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            CA BI MG 6.23-MG 6.23 2b · Item
            Part of Hugh Francis MacKenzie fonds

            Item is an account of a religious experience that happened repeatedly within the MacKenzie house. The story also mention many other members of the Christmas Island/Benacadie area.

            CA BI T-448 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of stories and songs performed by Jessie MacDonald (River Denys, N.S) and Alex Maceachern (Creignish, N.S).

            MacEachern, Alex - A Bhean-taighe's na Sithichean

            MacEachern, Alex - Murchadh is Mionachag

            MacEachern, Alex - De chuireadh mulad ort latha do Bhainnse?

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Two short "bochdan" stories

            MacDonald, Jessie - Mo nighean donn bhoidheach

            MacDonald, Jessie - Oran mar gum b' ann le mhnaoi

            MacDonald, Jessie - Fear a Bhata

            MacDonald, Jessie - E hi ri ill raill o

            MacDonald, Jessie - Togainn fonn air lorg an fheidh

            MacDonald, Jessie - Mo nighean donn 's laghach thu

            MacDonald, Jessie - Cnuic 's na glinn

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Burns and his Highland Mary

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Eilean a' Cheo

            MacEachern, Elizabeth
            CA BI T-1101 · Item · 1975
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            MacLellan, Archie Dan

            Stories about Raonall Mor Mac Ailean Oig
            Story about "Sithichean" (fairies) in Isle of Cann, Inner Hebrides
            The French boat in P.E.I.
            Oran an T-Seathaich
            Puirt-a-beul - words to Miss MacLeod's Reel
            "Gillean nan Drobhair"
            Traditions concerning Miss MacLeod's Reel "Ceann Locha Morair"
            First Pioneers' voyage from Scotland
            "Murderer on ship tested with coin"
            "No successful wedding without a fight..."
            "Bocain" and connected beliefs...
            "Spiorad an Drobhair"
            Transportation by will...
            "'Tha diofar math eadar na mic..."
            "Priest and minister in River Denys..."
            "Song about the burning of the jail at Inverness (N.S.)"

            MacLellan, Lauchie (Dunvegan)

            "Bheir mi o ro hoireann o"
            "Sealladh nam mor-bheannan"
            "An Gille Glas"
            "Oran an T-Seathaich"
            Saying from Gaelic Calendar
            "'S e mo run an t-oigear og..."
            "Illean bithibh sunndach..."

            Beaton, David

            Killer whales at Broad Cove

            Shaw, John
            CA BI T-1382 · Item · 1979
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Winnie Chafe & Doug MacPhee Glace Bay (N.S.) - New Waterford Violin & Piano: Silver Wells- Pastora

            Archie Neil Chisholm Magaree Forks Discusses Cape Breton Wit

            Joe Neil MacNeil Middle Cape (N.S.) Tells several stories of witty Caper Bretoners

            Archie Neil Chisholm Margaree Forks (N.S.) Tells several funny stories about people with ready wit
            Winnie Chafe & Doug MacPhee Violin & Piano: Blair Drummond

            Ann Boozan Glace Bay (N.S.) Bagpipe Selections

            Archie Neil Chisholm A story about the devil...

            Ann Boozan Bagpipe Selections

            Archie Neil Chisholm Discusses life on the farm year ago - the hard work involve

            Winnie Chafe & Doug MacPhee Violin & Piano: Bonnie Lass O' Bonnacord

            CA BI T-466 · Item · 1968
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Formation of the National Council of Scottish Cath. Soc in Sydney (N.S.)
            Accomplishments of the Society
            A Gaelic school in the old Lyceum
            A chapel donated in memory of Rev. D.M. MacAdam
            Scholarships for Scottish boys to enter priesthood
            The society published Mosgladh
            Officers of the Scottish Cath. Society
            Records of the society
            Preservation of the Gaelic language
            Reasons for the decline of the society
            School teachers in the early days forbade parents to speak Gaelic to children
            Cape Breton bards
            Scottish Cath. Soc. Had annual competitions - dance, music, song
            A story about Archbishop MacDonald
            Father D.M. MacAdam's funeral
            Tells story of and sings Vincent MacLellan's lament for Fr. MacAdam
            He saw his wifes ghost
            The result of controversy in a parish
            Fr. Duncan - first resident priest of Big Pond
            Fr Martin MacPherson...what happened when he found the church locked at Frenchvale...
            Peter Smyth - the story of an eviction
            Story about a widow...and a pie social

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            CA BI T-560 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Gaelic stories, songs and conversation with Joe Neil MacNeil and Jim Charles MacNeil.

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Introduces Joe N. MacNeil

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Naigheachd na Bocain

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Gaelic conversation about old time storytellers

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story of a drowning

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the bards

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - A ghost story

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - More Gaelic conversation

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Fore-runners

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Marbh an Cu

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - A funny story about Murdoch and the minister

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another story - The Mi'kmaw selling baskets

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Story of a Premonition of death

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Discussion of farmers and farming

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Funny story about a farmer who was an early riser

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the ingenuity of farmers and fisherman in the early days

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the ingenuity of farmers and fisherman in the early days

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Funny story about a fire and holy water

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another funny story

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story of the hawk and the rooster

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - If you speak Gaelic, you're not a stranger

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - The dog that understood Gaelic

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - The high price of cream

            MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another ghost story

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - More Gaelic conversation

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie - O hi ri ill obha ho

            MacNeil, Jim Charlie and Sister Margaret Beaton - Ghost story - Father Martin

            Beaton, Sister Margaret
            CA BI T-181 · Item · 1970
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Donald John MacMillan, Morley Road:

            Gaelic Song - Màiri Bhàn Dhàil-an-Eas
            Story of bard, Angus Campbell and the Song of the Bear
            Òran na Mathain
            Song- Tha Gaoth an Iar a'Gobachadh
            Bocan Story
            "Will you marry me my Bonnie Lassie"
            The MacMullinss from Scotland...
            Piper MacMullins
            Bocan Story

            MacMullin, Donald John
            CA BI MG 6.76 · Fonds · 1987-1994

            Fonds consists of essays from an annual essay competition at the University College of Cape Breton, advancing research in traditional history, songs, narrative traditions of Gaelic culture. Essays are arranged by year of competition.

            1. 1987/88:
              a. Marilyn Dwyer, "Presenting, The Ancient Tradition of Gaelic Psalm Singing in the Presbyterian Church". Essay includes three tapes with an index. T-3193 (a-b-c)
              b. Kate Dunlay, "Cape Bretoners in Boston: Maintaining Identity".
              c. Donald J. MacNeil, "Cape Breton Folksong Tradition".

            2. 1988/89:
              a. Marilyn Dwyer, "An nì nach cluinn mi an diugh chan aithris mi 'maireach, Eòin MacGilliosa MacFhionghuin (Jonathan Gillies MacKinnon)".
              b. Marilyn MacDonald, "Milling Frolics on the North Shore a Look at the Past, Present, and Future". One video tape is included. FT 41
              c. Winnifred J. MacDonald, "Sang abune a' sang" (Collections, Composers, and Fiddlers). One audio tape is included. T-3194

            3. 1990: Kathleen Dunlay, "The Playing of Traditional Scottish Music: Old and New - World Styles and Practices".

            4. 1991: Jacqueline Ann Dunn,"Tha Blas na Gàidhlig Air A h- Uile Fidhleir". (The Sound of Gaelic is in the Fiddler's Music)

            5. 1992: Jeff MacDonald,"Bràighe na H-Aibhne Iarmad mo Shluaigh" (Life and Times of the Scottish Settlers at St. Mary's Parish, River Denys Area.)

            6. 1993-1994: Margaret Bennett "Gaelic Song in Eastern Canada: Twentieth Century Reflections"

            7. 1994: K. Diane Grant "A Study of the Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Nova Scotia"

            8. 1994: Rannie Gillis "Celtic Education". Family history and an account of how one would be enculturated and socially educated in the Gaelic culture of Cape Breton.

            9. 1994: Paula Rice "Mary with the Ewe". Agricultural practices in Scotland and pioneer Cape Breton.

            CA BI T-411 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories collected in the Boisdale area. Recording includes a Gaelic mass and Gaelic hymns.

            Steele, John - Biographical sketch

            Steele, John - Story of a man buying a horse (Local)

            Steel, John - Story about Loch Mor (Loon Lake)

            Steele, John - Song: Eilean a' Fhraoich

            Steele, John - Stories

            Steele, John - A fishing story

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Biographical sketch

            MacIntyre, Joseph - A story about the supernatural

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha m'Inntinn Trom 's Cha Tog Mi Fonn

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa fo'n Dìle

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu'n Taobh-sa

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Horo is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu

            MacIntyre, Joseph - Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh

            MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Biographical sketch

            MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Two funny stories

            MacNeil, John Hector - Biographical sketch

            MacNeil, John Hector - Recitation of Lord's Prayer in Gaelic

            MacDonnell, Rev. Malcolm - Gaelic Mass televised - 1964

            MacLellan, Theresa - Violin selections

            MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
            CA BI T-328 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Joe Neil MacNeil, Jim Charlie Macneil, and Dan MacNeil exchanging Gaelic songs, stories and anecdotes.

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Where do you see the West?

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - What was that story about a wise horse?

            MacNeil, J.C. - Tell us a story about "A Mhein Ur"

            MacNeil, J.C. - Peter lost his hook

            MacNeil, Dan - Father appears to his son

            MacNeil, Dan - Song: "Nionag a chul dhuinn, nach fhan thu"

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Priests's need of money

            MacNeil, J.C. - It was the priest himself

            MacNeil, Dan - You have a small barn

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - What did you say about the mower's heavy breathing?

            MacNeil, J.C. - What was the story about the potato bugs?

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Recitation of song about potato bugs

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Don't drown the baby for you may yet marry her

            MacNeil, Dan - The ring story

            MacNeil, Dan - When silver turns into gold

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - $18.00 for a fleece

            MacNeil, Dan - What about the holes made by a drinking man with his feet while keeping time to singing?

            MacNeil, J.C. - Made fires in the school for a year for $3.00

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - How did the young boy learn the alphabet

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another funny story

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - More funny stories about his lack of English when started school.

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story of the lasts

            MacNeil, Dan - Tell us a Bocan story

            MacNeil, J.C.; Joe Neil, Dan - Old stories told by the three of them and old customs discussed

            MacNeil, Dan - Song: Air Faill irinn iu

            MacNeil, Joe Neil - Reciting "Cailinn Donn"

            MacNeil, James Charles
            CA BI T-242 · Item · 1971
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie singing and telling stories including:

            "Yellwo to you, my Mary"
            "Mary's hat..."Sheepers"
            "Ship in a storm"
            "Go to mountain and born the horse"
            "Mountain under his head"
            "Not bad for a horse with no shoe on its last feet"
            In Big Pond "Prayer against Buffalo Bill's Power"
            Christmas Island (N.S.) "Story of Pancakes"
            "Story of pan-cakes" continued
            Prayer at wake by Little Mike
            Don't say 'Thusa'
            French man working with MacNeil, neither could speak English
            Story about fish on the Banks
            Come for the hungry, Mr. Frang
            Cast all six widows to hell
            No permission to go to wake
            Wake at Grand Narrows.

            MacKenzie, Hugh Francis
            CA BI T-295 · Item · 1971
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an interview with Annabelle MacKinnon concerning genealogical history of Gillis Lake and surrounding areas. Gives examples of place names and familial names in Gaelic. Includes verses of various Gaelic songs. Mrs MacKinnon was 93 years old at the time of recording.

            MacKinnon, Florence Alexandra St., Sydney (N.S.), Nova Scotia

            Gillis, Joseph A. - Autobiographical sketch (Very brief)

            MacKinnon, Florence - Local supernatural tales

            MacKinnon, Mr. (Florence MacKinnon's son) -Soldier on the black horse

            MacKinnon, Florence - The Ball Family of Balls Creek, N.S.
            Gaelic song fragment composed about the Balls

            Gillis, Joseph A. - Story "Clach nam Brog"

            MacKinnon, Florence - Settler clothing styles

            MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation re early settlers to Cape Breton.
            The "Gardiner" MacDonald settlers of South Uist

            MacKinnon, Florence - Oran na Teine (Lauchlin Currie)

            MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation (continued)

            MacKinnon, Florence - Schools in Gillis Lake

            MacKinnon, Florence - Sea Wolf MacLean

            MacKinnon, Florence - Dutch Princess married a MacLean

            MacKinnon, Florence - Family history
            Settlers walked Arasaig to Halifax for confession

            Gillis, Joseph - Fairy story (Piper Macintyres and the Fairy hill)

            MacKinnon, Florence - Witch story

            MacKinnon, Florence - Haunted house story

            Gillis, Joseph A. - Campbell's iron violin bow

            Day, Hilda
            CA BI T-656 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Hugh F. MacKenzie (Christmas Island):

            Story - A Lost Old Lady
            Story - Old Maids and Bachelors
            Story - Big Donald and the Member
            Story - Donald Halifax and the well
            Story - Digging for Gold
            Story - Donald from Uist
            Story - Neil and the Bishop
            Song - Horan ho 's na hi iu o

            Joe Gillis:

            Story - Blessing of Seed

            Hugh F. MacKenzie:

            Ghost story
            Story of the rum seller
            Story of the devil's death
            Story of the Old Scotsman
            Story of foresight
            Ghost story

            Joseph L. MacDonald:\

            Story of St. Stephen's Day
            Church dues
            Old-time wakes
            Story of Stephen MacNeil

            Joe Gillis:

            Donald's Story

            MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
            Legends and Forerunners
            CA BI T-3089 · Item · c. 1970
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Jim Charles Mac Neil, Joe Gillis, Archie Neil Chisholm, Winnie Chafe, Allan Mac Dougall, Jim St. Clair

            Side A: Jim Charles Mac Neil and Joe Gillis recount a "supernatural legend" about a woman from Irish Cove whose funeral is attended by the devil!

            The next item is an "urban legend" by an informant who wishes to remain anonymous, concerning a woman from inverness County who claimed to be visited by her late mother-in-law who exhorted her to fulfill a promise the deceased had made.

            Archie Neil Chisholm recounts the "personal legend" of a nursing sister who communicated with another nurse who had died in an accident at the hospital where they both worked.

            Allan Mac Dougall's story concerns a "forerunner" that came back to make a request about its grave.

            The next account of a "forerunner" is by Winnie Chafe, who describes how unexplained lights in a house foretold of an impending death in the family.

            Reverend J.A. Rankin recounts another "forerunner" tale involving a coal miner who heeds a warning but cannot escape the consequences.

            Jim St. Clair relates a "local legend" from Mabou involving fairies who mete out reward and punishment to humans who interfere with their singing.

            Mr. St. Clair's next narrative is a "supernatural legend" involving Thomas Grieves, who must flee Scotland after inadvertantly killing his employer.

            Side B: Mr. St. Clair continues his story about Grieves, who makes his way to Cape Breton, only to be followed by a mysterious black dog, which Grieves believes is the devil. When Grieves died, the dog appeared at the grave, and according to Mr. St. Clair the dog's howl can still be heard to this day on the road between Mill Cove and Glencoe.

            CA BI T-685 · Item · 1973
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Mrs. Annie MacInnis (Sydney, N.S.) Mrs. MacInnis performs Gaelic stories and songs, and speaks on Gaelic calendar traditions.

            0:12 Story about a voice coming from the Mira River. A stranger visiting the area went to see the origin of the voice and drowned.
            2:00 Custom of travelling to neighbours houses in Grand Mira and offering them food as charity.
            3:23 Oats, potato seed and salt blessed by priest on Beltane, May 1st.
            Song about a fiddler
            An Gaol a thug mi Og
            A funny story about the old ladies and the wine

            MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
            Nach Neonach Sin
            CA BI G91 · Item · 1973

            Item is a collection of stories concerning the supernatural based on the author's own person experiences and stories heard from others.

            CA BI T-40 · Item · 1966
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Pioneers of Big Pond (N.S.)

            Story of the drowning of three men March 18, 1885. Two men were MacKinnons and the third was a MacNeil.

            Religious Life in early days. Priest-Church 1890-1892.

            Private graveyards. Private graveyard not far from Church on Neil MacIsaac's farm

            Tell us about the Mi'kmaq...

            What was that second-sight story about the burning house?

            The house was seen burning 30 years before it actually did burn.

            Man sees his Mother return from the dead. She returned for Mick Currie's brother

            Father Duncan MacDonald tells a story

            Was this a miracle?

            Hardships of mail drivers

            Story of tragic snowslide. Decendants of victims still living in the area.

            Old diary

            Political meetings at Big Pond (N.S.) in the early 1900's

            Councillor elections - results, Big Pond (N.S.)

            Rural Route Mail.

            Couriers Pay and Contracts


            Were there blacksmiths in those days?

            When did Father MacDonald come to the Parish?

            Building of the Glebe House (1905-1926)

            Story of the Coal Schooner

            Coal landed on Island

            Father Laughlin MacDonald followed Father Duncan MacDonald - 1930

            Father MacDonald was folllowed by Father MacLean

            What can you tell us about school teachers and their salaries

            Teachers were licensed

            Tell me something about the night of the elections as well as the night before

            CA BI T-119 · Item · 1969
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie and Joseph A. Gillis discussing ghosts and forerunners in Gaelic tradition.

            "Miracle of the seed." (Gillis, Joe)
            Story about Frenchvale (Gillis, Joe) (Anecdote--Humorous)

            Hugh MacKenzie:
            "The barley is full of the devil, it will grow anyway." (Anecdote--Humorous)
            Story of the woman who gave her cow to the Priest. One year later she came back for it.
            "No liquor...Priest hated liquor so he sent the man out of his Parish."
            Story about the man who saw his shadow. (Anecdote--Humorous)
            "Did you hear that the devil died?" " "
            Story about the farmer in Inverness. "I had lived here for 50 years and this road has never left here." (Anecdote--Humorous)
            "He fell with a bottle in his back pocket." (Anecdote--Humorous) "I trust it was blood and nothing else."
            "Mickey Katie saw something strange." (Story--second sight) "-- death of a brother."
            Story about "the coffin being brought out to bury" that the man saw. He predicted that the coming death would be sudden. "It was." (Story--second sight)
            "This man met a ghost." (Story--Forerunner) "The boy who died and returned with the money he had borrowed."
            "Story about Ottawa Brook." (Story--Ghost) "...his daughter gave him signature he needed."
            "Bocan......How do you know that this was a real bocan?" (Story--Bocan) Mr. MacKenzie and his brother were visiting a neighbour and saw a terrible thing at the end of the bridge. (Story--Ghost)
            Story of the drowning and the fidelity of a dog. (Anecdote)
            Story about the old woman who had no money. (Anecdote)
            Story about the prayers. "Lack of intelligence makes people pray on, and on." (Anecdote)
            "Here is the story about a foolish man who tells a priest about a bocan he saw." The priest told him it must have been the devil. "How could it have been the devil, it spoke Gaelic." (Anecdote)
            Women who got lost (Finished on B-1)

            Hugh MacKenzie:
            What were you telling me about the bleating of lamb and the power of prayer? An old lady was lost in the woods. Prayers were said for her. A lamb was heard bleating. She was found.
            "You won't go to their wake, they didn't come to ours."
            "Thusa Eachain" (Anecdote--Humorous) "Don't call me 'Thusa' call me Sibhse."
            It is true that there is gold buried in a well near Christmas Island? (Story--Ghost) People heard horses galloping - but there were no horses.
            Story about the woman who had a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin - a priest played a trick on her. "Be polite, be quiet - I am talking to your mother!"
            Story about the man who had no money - he walked 188 miles to get one bag of meal.
            "She made him a pair of trousers and he went with her." Story about the woman whose husband wouldn't let her go away alone.
            "She thought he was the Bishop" "Save me, save me, the Bishop is chasing me!" She thought her husband was the Bishop because he dressed up to go to church and she did not recgonize him. (Anecdote--Humorous)
            "Horrinn o hi ri dhiu o." Mr. MacKenzie composed this in 1937, when he heard the whistle of the Steel Plant and thinking of his yesteryears he was lonely and sad. (Song)

            MacKenzie, Hugh Francis