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            Annie Johnston
            CA BI MG 6.46 · Fonds

            Fonds consists of "An Clachan a b'Aithne Dhomh" : description of life on the Isle of Barra in the 1800s.

            Johnston, Annie
            CA BI T-1350 · Item · 1979
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of CBI Radio's "Air Bord" program featuring Archie Alex MacKenzie. \

            Archie MacKenzie :

            MacKenzie Genealogy
            Customs of young people at Christmas Island in his youth
            He discusses bards, his father Archie MacKenzie

            Dan Morrison :

            "Gaol an t-Seoladair"

            Archie MacKenzie :

            Life on the farm in the early days
            His father was a school teacher, taught Gaelic as well as English
            "Moladh Cheap Breatuinn"
            "Gu bheil caochladh mor 's an aite"

            Carl MacKenzie & Doug MacPhee :

            Violin & Piano Selections

            Archie MacKenzie :

            Ceilidhs in the ol days - pipers were scarce
            The start of the C.B. Gaelic Society - His brother Hugh
            The effect of the newspaper MacTalla on Gaelic in Cape Breton

            Tommy 'Peigi' MacDonald :

            "Moladh na Lanndaidh"

            Archie MacKenzie :

            Discusses his family

            CBI Radio
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 10 · File · 1964-1966
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Articles include:

            “Uisdein MacGhilleasbaig Chléirich” about the treacherous nephew of Donald Gorm MacDonald in the 16th century.
            “An Righ agus an Ciobair” a folktale.
            The Irish Famine.
            A mystery ship
            Train service in Scotland
            Folklore of Kintyre
            Calendar customs
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi”
            The Poetry of Fr. Allan MacDonald
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” corncerning Gaels’ impression of non-Gaels.
            The New Year tradition of A’Challain. Reprinted from Teachdaire nan Gaidheal, 1829.
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” The Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar.
            A response to a letter sent in 1848 to a Gaelic periodical, in which a man expresses concern regarding women’s fashions,
            Highladn regiments fighting in WWI and WWII.
            The folktale “Na Tri Fainneachan”
            Wise Fool tales of Gilleasbuig Aotrom
            The loss of self-sustenance in the Highlands
            Concerning the Glasgow and other Fairs.
            A letter to the editor from a man in the Highlands complaining about women’s behaviour and the cost of living going up.
            Educational reform in Scotland.
            An man who lived in Oban’s school log book.
            The Massacre of Glencoe
            Biblical stories
            The Crofter’s Commission Report
            A Gaelic textbook used in Harris
            Gaelic poets
            The life and works of Gaelic scholar, Ewen MacLachlan

            CA BI T-190 · Item · 1970
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Jim Charles Macneil singing, and discussing stories/history of Big Pond (N.S).

            Brief talk of Father Michael Gillis
            Singing; this Cumhna was written by John MacKinnon, Big Pond.
            True, funny stories
            MacPherson story...
            Father MacAdam's death...
            Address to Scottish Catholic Society; first Convention - short time after Father D.M. MacAdam's death.
            Song part of Cumhna composed by Vincent MacLllan; Cumhna in honor of Father D.M. MacAdam.
            Duain - Halloween customs in Cape Breton
            Funny stories - One about the carpenter...
            Song composed for that carpenter by Mr. MacInnis; supposedly spoken by the man who hired the carpenter.
            "Tell us something about Bishop Grant of Scotland and Canon MacInnis"
            Reads the address given to Bishop Grant and Canon MacInnis by Father Stanley MacDonald; composed by Father S. MacDonald

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            CA BI T-1103 · Item · 1975
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Alex Maclean (Big Baddeck), Hector Carmichael (Englishtown), Malcolm Angus Macleod (Skir Dhu), and Dan A. Macleod (North River Bridge.)

            MacLean, Alex; MacLeod, M.A. - "Gur e mo run an Domhnallach..."

            Carmichael, Hector & MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Chaidh mi a mach"

            Carmichael, Hector & MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Local milling song about fishing

            Carmichael, Hector & MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Tha buaidh air an uisge-beatha"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "'S math a dhannsadh Uisdean Friseal"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Morag Bheag"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Chairistiona Caimbeul..."

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Cuir do lamh 'staigh fon aodach"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Ged nacheil mi math air bardachd"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "A ' Mhorag, nigh'n Dhomhnaill Duinn"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Mo luaidh thu a chunna mi 'n diugh"

            MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Hiu a ho tha mi fo lionn dubh"

            MacLeod, Dan A. - Customs surrounding "Calluinn"

            Shaw, John
            CA BI T-133 · Item · 1968
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item consists of 1 audio recording of Hector Macneil singing and telling a Gaelic story.

            Hector MacNeil sings a song composed by a priest about himself.

            Hector sings a song about the departure of the highlanders

            Hector MacNeil tells the story in the song about the man who left his homeland only to return some years later and finds everything in tatters.
            Reminiscences (Anecdotes)

            Hector sings a New Year's song

            "Gillean mo run" (Song--Love)

            Johnstone, Mark
            CA BI T-1768 · Item · 1985
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Stephen MacNeil - Oran Dutchadh

            Mickey MacNeil - Ship Alexander

            John Dan MacNeil - A nighean A'Chutan Duib

            'S Mor an cochladh

            Roddy MacInnis - Tha mo run air a' ghille

            Milling & Halloween Customs

            Pady MacInnis - Oran an Election

            Oran an t-Seolgair,
            a' Fhleasgaich Dhuinn

            ach ann duinn a dh' eirich

            Tha mi an duigh gu tinn

            Se 'm oro bha a phiemic

            Highland Village Association
            CA BI T-326 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording at Boisdale N.S. Joseph Lawrence Macdonald, Sarah Cameron, Miss Janet Cameron, Angus Beaton, Finlay Cameron tell discuss lore, history and sing songs.

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Frolics in the home, different types

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Shearing of sheep, processing of wool, milling frolics

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Duties of women

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Grist mill at MacAdam`s Lake, operated by Mr. MacLean

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Best carpenters of the times, MacEacherns, MacDonalds and others

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Three steamships operated out of East Bay, groceries had to be brought in from Halifax, hardwood shipped to England

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Scottish Catholic Society of Canada organized by Father M.A. MacAdam

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cape Breton Island Co-op. Society was organized at East Bay, 1932

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Mineral spring at East Bay

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Excerpts from Mary L. Frasers book,Folklore of Nova Scotia`.

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - East Bay Pirates - Capt. Alex and Dan MacLean. MacLeans sailed the Pacific Ocean (1880-1914) on the sea wolf.

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Primary concern of settlers was the making of a home. Coal mines and steel plant took men from farms to cities and towns.

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Early settlers of Christmas Island (N.S.)

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - What were living conditions like

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Tell about the August Gale

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Peter MacNeil

            MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Malcolm MacPhee

            Cameron, Sarah - Biographical sketch

            Cameron, Miss Janet - Biographical sketch

            Beaton, Angus - Song: O hi ri ill o robha

            Cameron, Finlay - Song: Air faill irinn ill irinn oich irinn iu

            Beaton, Alexander - Song: O sud an taobh a'gabhainn

            Cameron, Sarah - Song: An Te Ruadh

            Cameron, Finlay - Song: Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

            Beaton, Angus D. - Song, a lament

            MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
            History of Life in Inverness
            CA BI T-271 · Item · 1971
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is a recording of Archie Hector Macdonald speaking about weddings, funerals, churches, food, dress, music, schools, etc. Practically the whole social life of Inverness County (N.S.) .

            Smith, Angus John
            Interview with Freda Jones
            CA BI T-60 · Item · 1968
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Interview with Mrs. Freida Jones

            Sister Margaret Beaton introduces Mrs. Frieda Jones

            Questions Mr. Jones

            History of her father, the Rev. Mr. MacMillan of Sydney Mines (N.S.) in early days

            Mrs. Jones went to school in Sydney Mines (N.S.). The Principal was Mr. Haggerty, Teachers were Ella Partridge, and Margaret Morrison.

            William Snow was a school mate

            Mrs. A.C. Day tells a funny story about William Snow, Manager of the Isle Royale Hotel

            Tell us about your career in music. Where did you study?

            What about the social gatherings at that time? Discussion follows.

            The people were mostly miners, paid three dollars a month

            What do you know of the dinner parties? Velvets and the best of dress

            There is a story of the Archibalds

            Archibalds entertained quite a bit..

            Sutherland - Paymaster with G.M.A.

            Pauline Johnson came because boats on their way to Newfoundland stopped in North Sydney (N.S.)

            Tell us about the Brown's old home

            Did the Brown's entertain very much?

            What do you know of the Sydney Mines (N.S.) militia?

            Formal dress for dinner - evening dress

            Tell the story about Mrs. Sutherland and the fellow on the street car

            What about the Bridges?

            Were the people more religious than they are today?

            Presbyteruan Precentors - Singing Mrs. Jones does not like it; Sister Beaton loves it

            Organs were not liked in the Presbyterian Church

            Very good friends - Rev. Mr. MacMillan and Father MacKinnon.

            One night out a week - in at 10 pm

            Eggs 26 cent a dozen; they had their own cows; made their own butter and food

            Plays "School Days" on her piano

            How about another story...

            Halloween stories and tricks. Human nature is the same - one generation of youngsters not too different from preceding generations seen by these Halloween tricks

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            CA BI T-665 · Item · 1977
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Jim Charles MacNeil and Rosemary Hutchinson. Recording includes Gaelic stories, traditions, songs and customs.

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Sgeulachd an t-saighdear mhor

            Hutchinson, Rosemary - Story of the big soldier (English translation of above)

            Hutchinson, Rosemary - Biographical sketch of Mr. MacNeil

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Scottish New Year's customs

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Thainig mi'n nochd a choimhead air mo chairdean

            Hutchinson, Rosemary - First-footing in Scotland

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Mons. MacGillivray's visit to Scotland on Hogomanay night

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Fuadach nan Gaidheal

            CBI Radio
            CA BI T-839 · Item · 1973
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Gaelic stories & songs from Cape Breton "A hiu robh ho na hiu bhan o, Chaneil na soir a cordadh rium..."

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A true Halloween story...

            MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) James MacNeil and the old lady...

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Halloween superstitions

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Halloween tricks at Irish cover

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Paying for seats in Church at Big Pond...

            MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) The widow and the shoemaker...

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Old customs & superstitions

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A story of Halloween custom...

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) MacDonald "Clan Sheumais" from "Tir-Mor"

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) A "rann" - "Franci Cham"

            MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) Story about a cure for a cold...

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Sydney (N.S.) Stealing cabbage at Halloween...

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) A true story of a priest at Big Pond...

            MacNeil, Dan Sydney (N.S.) "Ho ro mo nigh'n donn bhoidheach na gorm shuil mealladh..."

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Story of the man who swore...

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Story & song about the Cailleach-bhuain" at harvest time

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) The man who slept for three days...

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) A debate - the married man vs. The single man...

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) Saying grace - two versions...

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) Lost cows - "30 days in the pen..."

            MacNeil, Joe Neil Middle Cape (N.S.) "Mac Banntraich - an fhear a mharbh na mheirleich..."

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) "Thusa" vs. "sibhse"

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie Sydney (N.S.) He found the tracks of the red fox

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            CA BI T-656 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Hugh F. MacKenzie (Christmas Island):

            Story - A Lost Old Lady
            Story - Old Maids and Bachelors
            Story - Big Donald and the Member
            Story - Donald Halifax and the well
            Story - Digging for Gold
            Story - Donald from Uist
            Story - Neil and the Bishop
            Song - Horan ho 's na hi iu o

            Joe Gillis:

            Story - Blessing of Seed

            Hugh F. MacKenzie:

            Ghost story
            Story of the rum seller
            Story of the devil's death
            Story of the Old Scotsman
            Story of foresight
            Ghost story

            Joseph L. MacDonald:\

            Story of St. Stephen's Day
            Church dues
            Old-time wakes
            Story of Stephen MacNeil

            Joe Gillis:

            Donald's Story

            MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
            CA BI MG 6.29 · Fonds · 1964-1974

            Fonds consists of documents relating to research on Gaelic Culture in Nova Scotia and other items written by Ms. MacKinnon. Papers include:

            1. Manuscript copy of thesis: “A Study of the History and Traditions of the Highland Scot in Nova Scotia.” This includes the Gaelic transcription of the folktale "Cath nan Eun" by Hughie Dan MacDonnell and mentions other stories and storytellers of the time. MacKinnon also makes mention of well known singers and includes transcriptions of their songs, 1964 Typescript, 155 pages.
              Refer also to bound copy: file FC 2350 S3 M5.
            2. An Appraisal of the Gaelic Collection in Cape Bretoniana. Refer also to bound copy: Reports file - College of Cape Breton. 1964. Hand-written and typescript, 10 pages.
            3. Menus and toasts in Gaelic, and correspondence concerning them. Original, typescript and printed, 27 pages. Two clippings of toasts printed in Scottish newspapers were in the custody of John A. MacDougall.
            CA BI T-685 · Item · 1973
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Mrs. Annie MacInnis (Sydney, N.S.) Mrs. MacInnis performs Gaelic stories and songs, and speaks on Gaelic calendar traditions.

            0:12 Story about a voice coming from the Mira River. A stranger visiting the area went to see the origin of the voice and drowned.
            2:00 Custom of travelling to neighbours houses in Grand Mira and offering them food as charity.
            3:23 Oats, potato seed and salt blessed by priest on Beltane, May 1st.
            Song about a fiddler
            An Gaol a thug mi Og
            A funny story about the old ladies and the wine

            MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
            Nollaig Chridheil
            CA BI G185 · Item · 1994

            Item is a holiday selection of Gaelic songs, music and stories.