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          7 Mile Bridge
          91-699-22660 · Item · [ca. 1936]

          Item is a photograph taken at 7 Mile Bridge in Sydney River. The individuals are identified from left to right as Obie Karylak, Alex & Marlene Karyluk, Fr. Tsukuinyk & Mrs. Tsukuinky. Fr. Tsukuinky is also identified as the pastor of St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Breton Street in Whitney Pier.

          CA BI PAM 1265 · Item

          Item is a pamphlet that contains an article outlining research that focused on adult education among Black Nova Scotians, including a pilot program that was initiated in New Road, Nova Scotia. It was written by Gwendolyn V. Shand.

          Air Force Training
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-52-30697 · Item · [ca. 1940]
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of three men in Air Force training. Pictured left to right: Johnny Paruch; others unidentified.

          Alvinus Calder fonds
          CA BI MG 12.192 · Fonds · 1962

          Fonds consists of of an undated autobiography, a travel-logue of a trip to Moscow in 1962, a letter to the editor of a Grenada newspaper concerning that island's economy, a clipping of a speech that Dr. Calder gave on racial prejudice, and a report of the Medical Committee. The fonds also includes an address given by Dr. Calder to St. Andrew's Brotherhood, Sydney, 1950 about racial prejudice.

          Calder, Dr. Alvinus
          CA BI T-2034 · Item · 1982
          Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

          Biographical Sketch
          Genealogy of the Loch Lomond MacDonald'
          Farming in the early days
          Dominion Coal Company cut lumber at Silver Mine
          Describes the operation, log bridge built across the river
          The log drive to the sawmill...
          Describes the process of hauling logs to the river
          Logs provided lumber for company houses
          Started school at age of 10
          His first teacher, Jessie Morrison
          Far from school, boarded with his aunt...
          Describes the school, how it was heated, the discipline
          Left school after grade 5
          Started working at the Steel Plant, 1926
          During Depression, little work - plant worked 2 days a week
          Women were hired during the War (WW II)
          Work on the farm - what the women did - the day's routine

          Food - fish, how it was preserved
          Making farm implement
          Hay making in the early days
          Dairy proucts - keeping milk cold
          The arrival of cream separators, their care
          His father was postmaster, 1912
          Carried mail to Salmon River, $1 a trip
          Discusses operation of the post office & mail route
          First post office at Loch Lomond
          News papers - Sydney (N.S.) Weekly Post, Family Herald
          Wages at the Steel Plants after the War
          Describes work at the Plant
          United Steel Workers Union didn't get started until after 1941
          The Plant Council...
          Life on the farm - kerosene lamps, wood stoves...
          Water from the well - never frozen because of its depth
          When the mine started, the well went dry
          No social activities in his youth
          Church history - lay preachers in the earliest times
          Present church built in 1910
          United Church at Loch Lomond opened 1929
          The first ministers...
          Dissension and division over the union
          Choir made up of older people
          Prayer meetings held in school once a week
          Gaelic the only language spoken at home; few could repeat it
          His thoughts on Gaelic Today
          He and all his brothers & sisters, born at home, delivered by a midwife, Peggy Currie
          Never felt that his likfe lacked anything
          Discusses food on the farm; potatoes & turnip the only vegetables
          Implements manufactured in the forge
          Four blacksmiths in the area, he gives their names; none today
          Names 3 merchants that were in the area at the time
          Pioneer craftes, processing wool
          Describes his trip to North Uist, his search for information on Malcolm "The Carpnter"
          Describes the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, his impression
          Describes a Gaelic service he attended
          Sunday laws stricty bserved there
          Some more genealogy
          His mother's weaving - she was self taught
          Mary MacLean whom he visited in Scotland
          Reads in Gaelic

          Macdonald, Wilma J.
          CA BI 77-892-1026 · Item · 1955

          Item is a photograph of the Holy Synod taken at St. Philip's African Orthodox Church in Whitney Pier. Featured from left to right are Alderman Chicks Chisholm, City Solicitor Michael Whally, Unknown, Archbishop W.M.E. Robinson, Mayor Tony Gallagher, Rev. Calder and Rev. F. Francis.

          Abbass Studios Ltd.
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-82-30727 · Item · [ca. 1942]
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of Stella Paruch in her parents' backyard on Webster Street.

          Backyard Scene
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-55-30700 · Item · [ca. 1948]
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of Ted Mroz and John J. Paruch in the backyard of the Paruch home on Bay Street.

          CA BI N Series-29.1 · Item · 1945
          Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

          Item is a photograph of a returned Vets banquet at the Polish Hall. Seated: Alonso Jockmack, unidentified, Peter Durkacz, Frances Durkacz, Casmir Durkacz, unidentified, unidentified. Standing: Mary Gura, unidentified, Mary Durkacz, unidentified, unidentified, Mrs. Miecznik, Julia Jockmack, Helen Blazey.

          CA BI N Series-29.2 · Item · 1945
          Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

          Item is a photograph of a returned Vets banquet at the Polish Hall. L to R: Stella Paruch, Mary Burke Paruch, Mickey Paruch, unidentified, Mrs. Daca. Back from L to R: Unidentified, Charlie Malinowski, Father O'Connell, Mary Durkacz (standing), unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Stanley Mayich.

          Baptism [?]
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-23-30668 · Item
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of members of the Mroz family at a baptism. Pictured left to right: Brian Mroz, Margie Mroz, Stella Mroz Paruch, Father Joe Mroz; others unidentified; in front: Janice Mroz (nee Brufatto), Carolanne Mroz, and Nicole Mroz.

          CA BI T-3 · Item · 1963

          File consists of an audio recording; mentions first contact between Mi'kmaq and Gaelic settlers.

          Brief biographical sketch of Hugh MacKenzie and his contributions to Cape-Bretoniana and Mr. MacKenzie is interviewed by Cathleen MacKinnon

          Hugh MacKenzie: Early history of Christmas Island (N.S.), MacNeils vs. Mi'kmaq, Scottish Immigrants to C.B. Brought only bare essentials with them, Funiture and Clothing in the early days

          Early method for making dye

          Recipe for making soap

          Faill iu faillin ho ro eile - Milling song

          Recipe for making tea. Early settlers made tea from herbs and roots

          Medical care - sick and elderly were cared for by relative and neighbors

          His prayers were answered ... Anecdote

          Difficulty getting food...

          Mi'kmaw with scalping knife...

          Dat's me father

          Schools scholars in the days...

          Asthma and sore throat cure

          Superstitious practises

          Meeting the red haired woman means bad luck for the rest of the day

          The black cat superstition...

          Discussion on second-sight

          I feel a heavy weight on my back...

          Second-sight story

          Stop here a minute...something is going to happen right here

          I saw my brother's funeral...

          Hallowe'en customs/B. New Year with rhymes

          Reiteach - matchmaking

          Brief sketch of MacKenzie family...

          The ship "Harmony"

          The Scottish pioneers were ingenious

          Oran and amadan bhoidheach...Song-lament tells of a man who mistakenly shoots his sweetheart

          MacNeil Boating Songs (Kishmul Castle)

          Gu bheil angille dubh-dhonn

          Oran an t-saighdear - Soldier laments his second induction into the army

          Tha mi fo lean dubh 's mi m'onair composed by Bard William Ross

          Song lament

          Tha mo glean air au Chieetan [SIC]

          Tha mise fo mhulad 's an am...

          Mary's Dream

          O nach till thu ruinn a rithis...Jacobite song

          Soraidh leibh 's oidhche mhath liebh

          Thanks Hugh MacKenzie

          Black Population of Sydney
          CA BI T-2207 · Item

          Item is an audio reel featuring a sound recording of Pam Newton interviewing Isabelle Waterman about the Black population of Sydney.

          Blacks and West Indians
          CA BI T-2199 · Item

          Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Kay (Morrison) Borden being interviewed by Pam Newton about the Blacks and West Indians of Whitney Pier.

          Blacks at Whitney Pier
          CA BI T-2104 · File · 1984

          File consists of two audio reels that feature sound recordings of Neville Gibson, Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford being interviewed by Elizabeth Beaton about the Black population of Whitney Pier.

          Track listing is as follows:
          Side A:

          • Biographical information (Neville Gibson)
          • Rev. Phillips founder; White people creating problems for them (Neville Gibson)
          • Problem - St. Cyprians on Henry Street (Neville Gibson)
          • Re-iteration of involvement; Split in Black community (Neville Gibson)
          • The "Brethern" Bible study meetings (Neville Gibson)
          • Land bought by church; Bishop Trotman; History of African Orthodox Church (Neville Gibson)
          • Marcus Garvey; Black Star Line; U.N.I.A. (Neville Gibson)
          • Father lost house; Went to night school (informant); Picnics at Mira; Tennis courts; Menelik Hall (Neville Gibson)
          • Dr. Calder (Neville Gibson)
          • Connection between U.N.I.A. and A.O.C. (Neville Gibson)
          • Cricket Club (Neville Gibson)
          • Marcus Garvey; United Mission; Home and School (Neville Gibson)
          • Discrimination; Black scholarship program; Influence on Stanfield (Neville Gibson)
          • Black Methodist Church (Neville Gibson)
          • Reid Family (Neville Gibson)

          Side B:

          • Biographical information; Born 1912; Arthur Stanley Trotman was father (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • Robertson from States; One named Jones (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • A.O.C. history; Robertson worked out of church on Henry Street (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • Robertson gone by 1924; Trotman had church on Victoria Road; Never a Methodist Church (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • Chronology of Priest (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • St. Alban's problems (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • Trotman, third bishop of A.O.C. (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          • Marcus Garvey (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
          CA BI MG 21.14-C · Series · 1977-2016
          Part of Wanda Robson & Viola Desmond Collection

          Series consists of 11 books of fictional poetry, interviews, biographies, case studies, and history that explore race and the Black experience in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the United States. Viola Desmond is featured in Viola Desmond's Canada: A History of Blacks and Racial Segregation in the Promised Land by Dr. Graham Reynolds, which includes a chapter written by Wanda Robson.

          CA BI 86-15-16104A · Item · ca. 1950

          Item is a photographic portrait of an unidentified Black boxer.

          CA BI 86-15-16104C · Item · ca. 1950

          Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
          boxing match.

          CA BI 86-15-16104B · Item · ca. 1950

          Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
          boxing match.

          CA BI 86-15-16104D · Item · ca. 1950

          Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
          boxing match.

          91-797-22758 · Item · 1938

          Item is a photograph of the Sydney branch of the Hrvatska seljačka stranka (HSS), the Croatian Peasant Party. Two girls in the photograph hold up a banner which reads, “Ogranak 28, HSS Dr Barišasmoljan Osnovan, 1938, u Sydney, N.S. Canada.” The photograph was taken in 1938.

          Back row from left to right: Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Stanley Markotich, John Markotich, Jack Dzaich, Unknown First Name Dugandzic, unknown, Nikola Šimač
          Middle row from left to right: unknown, unknown, Blanche Unknown Last Name, Jaka Markotich, Julka Mayich (Majic), Kris Mayich (Majic)
          Front row: unknown, unknown

          Bras d'Or Lime Co. Ltd.
          CA BI MG 14.85 · Fonds · 1889-1915

          Two ledgers for 1889-1900 and 1889-1915. Records indicate that an interpreter was employed at the quarry to communicate with the immigrant miners who were of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Yugoslavian (Croatian) and Greek descent. See MB 40.

          Cabot Trail
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-36-30681 · Item · 1985
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of Stella Paruch and Mary Kulinicz on the Cabot Trail.

          Campers at Camp Kadimah
          MG 21.5 A.4.1.5 · Item · [between 1970 and 1989]

          Item is a photograph of counselors and campers at Camp Kadimah, dating sometime between 1970 and 1989. Standing in the back are: (2) Mary Simon, (4) Sidney Lipkus, (7) Marta Chernin, (9) Rhea Simon.

          CA BI UA 602 B5 R8 · Item · 1986

          Item is a book titled "Canada's Black Battalion No. 2 Construction 1916-1920," written by Calvin W. Ruck. The book provides information about African Canadians who served in World War 1, and highlights their roles and the obstacles that they faced.

          Canadian Black Studies
          CA BI FC 106 B5 C3 · Item · 1979

          Item is a book containing twenty-three articles related to Black Studies, edited by Dr. Bridglal Pachai.

          The following pieces are featured within the book:

          • D.R. Fraser Taylor, "Black Studies: A Canadian Perspective"
          • Jan Carew, "Black Studies: An Afro-American Perspective from Northwestern"
          • Peter Igbonekwu Okeh, "Black Studies: A West African Perspective"
          • Wilson A. Head, "Problems and Prospects for Blacks in the Canadian Mosaic"
          • R. Leighton Hutson, "Black Conciousness is our Culture"
          • James W. St. G. Walker, "Blacks in Context: Black Canadians and the History Curriculum"
          • Ralph E. James, "Concerns about Black Students in Science and Technology"
          • Howard D. McCurdy, "Blacks and Science"
          • Lorris Elliot, "Literary Writings by Blacks in Canada"
          • Vicent D'Oyley "Emerging Canadian Interethnic Issues and Canadian Black Studies"
          • Colin A. Thomson, "White Response to Black Migration to the Prairies, 1908-1912"
          • Jean Luc Gouveia, "The Blacks in Quebec or the Difficulty of Being a Minority Group that is 'Different'"
          • Phillip H Alexander, "Resource Development in Southwestern Ontario"
          • Judith R. Gold, "A Special University Program for Nova Scotian Blacks and Micmacs"
          • Cynthia M. Thomas, "Black Youth and Education"
          • Cherry Paris, "Education and Human Rights"
          • Eleanor Dorrington, "Halifax Outreach Employment Project"
          • Winston S. Ruck, "Nova Scotian Blacks in the Canadian Mosaic: Blacks and Employments"
          • Patricia Skinner, "The Minority Situation in the Antigonish, Guysborough Region"
          • Donald E. Fairfax, "The Black Church and Youth"
          • Wayne Adams, "The Church and the Black Man"
          • Carolyn Thomas, "The Black Church and the Black Woman"
          • Donald D. Skeir, "The African United Baptist Association and the Black Man in Nova Scotia."
          CA BI SB 151 · Item · 1985

          Item is a scrapbook that was compiled for the 200th Anniversary of Sydney celebrations that includes reproductions of photographs, event tickets, and newspaper articles, as well as listings of Black men who served during wartime, and a history of the Black population in Sydney.

          CA BI PAM 630 · Item · 1972

          Item is an October 7, 1972 issue of the Cape Breton Post Weekend Magazine (Vol. 22, No. 41). The issue featured "The Holy Town Will Have To Take Its Halo Down," a story that outlined racial issues in the Nova Scotia town of Antigonish.

          CA BI MG 12.50 · Fonds · 1880-1978

          Fonds consists of correspondence, papers, scrapbooks referring to ships, shipping, sailing, and items that were of interest to Captain John Parker. Included is a scrapbook that includes information about "Gaelic speaking Blacks" and photographs from a sailing trip to the West Indies.

          Parker, John
          Centennial Float
          CA BI 77-765-899 · Item · 1967

          Item is a photograph of the Centennial Float featuring children in Ukrainian dress as part of Sydney's Centennial celebrations.

          CA BI MG 21.26-18-19-30664 · Item · 1991
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of members of the Paruch family at a christening. Pictured left to right: Stella (Mroz) Paruch, Maria Paruch Young, Stella (Breski) Paruch, and unknown.

          Christmas Photo
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-42-30687 · Item · [19–]
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of a child with Santa Claus. Pictured left to right: both unidentified.

          City of Sydney collection
          CA BI MG 14.27 · Fonds · 1864-

          Fonds consists of textual records that were created by the City of Sydney, including city reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, town histories, police reports, and legal documents. Included within the fonds are materials that provide information about Black Nova Scotians living within the city, including voting records, education reports, and town histories.

          CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 10 · File · 1964-1966
          Part of Gaelic songs

          Articles include:

          “Uisdein MacGhilleasbaig Chléirich” about the treacherous nephew of Donald Gorm MacDonald in the 16th century.
          “An Righ agus an Ciobair” a folktale.
          The Irish Famine.
          A mystery ship
          Train service in Scotland
          Folklore of Kintyre
          Calendar customs
          A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi”
          The Poetry of Fr. Allan MacDonald
          A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” corncerning Gaels’ impression of non-Gaels.
          The New Year tradition of A’Challain. Reprinted from Teachdaire nan Gaidheal, 1829.
          A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” The Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar.
          A response to a letter sent in 1848 to a Gaelic periodical, in which a man expresses concern regarding women’s fashions,
          Highladn regiments fighting in WWI and WWII.
          The folktale “Na Tri Fainneachan”
          Wise Fool tales of Gilleasbuig Aotrom
          The loss of self-sustenance in the Highlands
          Concerning the Glasgow and other Fairs.
          A letter to the editor from a man in the Highlands complaining about women’s behaviour and the cost of living going up.
          Educational reform in Scotland.
          An man who lived in Oban’s school log book.
          The Massacre of Glencoe
          Biblical stories
          The Crofter’s Commission Report
          A Gaelic textbook used in Harris
          Gaelic poets
          The life and works of Gaelic scholar, Ewen MacLachlan

          91-796-22757 · Item · 1930

          Item is a photograph of a Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra featuring seven costumed performers, taken 14 October 1930.

          Currie, Michael D. fonds
          CA BI MG 6.3 · Fonds · 1928

          Fonds consists of reproductions of a letter and reply to The Casket regarding an article, "Early Days in Cape Breton" with special reference to the Gaels, criticizing the way in which they were portrayed in the article.

          Currie, Michael D.
          Day on the Cabot Trail
          CA BI MG 21.26-18-39-30684 · Item · [ca. 1988]
          Part of Paruch Family fonds

          Item is a photograph of members of the Paruch family at St. Ann's Lookoff on the Cabot Trail. Pictured left to right: Stella Paruch, Mary Paruch Enderly, Ed Paruch, and Josephine Paruch Shirola.

          Dr. Alvinus Calder
          CA BI 83-6312-13612 · Item · ca. 1935

          Item is a photograph of Black Nova Scotian doctor Dr. Alvinus Calder standing outdoors at an unknown
          location, dressed in suit and tie.

          Dr. Alvinus Calder
          CA BI 83-6311-13611 · Item · ca. 1935

          Item is a photograph of Black Nova Scotian doctor Dr. Alvinus Calder sitting on the stairs to a home, dressed
          in a suit and tie.

          Dr. Alvinus Calder
          CA BI 63-6310-13610 · Item · ca. 1935

          Item is a photograph of physician Dr. Alvinus Calder standing next to an unidentified building, dressed in a suit and tie.

          CA BI MG 12.198 · Fonds · 1900-2005

          Fonds consists of papers that reflect Elizabeth Beaton's work at the Beaton Institute and personal academic research. The materials included cover a wide variety of topics concerning Cape Breton history, especially ethnicity. Beaton's work contains extensive research on Whitney Pier's West Indian and Ukrainian population.

          Beaton, Elizabeth Dr.