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Conversations in Glendale (N.S)

MacDonald, Mr. Eugene -They say the women used to carry their own
spinning wheels; could you tell us more about the
Spinning Frolics?

                                           Returning to the story of the threshing mills, and
didn't you mention the word 'winnowing' and
feeding the fanners?

The milling frolics were wonderful events - did
they always sing Gaelic songs?

Whom Shall I take on the Irish Ship?

Song for rolling the cloth

Was the purpose of the milling to thicken the cloth

How about a good joke

Father Rankin questioned about early soap making
by the Cape Breton Island (N.S.) Women

Funeral customs

9 Gallons of rum

Ghost stories in Gaelic

Father John Angus Rankin - Ghost stories in English

                                             Ghost story continued from Side 1

Another ghost story

A second sight story

Bessie Maceachern - Am falbh thu leam a ribhinn og

                                             Mairi ni 'n Domhnuill

Am Fleasgach Donn

Billy MacPhee - Violin Selections.

Rankin, Fr. John Angus

Dr. Donald Fergusson Essays in Scottish Gaelic Culture

  • MG 6.76
  • Fonds
  • 1987-1994

Fonds consists of essays from an annual essay competition at the University College of Cape Breton, advancing research in traditional history, songs, narrative traditions of Gaelic culture. Essays are arranged by year of competition.

  1. 1987/88:
    a. Marilyn Dwyer, "Presenting, The Ancient Tradition of Gaelic Psalm Singing in the Presbyterian Church". Essay includes three tapes with an index. T-3193 (a-b-c)
    b. Kate Dunlay, "Cape Bretoners in Boston: Maintaining Identity".
    c. Donald J. MacNeil, "Cape Breton Folksong Tradition".

  2. 1988/89:
    a. Marilyn Dwyer, "An nì nach cluinn mi an diugh chan aithris mi 'maireach, Eòin MacGilliosa MacFhionghuin (Jonathan Gillies MacKinnon)".
    b. Marilyn MacDonald, "Milling Frolics on the North Shore a Look at the Past, Present, and Future". One video tape is included. FT 41
    c. Winnifred J. MacDonald, "Sang abune a' sang" (Collections, Composers, and Fiddlers). One audio tape is included. T-3194

  3. 1990: Kathleen Dunlay, "The Playing of Traditional Scottish Music: Old and New - World Styles and Practices".

  4. 1991: Jacqueline Ann Dunn,"Tha Blas na Gàidhlig Air A h- Uile Fidhleir". (The Sound of Gaelic is in the Fiddler's Music)

  5. 1992: Jeff MacDonald,"Bràighe na H-Aibhne Iarmad mo Shluaigh" (Life and Times of the Scottish Settlers at St. Mary's Parish, River Denys Area.)

  6. 1993-1994: Margaret Bennett "Gaelic Song in Eastern Canada: Twentieth Century Reflections"

  7. 1994: K. Diane Grant "A Study of the Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and Nova Scotia"

  8. 1994: Rannie Gillis "Celtic Education". Family history and an account of how one would be enculturated and socially educated in the Gaelic culture of Cape Breton.

  9. 1994: Paula Rice "Mary with the Ewe". Agricultural practices in Scotland and pioneer Cape Breton.

Festival of Fiddlers Glendale 1973

Item is an audio recording of various fiddle and Gaelic song selections from the 1973 Glendale festival of fiddlers.

25 fiddlers, Doyle, Maybelle Chisholm, Margaree Forks (N.S.) - Festival of Fiddlers, Glendale (N.S.), Inverness County (N.S.), July 6,7,8, 1973: Mini finale at Festival of Fiddlers, Friday night, July 6, 1973

Morris, Rev. Angus Beaton, Joey, Colindale, Mabou - Violin selections

Chisholm, Rod, M.C., Port Hawkesbury - Opening remarks on Saturday afternoon, July 7, 1973

MacKinnon, Allie, Sydney (N.S.) - Violin selections

MacDonald, Duncan, Hillsboro - Violin selections

Sampson, Dominic, L'Ardoise - Violin selections

MacDonald, Mrs. Kay, New Waterford - A' Chruinneag Ileach

MacPhee, Billy, Sydney (N.S.) - Violin selections

Hall, John; Gillis, Donnie, Sydney (N.S.) - Violin selections

Jobes, Hugh A.,Boulardie - Festival of Fiddlers, Glendale (N.S.), Inverness County (N.S.), July 7, 1973: Violin selections

MacKenzie, Hector, Washabuct - Violin selections

MacMaster, Mrs. Minnie, Troy - Stepdancing

MacMillan, Rev. Allan, Lakevale - Sealladh mise null gu duthaich mo run...

Campbell, John, Mabou (N.S.) and Boston - Violin selections

Wright, Fred, Mull River - Violin selections

MacLeod, John, Mull River and Sudbury - Violin selections

MacDonald, Kay

Gaelic Songs and Fiddle Tunes

Item is an audio recording of fiddler Alex Francis MacKay, and gaelic singer Lauchie Gillis.

Violin tunes
Violin tunes
Song: Oran an t-saighdear
Song: Iain Gleann Cuach
Song: Chi mi na Morbheannan
Song: Teannaibh Dluth is Togaibh Fonn
Song: Horo hug oran oho

Gillis, Lauchie

Glendale Fiddle Festival, 1973

  • 97-650-28498
  • Item
  • 1973

Fiddlers performing on-stage at the inaugural 1973 Glendale Fiddle Festival.

Gallant, Marc

Katie is Coming Home! : 1 Act Play

  • GPLAY52
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is scene 1 of a play that has been typed out. It concerns a woman who returns from Boston and has "forgotten" her Gaelic.

Oran Dhan Dotair MacLennan (Gaelic Poem)

  • GSM28
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photocopy of a song appearing in a newspaper. It praises the work of a Doctor Angus MacLennan who, while serving as an MP (1882-1886), was instrumental in bringing the railway to western Inverness County so that industries could be developed there.

The Glendale Players "Katie is Coming Home"

Item is an audio recording of the Glendale N.S Gaelic Players singing and performing a Gaelic play. Gaelic play entitled "Katie is Coming Home", written by Rev. S.P. MacDonald. Recording includes a conversation with Joseph L. MacDonald.

A Cape Breton Gaelic play
Tha mi an diugh gu tinn
Ho ro gur thu mo run
Gaelic play - Act II
Illean ill o, illean i
Square set
My own Glen
Early days in Sydney (N.S.)
The Townsends, Muggahs, Crawleys
A boom in Sydney (N.S.) - 1872
A Gaelic tid-bit
Father Edwards last Mass in Boisdale

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence