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CA BI 77-167-301 · Item · 1893

Item is a photograph of a coal engine passing under Charlotte Street. Originally the Glasgow & Cape Breton Railway, by 1893 the Fairlie narrow-gauge locomotive was operated by the Sydney & Louisbourg Railway.

Umlah Studios
Brick Row, Sydney Mines
CA BI 77-385-519 · Item · 1971

Item is a photograph of brick row, one of several coal miners' tenements in Sydney Mines, built by the General Mining Association. This was the only tenement still standing in 1977.

Port Bevis Shipping Piers
CA BI 79-473-3453 · Item · 1896

Item is a photograph of the Victoria Gypsum Mining and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. pier with ships at anchor.

Fraser at No. 1-B Colliery
CA BI 77-104-238 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of Fraser, the last of the No. 1-B pit ponies. Fraser spent more of his life-time at the service of the coal company than any other horse in the company's history. He is shown here on the occasion of his retirement.

Shedden, Leslie
CA BI 77-105-239 · Item · 1952

Item is a photograph of pit horses on vacation during the miners' vacation at no. 20 colliery. The only time the pit ponies were brought to the surface was during the miners' three week vacation period. The vacation period was also used to maintain the mines.

Shedden, Leslie
Miners (boys) at Caledonia
CA BI 80-5-4185 · Item · ca. 1903

Item is a photograph of boy miners at Caledonia, taken after their shift had finished and they had changed into casual wear.

Standing in the second row, left to right: Jim Wadden, Peter Jobes and Tim Wadden
In the front row, left to right: (seated) Tius Tutty, Fred Wadden, Bill MacKenzie, (standing) F.K. Wadden.
Off to the left is Allie MacKenzie, and behind him Tom Wadden.

CA BI 80-580-4760 · Item · ca. 1926

Item is a photograph of Marble Mountain, showing mine workings.

Messervey, J.P.
CA BI 76-102 · Item · 1909

Item is a photograph of the first draeger crew formed in North America; the crew was formed at the No. 2 and No. 9 collieries, Glace Bay.
Front row: John Joe MacNeil, Mr. Fergie, Norman MacKenzie. Middle row: Dan "Storey" MacDonald, Joe Campbell, Thomas Turner, James MacMahon, Unknown, Roddie "Heenan" MacDonald, Matt MacAdam, Dan MacGillivary, Gilbert Darroch, Alex T. MacNeil, Mick Steele.
Back row: Harry Miller, Vannie Nicholson, John MacLean, John Robinson, Dan W. "Kink" McDonald, Unknown, Unknown Evan Prothero, Unknown.

CA BI 77-339-473 · Item · 1913

Item is a photograph of the Coal Company office staff in Glace Bay, showing the interior of the office building. The names of the staff members are included on the reverse of the photograph: Alex T. Mc Lellan, William Hodges, A.D. Mc Cuish, A.S. Mc Neil, Fred Simonson, Peter Nicholson, Jas. D. Maxwell, Thomas Farrell (back), John Mc Eachern (back), John Mc Dougall, Ernie Beaton, Chas. Compton, Theo J. Cribb.

CA BI 82-81-6781 · Item · 1975

Item is a photograph of a miner with the last pit pony at the #26 Colliery.

Fitzgerald, Owen
Coal Wash Plant-Sydney Mines
CA BI 2016-025 · Item · ca. 1960

Item consists of a painting of the Coal Wash Plant at Old Sydney Collieries in Sydney Mines. The painting features the coal preparation site with a man and dog sitting in the foreground.

Astephen, Georgina Schima