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Reminiscences of Beaver Cove

Item is an audio recording of a conversation with Roddie F. Nicholson and John Nicholson.

Song concerning the building of the house

I can write a letter, I can read a letter, and I can send a letter anywhere!

What subjects were taught in school

Did they write well in the back woods?

Mental figuring

What about the cats whiskers?

Tell us all you know about local history

Diseases and cures of the times

Were people brought into build houses?

No one was lazy in those days. No very rich, no very poor.

Could they make a living off the land now as they did in your times?

Diseases such as appendicitus were certain death in those times?

Was there any heavy drinking in those times?

Story of the Jack O Lantern

Nicholson, John

Reminiscences of Big Pond by Joseph Campbell

Pioneers of Big Pond (N.S.)

Story of the drowning of three men March 18, 1885. Two men were MacKinnons and the third was a MacNeil.

Religious Life in early days. Priest-Church 1890-1892.

Private graveyards. Private graveyard not far from Church on Neil MacIsaac's farm

Tell us about the Mi'kmaq...

What was that second-sight story about the burning house?

The house was seen burning 30 years before it actually did burn.

Man sees his Mother return from the dead. She returned for Mick Currie's brother

Father Duncan MacDonald tells a story

Was this a miracle?

Hardships of mail drivers

Story of tragic snowslide. Decendants of victims still living in the area.

Old diary

Political meetings at Big Pond (N.S.) in the early 1900's

Councillor elections - results, Big Pond (N.S.)

Rural Route Mail.

Couriers Pay and Contracts


Were there blacksmiths in those days?

When did Father MacDonald come to the Parish?

Building of the Glebe House (1905-1926)

Story of the Coal Schooner

Coal landed on Island

Father Laughlin MacDonald followed Father Duncan MacDonald - 1930

Father MacDonald was folllowed by Father MacLean

What can you tell us about school teachers and their salaries

Teachers were licensed

Tell me something about the night of the elections as well as the night before

St. Andrew's Day Banquet

Item is an audio recording of the St. Andrew's Day program in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Recording Summary:

  • Scottish songs performed by Caledonian Society Ladies course
  • Remarks on program (Lloyd MacDonald)
  • Presentation of bouquet to Mrs. J. Keiller MacKay (Clare MacDonald)
  • Proposed toast to the Old and New Scotland (Roland MacIntyre)
  • Introduction of J.K. MacKay (Roland MacIntyre)
  • Beginning of Address (J.K. MacKay)
  • Address of the evening - Eulogy on Scotland and Robert Burns (J.K. MacKay)
  • Thanks to Hon. J. Keiller MacKay (Dr. MacLennan)
  • Song in honor of Hon. J. Keiller MacKay (George W.A. MacDonald)

Ceilidh at Benacadie

Item is available for streaming: T-44 [].

Peigi Ailein Nic Ruairdh (Peigi Ailean Nic an t-Saoir) Benacadie (N.S.) Ceilidh at Benacadie - puirt-a-beul: Song composed for three men who drowned in Big Pond (N.S.). 'S goiet mo chreach 's gura truagh mi

Mrs. Catherine, Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Mr. Arthur Ferguson Ged tha mi gun chrodh gun aighean... Local song

Mrs. Catherine, Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Mr. Arthur Ferguson O hi iura ro bhi o'... Native song by Arthur Ferguson

Mrs. Catherine Patterson Song depicts local dress and style among girls

Arthur Ferguson Thuist an gamhain mogach

Arthur Ferguson Boinead Uilleam

Arthur Ferguson Ho ro na rocalaich...

Arthur Ferguson Fira fara farumach...

Arthur Ferguson O gur misde, he gur misd' leam Song regretted neighbors move to "coal area".

Arthur Ferguson He na ha hillean a... From Scotland mainly-Gu de Mi mii mar chaigh mi thu

Arthur Ferguson Larst 5 songs by Mrs. Catherine Patterson

Arthur Ferguson Far ill i eile o ro Roderick Matteson, about domestic experiences of a bachelor

Arthur Ferguson Banais aig na bocain an nochd

Arthur Ferguson Bonaid Uilleim

Arthur Ferguson Ho ro na rogalaich

Arthur Ferguson Tha fir a bhaille faramach

Arthur Ferguson Ho horo gum b' eibhinn leam

Interview with Freda Jones

Interview with Mrs. Freida Jones

Sister Margaret Beaton introduces Mrs. Frieda Jones

Questions Mr. Jones

History of her father, the Rev. Mr. MacMillan of Sydney Mines (N.S.) in early days

Mrs. Jones went to school in Sydney Mines (N.S.). The Principal was Mr. Haggerty, Teachers were Ella Partridge, and Margaret Morrison.

William Snow was a school mate

Mrs. A.C. Day tells a funny story about William Snow, Manager of the Isle Royale Hotel

Tell us about your career in music. Where did you study?

What about the social gatherings at that time? Discussion follows.

The people were mostly miners, paid three dollars a month

What do you know of the dinner parties? Velvets and the best of dress

There is a story of the Archibalds

Archibalds entertained quite a bit..

Sutherland - Paymaster with G.M.A.

Pauline Johnson came because boats on their way to Newfoundland stopped in North Sydney (N.S.)

Tell us about the Brown's old home

Did the Brown's entertain very much?

What do you know of the Sydney Mines (N.S.) militia?

Formal dress for dinner - evening dress

Tell the story about Mrs. Sutherland and the fellow on the street car

What about the Bridges?

Were the people more religious than they are today?

Presbyteruan Precentors - Singing Mrs. Jones does not like it; Sister Beaton loves it

Organs were not liked in the Presbyterian Church

Very good friends - Rev. Mr. MacMillan and Father MacKinnon.

One night out a week - in at 10 pm

Eggs 26 cent a dozen; they had their own cows; made their own butter and food

Plays "School Days" on her piano

How about another story...

Halloween stories and tricks. Human nature is the same - one generation of youngsters not too different from preceding generations seen by these Halloween tricks

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Gaelic Songs and Music, University of Edinburgh

Jeannie Robertson "Harlaw" by Jeannie Robertson

Jock Cameron King Farewell by Jock Cameron

John Strachan Harrowin' Time by John Strachan

Edith Whyte The Beggin' Trade by Editch Whyte

Jessie Murray Jamie Raeburn by Jessie Murray

Jeannie Robertson Braes O' Balguhidder by Jeannie Robertson

Willie Scott The Shepherd's Song and the Kielder Hunt by Willie Scott

Willie Scott Ceildidh with dancing and fiddle music

Lochailort Fiddle Band Reel of Tulloch by Lochailort Fiddle Band

Lochailort Fiddle Band Band consists of not only fiddles, but an accordian, and a side drum also
Neil Gow Neil Gow's Lament for his Second Life by the same band as above

Angus Lawrie Glengarry's March played on the Jew's Harp by Angus Lawrie

David Stewart Happy we've been a' Theigither played on the accordian by David Stewart

William Hunter Fiddle music on Shetland by William Hunter, accompanied by Tom Anderson,
fiddle; and Willie Johnston, guitar. Free from the influence of the scale of the bagpipe. Shetland never possessed the bagpipes. "Monymusk" played on the Scottish bagpipes by Rona MacDonald

Pipe Major Donald MacLeod Tenpenny Bit by Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Pipe Major Donald MacLeod The Hen's March by Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Jessie MacKenzie Griogal Cridhe by Jessie MacKenzie

Donald Joseph MacKinnon E ho leagain by Donald Joseph MacKinnon

Kate Buchanan A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais by Kate Buchanan

Buncan Beaton S mi air m'uilinn 'sa leabaidh by Buncan Beaton

Alasdair Boyd Till an crodh Dhomhaill, Alasdair Boyd

Annie Johnston Hu ru aid toiseach na traghad by Annie Johnston

Camum Johnston Selagair a' Choilich Bhuidhe by Camum Johnston

Flora MacNeil Teannan a null fuirich thall by Flora MacNeil

Mrs. Martin Bodachan Cha Phos Mi by Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Martin Tha m'inn raoir an nochd 'sa raoir and Suiudaibh bhalachaibh Khaibh siudaibh by Kenneth MacIver

Mary Morrison Teann a nall Ailein uguam by Mary Morrison

School of Scottish Studies

Ceilidh at the home of Michael MacKinnon

Item is an audio recording of a ceilidh at the home of Michael MacKinnon. The recording was created in New Waterford and features piano selections by Doug MacPhee, violin selections by Buddy MacMaster and Theresa MacLellan. Accompaniment was provided by Sally Kelly, piano, and James Kelly, banjo.

Gaelic songs; Joe L. MacDonald, Finlay Cameron, Alex & Hugh MacKenzie

Finlay Cameron Boisdale (N.S.), Christmas Island (N.S.), Halifax (N.S.) S toigh leam ho ro hu bhith'sa chul a fuireach...

Finlay Cameron Story - If she only had horns and a tail...

Finlay Cameron Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn...

Joseph L. MacDonald Hinn hainn hogadan...

Joseph L. MacDonald Ho hi ri ill rathill o...

Finlay Cameron Fleasgaich ur, leannain thu...

Finlay Cameron Tha mi sgith o'n timseo 'n de...

Joe Lawrence MacDonald Eilean mo Chridhe

Joe Lawrence MacDonald O hi ri ill o robha...

Hugh MacKenzie O Mhairead mhin mholach...

Hugh MacKenzie Oran na Mohawks

Hugh MacKenzie Graf Zeppelin song

Archie MacKenzie An tulach boidheach

Archie MacKenzie An samhradh air tighinn a's ur oirnn

Hugh MacKenzie Orana' mhathain

Archie MacKenzie Nighean an Taillear

Hugh MacKenzie S toigh leam cruinneag dhonn nam bo...

Hugh MacKenzie Faill irinn illrinn uill irinn o

West Indian reunion, welcome at Sydney

Item is a recording of people arriving at the Sydney VIA railway station for the West Indian reunion held in Whitney Pier in August 1985. The event was organized by Malcolm Streete and Jerome Moe, in cooperation with the St. Phillip's African Orthodox Church. The video footage was taken by Art Fennell.

Fennell, Art

Regimental Dinners, 1956-1958

Item is an audio recording of segments of regimental dinners that were held between 1956 to 1958. Msgr. MacGillivary, who served in World War 1 as a chaplain, speaks as a guest at a regimental dinner. Several World War 2 veterans also speak.

Glendale 1977 Tape 2

Item is a videocassette recording of Glendale 1977.

  1. PEI fiddlers continued
  2. Joe Roach and Joey Beaton
  3. Clifford Morrais and Doug MacPhee
  4. Kinnon and Elizabeth Beaton - Mary MacDonald stepdancing
  5. The Beatons from Mabou
  6. Official opening: Sheldon MacInnes, Frank MacInnis, Joey Beaton, Jeanette Beaton, Ann Marie MacDonald, Fr. John Angus Rankin, MLA Bill MacEachern, MLA John Archie MacKenzie, Judge Hugh MacPherson, Ray Pierce, Kay MacDonald, Donnie Campbell, Marsha Young, Bill Martin CIGO, Rod Chisholm, Donna Davis, Allan J. MacEachen, Archie Neil Chisholm, Donald Riddell (Scotland), Burton MacIntyre, piper Deanie Beaton and Dr. Malcolm MacDonnell
    [Background shots of Mike MacDougall and Dan H. MacEachern]

CBC TV: 1990-09-18

Item is a videocassette recording of several events originally broadcast on CBC-Television, including the Rankin Family at Winnipeg Folk Festival, a Lee Cremo special, and a special on Maritime Crafts #4, 5.

"Here comes the Rankins!," a CBC-TV special feature on the Rankin Family, produced in 1990.

The Antigonish Pipe Band in Concert

Item is a sound recording by the Irish Rovers.

Side One (7-12198):
Fifi O'Toole
Pleasant and Delightful
Orange Nickelodeon
King of the Fairies
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Side Two (7-12199):
Sullivan's John
Bunclody Cuckoo
Sam Hall
Banks of Newfoundland
Life of the Rover

1973 Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling Part 1

Item is a live sound recording of the first Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling, held in Glendale in July 1973. This recording was taken by Kay MacDonald on Friday night, July 6, 1973.

Listening notes:
Festival of Fiddlers, Glendale, Inverness County, July 6,7,8, 1973: Mini finale at Festival of Fiddlers, Friday night, July 6, 1973 - 25 fiddlers, Doyle, Maybelle Chisholm - Violin music and piano accompaniment - 25 fiddlers playing together, with piano accompaniment by Maybelle Chisholm Doyle
Violin selections - Morris, Rev. Angus; Beaton, Joey - Scottish tunes
Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Opening remarks on Saturday afternoon, July 7, 1973 - Chisholm, Rod, M.C. - Address - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Violin selections - MacKinnon, Allie - March, strathspeys, reels - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Violin selections - MacDonald, Duncan - Strathspeys and reels
Violin selections - Sampson, Dominic - Jigs and reels - Piano accompaniment by Gordon MacLean
A' Chruinneag Ileach - MacDonald, Mrs. Kay - Jigs and reels - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Violin selections - MacPhee, Billy - Love song - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Violin selections - Hall, John; Gillis, Donnie - Slow air, reels - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton

Festival of Fiddlers, Glendale, Inverness County, July 7, 1973: Violin selections - Jobes, Hugh A.
Violin selections - MacKenzie, Hector - Slow air, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Gordon MacLean
Stepdancing - MacMaster, Mrs. Minnie - Stepdancing - Music by John Campbell (violin) and Maybelle Chisholm Doyle (piano)
Sealladh mise null gu duthaich mo run... - MacMillan, Rev. Allan
Violin selections - Campbell, John - Slow airs, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle
Violin selections - Wright, Fred - Slow airs, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by John Morris Rankin
Violin selections - MacLeod, John - March, strathspey, reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle

MacDonald, Kay

1973 Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling Part 2

Item is an audio recording of the first Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling Scottish concert held in Glendale 6-8 July 1973.

Violin selection - MacLeod, John - Reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle
Suas Leis a Gaidhlig - Rankin Family - Patriotic song
Puirt-a-Beul - Rankin Family - Puirt-a-beul
Violin selections - Rankin, John Morris - Slow air, march, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Geraldine Rankin
Violin selections - Cameron, John Donald - Slow air, hornpipe, reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle
Violin selections - MacDougall, Mike - Marches and reels - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Violin selections - MacDonald, Dan R. - Slow air, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton
Stepdancing - MacDonald, Mary - Stepdancing - Music by Mike MacDougall (violin), Connie MacKillop (piano)
Mandolin selections - LeBlanc, Bernie - Jigs and reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle
Piano duet - Beaton, Joey; Doyle, Maybelle - Scottish tunes
Violin selections - Beaton, Kinnon; Boyd, Larry - Marches - Piano accompaniment by Joey Beaton. Larry Boyd is a nephew of Rev. Malcolm MacDonnell, St. F.X., Antigonish
Violin selections - MacDonald, John Archy - - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle
Violin selections - MacMaster, Buddy - Slow air, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle

MacDonald, Kay

Oidhche Leis Na Baird Scottish Concert

"Brochan Lom"; "Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach"; "Siream Sios, Siream Suas"
Violin and Piano selection
Piano selection
Miss Claire MacDonald, New Waterford, step dancing. (Miss MacDonald is accompanied by Father Cameron, and Dougie MacpHEE.)
Violin and Piano selection
Gaelic solo: Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna
Bag Pipe selection
Gaelic solos: "Fuadach Nan Gaidheal An t-Alltan Dubh"
Gaelic solo
Accompanied a step dance by Kevin MacCormick
Violin and Piano selection
"Bard MacLean..."
"A' Choille-Ghruamach"
Bag Pipe selection
Father Cameron and Mr. MacPhee accompany Claire McDonald as she step dances
Gaelic solo
"Oidhche Mhath Leibh Beannachd Leibh"
Grand Finale
Singers were led by Mr. Archie MacKenzie

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Violin selections by John Campbell

Item is an audio recording of violin selections by John Campbell, includes strathspeys, reels, marches, and jigs. Piano accompaniment by Maybelle Doyle. The home recording was by Maybelle Chisholm Doyle (McQueen).

McQueen, Maybelle Chisholm

CBC Newsday: Angus Chisholm's Funeral

Item is a recording of the funeral held for famous Cape Breton fiddler, Angus Chisholm. The footage was recorded for the CBC program, Newsday.

000-History of Angus Chisholm, 174-Violin tribute of Angus Chisholm, 208-How Angus was introduced to the violin, 240-Angus Chisholm's first public appearance, 252-Angus Chisholm and his first recording, 289-Angus's attitude toward the commercialization of his work, 302-Angus Chisholm's style, 328-Angus Chisholm's audience, 359-Priest's tribute to Angus Chisholm, 389-various tributes to Angus Chisholm

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBC Report: Highland Bagpipes in Cape Breton

Item is a video recording of a CBC report on the highland bagpipe tradition in Cape Breton.

Ian MacKinnon (N), 005-Part I: tune, intro, assoc. with pipe band-true history-trd. solo instrument-SW Marg. 1897-Peter Morrison-12 yrs. old-Sev. pipers take turn-square dancing, (N) house parties-pop-loudness can be over, PM-never too loud-never a complaint-people expected it, (N) diff. from today's style-trad, G-from soul-C.B. Gaelic Soc. learn on chanter-more trad. methods, PM memorized them, can develop to that-old country-all done by chant-chant-indiv. sounds, was, Highland pipe bands-change, influences of Regimental Pipe M., 125-Tradit. flee flowing (Part I), WWI, WWII, D MacIn piping music-1949 Gaelic Con. 1st school, St. Anne's-Syd. 50's, many #'s-'53, '54 Venetian Gardens (N) female pipers lose interest, 233-MacDougall Girls, Gaelic College girls-names-pipe bands-folded last 10 yrs.-Mary Urquhart CBGS Chair. Bruce MacNeil Pipe Major-practice winder mos. summer mos. competition Dr. Angus MacDonald-one of the best in the world, (of St. Peters), DMcI never die, cycles, will come back 50s, 60s-get good young pipers interested in instructing, (N) open minds-lovers of Gaelic piping

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

St. Andrew's Night Supper - Tape 2

Item is a video recording of a St. Andrew's Night supper, produced and directed by Elizabeth (Beaton) Planetta and Stephanie Inglis for the Beaton Institute in 1981.


000-Rosemary Hutchinson, response to the toast of absent friends, 103-Donald MacEachern M.C., introduction of Rev. Angus MacKinnon, 170-Rev. Angus MacKinnon, toast to land and language, 412-Donald MacEachern M.C., introduction of Fr. Greg MacLeod

Beaton Institute

St. Andrew's Night Supper - Tape 3

Item is a video recording of a St. Andrew's Night supper, produced and directed by Elizabeth (Beaton) Planetta and Stephanie Inglis for the Beaton Institute in 1981.


Fr. Greg MacLeod, response to the toast of the land and of the Language, 268-Donald MacEachern M.C., thanks to Fr. Greg MacLeod, acknowledgement of St. Andrew's Night greetings from Halifax's North British Society-various comments on St. Andrew's Night celebrations in other locations, discussion of the ethnic heterogeneousness of the Gaelic Society, thanks to kitchen staff and story of cooking kidney, 406-Donald MacEachern M.C., introduction of Buddy McMaster (fiddler), Genevive Waylen (singer), and Archie Thomas and Donnie Morrison (dance callers), 421-Rev. Victor MacLeod, discussion of the worship service to be held at First United Church, Sydney in honor of St. Andrew's Night

Beaton Institute

Oidhche Leis Na Baird Tape 3

Item is a video recording of Oidhch Leis Na Baird, the Cape Breton Gaelic Society concert; recorded for the Beaton Institute by Alan Cash in 1981.

000-Gaelic solo by Father Allan MacMillan "Fuadach nan Gaidheal", 031-"Thu mi gaol do'n fhear bhan", 057-Gaelic solo by Mr. Willy MacDonald, "Nuair a chi thu caileag bhoidheach", 128-"Hug oran O Ru Hu bha ho", 181-"Ic Iarla nam Bratch Bana", 251-Trio with Mrs. Kay MacDonald, Mr. Willy MacDonald and Fr. Allan MacMillan "Gaol nan Cruinneag"

Beaton Institute

Hugh F. Mackenzie - Stories in Gaelic and English

Item is an audio recording of stories by Hugh MacKenzie. Mr. MacKenzie died before he completed this tape.

Catriona's grief and tears - Hector's moccasins placed under her pillow
Poor widow's pigs
Credit Union at Christmas Island (N.S.) - Why doesn't the Credit Union get the water for you The Finance Company - An annual picnic was held in aid of the school - terrible rain on the day of the picnic. "Young wethers and brochsters"
Picnic at Beaver Cove
Letter from Minnesota
Letter to his Mother in law MacKinnon, the "last immigrant" to Christmas Island nicknamed New Neil - story of his letter to a Mi'kmaw man
Story of the teacher - "Peter thought she was mocking him"
Tigh Ian Caimbeul - Song ridiculing man
Ian Fhionnlagh (John Finlay) - story about the quagmire - "Michael Big Bird"
Rhyme neither English nor Gaelic - Aonghus Ian Phadraig went for molasses and began to drink it. His whiskers became covered with the molasses then froze so he looked like a swordfish. Molasses on his whiskers...
Carcass of pet lamb - will you buy the corp of Peatan - Mr. MacKenzie died before he completed this tape

Beaton Institute

Violin selections by Mary MacDonald

Item is an audio recording of violin selections performed by Mary MacDonald, with piano accompaniment by Margaret MacPhee.

Recording Summary:

  • Highlander's Farewell to Ireland
  • King George IV
  • Old Kings Reel
  • Carlisle Lasses
  • Traditional strathspey
  • The Haggis Reel
  • Mrs. Fleming of Moness
  • Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw
  • Traditional reel
  • The Cumberland, or Miss Gibson Reel
  • Trip to Mabou Ridge March

"Mo Dhachaidh" by Rev. Francis Cameron

Item is an audio recording of "Mo Dhachaidh" played by Rev. Cameron at Sacred Heart Church, Sydney (N.S.). Organist was Shauna Doolan. This performance is a repetition of the "Mo Dhachaidh" played at the funeral of Rev. Michael Gillis at St. Andrew's Church, Boisdale (the organist was Sister Rodriquez Steele).

Highland Village Day in Iona

Item is an audio recording of the Highland Village Day in Iona.

Recording summary:
Bagpipe Music - History and Social Life
Salute to Dr. Malcolm MacNeil - This salute was composed by Pipe Major Dannie MacIntyre. Dr. MacNeil had been very generous to the Iona Pipe Band. He gave thousands of dollars towards the upkeep of the band, uniforms, etc.

Violin Selections by Billy MacPhee

Item is an audio recording of violin selections performed by Billy MacPhee.

Recording summary:
Violin selections - Skye Gathering; Hoch, Miss Wedderburn reel
Violin selections - Cameron's Got His Wife Again:
Homeward Bound reel
Violin selections - Road to the Isles
Violin selections - Charlie Hunter's Jig; Trad. Jig
Violin selections - Inverness Jig; Baddeck Gathering
Violin selections - King George IV; King's Reel
Violin selections - Duke of Gordon's Birthday; The
Mabou Reel; Lord MacDonald; Trad. Reel
Violin selections - Jig

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