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A Plan of the City and Harbour of Louisburg with inset map of The Island of Cape Breton

  • MAP 249
  • Item
  • 1747

Item is a map showing details of Louisbourg Harbour and Gabarus Bay with a full inset map of Cape Breton Island, labelled Isle Royal. Documents the landing place and camp of the New England forces as well as the fortified town of Louisbourg, various battery locations, French settlements and the lighthouse.

Kitchin, Thomas

Capt. John MacDonald on boat, Gabarus

  • 89-1188-19383a
  • Item
  • 1919

Item is a photograph of Capt. John Macdonald on a small boat with others in Gabarus harbour during World War 1.

DJ MacDermaid: Fonn is Furan

Item is a sound recording of Fonn is Furan. All songs sung by Donald John MacDermaid of Framboise and Massachusetts.

Cassette notes it as tape #109.

Track List: Side A
Track A1 - A'Chuthag. 03:18
Track A2 - Eilidh. 03:25
Track A3 - Gad Chuimhneachadh. 04:03
Track A4 - Laithean Sona m-Òige. Composed by Dan Alex MacDonald of Framboise. 04:55
Track A5 - Càite Bheil i ann am Muile. 03:17
Track A6 - Moladh an Lanndaidh. 04:01
Track A7 - Oran Maraiche (Mo Chridhe Trom 's cha Charaich e) 08:47
Track A8 - Gura Truagh nach robh Mise an Eilean an Fhraoich.

Side B
Track B1 - Daolagan Cholarada. 05:13
Track B2 - An Gille Donn. 04:38
Track B3 - Nigheanan Ruairidh. Composed by Dan MacDonald (Mac Dhòmhnaill 'ic Alasdair 'ic Ruairidh). of Gabarus In: Beyond the Hebrides p. 164. 02:25
Track B4 - Iain a Luaidh Nach Pòs Thu. 07:27
Track B5 - Clachan Ghlinn Da-Ruadhail. 03:26
Track B6 - Mairi Bhain Dhail-an-Eas. 05:45
Track B7 - Turus gu Glaschu. Composed by Neil MacLeod, Scotland. 05:45

Gabarus Centennial Pageant

Item is a photograph of the Gabarus Centennial Pageant. The Pageant was put on by the 4H Club, held at the Gabarus Community Hall. The play was about a girl who had received new boots from Boston and tricked her friends into doing her chores for her so she wouldn't get her boots dirty.

Gabarus Milling Frolic, Hymns and Precenting

Item is a sound recording of Gabarus Milling Frolics, hymn singing and precenting.

Cassette notes it as tape #123.

Track List:
Side A
Track A1 - Gur tu mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach. Singer: unidentified. 04:34
Track A2 - Ged a Sheòl mi air m'Aineol. SInger: Allan MacLeod, New Boston. 03:27
Track A3 - Na Horo Hi Hoireannan. Singer: Unidentified. 04:30
Track A4 -Nionag a' Chùil Duinn nach Fhan thu. Singer: Allan MacLeod, New Boston. 02:40
Track A5 -A Fheasgaich Òg an Òr-fhuilt Chraobhaich Chais. Singer: unidentified. 02:53
Track A6 - An Gille Donn. Singer: unidentified. 01:09
Track A7 - Tha Tighinn Fodham. The first part of the song appears to be a local composition about bachelors while the majority is a song in praise of Clan Ranald by John MacDonald (Iain MacDhùghaill). 05:59
Track A8 - OIdhche Dhomh 's mi Siubhail a'Chuain. See MacEdward Leach: . Singer: unidentified. 02:47
Track A9 - 'S e mo Ghaol a'Mhaighdean Lurach. Singer: Unidentified. 03:05
Track A10 - Dan do Sheann Ford. Composed by William MacVicar of Catalone. Singer: Allan MacLeod, New Boston. 02:54

Side B
Track B1 - Three songs: An Tulach Bhòidheach. Composed by Archibald J. (Eairsidh Sheumais) MacKenzie. Singer: unidentified. Mo Chridhe Trom 's Cha Neònach. Well-known sailing song. Singer: unidentified. Am Bràighe. Composed by Malcolm H. Gilis of Southwest Margaree. Singer: unidentified. 10:13
Track B2 - Pipe music - Amazing Grace (Various Artists) 05:30
Track B3 - Precenting Psalm 103. Singers: unidentified. 06:10
Track B4 -2 Hymns - An t-Seann, t-Seann Sgeul and The Old One Hundredth (Gaelic). SIngers: unidentified. 05:10
Track B5 - "How Great Thou Art" in Gaelic (Various Artists) 05:49
Track B6 - Hymn - O Mhiorbhail Gràs. 02:58
Track B7 - Hymn - Soillse an Àigh 03:43
Track B8 - Gàidheal Albainn Ùr. Composed by Kenneth A. Ferguson after WWI. In: Beyond the Hebrides p. 110. SInger: Angus MacDonald, Gabarus Lake. 06:43

Gaelic Songs with Lauchie Gillis and Philip Macdonald

Item is an audio recording of a secltion of Gaelic songs as sung by Lauchie Gillis, and Philip MacDonald. Features :

Gillis, Lauchie - Oran garadh Eoghain

Gillis, Lauchie - Biography of Margaret MacKinnon

Gillis, Lauchie - S i nighean mo gaol a nighean donn og

Gillis, Lauchie - Bitibh aotrom 's togaibh fonn

Gillis, Lauchie - Horo i ho ro nan

Gillis, Lauchie - Mo chailin dileas donn

Gillis, Lauchie - S do choisich mi'n oidhche

Gillis, Lauchie - Air feasgair ciuin samhraidh

Gillis, Lauchie - Mairi mhin mheall-shuileach

MacDonald, Philip - A ribhinn chaoimhneil

MacDonald, Philip - Tha tighinn fodham

MacDonald, Philip - Na cnuic 's na glinn

MacDonald, Philip - Mo chridhe trom's duilich leam

MacDonald, Philip - An teid thu leam a'Mhairi

MacDonald, Philip - A fhleasgaich an fhuilt chraobhaich chais

MacDonald, Philip - Air a'ghille tha mo run

MacDonald, Philip - Cod liver oil song

Gillis, Lauchie - Horo eile 's mi thug thu

Gillis, Lauchie - Tha mo run air a'ghille

Gillis, Lauchie - Mo run geal dileas

Gillis, Lauchie - Ghruagach donn

Gillis, Lauchie

Reminiscences of Gabarus

Robert Morgan Ottawa (Ont.), Gabarus (N.S.), Rouses Point (N.S.) Interrogates Mr. Fred Reid on his early life in Gabarus (N.S.), his birthplace, his ancestors, the history of Gabarus (N.S.), etc.

Mr. Fred Reid Speaks of the Catholic Church which was there 68 years ago.

Mr. Fred Reid Discusses the different families of Gabarus (N.S.) and their Religions

Mrs. Truman Clark Asked Mr. Reid questions concerning the early settlers of Gabarus (N.S.)

Mr. Fred Reid Said that the Roy family, after leaving Scotland, changed their name to Reid.

Mr. Fred Reid The Campbell's tried to kill them in Scotland

Robert Morgan Tell us what you know about the Loyalists

Mrs. Truman Clark Mrs. Truman Clark presents map and discusses, with the others, the Land Grants

Robert Morgan Asks what is known about "Squatters Rights"?

Mr. Fred Reid Armstrong - vessell blew up and he was drowned

Mr. Fred Reid The land could be had a long time before the grants were given

Mr. Fred Reid DeOrmistons were Huguenots.

Mrs. Truman Clark How many factories were there in times?

Robert Morgan Methodist Church...

Mr. Fred Reid Was there a battery around here?

Mr. Fred Reid Asks why Gabarus (N.S.) bigger than it is now?

Mrs. Truman Clark Discussed the early people of Gabarus (N.S.)...

Mrs. Truman Clark Why did the fishermen go on strike? They went on strike because of the small price of lobster

Mrs. Truman Clark Where did you sell the lobster? They were canned and sent to Halifax (N.S.), then shipped over-seas

Mrs. Truman Clark Speaks of his work in a lobster cannery - .05 cents an hour

Mrs. Truman Clark Tell us about the politicians around here in your time...

Mrs. Truman Clark What do you know about Alex Johnson and Dr. Kendall?

Mr. Fred Reid Gives and interesting history of the Orange Hall.

Mrs. Truman Clark You were Customs Officer, weren't you, Mr. Reid?

Robert Morgan What can you tell us about the First World War?

Robert Morgan Did the Catholics speak Gaelic

Mr. Fred Reid It is often clear in Gabarus (N.S.) when it is very foggy in Louisbourg

Robert Morgan He says people want to see the shore and not fancy places through the woods

Robert Morgan Asks if there are any Mi'kmaq here

Mrs. Carita Reid Introduces herself

Robert Morgan Asks Mrs. Reid her age, and where she lives.

Mrs. Carita Reid The first Bagnell was General Bagnell who came during the war.

Mrs. Reid Gives the history of her ancestors

Mrs. Reid Gives the history of the old house on Rouses Point (N.S.)

Robert Morgan Asks about the story of the French ship...

Robert Morgan How long were you a Sunday school teacher

Robert Morgan Information on MacGillivary's, Low Point (N.S.), Newfoundland, and Cape Breton County

Robert Morgan Do you know anything about the Lobster fisheries here in Rouses Point (N.S.)?

Mrs. Carita Reid Methodist Church was built long before the Baptist Church.

Mrs. Carita Reid Were automobiles common in the early days?

Mrs. Carita Reid Graveyards...

Mrs. Carita Reid Do you know anything about the Mi'kmaq in the early days?

Stella Mann Fonds

  • MG 12.224
  • Fonds
  • 1858-1987

Fonds consists of textual records and photographs that were collected and created by the Mann familiy, including information about Gabarus residents who were involved in World War 1.

Mann, Stella