pringle fonds
            CA BI MG 13.118 · Fonds · 1893-1935

            Fonds consists of textual records and photographs related to Rev. John Pringle, including Christmas cards, wartime photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

            Pringle, Rev. John
            Rita Joe fonds
            CA BI MG 15.91 · Fonds · 1975-1997

            Fonds consists of correspondence; prose, poems, songs, and fragments of works by Rita Joe; personal memorabilia; photographs; clippings; and audio and video cassettes.

            Sgt. Charles J. MacLean
            CA BI MG 15.20 · Fonds · 1932

            Fonds consists of the following poem, written on Armistice Day, 1932:

            Do You Remember?

            I see by the news in this morning's papers
            The God of War is again cutting capers.
            The nations, we're told, are all ready for battle;
            At a drop of a hat the sabers will rattle;
            But before we'll enlist, and our knapsacks stow
            Let's see what happened just a few years ago.
            A prince or a pauper was shot in fourteen.
            At that time the blood was just a small stream;
            From that to a river, then to a cascade
            And for four bloody years not a whit did it fade.
            Remember Ypres, that line with a curve?
            In that salient plenty died, their country to serve.
            And Mons, the battle, that was a retreat!;
            Some called it victory, some others defeat.
            It was not for us to decide who was right;
            We were just there for one thing, and that was to fight
            And while in that sector don't forget Sillibeck
            Where death stood by and with fingers did beck.
            He collected his thousands at bleak St. Eloi;
            Passchendale and Kemmel must have filled him with joy.
            He gathered his full quota at old Dicie Bouche,
            Before, after, and at the end of the push.

            Remember Cloth Hall and torn Ypres Square
            That you crossed by good luck, or maybe a prayer?
            Then Hell Fire Corner was your destination;
            Will you ever forget there that field dressing station
            That you passed so swiftly, just holding your breath,
            For to stop there an instant was almost sure death?
            But move farther south and of time make a bridge;
            Let's see what happened around Vimy Ridge.
            White crosses bear evidence of that awful slaughter;
            Why, blood was so plenty, it ran just like water.
            And Crucifix Corner, far up on the way
            To the saving Victim you had this to say,
            "Open wide the Gate of Heaven to us below
            Thy aid supply, Thy strength bestow."
            Did you forget the fronts ahead of Bruay,
            Boveeney, Hersin Compeeniee, and Ester Cushay,
            Lens, Arras, Mericourt and Bethune,
            Monchy, Carency, not forgetting Bapune?
            This was no Gettysburg, nor yet Waterloo,
            But a continuous battle, all the way through.
            Now, let's stop at Amiens, that city so fair
            And ponder awhile on those buried there;
            The flower of youth who was so impatient
            To lay down his life for his very own nation;
            For Democracy to guard, and always to keep.
            I don"t know whether to laugh ...... or weep.

            Now on to the Somme, and to Courselette; ,
            Things happened there you'll never forget.
            Remember the town Albert, with just a few people,
            And the Virgin bent over the old church steeple?
            With outstretched arms she watched you go by
            As if praying for those about to die.
            And maybe, as they looked far above,
            Said, "Touch my spirit, 0 Fountain of love."
            After the battle you passed on that street.
            There she was, lying down at your feet,
            All covered with mud, battered and broken;
            A piece in your pocket you took for a token.
            Of course you picture with some alarm
            The remains of your buddies at Molke's farm.
            If your mind is clear and can still bear the load,
            Just think of the dead along Sunken Road.
            And the sugar refinery that once was so sweet,
            Where the flies started on sugar, but ended with meat.
            In those battles we thought we were awful good,
            But the Yanks did the same down Belleau Wood.
            Now down in that sector I am not familiar,
            But you can take it from me it was just similar.
            With valor and courage they fought Chateau Thiery;
            That they won the baltle is still the old theory.
            If you ask my opinion no battle is won
            With bombs or sabres, cannon or gun;
            For it's got to be finished the lame and the blind.
            The nerve broken vets, the lame and the blind.

            A million lie dead down in Verdun;
            They called it a victory and a fight well done.
            If that is the case, to that I retort,
            "Bring Back my buddies, you take the fort!"
            But what's the use of talking and taking your time?
            There are as many heroes across on the Rhine;
            And in Austria, Russia, and Turkey too;
            In Italy, Spain, and down in Peru.
            What we were fighting for, excuse the pun,
            We were not mad with Austrian, Turk, or Hun.
            Just because a prince got rubbed out with some lead
            They crippled and maimed and left five million dead.
            Now before I finish let me you remind
            Of the trenches, the vermin, the gas and the grind;
            The funkholes, the sunkholes, the shellholes and craters
            Also the liquid fires that were merely crematers.
            The lousy dugout, the miner's wet sap,
            The listening post by the wire just out at the gap,
            Where you lay there and shivered without even a grumble
            If you'd anything to shoot at, the chance is you'd fumble.
            Do you remember the mud, the muck and the rain -
            Number nines from the doctor to cure all your pain?
            Just listen to me-war's not what it's painted-
            The rations were bad, the water was tainted.
            Can't you hear still the scream of the big shells,
            As your haIr stood on end and your blood it did jell?
            The rattle of machine guns, the crump of the motor,
            The cry of the wounded just pleading for water.
            What about the coal boxes, the fish tails and stokes
            With a number on them for some of the blokes?
            The swish of the whiz bang, the moan of the dying
            You were there, Buddy, you know I'm not lying.
            Now about the wounded still walking our streets;
            Maybe to some life is still sweet.
            To others life, I know, must be near zero.
            Well, what do you expect? You're just a live hero
            Don't you remember at the end of the war,
            You got a gold medal, and also a bar?
            For the others, I mean the ones that are dead
            Will give you a requiem of sights, and tears that are shed
            By mothers, and sisters, or maybe a wife,
            Sweetheart, brother, or dad, bet your life.
            So you thought you're a hero! For crying out loud!
            Why, you old sap, you're just one of the crowd!
            Don't talk war to me; just hold your whist.
            Let's stow our knapsacks. What say we enlist?

            MacLean, Charles J.
            Sister Margaret Beaton fonds
            CA BI MG 21.46 · Fonds · 1924 - 1975

            Fonds consists of Sister Beaton’s correspondence, essays, travelogues, speeches, newspaper clippings, certificates, and a few pieces of her schoolwork. Also included are documents related to Cape Bretoniana and her work there as a librarian and archivist.

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            Stella Mann Fonds
            CA BI MG 12.224 · Fonds · 1858-1987

            Fonds consists of textual records and photographs that were collected and created by the Mann familiy, including information about Gabarus residents who were involved in World War 1.

            Mann, Stella
            Stephenson, Leonard
            CA BI MG 12.197 · Collection · 1826-1979

            Collection consists of the following:

            Series A

            1. Correspondence regarding St. Anthony’s Church Bell, 1911
            2. League of the Cross (L.O.C.) Dominion, 1930 2 documents

            Series B: Memoranda including background information for Mr. Stephenson’s two books.

            1. Proofs of Mr. Stephenson’s two books. 20 pages
            2. Material General Mining Association supplied to miners, 1831-1832. 40 pages.
            3. Company Store Records, 1878-1884, 35 pages.
            4. Miners’ time book and waste book; Materials General Mining Association supplied to miners 1882-1891 66 pages.
            5. Company Store records; time book; waste book 1883-1890 48 pages
            6. Papers including Dominion Town Council election results; Minutes of the first town Council and school board meetings 1906; inventory of Dominion Electric Light Department, 1959. 263 Pages.

            Series C: Deeds: Photocopy, 1826-1946 relating to the Bridgeport area, 31 pages, 1 folder.

            1. John Claghan to John Young; L’Indian bay 1826
            2. William the Fourth to William Cadegan, Catherine Stanton, Reardon O’BRIEN, John Handley, John Murphy and John Casey; S.S. Lingan Bay, 1832
            3. John and Bridget Murphy to Roman Catholics - South Side Lingan Bay, 1840.
            4. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat; South Side Lingan Bay, 1869.
            5. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat ; Lingan, 1884.
            6. GMA to Henry Mitchell; Bridgeport, 1890.
            7. Rev. John Cameron to John Phalen, Old Bridgeport, 1900
            8. The Crown to James Cooney, Anastasia Cooney & Ann O’Neal; Between Lingan Basin and Little Glace Bay [Bridgeport], 1878.
            9. Cooney & O’Neil to Joseph Campbell; Bridgeport, 1881
            10. Cooney & O’Neil to Roderick Johnston; Bridgeport 1892
            11. James & Anastasia Cooney to Lawrence O’Neil; Bridgeport 1892
            12. James & Mary Ann Cooney to Ann O’Neil; Bridgeport, 1892
            13. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1893
            14. O’ Neil & Cooney to James Mac Neil; Bridgeport, 1893
            15. O’Neil to Cooney; Bridgeport, 1894
            16. Cooney to Annie Crosby; Bridgeport, 1904
            17. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1905
            18. Cooney to O’Neil to Dominion Coal Company , Bridgeport, 1917
            19. Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1932
            20. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to
              Dominion [Bridgeport] 1928
            21. Cooney to Alexander N. Mac Neil; Main Road leading from Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
            22. Cooney to Mrs. S.J. Cooney; Main Road Glace Bay to Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
            23. Cooney to Ignatius Mc Intyre; East Side of Phalen’s Rd. [Bridgeport] 1944
            24. Cooney to Alexander M. Mc Neil; Main Rd. Leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1944
            25. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Francis Joseph Mc Mullin; Bridgeport, 1946

            Series D: Clippings

            1. Biographical material relating to Dominion; including matters concerned with the
              Second World War; Social news, Churches and Law and Order.
            2. Clippings referring to August Gale, 1873; 1909 Strike; Tramline route, 1914; Bands
              And Orchestras - Michalik, 1927; Polish orchestra, 1927; Roosevelt’s death, 1945;
              VE day riots - Halifax; end of WW II.

            Series E: Photographs (See Photograph Collection #25)
            Four volumes pertaining to the Town of Dominion and the organization of Mr. Stephenson’s two books: Dominion, Nova Scotia 1906-1981 and souvenir booklet on the History of the Dominion Volunteer Fire Department.

            Series F. Scrapbooks:

            1. 1901-1961 Cuttings relation to Dominion, 8cm.
            2. Material relating to Bridgeport and Bridgeport Mine, 3 cm.
            3. Cuttings pertaining to Dominion and Mr. Stephenson 1960's and 1970's
            4. School records, 1888, Mitchell’s School, Photocopies, 7 pages
            5. Cuttings relating to religion (RC) and education in Dominion in mid twentieth century,
              2 cm.
            6. Cuttings from Dominion-New Waterford areas, May-August, 1947, compiled by John
              Mac Kinnon, Dominion, 2cm.
            Stephenson, Leonard Fielding
            MG 20.5 · Fonds · 1910 - 1990

            Collection consists of materials related to The Cape Breton Highlanders, including photographs, recruitment ledgers, rolls and daily orders, correspondence, regimental histories, programs, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and the World War 2 war diaries.

            The Cape Breton Highlanders (CBH)
            CA BI MG 6.11 · Fonds · 1971

            This fonds consists of a reproduction of letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots, a warrant for confining Mary and a declaration of her execution.