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              Coal Mine, Dominion
              CA BI 78-105-1855 · Item · 1907

              Item is a postcard of the coal colliery in Dominion, Cape Breton during the wintertime. There are train cars filled with coal on the tracks in the postcard as well.

              Coal Miners, Dominion
              CA BI MG 12.197-86-334-16532 · Item · after 1900
              Part of Stephenson, Leonard

              Item is a photograph taken in the early years at Dominion No. 1 Colliery. Man second from left was Joe Hall, father of Charlie and Ralph Hall who came here in 1900; the man next to Mr. Hall is reported to be Gilbert Watson who later moved to New Waterford and was shot and seriously injured during the Davis Day Riot at Waterford Lake Power Plant when William Davis was killed. The big man on the extreme right was Big Frank Boutilier from Gardiner Mines, the engine operator. The young man, third from the right was blacksmith Neil Graham, son of Dominion's first Deputy Mayor Dan Graham, and father of Walter Graham who was killed at No. 26 surface railroad on 2 December 1972.

              Dominion #6 Generator
              CA BI 78-139-1889 · Item · 20th century

              Item is a photograph of the generator for the Dominion #6 mine.

              Dominion Group
              CA BI N Series-574.1 · Item · 1947
              Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

              Item is a photographic portrait of a group of young children from a Dominion school. First row: second from the right is Shirley (nee Young) White. Second row: fifth from the left is Mary Cook. Third row: first on the left is Norinia Colosimo, second from the left is Annie Maydanski, third from the left is Leta Melanson Basso, fourth from the left is Anna Cherpac, and fifth from the left is Isabel Urquhart.

              Italian Community Club
              CA BI MG 7E.1 · Fonds · 1936-1974

              This fonds consists of records and minutes (in Italian) of the meetings of the Club at Dominion. Beginning in February 1967, page 192, the minutes are written in English.

              MacDougall Girls' Pipe Band
              CA BI 87-85-16615 · Item · ca. 1960

              Item is a photograph of the MacDougall Girls' Pipe Band of Dominion and Glace Bay.

              Abbass Studios Ltd.
              CA BI MG 21.20 · Fonds

              Fonds consists of papers related to coal mining and other business activities of Henry Mitchell and sons as well as family records documenting life in Bridgeport (now Dominion) Nova Scotia and various locations in Pennsylvania. Correspondence between Henry and his children provide a detailed account of social, economic and political life in North America between the mid-19th and early 20th century.

              Members of the Mitchell family were impacted by the American Civil War which is documented among the letters, along with various events of note in Canada including Confederation.

              Mitchell, Henry
              New Fire Truck Dominion
              B-5399.1 · Item · 1966

              Item is a photograph depicting the testing of a new fire truck.

              Abbass Studios Ltd.
              New Fire Truck Dominion
              B-5399.2 · Item · 1966

              Item is a photograph of a new fire truck.

              Abbass Studios Ltd.
              Railway Car, Dominion
              CA BI 86-325-16523 · Item · ca. 1914

              Item is a photograph of a railway car in a Dominion railyard containing soldiers of World War 1. Children are in the foreground on the tracks.

              Royal Theatre
              94-1074-25589 · Item · 1994

              Item is a photograph of the back view of the Royal Theatre, owned by Olive Liscombe MacDonald.

              Royal Theatre
              94-1073-25588 · Item · 1994

              Item is a photograph of the front view of the Royal Theatre, owned by Olive Liscombe MacDonald.

              St. Eugene's Church
              94-1175-25690 · Item · 1994

              Item is a photograph of St. Eugene's Church in Dominion, Cape Breton.

              Stephenson, Leonard
              CA BI MG 12.197 · Collection · 1826-1979

              Collection consists of the following:

              Series A

              1. Correspondence regarding St. Anthony’s Church Bell, 1911
              2. League of the Cross (L.O.C.) Dominion, 1930 2 documents

              Series B: Memoranda including background information for Mr. Stephenson’s two books.

              1. Proofs of Mr. Stephenson’s two books. 20 pages
              2. Material General Mining Association supplied to miners, 1831-1832. 40 pages.
              3. Company Store Records, 1878-1884, 35 pages.
              4. Miners’ time book and waste book; Materials General Mining Association supplied to miners 1882-1891 66 pages.
              5. Company Store records; time book; waste book 1883-1890 48 pages
              6. Papers including Dominion Town Council election results; Minutes of the first town Council and school board meetings 1906; inventory of Dominion Electric Light Department, 1959. 263 Pages.

              Series C: Deeds: Photocopy, 1826-1946 relating to the Bridgeport area, 31 pages, 1 folder.

              1. John Claghan to John Young; L’Indian bay 1826
              2. William the Fourth to William Cadegan, Catherine Stanton, Reardon O’BRIEN, John Handley, John Murphy and John Casey; S.S. Lingan Bay, 1832
              3. John and Bridget Murphy to Roman Catholics - South Side Lingan Bay, 1840.
              4. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat; South Side Lingan Bay, 1869.
              5. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat ; Lingan, 1884.
              6. GMA to Henry Mitchell; Bridgeport, 1890.
              7. Rev. John Cameron to John Phalen, Old Bridgeport, 1900
              8. The Crown to James Cooney, Anastasia Cooney & Ann O’Neal; Between Lingan Basin and Little Glace Bay [Bridgeport], 1878.
              9. Cooney & O’Neil to Joseph Campbell; Bridgeport, 1881
              10. Cooney & O’Neil to Roderick Johnston; Bridgeport 1892
              11. James & Anastasia Cooney to Lawrence O’Neil; Bridgeport 1892
              12. James & Mary Ann Cooney to Ann O’Neil; Bridgeport, 1892
              13. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1893
              14. O’ Neil & Cooney to James Mac Neil; Bridgeport, 1893
              15. O’Neil to Cooney; Bridgeport, 1894
              16. Cooney to Annie Crosby; Bridgeport, 1904
              17. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1905
              18. Cooney to O’Neil to Dominion Coal Company , Bridgeport, 1917
              19. Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1932
              20. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to
                Dominion [Bridgeport] 1928
              21. Cooney to Alexander N. Mac Neil; Main Road leading from Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
              22. Cooney to Mrs. S.J. Cooney; Main Road Glace Bay to Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
              23. Cooney to Ignatius Mc Intyre; East Side of Phalen’s Rd. [Bridgeport] 1944
              24. Cooney to Alexander M. Mc Neil; Main Rd. Leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1944
              25. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Francis Joseph Mc Mullin; Bridgeport, 1946

              Series D: Clippings

              1. Biographical material relating to Dominion; including matters concerned with the
                Second World War; Social news, Churches and Law and Order.
              2. Clippings referring to August Gale, 1873; 1909 Strike; Tramline route, 1914; Bands
                And Orchestras - Michalik, 1927; Polish orchestra, 1927; Roosevelt’s death, 1945;
                VE day riots - Halifax; end of WW II.

              Series E: Photographs (See Photograph Collection #25)
              Four volumes pertaining to the Town of Dominion and the organization of Mr. Stephenson’s two books: Dominion, Nova Scotia 1906-1981 and souvenir booklet on the History of the Dominion Volunteer Fire Department.

              Series F. Scrapbooks:

              1. 1901-1961 Cuttings relation to Dominion, 8cm.
              2. Material relating to Bridgeport and Bridgeport Mine, 3 cm.
              3. Cuttings pertaining to Dominion and Mr. Stephenson 1960's and 1970's
              4. School records, 1888, Mitchell’s School, Photocopies, 7 pages
              5. Cuttings relating to religion (RC) and education in Dominion in mid twentieth century,
                2 cm.
              6. Cuttings from Dominion-New Waterford areas, May-August, 1947, compiled by John
                Mac Kinnon, Dominion, 2cm.
              Stephenson, Leonard Fielding
              Town of Dominion
              CA BI MG 14.12 · Fonds · 1906-1990

              Records of the Town of Dominion; includes Town Council Minutes, ledgers, school board and police reports, teachers board minutes, rate, assessment, and tax rolls, as well as electric and liquor ledgers.