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Leabhar na h'Urnuigh Choitchionn, agus Frithealadh nan Sacramainte

Item is a complete translation of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England. The full title is "Leabhar na h'Urnuigh Choitchionn, agus Frithealadh nan Sacramainte, agus Riaghailte agus Deasghnatha Eile na h'Eaglais : do Reir Gnathachadh na h'Eaglais Shasgonaich: Maille ris an t Saltair no Sailm Dhaibhidh" which translates as "Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David"

MacNeil, Hector Character Reference

  • CA BI MG 6.5
  • Fonds
  • 1802

Fonds consists of a character reference for Hector MacNeil, one of the first Scottish settlers of Christmas Island.

MacNeil, Hector

Bras d'Or Lime Co. Ltd.

  • CA BI MG 14.85
  • Fonds
  • 1889-1915

Two ledgers for 1889-1900 and 1889-1915. Records indicate that an interpreter was employed at the quarry to communicate with the immigrant miners who were of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Yugoslavian (Croatian) and Greek descent. See MB 40.

MacSween, Agnes (MacNeil)

  • CA BI MG 6.10
  • Fonds
  • 1892

This fonds consists of a letter from Malcolm Campbell, Barra, with family news; copy of tombstone of Roderick and Jane MacNeil.

Campbell, Malcolm

John Huk Collection

  • CA BI MG 21.13
  • Collection
  • 1898-2004

This collection consists of textual records, photographs, sound recordings, publications and artifacts documenting the history and activities of the Ukrainian community in Cape Breton. Within the collection there is a focus on music and dance with over 1 meter of 78 and LP albums of Ukrainian music. Also included is a comprehensive collection of research related to Ukrainian immigration to Cape Breton with records pertaining specifically to the Ukrainian community in Whitney Pier. Personal papers from the Huk family are also included in the collection along with the manuscript and research related to Mr. John Huk's publication Strangers in the Land: The Ukrainian Presence in Cape Breton.

Huk, John

Elizabeth Beaton-Planetta fonds

  • CA BI MG 12.198
  • Fonds
  • 1900-2005

Fonds consists of papers that reflect Elizabeth Beaton's work at the Beaton Institute and personal academic research. The materials included cover a wide variety of topics concerning Cape Breton history, especially ethnicity. Beaton's work contains extensive research on Whitney Pier's West Indian and Ukrainian population.

Beaton, Elizabeth Dr.

St. Michael's Polish Association and Benefit Society

  • CA BI 79-1098-4078
  • Item
  • ca. 1910

Item is a photograph showing a group of members of the St. Michaels Benefit Society. It appears to be taken during the first year of its founding. Members not identified.

Guth na nGaidheal

  • CA BI G126
  • Item
  • 1916

Item is magazine published bi-annually by the Gaelic League of London.

St. Mary’s Polish Church, Postcard

  • 82-953-7653
  • Item
  • [ca. 1918]

Item is a postcard of St. Mary’s Polish Church with a portrait of Rev. Camillus Grzybala, in the top-right corner. The text at the top of the photograph reads, “Kościół Narodzenia N. M. P. w Whitney, Pier, N.S.” The text at the bottom of the photograph reads, “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Polish R. C. Church, Whitney Pier, N.S. Canada.”

First Irish Grammar

  • CA BI G144
  • Item
  • 1919

Item is an introduction to the grammar of Irish Gaelic.

Polish Wedding

  • 79-1096-4076
  • Item
  • [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph portrait of a Polish wedding with family members, taken in the 1920s.

Polish Band

  • 79-1097-4077
  • Item
  • [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph of male members of a Polish band.

Currie, Michael D. fonds

  • CA BI MG 6.3
  • Fonds
  • 1928

Fonds consists of reproductions of a letter and reply to The Casket regarding an article, "Early Days in Cape Breton" with special reference to the Gaels, criticizing the way in which they were portrayed in the article.

Currie, Michael D.

Float in Sydney’s 150th Anniversary Parade

  • 82-955-7655
  • Item
  • 1935

Item is a photograph of Polish float in Sydney’s 150th anniversary parade, taken in 1935. The float features fifteen girls, with one as a Polish queen and the rest as her attendants. The queen is identified as Jennie Kieć. The bottom row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Wludyka, Minnie Paruch, Louise Kiec, and Sophie Borak. The second row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Gniewek, Julia Gniewek, Annie Ardelli, Francis Zagorski, Sophie Blazy, and Elsie Gniewek. The third row is identified, from left to right, as Helen Kokoska, Mary Durkacz, Mary Kokoska, and Mary Miecznik.

James "Jim Hughie" MacNeil fonds

  • CA BI MG 6.37
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1955

Fonds consists of:

  • papers including correspondence with D.D. MacFarlane, Joseph D. MacKinnon and Fr. Angus MacNeil pertaining to MacNeil, MacSween and MacFarlane genealogies and to Gaelic songs
  • list of members of the Caledonian Society, Sydney
  • story entitled "Stephen the Spendthrift"
  • passport photo of Mr. MacNeil [#79-1192-4172]

Group Photo

Item is a photograph of four men on wagon. Pictured second from left: Johnny Paruch; others unidentified.

Wharf Scene

Item is a photograph of three men on a wharf. Pictured left to right: unknown, Johnny Paruch, and unknown.

Johnny Paruch's Sisters

Item is a photograph of Johnny Paruch's sisters taken in a portrait studio. Pictured left to right: Josephine Paruch and Mary Paruch

Air Force Training

Item is a photograph of three men in Air Force training. Pictured left to right: Johnny Paruch; others unidentified.

John Paruch and friends

Item is a photograph of three enlisted men with a woman. Pictured on the right: Johnny Paruch; others unidentified.


Item is a photograph of Stella Paruch in her parents' backyard on Webster Street.

Banquet Polish Hall Return Vets

Item is a photograph of a returned Vets banquet at the Polish Hall. Seated: Alonso Jockmack, unidentified, Peter Durkacz, Frances Durkacz, Casmir Durkacz, unidentified, unidentified. Standing: Mary Gura, unidentified, Mary Durkacz, unidentified, unidentified, Mrs. Miecznik, Julia Jockmack, Helen Blazey.

Banquet Polish Hall Return Vets

Item is a photograph of a returned Vets banquet at the Polish Hall. L to R: Stella Paruch, Mary Burke Paruch, Mickey Paruch, unidentified, Mrs. Daca. Back from L to R: Unidentified, Charlie Malinowski, Father O'Connell, Mary Durkacz (standing), unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Stanley Mayich.

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of the Paruch and Mroz family in a yard on Webster Street. Pictured left to right: Josef Mroz, Catherine Mroz, John J. Paruch., Teddy Mroz, and Stella Paruch.

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of Kenny Paruch by road on Bay Street.

Wedding Shower

Item is a photograph of Nellie Tinski and Stella Paruch at a wedding shower at Mary Wojcek's home on Bryan Street.

Backyard Scene

Item is a photograph of Ted Mroz and John J. Paruch in the backyard of the Paruch home on Bay Street.

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of Eddie Melski and John J. Paruch. in front of a home on Bay Street. (Stella Paruch pictured in window)

Inside Backyard

Item is a photograph of Richard Paruch in the backyard of the Paruch home on Bay Street.

Traveling Fair

Item is a photograph of children with man in front of camels and wagon. Pictured second from the right: John J. Paruch; others unidentified.

Polish Couples

  • 79-1099-4079
  • Item
  • [ca. 1950]

Item is a photograph of two Polish couples, taken in the 1950s. Couple on the left: Tony Reppa and Sonya Wroblewski.

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of members of the Mroz and Paruch family in front of a home on Webster Street. Pictured from left to right: Joseph Mroz, Caroline Mroz, Catherine Mroz (nee Juscur), and Richard Paruch.

Summer at the Bungalow

Item is a photograph of Paruch and Redmond families at a bungalow. Pictured left to right: Stella Paruch, Richard Paruch, Annie Tynski Redmond, Brian Redmond, and John J. Paruch.

Summer Cottage Rental

Item is a photograph of the Redmond family and Paruch family at a summer cottage. Pictured left to right: Richard Paruch, Johnny Paruch, Noreen Redmond, Annie Tynski Redmond, Jimmie Redmond, and John J. Paruch.

MacDonald, Colin S.

  • CA BI MG 6.54
  • Fonds
  • 1954

Fonds consists of the genealogy of the Clanranald MacDonalds of Moidart and Morar.

MacDonald, Colin S.

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of three children in front of a garage on Bay Street. Pictured left to right: Kenny Paruch, Colette Starzomski, and Rosalie Starzomski.


  • CA BI G146
  • Item
  • 1956

Item is a periodical containing articles in various Celtic languages.

Winter Scene

Item is a photograph of Richard Paruch in the backyard of the Paruch home on Bay Street.

Polish Dancers

  • 82-233-6933
  • Item
  • 1957

Item is a photograph of Polish dancers in costume. The dancers are Holy Redeemer High School students, taken in 1957 at CJCB studios, Sydney.

First row: Marilyn Baryluk Gillis, Frances Kokoska, (Unknown First Name) Tynski or Mary Petruskavitch
Second row: Julianne Wojick, Frances Tynski, Annie Yelovich or Josephine Rebutski, Audrey Wludyka
Third row: Margie Reppa Johnson, JoAnne MacDonald Kingsbury, Frania Rose Ryba McKay, Dorothy Granich, Patricia Malinowski

Family Photo

Item is a photograph of Alan Paruch in front of home on Webster Street.

The Early Lyric in Gaelic

  • CA BI G158
  • Item
  • 1961

Item is an academic article on early (medieval and dark ages) Gaelic verse, mostly as it appears in stories or song.

Biographical sketch of Hugh MacKenzie

  • CA BI T-3
  • Item
  • 1963

File consists of an audio recording; mentions first contact between Mi'kmaq and Gaelic settlers.

Brief biographical sketch of Hugh MacKenzie and his contributions to Cape-Bretoniana and Mr. MacKenzie is interviewed by Cathleen MacKinnon

Hugh MacKenzie: Early history of Christmas Island (N.S.), MacNeils vs. Mi'kmaq, Scottish Immigrants to C.B. Brought only bare essentials with them, Funiture and Clothing in the early days

Early method for making dye

Recipe for making soap

Faill iu faillin ho ro eile - Milling song

Recipe for making tea. Early settlers made tea from herbs and roots

Medical care - sick and elderly were cared for by relative and neighbors

His prayers were answered ... Anecdote

Difficulty getting food...

Mi'kmaw with scalping knife...

Dat's me father

Schools scholars in the days...

Asthma and sore throat cure

Superstitious practises

Meeting the red haired woman means bad luck for the rest of the day

The black cat superstition...

Discussion on second-sight

I feel a heavy weight on my back...

Second-sight story

Stop here a minute...something is going to happen right here

I saw my brother's funeral...

Hallowe'en customs/B. New Year with rhymes

Reiteach - matchmaking

Brief sketch of MacKenzie family...

The ship "Harmony"

The Scottish pioneers were ingenious

Oran and amadan bhoidheach...Song-lament tells of a man who mistakenly shoots his sweetheart

MacNeil Boating Songs (Kishmul Castle)

Gu bheil angille dubh-dhonn

Oran an t-saighdear - Soldier laments his second induction into the army

Tha mi fo lean dubh 's mi m'onair composed by Bard William Ross

Song lament

Tha mo glean air au Chieetan [SIC]

Tha mise fo mhulad 's an am...

Mary's Dream

O nach till thu ruinn a rithis...Jacobite song

Soraidh leibh 's oidhche mhath liebh

Thanks Hugh MacKenzie

Clippings from the Stornoway Gazette

  • CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 10
  • File
  • 1964-1966
  • Part of Gaelic songs

Articles include:

“Uisdein MacGhilleasbaig Chléirich” about the treacherous nephew of Donald Gorm MacDonald in the 16th century.
“An Righ agus an Ciobair” a folktale.
The Irish Famine.
A mystery ship
Train service in Scotland
Folklore of Kintyre
Calendar customs
A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi”
The Poetry of Fr. Allan MacDonald
A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” corncerning Gaels’ impression of non-Gaels.
The New Year tradition of A’Challain. Reprinted from Teachdaire nan Gaidheal, 1829.
A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” The Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar.
A response to a letter sent in 1848 to a Gaelic periodical, in which a man expresses concern regarding women’s fashions,
Highladn regiments fighting in WWI and WWII.
The folktale “Na Tri Fainneachan”
Wise Fool tales of Gilleasbuig Aotrom
The loss of self-sustenance in the Highlands
Concerning the Glasgow and other Fairs.
A letter to the editor from a man in the Highlands complaining about women’s behaviour and the cost of living going up.
Educational reform in Scotland.
An man who lived in Oban’s school log book.
The Massacre of Glencoe
Biblical stories
The Crofter’s Commission Report
A Gaelic textbook used in Harris
Gaelic poets
The life and works of Gaelic scholar, Ewen MacLachlan

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