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“Men of the Deeps”
CA BI Mg 15.38 · Fonds · 1974

Songs of the Cape Breton mining communities, a paper by John C. O’Donnell, Director of the Men of the Deeps.

“Men of the Deeps”
CA BI Mg 15.38 · Fonds · 1974

Songs of the Cape Breton mining communities, a paper by John C. O’Donnell, Director of the Men of the Deeps.

“Silver” Donald Cameron
CA BI MG 15.39 · Fonds · 1980

Fonds include the following article written for Atlantic Insight, “Cha till mi tuille: nevermore shall I return."Also including, “The Partial Departure of Donnie F, “ a speech for a testimonial dinner in honor of Father Donald F. Campbell, 19 June 1983.

CA BI MG 20.24 · Fonds · 1915-1918

The 185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders) was authorized on the first day of February, 1916 by the appointment of Lt.-Col. F. P. Day, as its commanding Officer. Cape Breton Island, particularly the industrial sections, had already contributed a long list of men in various units such as the 17th, 36th, 25th, 40th, 64th, 85th, and 106th infantry units. It was felt, however, that the authorization of a Battalion recruited from all sections of the Island would be met with a strong response, and the authorities were not disappointed. Within a period of three weeks from the day the first recruit was signed on, the battalion was up to strength and ready to mobilize. For recruiting purposes, the 185th divided the Island into four districts: "A" Company from Inverness, Richmond and Victoria Counties; "B" Company from the towns of Glace Bay, New Waterford, and adjacent districts; "C" Company from Sydney Mines, North Sydney and suburbs; "D" Company from Sydney and the Mira district.

Fonds consists of the register of recruits ledger, casualty forms, nominal rolls for drafts, absentee list, declaration and attestation papers, and the list of members of the 185th during World War 1.

A. D. MacNeill
CA BI MG 15.80 · Fonds · 1880 - 1891

Fonds consists of: 1. Biography by John Davis. 2. Poem “Salt Mountain.`` 3. Newspaper article by Mr. MacNeill’s on poetry and health (1885). 4. A collection of his poems entitled “Woodlands & Other Rhymes; The Panorama of the Age.” 5. Memorial tribute “To The Memory of John A. MacNeill.”

A. D. MacNeill
Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds
Fonds · ca. 1940

Fonds represents over seven decades of photography by the owners and staff of Abbass Studios Ltd.. The studio operated a portrait studio, as well as accepted contracts from newspapers and covered local events. The photographs in the fonds reflect the diverse economic, political and cultural heritage of Cape Breton.

The negatives are organized into seven series: A,B,C,D,N, DOSCO, and Portraiture (P). The N series includes the earliest images including the nitrate film negatives. The A,B,C, and D series continue chronologically until 2001 with the Portraiture ending in 2004. The DOSCO series includes photographs taken of the Dominion Steel and Coal Company during the 1950s.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
CA BI MG 12.168 · Fonds · [ca. 1915]

Fonds consists of correspondence, including a letter from "Bob," a soldier in Fredericton, New Brunswick, during World War 1.

MacDonald, Abbie (MacAulay)
Abraham Cuyler fonds
CA BI MG 2.25 · Fonds · 1784

Fonds consists of a letter Abraham Cuyler wrote in 1784 from King Street, Soho to Lord Sydney. In that year there was a great influx of American Loyalists into Cape Breton Island, causing its separation as a province distinct from Nova Scotia. In 1784, the Town of Sydney was founded, capital of the Province, named after Lord Sydney, Secretary of State for the colonies. In this letter, Cuyler wrote entreating Lord Sydney to authorize and commence the settlement and give permission to superintend the people (from Quebec) until the Government of the Island of Cape Breton could be organized. He was also looking to be reimbursed and an appointment of services rendered.

Albert Almon fonds
CA BI MG 12.11 · Fonds · 1912-1960, predominant 1950-1956

Fonds consists of correspondence and papers related to the Fortress of Louisbourg site and to the authenticity of a painting of Louis IX, King of France; The Dream city of America (booklet); The Crescent and the Cross (essay); Unwelcome Guests of Cape Breton (the story of the convicts abandoned at Main-a-Dieu); a narrative of Baroness de St. Castine; clippings of articles by and about Almon, and pictures drawn by Almon.

Almon, Albert
Alex Storm
CA BI MG 15.66 · Fonds · 1965

Fonds of consist of a reproduction (photocopy) of Marine diver, Alex Storm: “The History, Search, Discovery and Recovery of the Treasure of the “Chameau” (1725). Note, this Story is not to be used or duplicated without consent in writing from the author. Refer: F 5052, T7 in UCCB Library.

Alexander L. Hay fonds
CA BI MG 12.81 · Fonds · 1929-1938

Fonds consists of speeches on coal mining, mine safety, and the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Hay, Alexander Lauder
Alexander MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 3.14 · Fonds · 1829-1850

Fonds consists of correspondence from Christopher MacDonald to his brother Alexander at Black Brook, Mira Road; one letter from Quebec in 1829 and the other from Boston in 1850.

CA BI MG 6.72 · Fonds · 19th century

Fonds consists of a microfilm reel relating to Gaelic literature and poetry.

MacDonald, Alexander
Allan J. Gillis fonds
CA BI MG 6.9 · Fonds · 1777-1999

Fonds consists of papers consisting of: articles and music composed by or for Mr. Gillis; papers compiled by Mr. Gillis; clippings and handwritten versions of Gaelic poetry and stories; biographies and genealogical information; articles, songs and miscellaneous items.

A. Articles and music composed by or for Mr. Gillis:

  1. Bagpipe music composed by Mr. Gillis, 1965.
  2. "The Goilleachen", [n.d.], notes about a Gaelic Easter tradition.
  3. "A Highland Halloween in Canada". Halloween traditions in the Judique area.
  4. Allan James Gillis of Judique "March" by George D. Grant. This tune was composed by George Darroch Grant, a former pipe-major of the Scots Guards and the RCAF while he was Mr. Gillis' pipe-major in the City of Montreal Pipe Band. Photocopy, (1 p.).

B. Papers compiled by Mr. Gillis:

  1. Anecdotes about Donald Eoghain Duinn and Peter Smyth; "Peter Smyth's Song" by Alasdair MacLean.
    1a. Gaelic version of above.
    1b. Notes by Lloyd Leland on obscure words (Gaelic. and also notes about Alasdair MacLean (composer) by Allan Gillis, July, 1991 Photocopies (2 p.).
    B2. List of Scottish violin players.
    3."The Bluenosers' Castle" by Hugh Angus MacDougall.
  2. Genealogies:
    a. MacDonalds of Glendale and of Borrodale
    b. Neil MacDougall, Pioneer of Judique Intervale, 1975, (89 p.).
    c. The Clan MacLellan, compiled by Rev. James A. MacLellan, 1940, (18 p.).
    d. The Gillises of Rear Judique Banks, 1973 (15 p.).
  3. Diary of Angus Innis MacDougall, St. Ninians, 1912-1915, (77 p.).
    C. Clippings and handwritten version of Gaelic poetry and stories, including: an English translation of Bard MacLean's "Gloomy Forest". Photocopies, (18 p.); a lament for the death of Hugh MacDonald of Glencoe by Ronald Beaton; a Gaelic translation of the song "You Can't Make Monkey Out of Me";the story "Iseabail augs Monagan"; The songs "Catriona Dhonn", Anull do dh'Ile Bhoidheach and "An Till Thu Tuilleadh" by E MacFhionnghuin (Jonathan G MacKinnon?); "Rann do'n Cheud Cheard" by Duncan Ban MacIntyre and the song "A Mhairi Bhinn Mheall-Shuileach" composed by Jimmy (Seumas Aonghuis) MacKay of Kingsville

D. 1.Gillis genealogy, (2 p.).

  1. Co Leis Thu? A Dangerous Question, (1 p.).
  2. List of teachers 1907-1963 St. Ninian School, Judique Intervale, C. B., (1 p.).
  3. The Clubhouse Song by Allan Gillis, Ottawa, February 1992, (2 p.).
  4. Death of a Sturdy Old Pioneer, John MacDonald 1822-1913 plus Obituary, (3 p.).
  5. Gaelic names and brooks, bridges, roads etc., in the Glendale area - list compiled by Jimmy MacKay, West Bay Road, (2 p.).
  6. Letter of complaint by J. F. Gillis addressed to Rev. L. J. MacDonald, Parish Priest of Judique, April 24, 1938, (1 p.).
  7. Music sheet notes "Wee Donald's Farewell", The Creignish Hills, Glengarry's Dirk, Strathlorne March, The Antigonish Centenary Gathering, Cutting Bracken, Phelim's Wee Boat (Bardin Fheidhlimi. Wandering Mary, The Dark Stream (Ant'Alltan Dubh) Godfrey Crovan's Galley (Berlinn G Horaidh Chrobhain) My Eye is on Thee (Mo Shail a'd Dheiger) Leaving
    Barra, The Loch Tay Boat Song. (10 p.).
  8. The Goilleachan, A Gaelic Easter Feast by Allan Gillis, (1 p.).
  9. The Bluenosers' Castle, Lyrics to song. (2 p.).
  10. Memories by Hugh A. MacDougall, Lyrics to Song, (1 p.).
  11. Gaelic Mo Shuil A'D Dheigh, (1 p.).
  12. Lament for Allan MacFarlane by Walter MacFarlane, (1 p.).

E. Eigg (Eige. Roll - List of men, women & children in the Parish of Eigg 1764-1765 by Neill McNeill, Catechist including the Isle of Muck, Rumm & Canna. Census lists - Protestants --Isle of Eige, Papists, Galmisdale in Eige Papists, Gruline Papists, Laigtown, Cleadale in Eige Papists, Howland, Fivepenny in Eige,Sandmore, Sandbeg in Eige, Kildonan in Eige Papists, the Rev. Malcolm McAskill genealogy.

F. Miscellaneous items:

  1. Contract agreement for construction of first church in Judique, 13 June 1819, (2 p.).
  2. John MacLellan ‘‘Red" of Morar, Scotland and Glenville, Nova Scotia, compiled by Margaret A. Gillis, Windsor and Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa, 1997.
  3. Biographies and genealogies:
    a. Father David Gillies, Father Ronald Rankin, Duncan Joseph Rankin, and Peter Rankin, (6. p.).
    b. Passenger ship ‘‘Alexander", 1772.
    c. First petition for land in the Judique area, 1789, (3 p.).
    d. Father Anthony MacDonald Genealogy, (4 p.).
    e. Origins of Some Pioneer Families of River Denys Mountain and Area, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia by Donald E. Read and Allan J. Gillis, 1996, (28 p.).
    f. Some Lights and Shades of Family History by Angus J. MacDonald, Port Hawkesbury, 1893 (John ‘‘Ban" MacDonald, Eigg, Scotland., (10 p.).
    g. Gillies - Gillis - MacGillis by A. J. Gillis, 1995, (4 p.).
    h. MacLellans of Inverness County, 1871 Census, Inverness County, (27 p.).
    i. The MacLellans of Inverness County, 1871 Census.

G. Articles:
1A. Humble Cathedral, by Cathy Gillies, Port Hood. Church at Indian Point, Judique North, oldest Highland parish in Cape Breton, 1818, (2 p.).

  1. River Denys Mountain - A Sketch by Allan J. Gillis, 1997, (4 p.).

H. Songs:
1."The Cookhouse Song" by Peggy ‘‘Duncan Jim" MacDougall (Gillis), 1952, (1 p.).
2.Oran Pheadair (Peter Smyth’s Song., (6 p.).

  1. Oran Seann Mhoireasdan (mar gum b’ann le mhnaoi. le: Alasdair ‘‘Niall Mor" MacDhomhnuill, Beinn Noah, E.C.B. (Transcribed and translated by Effie Rankin, Mabou, 1995., (8 p.).
    Ship ‘‘Catherine", Mabou Pioneers, p. 639.

I. Genealogy and Information on the surname Boyd:

  1. Genealogy on the Boyds of Glendale, compiled by Allan J. Gillis, 1999 (15 p.).
  2. Reader’s letter to the Editor of The Oban Times, April 18, 1974, regarding the surname Boyd. (1 p.).

J. Genealogies

  1. Origins of some Pioneer Families of River Denys Mtn. And Area, Inverness Co., Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia by Donald E. Read and Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (24 p.).
  2. The MacLellan Family of Hillsdale, compiled by Allan J. Gillis, 1999, (6 p.)
  3. The Descendants of Angus ‘‘Ban" Gillis, compiled by Margaret A. (Gillies) Gillis, Windsor, Ontario, 1998, (12 p.)
  4. The Descendants of John MacEachern, Kingsville, N.S., by Allan James Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (14 p.). (N.B. This follows out only the line of: A. John MacEachern)
    4a. The Descendants of John MacEachern, Kingsville, N.S., by Allan James Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (17 p.). (N.B. this follows out only the line of: A. John MacEachern). (This is a revised version of J. 4.

K. Some common Gaelic names as used in Cape Breton.

L. Correspondence
7 letters from Sister Margaret Beaton to Allan J. Gillis dated August 25, 1970 to December 6, 1971. (8 p. photocopies)

M. Photographs
Photograph (col.) of Allan J. Gillis with his two children, Alasdair and Duncan Gillis taken with Sister Margaret Beaton at Cape Bretoniana Archives, 1973. Photograph Accession number: 11-19-30042

Gillis, Allan J.
Allan Ridgway fonds
CA BI MG 12.110 · Fonds · 1915-1973

Fonds consists of papers and medals concerning enlistment and service in World War I, including award of the Military Medal, 1915-1921; appointment as Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1931; and clippings of obituaries of Allan and Frances Ridgway, 1970-1973.

Ridgway, Allan
Alvinus Calder fonds
CA BI MG 12.192 · Fonds · 1962

Fonds consists of of an undated autobiography, a travel-logue of a trip to Moscow in 1962, a letter to the editor of a Grenada newspaper concerning that island's economy, a clipping of a speech that Dr. Calder gave on racial prejudice, and a report of the Medical Committee. The fonds also includes an address given by Dr. Calder to St. Andrew's Brotherhood, Sydney, 1950 about racial prejudice.

Calder, Dr. Alvinus
"Am Ministear Sanntach"
CA BI MG 6.48 · Fonds · n.d.

Fonds consists of a Gaelic story: "The Greedy Minister"

Anderson Family fonds
CA BI MG 12.232 · Fonds · 1824-1953

Fonds consists of the personal papers of Alexander Anderson and his descendants, including a collection of legal documents, land holdings, deeds, and papers of Capt. A/Major Percival William Anderson.

Anderson, Alexander
Andrews, Edmund
CA BI MG 12.121 · Fonds · 1899-1942

Fonds consists of "Coxheath or a Century of Civilization" by E. A., 1899, and scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings, some relating to Coxheath, compiled by Ethel Lewis Routledge, Reserve Mines, 1936-1942.

Angus Cyprian Day fonds
CA BI MG 12.35 · Fonds · 1933-1973, predominant 1933-1973

Fonds consists of personal records regarding Angus Cyprian's work within the community and genealogy research. This includes the genealogies of the Brown family of Sydney Mines, Day family of Sydney Mines, and the Johnstone family of Halifax. Also, personal records regarding Day's involvement with the Knights of Columbus, and financial statements, minutes and correspondence regarding the Cape Breton Mental Health Centre. Fonds also consists of agreements, statements, and minutes regarding the Cape Breton Hospital, Braemore Home, and the Nova Scotia Research Foundation. Also included in the fonds are deeds and other legal documents related to the Sparling and Barrington families.

Day, Angus Cyprian
Angus J. MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 21.9 · Fonds · 1917-1971 ; predominant 1921-1964

Letters received by Angus J. MacDonald of Silver Mine, Whitney Pier and Big Glen between the years 1917-1973 from the Nolan's, James P. Sr. and James I. Jr.. Also included are letters and cards from other relatives and friends of Angus and a few photographs.

MacDonald, Angus J.
Angus L. MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 9.32 · Fonds · 1917-1965

Fonds consists of papers including speeches, event programs, clippings and other miscellaneous documents.

Macdonald, Angus L.
Angus McLellan fonds
CA BI MG 12.172 · Fonds · 1906-1934

Fonds consists of documents relating to census and school in Grand Mira North, as well as McLellan's military enlistment in World War I, his appointment to Justice f the Peace, Dominion Doal Company pay slips, grocery and school receipts.

McLellan, Angus
Angus R. MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 6.33 · Fonds · 1928-1973

Fonds consists of papers including poetry, book excerpts, and a scrapbook. Papers include:

  1. A collection of his poetry compiled by his daughter, Christena E. MacDonald, 1968. Also included is a poem by French Road bard, Duncan MacDonald. Typescript and printed, 32 pages.
  2. Excerpts from Songs of the Gael [n.d.]. Printed, 6 pages.
  3. Obituary of Angus R. MacDonald, 1973. Clippings including a poem by John Og Walker of Lake Ainslie.
  4. “Biography of Christena Evelyn MacDonald” 1931. Original, 9 pages.
  5. Scrapbook of clippings pertaining to Florence E. MacDonald’s track and field career, and including clippings on Johnny Miles, 1929.
  6. Failte Cheap Breatuinn: A collection of Gaelic poetry by Vincent A. MacLellan (1891). The MacNeil Edition edited by James Hugh MacNeil, 1933. Typescript 233 pages. Supplement, 1933, containing biography of V. A. McLellan. Typescript, 22 pages. Presented by Angus R. MacDonald.
MacDonald, Angus R.
CA BI MG 6.61 · Fonds

Fonds consists of two volumes of collected Gaelic songs by various Cape Breton and Scottish bards. An index is included in the front of each volume:

MacDonald, Allen “The Ridge”
MacDonald, Alexander “The Ridge”
MacDonald, Alexander “Am Painter Mor”
MacDonald, Dan Alex
MacDonald, John (Hunter)
MacDonald, Alexander (Turner)
MacDonald, Angus (MacAlasdair)
MacDonald, Allan (Miramachie)
MacDonald, Donald (The Ridge)
MacDonald, Angus (Aonghas MacAlasdair)
MacDonald, Dan S. (Miramachi)
MacDonald, A. T. (Antigonish)
MacKinnon, Jonathan G.
MacLellan, Angus Y
MacLellan, Donald (Big Dan)
MacLean, Alexander (Alasdair MacEoghain Bhain)
Gillis, Malcolm H. (Calum na h-Aibhne)
MacLean, Hugh
Beaton, Sam
Walker, John
Nicholson, Hugh (Eoin MacIain Ic Macail)
Ferguson, C. A.
Beaton, Ronald (Maire Ban)
MacIsaac, Hugh
Gillis, Hector
MacLean, John (not the Bard MacLean)
MacFayden, John
Gillis, Michael
MacIsaac, Allen
MacLean, Sam
MacEachern, Dougald
MacLean, Donald
Beaton, Angus
MacLeod, Neil

Angus Y. MacLellan fonds
CA BI MG 6.63 · Fonds · 1912-1946

Fonds consists of poems, biography of Angus Y. MacLellan, and recollections of life on Margaree Island.

  1. Poem: “Clach An Càrn an Dòmhnallaich” was presented by Sister St. Francis of Rome, C.N.D.

  2. Duncan H. and Mary Margaret MacLellan recall their childhood spent on Margaree Island. Typescript, 12 pages Presented by Margaret Long, Brockton, Mass., June 1983.

  3. “My years on Margaree Island” by Lauranna MacLellan MacDonald, who presented the paper in December, 1983. Photocopy, 4 pages.

  4. Biography of Angus Y. MacLellan (1887-1960) Photocopy, 11 pages.

Songs composed by Angus Y. MacLellan and other bards that appear in "Smeòrach nan Cnoc 's nsn Gleann" and "Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia". Photocopy, 10 pages
Story “Raonull Ban Mac Eoghain Oig” by Aonghas MacGillfhaolain. Print, 26 pages.

  1. “The Part Played by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada in the Establishment of the St. F. X. Extension Department” 1953. Typescript, 21 pages.

Clippings: Obituary of Rev. Michael Gillis, 1970; Obituary of Ernest Hart, the Chairmaker from Northeast Margaree, n.d. Presented by Sister Carmelina MacLellan, Port Hawkesbury, 1984.

MacLellan, Angus Y.
Anne Briscoe
CA BI MG 15.56 · Fonds · 1982

Fonds include the following: 1. Poem “Ode to Mary Jane” (1982-1983). Commentaries on CBC Radio are on Tape #2085 (June 1983) 53 photocopied p. 2. Scripts written and broadcast on CBC in (October 1983 & January-February 1984) 84 photocopied p.

CA BI MG 3.6 · Fonds · 1820-1835

Fonds consists of letters and petitions concerning the annexation of the Colony of Cape Breton to Nova Scotia.

Annie Johnston
CA BI MG 6.46 · Fonds

Fonds consists of "An Clachan a b'Aithne Dhomh" : description of life on the Isle of Barra in the 1800s.

Johnston, Annie
Annie MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 20.21 · Fonds · 1918

Fonds consists of an autograph book of signatures and poems that Annie MacDonald collected during World War 1.

MacDonald, Annie
Anselme Boudreau
CA BI MG 15.48 · Fonds · 1982

Fonds consist of writings by Mr. Boudreau, a lifetime resident of Cheticamp. The following writings are French:
a) Présque trente ans á la mine de plátre
b) Les Sorciers
c) Le Reverend Pierre Fiset: maladie, mort et funerailles
d) Les premiére maisons a Chéticamp
e) Les goélettes et le cabotage
f) Les ouvrages de l’année
g) L’électricité á Chéticamp
h) L’ouvragé des femmes acadiennes
i) Habits de nos ancetres
j) La peche, ancienne et moins ancienne
k) Les fianciailles d’autrefiois
l) L’Eglise Saint Pierre de Chéticamp
m) L’Hopital Sacre-Coeur de Chéticamp
n) Details sur l’église de Chéticamp
o) La mine de Platre, commerce d’Angleterre

Archibald A. MacKenzie fonds
CA BI MG 6.6 · Fonds · 1983

Fonds consists of a selection of songs in Gaelic composed by Archie Alex MacKenzie.

MacKenzie, Archie Alex
Archibald Beaton fonds
CA BI MG 12.31 · Fonds · 1897-1898

Fonds consists of correspondence of Archibald Beaton, Donald MacDonald and Rev. Ronald Beaton in Rome. Letters deal with the opening of the coal mines at Broad Cove in the late 1890s, a description of Rome, and the ordering of a set of bagpipes as a gift. Interspersed there is also bagpipe music, written by Archibald Beaton.

Beaton, Archibald
Archie MacIntyre fonds
CA BI MG 12.130 · Fonds · 1896-1969

Fonds consists of correspondence, writings and maps pertaining to the history of coal mining in Cape Breton and Canada, Provincial Workmen's Association, United Mine Workers of America, mine disasters and John L. Lewis (an American labour leader in the 1930s to 1950s who called coal miners out to strike during WWII).

MacIntyre, Archie
Archie Morrison fonds
CA BI MG 6.34 · Fonds · 1900-1979

This fonds consists of a collection of Gaelic songs, stories, poetry, history and tombstone inscriptions.

Papers are in Gaelic:

  1. Story: “Seann Chuimhneachan air a’ Choire Ghlas” copied from the work by John MacCormick, first appearing in An Gaidheal, Vol.2. Photocopy, 12 pages.
  2. Story: "A’Bhean Iadach" from Am Measg Nam Bodach, 1938.
    "Iain Ciar agus an Robair" from Aig Tigh na Beinne by Katherine Whyte Grant.
    "Eoghan Ruadh aig a ‘Mhod" from The Celtic Garland by Henry Whyte. Photocopies, 20 pages.
  3. Poetry and songs, many by Cape Breton bards. many have been copied from songs appearing in The History of Christmas Island Parish. Also a song composed by Murdoch Morrison of Ferguson's Lake and Gaelic translations of English hymns. Photocopies and originals, 38 pages.
  4. An typed excerpt from the Gaelic translation of the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer. Photocopy, 1 page.
  5. Description of Islands of Coll, Uist and Mull copied from the book Am Measg nam Bodach, 1938.
  6. Inscriptions on the tombstones of John MacLean, Gaelic bard; Rev. Alexander MacLean Sinclair and Mrs. John Sinclair. Photocopy, 1 page. Presented by Mr. Morrison.
Archie Neil Chisholm
CA BI MG 15.58 · Fonds · ca. 1936

Fonds consist of 2 p. of photocopies of “Cranberry Song." A poem by Mr. Chisholm, a teacher at Margaree Forks, Inverness County.

Avery, Martha Moore
CA BI MG 10.4 · Fonds · 1873-1955

This fonds consists of an extensive collection of documents relating to the life and work of Matha Avery and Sister St. Mary Martha. Martha Moore was born in 1851 to a prominent family in Steuben, Maine. She married Millard Avery in 1881 and a daughter, Catherine, was born in 1881. Mother and daughter moved to Boston in 1888 where Mrs. Avery became involved in many reform movements and the Socialist Labour Party. Her daughter, who was educated in a Catholic convent school, became a member of the religious order of the Congregation of Notre Dame in 1900, taking the name Sister St. Mary Martha. This event helped to draw Mrs. Avery to the Catholic Church to which she converted in 1904, after which she, along with David oldstein travelled through the United States as Catholic evangelists, using the slogan "Convert from Marx to Christ" as their motto. Mrs. Avery died in 1929.

Baddeck Area land grant
CA BI MG 17.64 · Fonds · 1819

Fonds consists of a land grant for Temperance Leaver (nee Ingraham) of a Loyalist family on the south side of the River Baddeck. Plan of property is attached with an example of the Great Seal of Cape Breton.

CA BI MG 14.166 · Fonds · 1900-1932

The Baddeck Steamship Company owned and operated the ferry “Marion” from the Sydney’s to Baddeck and Whycocomagh. The company bought out the Victoria Steamship Company in 1916 which operated the “Blue Hill”, a ferry running between Iona and Baddeck.

Barbara Montgomery
CA BI MG.15.14 · Fonds · 1969

Fonds consist of a poem wrote in 1969 titled "To Ski-do or Ski-Don't."

Barrington family fonds
CA BI MG 12.12 · Fonds · 1813-1961, 1882-1887 predominant

Fonds consists of four series: Charles Parnell Barrington (1813-1844), Edwin John Barrington (1851-1880), Yorke Henry Ainsley Barrington (1869-1893) and Yorke Cotril Barrington (1903-1908). Fonds also consists of a letter from Edward Barrington (grandson of Captain Barrington) to his brother and sister from Washington Territory (1865), lineage of the Barrington family, newspaper clippings on the Barrington family, notice regarding installation of an electrically driven booster pump, a trust deed from Helen Jane Catherine Barrington (heir of Edwin Barrington) to Frank Seward Barrington (1885), and deeds to John Barrington.

Barrington family
Barry Fraser fonds
CA BI MG 6.55 · Fonds · 1979

Fonds consists of Gaelic songs collected and arranged by Mr. Fraser.

Chi Mi Bhuam composed by Alexander "Ridge" MacDonald
Am Bhraighidh composed by Malcolm H. Gillis

Mr. Fraser also provides the names of the individuals from whom he recorded the melodies transcribed.

Fraser, Barry
Boardmore Theatre Collection
MG 21.23 · Fonds · 1966

Fonds consists of records that document the theatrical productions of the Boardmore Theatre, from the early days of Xavier Junior College until present-day Cape Breton University. Records include textual records, graphic material, and sound and moving image material pertaining to the production and promotion of the theatrical performances. Types of records include printed photographs, photographic negatives, programs, reviews, production notes, newspaper clippings, licenses, applications, contact sheets, DVDs, CDs, and other materials.

Boardmore, Elizabeth
CA BI MG 14.56 · Fonds · 1864-1885

Fonds consists of minutes of annual meetings, together with lists of subscribers.

Bourinot Family fonds
CA BI MG 12.16 · Fonds · 1859-1971

Senator John George Bourinot (1814-1884), his son, Sir John George Bourinot (1837-1902), his grandson, Arthur Bourinot, who was an author, and Marshall Bourinot, printer of Port Hawkesbury, and brother of Sir John. The papers include biographical clippings, pictures of the family, etc. The papers are important since they reveal a good deal of Sydney and Cape Breton life and politics between 1855 and 1900, as well as information on Parliament in Halifax and Ottawa.

Bras d'Or Lime Co. Ltd.
CA BI MG 14.85 · Fonds · 1889-1915

Two ledgers for 1889-1900 and 1889-1915. Records indicate that an interpreter was employed at the quarry to communicate with the immigrant miners who were of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Yugoslavian (Croatian) and Greek descent. See MB 40.

CA BI MG 14.213 · Fonds · 1900-1922

Fonds consists of certificate of shares, stubs containing number of shares, name of purchaser, address & date, cash book, ledgers of accounts, ledger containing list of shareholders, capital account, Union Bank of Halifax, Statements of Earnings & Expenditure, Royal Bank of Canada, Dividend & Reserve Accounts.

Brian Gabriel
CA BI MG 15.54 · Fonds · 1977-1981

Fonds consist of the following: 1. Three examples of Gabriel’s greeting cards (1977) and five political cartoons (1981). 2. Eight Christmas and greeting cards and twenty-eight clippings of cartoons published in The Citizen (1980-81).

Brickyard School
CA BI MG 11.46 · Fonds · 1917-1926

Fonds consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings of school trustees, and School Assessment lists.

CA BI MG 14.79 · Fonds · 1920-1926

Fonds consists of a letter to the shareholders of the Dominion Steel Corporation enclosing memorandum of Agreement between BESCO and Prudential Trust Company concerning transfer of stock, as well as the BESCO Bulletin.

British Empire Steel and Coal Company (BESCO)
Brown Family Fonds
CA BI MG 12.63 · Fonds · 1864-1918

Fonds consists of the following five series: Richard H. Brown correspondence, Barbara Brown correspondence, Margaret Sibella Brown correspondence, journal and paintings, Richard Charles Brown scrapbook, and Brown Family Greeting Cards.

Brown Family