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Rev. Pierre Maillard fonds
CA BI MG 7A.2 · Fonds · ca. 1738

Fonds consists of reproductions of papers of Rev. Pierre A.S. Maillard; includes mass with hieroglyphic writings and ornamentation of pages.

Rev. Pierre Maillard
Thomas Pichon fonds
CA BI MG 2.9 · Fonds · 1760

Fonds consists of the history of Cape Breton by Pichon contained in five letters.

Pichon, Thomas
Georgian Era in Nova Scotia
CA BI MG 2.3 · Fonds · 1757-1761

Fonds consists of extracts by Dan MacLennan on the "Georgian Era in Nova Scotia" by William Inglis Morse (1932), regarding early divisions of the counties of Cape Breton and Nova Scotia and immigration by United States settlers.

Abraham Cuyler fonds
CA BI MG 2.25 · Fonds · 1784

Fonds consists of a letter Abraham Cuyler wrote in 1784 from King Street, Soho to Lord Sydney. In that year there was a great influx of American Loyalists into Cape Breton Island, causing its separation as a province distinct from Nova Scotia. In 1784, the Town of Sydney was founded, capital of the Province, named after Lord Sydney, Secretary of State for the colonies. In this letter, Cuyler wrote entreating Lord Sydney to authorize and commence the settlement and give permission to superintend the people (from Quebec) until the Government of the Island of Cape Breton could be organized. He was also looking to be reimbursed and an appointment of services rendered.

Frederick Haldimand fonds
CA BI MG 2.14 · Fonds · 1783-1784

Fonds consists of the return of Loyalists for the Cape Breton settlement; giving the number of families, names of leaders, number of families, and their location. Sir Frederick Haldimand (1718-1791), was Governor and Commander in Chief in Canada from 1778 to 1784. Also includes proposals relative to the settlement of Cape Breton by Abraham Cuyler.

Timothy Hogan fonds
CA BI MG 11.42 · Fonds · 1796-1799

Fonds consists of a copy of a licence to open and keep a school in Sydney, together with certification that Mr. Hogan took oath against Popery.

CA BI MG 6.5 · Fonds · 1802

Fonds consists of a character reference for Hector MacNeil, one of the first Scottish settlers of Christmas Island.

MacNeil, Hector
Baddeck Area land grant
CA BI MG 17.64 · Fonds · 1819

Fonds consists of a land grant for Temperance Leaver (nee Ingraham) of a Loyalist family on the south side of the River Baddeck. Plan of property is attached with an example of the Great Seal of Cape Breton.

Ronald O'Handley fonds
CA BI MG 6.17 · Fonds · 1823

Fonds consists of a character reference for Ronald O'Handley who emigrated from Scotland to Barrachois, Cape Breton.

Malcolm MacNeil fonds
CA BI MG 6.16 · Fonds · 1826

Fonds consists of a character reference from Barra to the authorities in Cape Breton.

Marshall, John George
CA BI MG 9.20 · Fonds · 1827

This fonds consists of papers giving important insight into early trasportation, settlement, religious attitudes and early industries in Cape Breton. John George Marshall (1786-1880) was born in Gusborough County, Nova Scotia, and was MLA for that county, 1811-1824 when he was appointed the first judge for Cape Breton after annexation. From 1823-1841 he served as Chief Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for the Island, when the post was abolished. He was the author of many articles on temperance, religion and science. Papers give important insight into early trsnportation, settlement, political divisions and appointments, the separatist movement, religious attitiudes and early industries in Cape Breton.

CA BI MG 3.6 · Fonds · 1820-1835

Fonds consists of letters and petitions concerning the annexation of the Colony of Cape Breton to Nova Scotia.

Leaver family fonds
CA BI MG 12.70 · Fonds · 1804-1842

Fonds consists of correspondence to Elizabeth Leaver, Caroline Leaver and Peter Leaver from family (1804-1881). Also included is a letter to John Leaver from a lawyer in Halifax regarding the will of Jonathon Jones (1832).

Leaver family
CA BI MG 16.22 · Fonds · 1791-1847

Customs records of the Port of Sydney. These early records contain valuable material on shipping, customs officials and early port development of Sydney and North Sydney, particularly in the period immediately after annexation to Nova Scotia; Volumes 6219, 6220, 6221, 6223, 6224.

The original ledger (MG 16.22 A) situated at Sydney dates from January 20th 1806 to July 1824 with additional sparse entries for 1835, 1836, and 1838, 1839/41. Includes written copies of letters from customs officer Philippe (Philip) Dumaresq in Sydney, Nova Scotia to the customs office in London, England. Requests for supplies, discussions around staffing, noting goods seized and vessels in port.

Alexander MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 3.14 · Fonds · 1829-1850

Fonds consists of correspondence from Christopher MacDonald to his brother Alexander at Black Brook, Mira Road; one letter from Quebec in 1829 and the other from Boston in 1850.

City of Sydney fonds
CA BI MG 14.27 · Fonds · 1864-

Fonds consists of the following documents: voters' lists; reports on schools and education; minutes of meetings; auditor's statements; mayoral speeches; reports; Bicentennial material; correspondence; transcript of Supreme Court trial "Rowe vs. City of Sydney"; town histories; submissions for various community improvements such as a fire station, hospital, bridge near Muggah's Creek, sidewalks; police reports; zoning by-laws; agreements, 1901-1960; legal agreements; tenders; annual reports.

CA BI MG 3.13 · Fonds · 1864

Fonds consists of the certificate of British Registry for the schooner Regent built by Roderick McDonald, Mira Bay, Master Mariner, giving description, measurements, and tonnage.

Hugh McDonald
CA BI MG 9.19 · Fonds · 1871

Fonds consists of a letter from Rev. K.J. MacDonald pertaining to politics in Inverness County. Hugh McDonald (1841-c.1902) was MLA for Inverness County 1868-1871. He was the Postmaster and Telegraph Operator at Mabou to 1881 when he became Sheriff of Inverness County, which position he held until he resigned in 1902. Letter from Rev. K.J. McDonald pertaining to politics in Inverness County.

Donald Gillis fonds
CA BI MG 3.2 · Fonds · 1843-1873

Fonds consists of a letter from Rev. Neil MacLeod regarding bridge at Salmon River (1843) and appointment as Postmaster at Grand Mira South (1873).

CA BI MG 12.53 · Fonds · 1835-1875

Fonds consists of Rev. John William Howie's correspondence (1835), notes pertaining to sermons (1857-1873), a marriage certificate for Reverend Howie and Harriet Amelia Addy (1875), and his ordination certificate (1861). Fonds also includes a workbook belonging to Susie Howie.

Howie, John William
Thomas Burke
CA BI MG 15.4 · Fonds · 1880

Example of fancy 19th century lettering done by Thomas Burke of Mabou in his 84th year. Last Will and Testament of Thomas Burke, Mabou, 1886.

Cape Breton Coal Company
CA BI MG 14.28 · Fonds · 1873-1880

Memoranda and Articles of Association for Cape Breton
Coal Company, Bridgeport.

Daniel D. MacKenzie
CA BI MG 15.2 · Fonds · 1881

Fond consists of the following poem entitled “The MacDonald-Lynch Wrestling Match” by D. D. MacKenzie (1859-1927) of Lake Ainslie and North Sydney. He was M.P. for Cape Breton North-Victoria, 1904-1923 and judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. The poem is a tribute to Dr. H. N. (Hudy) MacDonald who won the wrestling championship of America 16 August 1881.

Port Hastings Post Office
CA BI MG 16.49 · Fonds · 1867-1883

Book of mail sent from the Port Hastings post office, 1880-1883; alphabetical list of money order offices in the United Kingdom, 1867.

George G. Patterson
CA BI MG 15.49 · Fonds · 1885

Fonds consists of history of Victoria County by George G. Patterson. Together with a short History of Baddeck by the late Robert Elmsley.

CA BI MG 14.56 · Fonds · 1864-1885

Fonds consists of minutes of annual meetings, together with lists of subscribers.

Hill Family fonds
CA BI MG 2.2 · Fonds · 1782-1886

Fonds consists of correspondence, appointments and commissions, diaries and Hill family genealogies. It also includes letters from James Whitney Jones and John Whyte.

Matheson family fonds
CA BI MG 12.66 · Fonds · 1840-1887

Fonds consists of correspondence written mainly to Murdoch Matheson from family members in Boston, Mass., and a diary written by Alex Matheson.

Matheson family
Elmsly, Robert
CA BI MG 12.115 · Fonds · 1855-1889

Fonds consists of photocopies of his diaries that were indexed and transcribed in 1966 by his grandson, Wilbur L. Elmsly of Peterborough, Ontario.

Matilda Bown fonds
CA BI MG 12.27 · Fonds · 1857-1890

Fonds consists of a diary kept by Bown during a visit to Sable Island, a collection of Christmas and New Years cards, a scrapbook kept by Bown related to the natural history of Sable Island and Nova Scotia, and one book on the history of British seaweeds.

Bown, Matilda
St. Joseph's Parish
CA BI MG 13.76 · Fonds · 1890

Account of laying of the cornerstone, newspaper clippings and coins taken from the cornerstone following a fire that destroyed the Port Hawkesbury church in 1890.

A. D. MacNeill
CA BI MG 15.80 · Fonds · 1880 - 1891

Fonds consists of: 1. Biography by John Davis. 2. Poem “Salt Mountain.`` 3. Newspaper article by Mr. MacNeill’s on poetry and health (1885). 4. A collection of his poems entitled “Woodlands & Other Rhymes; The Panorama of the Age.” 5. Memorial tribute “To The Memory of John A. MacNeill.”

A. D. MacNeill
CA BI MG 12.181 · Fonds · 1833-1892

Papers include correspondence, business receipts, legal documents, and deeds:

a. Two letters from C.F. Harrington, MLA, Arichat, regarding politics in the area, a legal action taken by Pringle, and a public meeting regarding building a road to Black River, 1841, 1850.
b. Correspondence regarding debt owed by Hugh McDonald, Big Cove, 1846.
c. Payment of accounts, sale of cattle, 1860.
d. Correspondence regarding James Pringle's lawsuit against Chandler, 1867.
e. Correspondence from Donald McKenzie, teacher in Victoria County, whose salary was 38 pounds per year, 1865.
f. Correspondence from John V. Flynn, MLA, Halifax re purchase of spring Fife wheat at 7/6 bushel, 1870.
g. Correspondence from Hart & Ingraham, Port Hawkesbury regarding purchase of leather, 1870.
h. Correspondence from Tina J. Pringle to her brother George relaying experiences of Cape Bretoners in Boston, 1892.
i. Bill of goods, sale between James Cochran and Ellen Murray, 1855.
j. Correspondence regarding interest on account, 1871.
k. General bill of affairs, from William MacKay to James Pringle, making mention of Captain Wolfe, 1852.
l. Correspondence, 1842.

a. Business receipts of James Pringle, 1833-1874. Some material does not contain discernable dates.
b. Accounts of James Pringle with John McLean, 1845-1861.
c. Accounts of James Pringle, 1865-1866.
d. Account of McDonald Murray with James Pringle, 1843-1857.
e. Account of sales of cattle, sheep and butter to Mr. James Pringle, 1859.
f. Account of James Pringle with M.J.T. MacNeil, River Bourgeois, 1877-1880.

a. Warrant sworn out for arrest of Duncan Murray for theft of violin from James Pringle, 1863.
b. Notice of public meeting of the ratepayers, Section 23, Richmond County for the purpose of electing trustees, 1864.

a. Agreement between the Province of Nova Scotia and James Pringle for road repair between his farm and that of William Urquharts, 1854. Includes envelope.
b. Statement regarding the settlement of debt of Dougald Cameron “Dougaldson” to James Pringle, 1863.
c. Indenture between James Pringle and Robert Hill of Black River, Esquire Executor of the last will and testament of John Ross of Scot’s River, St. George’s Channel, 1864.
d. Draft of Indenture between James and Sarah Pringle to their son, James Jr., for land at St. George’s Channel, 1865.

Pringle, James
MacSween, Agnes (MacNeil)
CA BI MG 6.10 · Fonds · 1892

This fonds consists of a letter from Malcolm Campbell, Barra, with family news; copy of tombstone of Roderick and Jane MacNeil.

Campbell, Malcolm
Mulgrave Businesses
CA BI MG 14.192 · Fonds · 1880-1894

Three daybooks that are unidentified. Internal evidence indicates that they were used in Mulgrave. There are some references to Antigonish as well.

Charles F. Gouthro fonds
CA BI MG 11.5 · Fonds · 1894

Fonds consist of a receipt for salary as teacher at Rear Ball's Creek for the term ending 6 July 1894, with record of payments.

John Norman MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 6.80 · Fonds · 1852-1895

Fonds consists of a number of songs collected by Reverend John Norman MacDonald in the summer of 1952. This manuscript was afterwards borrowed by a John MacRury, another Minister, who unwarrantably copied some of the songs and sent them to be printed in the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness. The songs contained in this manuscript collection were obtained from various sources; many of them were taken down from the recitation of various people in Uist and elsewhere at intervales beginning in the year 1874 up to the present.

A. Manuscript of Gaelic poetry collected in the Outer Islands by Mr. Macdonald in the summer 1852, Glasgow 21 April 1852. (65 p.). Photocopies of original script.

CONTENTS: Texts and Translation of Laiodh Fhraoich -song by Donald MacLean (Domhnall Ban na Camairt) Folio 1, 61.
Fragment with Translation (Fuigheall do sheann Oran) Folio 9
Eulogy on Donald MacDonald (MacIain’ic Sheumais) Folio 10
Waulking Song (‘S mi’ m aonar air a’Leachdainn) Folio 14
Song (tha Ghaoth an Iar cho Caithreamach) Folio 16
Lament for John MacLeod, 6th of Raasay (Ian Garbh) Folio 21
Waulking song (‘S mise thug an Ceannach air Bainne Nighean Domhnaill) Folio 28
Eulogy on Captain Allan MacDonald, of Kingsburgh, by John MacCodrum Folio 32
Eulogy on Ranald MacDonald, 2nd of Milton Folio 35
Lament for Allan Morrison (Ailein Duinn shiubhlainn leat) Folio 41
Song (Maighdeann Mhic Fhearghuis) by Donald MacLellan Folio 44
Eulogy on Robert MacDonald MacIntyre by Alexander MacDonald (An Dall Mor) Folio 45
Eulogy on Alexander MacDonald, 5th of Vallay, by Donald MacSween Folio 47
Fragment (Latha Dhomh ‘s mi ann an Diuraidh) Folio 48
Song (An Oigh Fholuimte) by Donald Fraser, Rosemarkie Folio 49
Song of the Ossianic Society Folio 51
Verse of the Rev. Roderick MacDonald to John Gordon, 5th of Cluny Folio 52
Rev. John Norman Macdonald Collection MG 6.80
Eulogy of Major Alexander MacDonald, 4th of Vallay, by Alexander MacDonald (An Dall Mor) Folio 53

B. Preface - Rev. Angus MacDonald manuscript collection “Co-chruenneachadh de Dh’Orain, Madh agus sean, a Tomadh Cearn. Le Aougrus Macdhomhuill, Cleareach Chilliurnain, 1895. (3 p.).

Contents: (15 p.). Collection includes photocopies of the original script (212 p.).

Archibald Beaton fonds
CA BI MG 12.31 · Fonds · 1897-1898

Fonds consists of correspondence of Archibald Beaton, Donald MacDonald and Rev. Ronald Beaton in Rome. Letters deal with the opening of the coal mines at Broad Cove in the late 1890s, a description of Rome, and the ordering of a set of bagpipes as a gift. Interspersed there is also bagpipe music, written by Archibald Beaton.

Beaton, Archibald
Campbell, John
CA BI MG 6.49 · Fonds · 1898

This fonds consists of a notebook of Gaelic and English poetry and songs and a first prize certificate from the Vancouver Mod.

Campbell, John
General Mining Association
CA BI MG 14.19 · Fonds · 1827-1900

The General Mining Association, a Branch of the London
firm of Rundell, Bridge and Rundell, was granted a monopoly on
the Nova Scotian coal reserves by the Duke of York in 1827. The
monopoly was rescinded in 1857, but operations continued until

  1. The mines on the southern side of the Sydney Coalfield
    were taken over between 1893 and 1900 by the Dominion Coal
    Company. Operations on the northern side of the Sydney
    Coalfield were purchased by the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal
    Company in 1900. This documentation includes an extensive
    collection: workmen
Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus
CA BI MG 6.56 · Fonds · 1903

Fonds consists of a copy of "Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus" a collection of Old-Irish glosses, scholia, prose, and verse. Book 2 of 3 (featured here) is a treatise on the Irish Gaelic found in the Book of Armagh.

Nicol, Wesley
CA BI MG 12.89 · Fonds · 1883-1904

Collection includes a diary kept by Captain Nicol while living on Scaterie Island with comments of fishing and local events, 1883-1885. Also includes two invoices of supplies received from Dominion Coal Company, 1904.

CA BI MG 11.11 · Fonds · 1858-1906

Fonds consists of teacher's licenses and certificates, an application for teacher's annuity, and provincial examination papers.

Sydney Lyceum
CA BI MG 14.117 · Fonds · 1903-1906

Minutes of Board of Governors meetings, programs of
events and scrapbook of clippings.

School register for Baddeck
CA BI MG 11.15 · Fonds · 1886-1908

Fonds consists of school registers for Baddeck 1886-1887 and 1908.

Rev. Duncan Joseph Rankin
CA BI MG 6.32 · Fonds · 1911

Fonds consists of:
The 1920 petition by M.R. MacLeod to allow Gaelic to be taught in public schools.
A letter to the editor of the Casket urging readers to speak Gaelic to their children in the home.
Various writings in Gaelic, including a story attributed to Joe "Eòs a'Ghobha" MacNeil of Christmas Island, a story about a humorous trip for Boisdale to Christmas Island and a congratulatory speech for the 50th anniversary of Johnny A. and Peggy MacKinnon of Rear Iona.

Wilfred Laurier fonds
CA BI MG 9.4 · Fonds · 1903-1911

Fonds consists of reproductions of correspondence and clippings from the Laurier Papers at Library and Archives Canada (Public Archives of Canada). These papers deal mainly with the Dominion Iron and Steel Corporation's financial problems, the 1909 strike at the Dominion Coal Company, and related subjects.