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CA BI PAM 1003 · Item

Item is a pamphlet containing a collection of wartime songs, some written about the Cape Breton Highlanders. Many of the songs within the pamphlet were written by people from Cape Breton.

CA BI PAM 1026 · Item · 1919

Item is a pamphlet concerning the history of the Fourth Canadian Division from 1916 to 1919. The pamphlet includes battle orders and a list of dates of interest.

CA BI PAM 1038 · Item · 1916

Item is a pamphlet containing a report on the typhus epidemic at Wittenberg Camp. The report was presented to the British Government and outlines the conditions at the Wittenberg Camp and how they contributed to the 1915 epidemic.

CA BI PAM 1096 · Item · 1935

Item is a pamphlet created in memoriam of Rev. John Pringle. The pamphlet includes accounts of Rev. Pringle's time spent overseas during World War 1, as well as an account of his son's death during service.

The Canadian Gunner, Vol. 13
CA BI PAM 1663 · Item · 1977

Item is volume 13 of the Canadian Gunner, which includes an article titled "Remembering Cape Breton's Gunners," by Lt. Peter N. Moogk. The article features a short history of artillery use on Cape Breton Island, including the locations where artillery stations were located.

CA BI PAM 2008 · Item · 1914

Item is a pamphlet titled "Diplomatic Correspondence Respecting the War" which was published by the French government. The pamphlet includes transcriptions of documents relating to the negotiations which preceded Germany's declaration of war on Russia and on France. The pamphlet's table of content's reveals each document's summary, signatory, and place and date of dispatch.

CA BI PAM 3972 · Item · 1982

Item is a pamphlet on Canada's role in World War 1, written by Patricia Giesler. This item is written in both French and English and provides information about conflict on land, air, and sea, as well as details about war memorials.

CA BI PAM 3973 · Item · 1992

Item is a pamphlet published by the Government of Canada's Communications Division of Veterans Affairs, written by Cedric Jennings. It outlines Canada's role in World War 1 and at the Battle of Vimy Ridge and is written in French and English.

CA BI PAM 4043 · Item · 2002

Item is a pamphlet which features "A Cape Bretoner at War: Letters From the Front 1914-1919," an article by Brian Douglas Tennyson. The article contains information about Percy Charles Willmot and his experience serving overseas, which was documented through letters. This piece was originally published in Canadian Military History, Volume 11.1.

CA BI PAM 4061 · Item · 1 December, 1918

Item is a pamphlet, published by the Personnel of the U.S. Naval Air Station in North Sydney, on December 1st, 1918. The pamphlet contains the staff muster roll, some pieces of poetry, jokes, and an editorial.

CA BI PAM 533 · Item · 1916

Item is a pamphlet outlining a plan submitted by the Secretary of the Military Hospitals and Convalescent Homes Commission to provide employment to servicemen upon their return to Canada. The report outlines the need for governments to provide new employment opportunities and training for those who have returned from World War 1 service with disabilities.

CA BI PAM 716 · Item · 1 April, 1967

Item is a special edition of the Cape Breton Post magazine that focuses on the storming and taking of Vimy Ridge, commemorating the fifty year anniversary of the battle.

Raemaekers' Cartoons
CA BI PAM 892 · Item · 1914

Item is a pamphlet containing a collection of Louis Raemaeker sketches related to World War 1. The sketches were inspired by a variety of topics, including the killing of women and children, the death of soldiers, zeppelin attacks, and finance.

CA BI Pam 3533 · Item · 1920

Item consists of a pamphlet concerning the reintegration of World War 1 servicemen into civilian life. It includes information about acquiring financial assistance, agricultural training, how to purchase land, and transportation rates.