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MG 20.5-E-1 · Subseries · 1939 - 1975
Part of The Cape Breton Highlanders collection

Sub-series consists of correspondence, programmes, schedules, scrapbooks, and photographs belonging to Ralph Davies and Sharkey MacDonald (Charles MacDonald), former Cape Breton Highlanders and World War 2 (WW2) veterans, who were chosen to be delegates for the “30th Anniversary: The Canadians in Italy” delegation sent to Italy to commemorate the Italian Campaign and the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Italy. Delegates visited memorials, battlefields, and war cemeteries and took part in cultural and religious ceremonies to mark the occasion.

CA BI MG 12.232-MG 12.232.A · File · 1917-1919
Part of Anderson Family fonds

File contains the following documents: a letter expressing sympathy for Susan and Alex Anderson's loss of their son, Percival William Anderson overseas; seven letters concerning Percival William Anderson's Will; a letter concerning Percival William Anderson's death certificate; two letters concerning a monument erected near Passchendaele for fallen comrades; three letters concerning the presentation of Percival William Anderson's Military Cross; a copy of Percival William Anderson's Form of Will; and a copy of Percival William Anderson's Pay Account.

Campbell, Donald
CA BI MG 6.59 · Fonds · 1981

This fonds consists of a letter written by Mr. Campbell to his brother-in-law on the Isle of Lewis, relating his experiences in settling on his land in New Harris. The letter was reportedly never mailed.

CA BI MG 12.59-MG 12.59.2-MG · Item · 11 March, 1917
Part of Liscombe family fonds

Item is a card with lace detail from Gerald Liscombe to his sister, Ella Liscombe. It was written "somewhere in France". In the card, Gerald writes that he was visited by John McIntyre of Sydney (36th Battery) who used to work at Hall's Bookstore.

Christmas Cards
CA BI MG 13.118-MG 13.118.F · File · 1915
Part of Rev. John Pringle fonds

File contains two copies of a Christmas Card from John Pringle to the members of St. Andrew's Church, created while he was serving in World War 1.

MG 21.37-A-1 · File · 1911-1976, predominant 1971-1977
Part of Dr. C. Lamont MacMillan Fonds

File consists of a letter from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, personal correspondence, letters congratulating him on the publishing of his book “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”, letters from people telling Dr. MacMillan how much they enjoyed his book and their hopes for a sequel.

CA BI MG 12.123-MG 12.123.1 · File · 1915-1941
Part of Crowdis family fonds

File contains personal correspondence sent to and from Christine McPherson (later Crowdis) that provides accounts of life in wartime England, 1916-1919.

CA BI MG 12.275-MG 12.275 A · File
Part of Helen Kendall fonds

File contains various letters addressed to Helen Kendall from Scalter Lewis, as well as a letter from Helen Kendall to Katharine McLennan.

CA BI MG 15.91-MG 15.91.2 · File · 1975-1997
Part of Rita Joe fonds

File consists of correspondence both to and from Rita Joe. Most of the letters pertain to her writing career (Oxford UP, University of Toronto Press, WFNS, UNB, Explorations - Canada Council, Nimbus, Ragweed, Abanaki) and achievements (Order of Canada, Privy Council, National Aboriginal Awards).

MG 21.37-B-4 · File · 1972-1986
Part of Dr. C. Lamont MacMillan Fonds

File consists of a letter from Doubleday Canada Limited rejecting “Hang the Lantern on the Gate” for publication on August 1st, 1972. File consists of a letter sent by Dr. C. L. MacMillan Jr. to a Mr. and Mrs. Petrie asking for their opinion on a if “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor” has the potential to become a play. File consists of a letter from Dr. MacMillan to Jean speaking about his book, “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”.

CA BI MG 13.118-MG 13.118.I · File · 1915-1935
Part of Rev. John Pringle fonds

File contains correspondence written by John Pringle during World War 1, including letters to his congregation and a letter addressed to N.C. Lunan.

CA BI MG 12.189-MG 12.189.6 · File · 1915-1918
Part of Katharine McLennan fonds

File contains letters from Katharine McLennan that were written to various family members while she was serving as a nursing assistant in France during World War 1.

McLennan, Katharine Sophia
MG 21.48-C · Series · April 25, 1922 – April 30, 1929
Part of Thomas J. Brown fonds

Series consists of correspondence sent to Thomas J. Brown, as well as copies of correspondence addressed to The Indian Cove Coal Company Ltd. and E.G. McKay.

Correspondence and Clippings
CA BI MG 12.147-MG 12.147.1 · File · 1913-1961
Part of James MacMillan fonds

File contains correspondence and clippings, mostly letters from Anthony (Tony) MacMillan to Cecilia MacMillan regarding his army service during World War 1 and her replies. It also includes correspondence from M.M. MacDougall, Pius MacMillan, Alex MacMillan, and Catherine MacMillan,

MG 21.44-C · Series · Digitized 2017 (originally created 1951 – 2010)
Part of Basker Family of Mull River collection

Series consists of a resolution sent to the Basker Family upon the death of Ranald Basker and correspondence sent to various members of the Basker Family by Jim St. Clair.

CA BI MG 12.148-MG 12.148.AC · File · 1917-1918
Part of Malcolm MacDonald fonds

File contains 9 pages of correspondence pertaining to military service exemption for Daniel MacDonald, on the basis that his father needs him to stay behind from the war and work on the farm.

Dr. Greg MacLeod fonds
CA BI MG 11.44 · Fonds · 1899-2004

Fonds consists of a wide variety of materials collected or created by Dr. Greg MacLeod, mostly written documents, but also videos and cassette tapes, many of which have been digitized. The written documents cover a wide range of genres such as correspondence, memos, financial reports, updates, feasibility studies, newspaper clippings, and minutes of meetings. These records have a date range beginning in the 1950's when Dr. MacLeod was in school in Sydney Mines (though there is one family document from 1899) and ending around 2004. The range of materials found here derives from his association with a number of organizations starting in the early 1970's, many of which he played a founding influence, such as Metropolitan Alliance For Development, Cape Breton School of Crafts, Island Housing Association, and the Cape Breton Association for Co Op Development, which itself would morph into New Dawn Enterprises. His social-economic interests continued with his involvement in the Tompkins Institute from its founding in 1974 and his close association with the university's Centre for Community Economic Development from its founding in 1986. Another large set of documents involves the founding of BCA Group in 1989 and its progress, and the various projects that were supported by it. Based on these associations, the fonds is arranged with the following series: Tompkins Institute; BCA Group; Centre for Community Economic Development, Audio Files, Video Files, New Dawn Enterprises, Economic Reports and Studies, and Autobiographical Materials. Each of these series (and some contain sub-series) will be composed of multiple files (some files with multiple folios) with each file containing many individual items.

MacLeod, Rev. Gregory
Greg MacLeod, Correspondence
CA BI MG 11.44-MG 11.44.1 · File · 1914-1916
Part of Dr. Greg MacLeod fonds

File contains the following correspondence: a letter from Pte. Leonard Lewis, C.E.F., written while at the armouries in Halifax, indicating his indignation at the moral conditions there, 1914; and a letter form the commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion Black Watch in Mesapotamia commending Sgt. MacDonald who was killed in action, 1916.

"Guth Barrach"
CA BI MG 6.47 · Fonds · n.d.

Fonds consists of an address to the Gaels in Canada by the author Donald Sinclair of Barra and later Glasgow. He names is signed using his patronymic "Dòmhnull Dhòmhnuill Dhunnchaidh Chìobair" and initials from the Gaelic for Sinclair "D.M.N.C.". His signature also states that his is from Barra.

MG 20.5-B-6-2 · Item · October 26, 1917
Part of The Cape Breton Highlanders collection

Item is a handwritten letter on notepaper with a London Gaelic Services Committee letterhead addressed to W. Macdonald from L. Campbell telling him that 40 copies of the Inverness Chronicle are enclosed in a package with the letter.

Letter from Alex Anderson
CA BI MG 12.232-MG 12.232.B-MG 12.232.B.8 · Item · 20 September, 1918
Part of Anderson Family fonds

Item is a letter from Alex Anderson to the Director Military Estates, requesting that the balance in his deceased son's bank account be transferred to Alex Anderson's bank account.

CA BI MG 12.147-MG 12.147.1-MG · Item · 1 November, 1918
Part of James MacMillan fonds

Item is a letter from Anthony MacMillan to Cecelia MacMillan. It was written from Pine Hill Military Hospital in Halifax. In the letter, Anthony described getting his fortune told overseas and wonders when he will be discharged.