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Angus J. MacDonald, Big Glen, N.S

Biographical Sketch
Genealogy of the Loch Lomond MacDonald'
Farming in the early days
Dominion Coal Company cut lumber at Silver Mine
Describes the operation, log bridge built across the river
The log drive to the sawmill...
Describes the process of hauling logs to the river
Logs provided lumber for company houses
Started school at age of 10
His first teacher, Jessie Morrison
Far from school, boarded with his aunt...
Describes the school, how it was heated, the discipline
Left school after grade 5
Started working at the Steel Plant, 1926
During Depression, little work - plant worked 2 days a week
Women were hired during the War (WW II)
Work on the farm - what the women did - the day's routine

Food - fish, how it was preserved
Making farm implement
Hay making in the early days
Dairy proucts - keeping milk cold
The arrival of cream separators, their care
His father was postmaster, 1912
Carried mail to Salmon River, $1 a trip
Discusses operation of the post office & mail route
First post office at Loch Lomond
News papers - Sydney (N.S.) Weekly Post, Family Herald
Wages at the Steel Plants after the War
Describes work at the Plant
United Steel Workers Union didn't get started until after 1941
The Plant Council...
Life on the farm - kerosene lamps, wood stoves...
Water from the well - never frozen because of its depth
When the mine started, the well went dry
No social activities in his youth
Church history - lay preachers in the earliest times
Present church built in 1910
United Church at Loch Lomond opened 1929
The first ministers...
Dissension and division over the union
Choir made up of older people
Prayer meetings held in school once a week
Gaelic the only language spoken at home; few could repeat it
His thoughts on Gaelic Today
He and all his brothers & sisters, born at home, delivered by a midwife, Peggy Currie
Never felt that his likfe lacked anything
Discusses food on the farm; potatoes & turnip the only vegetables
Implements manufactured in the forge
Four blacksmiths in the area, he gives their names; none today
Names 3 merchants that were in the area at the time
Pioneer craftes, processing wool
Describes his trip to North Uist, his search for information on Malcolm "The Carpnter"
Describes the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, his impression
Describes a Gaelic service he attended
Sunday laws stricty bserved there
Some more genealogy
His mother's weaving - she was self taught
Mary MacLean whom he visited in Scotland
Reads in Gaelic

Macdonald, Wilma J.

Conversation with Jim Charles MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic stories, songs and speeches by Jim Charles Macneil of Red Islands, Cape Breton, N.S.


Summary of what Sister Beaton told him of her visit to Scotland

Talk he gave on the radio program "Ceilidh"

Story he heard at a Ceilidh

Music and customs of the Gael in Cape Breton

Remember the race from which you come

Welcome address he gave at Gaelic Mod

Words of Sympathy to family of Malcolm MacDonald

John the Grit

Is there any more moonshine in the still

Come to the square
First footing tradition in Scotland

Story of a $5.00 Grant

Ottawa Angus

Crane's eggs

Father D.M. MacAdam's funeral

Sings "Cumha" composed for Fr. MacAdam by Vincent MacLellan

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Conversation with Jim Charlie MacNeil

Formation of the National Council of Scottish Cath. Soc in Sydney (N.S.)
Accomplishments of the Society
A Gaelic school in the old Lyceum
A chapel donated in memory of Rev. D.M. MacAdam
Scholarships for Scottish boys to enter priesthood
The society published Mosgladh
Officers of the Scottish Cath. Society
Records of the society
Preservation of the Gaelic language
Reasons for the decline of the society
School teachers in the early days forbade parents to speak Gaelic to children
Cape Breton bards
Scottish Cath. Soc. Had annual competitions - dance, music, song
A story about Archbishop MacDonald
Father D.M. MacAdam's funeral
Tells story of and sings Vincent MacLellan's lament for Fr. MacAdam
He saw his wifes ghost
The result of controversy in a parish
Fr. Duncan - first resident priest of Big Pond
Fr Martin MacPherson...what happened when he found the church locked at Frenchvale...
Peter Smyth - the story of an eviction
Story about a widow...and a pie social

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Conversation with Joe Neil MacNeil and Jim Charles MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic stories, songs and conversation with Joe Neil MacNeil and Jim Charles MacNeil.

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Introduces Joe N. MacNeil

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Naigheachd na Bocain

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Gaelic conversation about old time storytellers

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story of a drowning

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the bards

MacNeil, Joe Neil - A ghost story

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - More Gaelic conversation

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Fore-runners

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Marbh an Cu

MacNeil, Joe Neil - A funny story about Murdoch and the minister

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another story - The Mi'kmaw selling baskets

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Story of a Premonition of death

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Discussion of farmers and farming

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Funny story about a farmer who was an early riser

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the ingenuity of farmers and fisherman in the early days

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Conversation about the ingenuity of farmers and fisherman in the early days

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Funny story about a fire and holy water

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another funny story

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story of the hawk and the rooster

MacNeil, Joe Neil - If you speak Gaelic, you're not a stranger

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - The dog that understood Gaelic

MacNeil, Joe Neil - The high price of cream

MacNeil, Jim C. And MacNeil, Joe Neil - Another ghost story

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - More Gaelic conversation

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - O hi ri ill obha ho

MacNeil, Jim Charlie and Sister Margaret Beaton - Ghost story - Father Martin

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Gaelic Conversation with Dan Alex Macleod and Rev. Roderick Macleod

Item is an audio recording of a conversation between Dan Alex Macleod (Framboise) and Rev. Roderick Macleod (North Uist)

MacDonald, Norman - Introduces Rev. Roderick MacLeod & Dan Alex MacLeod

MacLeod, Dan Alex - Discusses some genealogy, his trip to Scotland

MacLeod, Rev. Roderick - His opinion of Gaelic in Cape Breton - its strength

MacLeod, Dan Alex - Speaks only Gaelic with his wife

MacLeod, Dan Alex - Discusses why the young people didn't Learn the language

MacLeod, Dan Alex - He had to learn to speak English in school

MacLeod, Dan Alex - At one time children were punished for speaking Gaelic in school

MacLeod, Rev. Roderick - Sees similarities between the Gaelic situation in C.B. And Scotland

MacLeod, Dan Alex - Discusses the people he met on his trip to Scotland

MacLeod, Dan Alex - People learn to read and write Gaelic but do not speak it

MacLeod, Rev. Roderick - Invites Dan Alex to visit him in Scotland

MacLeod, Dan Alex - He is going back to Scotland July 7, 1979

Macdonald, Norman

Gaelic Language, Culture and Music in Cape Breton

Item is an audio recording of various informants discussing Gaelic culture and identity as well as a number of songs and musical performances.

Norman MacDonald Sydney (N.S.) Introduction - re Scottish language, culture, music in C.B.

Buddy MacMaster, Winnie Chafe, Doug MacPhee Cape Breton Violing & piano music: reels

Norman MacDonald Discusses Scottish evictions and emigrations

Rise & Follies of C.B. Sydney (N.S.) Humorous satire of C.B. History

Archie Alex MacKenzie Halifax Discusses strong family ties in C.B.,
MacKenzie genealogy, his trip to Barra

Mary Margaret MacLean Whycocomagh Song: "tir a' ghuail"

    Discusses family entertainment

Cliff Morais Big Pond (N.S.) Born in Loch Lomond parent spoke French, his interest in gaelic music

Sons of Skye Big Pond (N.S.) Biolin: Strathspeys & reels

Norman MacDonald Use of Gaelic in C.B. & N>S.; political intervention needed

Archie Alex MacKenzie Gaelic his first language; home & school environment; future of gaelic

John Archy MacKenzie Belle Cote Gaelic culture growing, some fears for the language

North Shore Singers North Shore "He mo leannan...."

Buddy MacMaster North Shore "A rovin' we must go..."

John Archy MacKenzie Future of Gaelic

Donald MacLean Toronto (Lewis) Accordian Selections (from Mod in Toronto)

Quartet from Toronto "Mi Seo 'nam Aonar"

    Description of Mo's participants - soloists, choirse etc. Why people from different areas are interested in Gaelic

Scotia Sisters Winnipeg Puirt-a-beul

Margaret MacLeod Winnipeg (Lweis) Children have no Gaelic; they are easy to teach

John Skiff "Eilean Scalpaidh, na Hearradh"

Ruth Sutherland Toronto "Illerin ho ro bobha ho..."

Lloyd Leland Newfoundland Gaelic learner; married a Gaelic speaker; all their children speak gaelic

Joyce MacRae "Oran do dh'lain Bhreac MacLeoid"

Christine Hauser "Ochoin a righ, nach e mi tha muladach"

Archie Alex MacKenzie Song for the Mod

Macdonald, Norman

Jim Charles MacNeil and Rosemary Hutchinson

Item is an audio recording of Jim Charles MacNeil and Rosemary Hutchinson. Recording includes Gaelic stories, traditions, songs and customs.

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Sgeulachd an t-saighdear mhor

Hutchinson, Rosemary - Story of the big soldier (English translation of above)

Hutchinson, Rosemary - Biographical sketch of Mr. MacNeil

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Scottish New Year's customs

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Thainig mi'n nochd a choimhead air mo chairdean

Hutchinson, Rosemary - First-footing in Scotland

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Mons. MacGillivray's visit to Scotland on Hogomanay night

MacNeil, Jim Charlie - Fuadach nan Gaidheal

CBI Radio

John Cable and Rosemary MacCormack

Item is an audio recording of a series of interviews in the Inverness County area created by John Cable and Rosemary MacCormack.

A history of the Island
Kenzie MacNeil sings "The Island Love Song"
Kenzie is interviewed
A group of reels played on guitar by David MacIsaac.
Max MacDonald sings.
Rosemary interviews Mr. & Mrs. (Maureen) Ronald MacKenzie about the Gaelic Language spoken in their Mabou home.
Buddy MacMaster plays a group of tunes accompanied by Al Bennett on Bass, and Doug MacPhee on piano.
Buddy is interviewed about his music and busy schedule.
Jerry Holland - Violin selections.
Archie Neil Chisholm in interviewed.
Gaelic song by the young girls from Mabou. Directed by Maureen MacKenzie.
North Shore Gaelic singers singing a Milling Frolic.
Kitchener (Kit) Knightengale a retired coal miner interviewed by Nicknames in the Coal mines.
The Pipe & Drums of 1987 Canada Games; Directed by P.M. John MacLean
Genealogist, Jim St. Clair.
Kenzie MacNeil sings "Heading for Halifax"
Kay (Campbell) * David White of Warren, Michigan, interviewed about the Cape Breton traditions carried on in the Detroit area.
Jerry Holland, plays violin, 3 reels.
Rayleen Rankin sings.

Mrs. Sandy Beaton, Glenville, N.S

Item is an interview with Mrs. Sandy Beaton of Glenville, Inverness Co., N.S.

Biographical sketch
Received religious education in Gaelic
Schools attended
Life in the dorm at Mabou convent
Fr. Kenneth MacDonald...
Life on the farm in the early days - womens role
Genealogy of her husband, "Curly" Sandy Beaton
Malcolm MacLellan, teacher - some family history
Social life in the community...
"Domhnall Iain an Taillear" Beaton - one of the early fiddlers
Milling frolics
Dancing teachers
The coal mines at Mabou harbour
Fishing industry
Gypsum plant
Changes over the years, decline in farming
Changes in religion
Her husband was in the milk business

Maclellan, Malcolm A.

Reminiscences of Cape Breton by Jim Charlie MacNeil

Interview with Jim Charles MacNeil: Gives a brief Biography of the Rev. A.W.R. MacKenzie, and the beginning of the Gaelic College.

Including three Gaelic songs he started from scratch. About bad hay - for weather those daughters went to America.

Relates story of A.W.R. MacKenzie went to Halifax (N.S.) to request money to finance a Gaelic college

Cape Breton Ceilidh

Gaelic scholar sang

Gaelic mod - people complained about it, but they still came

Jim Charles received a MacNeil Tartan tie woven at St. Ann's.

Mr. MacNeil was appointed President of the Gaelic school

A.W.R. Formed pipers band - lots of opposition, "There would be no band on Cape Breton Island if it weren't for A.W.R."

History of the pipers band

Lecture on pioneers in Gaelic in presence of Chief of Clan MacLean

First Chief, Dame Flora MacLeod

Gaelic farewell to Scottish MacLeod - Dame Flora.

Brief reference to Rev. Donald M. MacAdam's ancestors.

Asks for a song

Sings a song that an old lady from Big Pond (N.S.) taught him: See tape 3

Scottish people displeased.

Deoch Slainte

Lament composed by a Scotsman who came to this country and never made enough money to get back to his home. He composed this song on his death bed

Order of Business of Scottish Catholic Society translated into Gaelic by Jim Charles MacNeil.

Your were smarter then we are now, in Gaelic

Song composed by Malcolm MacNeil.

Sgeulachd. Biorachan geag...

Story of Protestant Church where Father MacPherson closed the window.

I wish I had fresh meat for my sailors.

Story of Christmas Island (N.S.) and Narrows Bridge.

Tom's brook

I am your prisoner

Story about Hay Cove

I'm glad you came, I want to see fire to next years land

Peter MacNeil, story

If you hear me calling, come at once, said Peter...

Is Peter Dead?

A short biography of Joe Gillis.

A man should not be ashamed of his own language.

Gaelic should be spoken by all Scots

An old woman lived all alone in a log house in Irish Cove

Explanation: Three young villians played tricks during the recitation of the Rosary.

Bocan at a Mill in Irish Vale.

Lights at the turn of the mill.

J.C. MacNeil heard boards falling, but this was a forerunner of boards for a coffin.

J.C. MacNeil also heard tools working at his father's coffin.

Bean an Tigh

Many people from Inverness (N.S.) county moved to Newfoundland. One of them, Mrs. Campbell, returned to Sydney (N.S.). She
used to sing of them.

Woodbine - Alexander MacInnis composed this song because he was much abused by those to whom he tried to sell his hay

Mrs. MacDougall of North Sydney composed this song about a girl that went to the United States and was very lonely

Stephen J. MacKinnon Gaelic Conversation

Item is an audio recording of Stephen J. MacKinnon (Antigonish, N.S) being interviewed by Fred MacAuley (Scotland) for BBC Scotland. Recording includes :

Tells of his ancestors arrival from Scotland

Pioneer life, hardships, social life, etc.

Pioneer industries sawmills, grist mills, lumber

Emigration of young people to U.S. And western Canada

MacLellan, Ann Terry

The Gaelic Language in Scotland and Canada

Item is a recording of Colin Spencer, Manchester U.K, speaking about the state of Gaelic language in Scotland and Canada.

Talks about the state of the Gaelic language in Scotland today.
Colin, born in Manchester, England, moved to the Highlands at the age of 17 to study the Gaelic language.
Tells why he came to Sydney (N.S.). To study Cape Breton and the Gaelic language spoken here.