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Barry Shears Collection
CA BI 2016-30 · Collection · 1910 - 2012

Donation consists of sound recordings, articles, clippings, sheet music and photographs related to piping. A significant portion of the collection pertains to the donor's academic and professional career.

Shears, Barry
MG 21.44 · Collection · [191-] - 2017

Collection consists of photographs, genealogical records, correspondence and financial records belonging to various members of the Basker Family.

Basker Family of Mull River, Nova Scotia
Braune Messe, Quedlinburg
CA BI Photograph Collection #19 · Collection · 1933-09-30 - 1933-10-03

Album consists of a series of photographs taken at a the Braune Messe (Jewish Goods / Merchant Boycott Fair) intended to encourage boycott of Jewish made goods and Jewish merchants. The event took place in Quedlinburg, Germany between September 30 - October 3, 1933. The images feature members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party) the year the party came into power. Also included in the album are a series of newspaper clippings and unidentified family photographs.

CA BI MG 3.8 · Collection · 1863

Item is one notebook containing a handwritten copy of letters originally written by Colonel George D. Wells. The content of the letters pertains to battles during the American Civil War during the period February-December, 1863.

CA BI MG 13.13 · Collection · 1885 - 2011

Holy Angels Convent was founded in 1885 at the request of Father James Quinan for the purpose of providing education to the young women of Cape Breton County. Holy Angels operated as the only all girls' educational institution east of Montreal since its founding. Holy Angels High School was known for its fine arts programming with instruction in music, drawing, sculpting, speech and drama.

The fonds consists of seven series: photographs, audiovisual recordings, textual records, Sister Rita Clare, the Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre, Centennial Celebrations, and Objects. The Collection is predominantly a photographic one, with over 3200 negatives, positives and prints spread over the seven series.

The audiovisual recordings include 136 items that relate to the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame, Holy Angels Convent, Holy Angels High School, the Cape Breton Chorale, the Holy Angels Chorale, the Cape Breton Youth Choir, and Sister Rita Clare. Sister Rita Clare's material includes images, concert programmes, scrapbooks, video tapes, audio reels, and audio cassettes documenting the activities of both the Holy Angels Chorale from 1962-1983, the Holy Angels Alumnae Choir (1985 - 2010), the Cape Breton Youth Choir (1988-1998).

In addition to the music program materials, there are other recordings relating to religious education and the activities of the Convent and School. The textual records consists of material connected to student and community activities in the Sydney area during the twentieth century; samples of student evaluations and compositions, graduation documents, the school newsletter, the Library's operational registers, and correspondence are included. The Collection also includes a number of objects that were donated to the Beaton Institute by Sisters of the CND and photographic and textual records related to the Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre and the Holy Angels Centennial Celebrations, which were held in 1985.

In 2009 the Congregation of Notre-Dame announced their intention to close the convent and sell the property in the historic Northend of Sydney. This closure brought an end to a 126 year history of pioneering in women's education in eastern Canada. The building has since been purchased and is now the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation.

Cyril J. McDonald Collection
MG 21.26 · Collection · 1948-1968

The collection consists of cellulose acetate film-based negatives originally belonging to Shedden Studio of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. The collection consists of 1136 negatives in two sizes: 10 x 12.5 cm and 12.5 x 16 cm. The content of the images primarily documents coal mining activity between 1948-1968 connected with the operations of the Dominion Coal and Steel Company (DOSCO). In addition to company staff portraits and company events, the negatives mainly capture coal miners and equipment above and below the surface. The main work sites documented include Glace Bay-based collieries ( 1B, No. 18, No. 26, No. 20, No. 25, No. 25). The collection also contains what appear to be unrelated images of rural Cape Breton and a group of Images of Glace Bay and rural Cape Breton. As well, a grouping of unidentified and un-numbered negatives which may belong to an earlier accrual accompanied this donation.
The negatives have been arranged to a series level with five distinct series. A selection of negatives from each series has been digitized for access purposes. An item level listing corresponding to the scanned images is available but does not include all the negatives. Unfortunately, no original listing or indices for the negatives were included in the donation and are thought to be lost. The full item level inventory is in process and after the appraisal is complete, some of the negatives will be re-arranged with earlier accruals to re-create original order.

Shedden, Leslie
Denis Ryan collection
CA BI MG 21.21 · Collection

Collection consists of recorded performances of the band Ryan's Fancy including commercial audio releases and CBC television recordings. The collection also contains a scrapbook , news clippings and folk song lyrics personally collected by Mr. Ryan.

Flora MacDonald Collection
CA BI 2015-031 · Collection · 1893 - 2005

Donation consists of artifacts, writings, interviews, and personal documents from Flora MacDonald's life and career.

MacDonald, Flora
Gaelic songs
CA BI MG 6.22 · Collection · 1893 - c1950

Collection consists of Gaelic songs and music, clippings and a scrapbook. Each file collection is prefaced by an index of the songs.

CMH 86-46 · Collection · 1986

Collection consists of seventeen, ¾” tape (U-matic) videocassette reproductions and textual records created for the Inverness County Dance Project by Barbara LeBlanc and Laura Sadowsky for the Canadian Museum of Civilization, now the Canadian Museum of History, Musée canadien de l’histoire.

While working on their M.A. (History) at Laval University (QC), LeBlanc and Sadowsky completed the Inverness County Dance Project. For years they pursued independent research in the Acadian areas of Inverness County and Waltham, Mass. During June to August 1986, in collaboration with the Beaton Institute and the Canadian Museum of History (formerly the Museum of Man), LeBlanc and Sadowsky researched dance traditions of Acadian, Irish, Mi'kmaq, and Scottish groups in Inverness County. These collected sound recordings, textual transcripts, and moving images were recorded across Cape Breton Island.

Canadian Museum of History
Iona Connection
2010-0267 · Collection

Donation consists of minutes, reports, and other documents related to the meetings, projects and operations of Heritage Cape Breton Connection (Iona Connection). The donation also consists of a hard drive containing the interviews recorded for Voices of Heritage.

CA BI MG 19.19 · Collection · 1744-1941, predominant 1904-1936

Collection consists of artifacts, two volumes of Karl Marx, a child's cap, and a block of salt; McLachlan's personal library of books that he owned consisting of socialist, communist, religious, and labour material; and textual records that include poetry, notes, correspondences, and one journal. The material spans between 1744 and 1941, and consists of records from Scotland, England, and Canada. The material in this collection shows McLachlan's interest and involvement with labour movements and his desire to improve conditions for the working class in Cape Breton.

McLachlan, James Bryson
Jane Bernard collection
CA BI MG 7A.8 · Collection · 1973

Collection consists of photocopies of papers collected by Jane Bernard, authors unknown.

John Huk Collection
CA BI MG 21.13 · Collection · 1898-2004

This collection consists of textual records, photographs, sound recordings, publications and artifacts documenting the history and activities of the Ukrainian community in Cape Breton. Within the collection there is a focus on music and dance with over 1 meter of 78 and LP albums of Ukrainian music. Also included is a comprehensive collection of research related to Ukrainian immigration to Cape Breton with records pertaining specifically to the Ukrainian community in Whitney Pier. Personal papers from the Huk family are also included in the collection along with the manuscript and research related to Mr. John Huk's publication Strangers in the Land: The Ukrainian Presence in Cape Breton.

Huk, John
2016-027 · Collection · 1952 - 1984

Donation consists of reels and cassettes recorded and collected by the donor's father - who was a step-dancer and fiddler. The content is unique and rare as most of the recordings were completed at house parties in Toronto. See the attached finding aid inventory for examples of well known performers such as Johnny Wilmot, Cameron Chisholm, Albert Chiasson, Doug MacPhee, Margaret Chisholm, Bill Lamey, and Dan Hughie MacEachern as a few examples.

Collection Description and Digitization in process.

MacLean, John
CA BI MG 7A.17 · Collection · 1882-1993

Collection consists of a compilation of reproductions of correspondence, legal documents, provincial grants and plans concerning the relocation of this Reserve.

Michael Kuna Collection
CA BI MG 21.25 · Collection · 1927-1932

Collection consists of a selection of early Ukrainian sound recordings and 1 photograph donated by Mr. Michael Kuna in 2009.

CA BI 2019-001 · Collection · 1927

Donation consists of 33 black and white glass negatives featuring locations and events in New Waterford, NS.

Orain na Cloinne : Mod 1970
CA BI MODSB16 · Collection · 1970

Item is a collection of songs prescribed to be performed by children during solo singing competitions at the National Mod in Oban.

Richard MacKinnon Collection
CA BI MG 11.59 · Collection · 1984

Fonds consists of survey cards relating personal folklore events and include accounts of forerunners, folk medicine and strange events experienced by relatives and friends of the students of the Folklore 100 class taught by Dr. MacKinnon.

MacKinnon, Richard
Collection · 1944-2018 ; predominately 1970-2008

The collection consists of audio and video interviews, games, hymns, traditional chants, and community events pertaining to Eskasoni and other Mi'kmaq communities in Nova Scotia between the 1940's to the 2000's, both in the Mi'kmaw and English languages. This collection consists of 8 boxes of sound recordings, moving images, and artefacts belonging to Sarah Denny, her children and other community members and organizations. These recordings document culturally and historically significant peoples, events, and traditions of the L'nu/Mi'kmaq.

Denny, Sarah

Donation consists of: Proceedings of the Special Rank and File Convention of District No. 26, 1924 , Special Joint Convention of the Coal Operators and Mine Workers of NS 1919, Your UMWA Dues 1985, UMWA Third Annual Convention of District 26 1922, and United Mine Workers of Nova Scotia Minutes copy of Special Convention of UMWA Sydney 1919.

June 2 2018: Donation of 15 VHS tapes forwarded to the Beaton Institute by Mr. Drake. Tapes have been digitized and copies will be provided to donor.
September 2018- Digital files from first 15 VHS tapes transferred to Mr. Drake. Second accrual received August 13 2018. Tapes currently being digitized.
See FT-306 to FT-321 and FT 327 to FT 335

Drake, Stephen John William
Stephenson, Leonard
CA BI MG 12.197 · Collection · 1826-1979

Collection consists of the following:

Series A

  1. Correspondence regarding St. Anthony’s Church Bell, 1911
  2. League of the Cross (L.O.C.) Dominion, 1930 2 documents

Series B: Memoranda including background information for Mr. Stephenson’s two books.

  1. Proofs of Mr. Stephenson’s two books. 20 pages
  2. Material General Mining Association supplied to miners, 1831-1832. 40 pages.
  3. Company Store Records, 1878-1884, 35 pages.
  4. Miners’ time book and waste book; Materials General Mining Association supplied to miners 1882-1891 66 pages.
  5. Company Store records; time book; waste book 1883-1890 48 pages
  6. Papers including Dominion Town Council election results; Minutes of the first town Council and school board meetings 1906; inventory of Dominion Electric Light Department, 1959. 263 Pages.

Series C: Deeds: Photocopy, 1826-1946 relating to the Bridgeport area, 31 pages, 1 folder.

  1. John Claghan to John Young; L’Indian bay 1826
  2. William the Fourth to William Cadegan, Catherine Stanton, Reardon O’BRIEN, John Handley, John Murphy and John Casey; S.S. Lingan Bay, 1832
  3. John and Bridget Murphy to Roman Catholics - South Side Lingan Bay, 1840.
  4. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat; South Side Lingan Bay, 1869.
  5. Walter and Catherine Young to Roman Catholic Episcopate Corporation of Arichat ; Lingan, 1884.
  6. GMA to Henry Mitchell; Bridgeport, 1890.
  7. Rev. John Cameron to John Phalen, Old Bridgeport, 1900
  8. The Crown to James Cooney, Anastasia Cooney & Ann O’Neal; Between Lingan Basin and Little Glace Bay [Bridgeport], 1878.
  9. Cooney & O’Neil to Joseph Campbell; Bridgeport, 1881
  10. Cooney & O’Neil to Roderick Johnston; Bridgeport 1892
  11. James & Anastasia Cooney to Lawrence O’Neil; Bridgeport 1892
  12. James & Mary Ann Cooney to Ann O’Neil; Bridgeport, 1892
  13. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1893
  14. O’ Neil & Cooney to James Mac Neil; Bridgeport, 1893
  15. O’Neil to Cooney; Bridgeport, 1894
  16. Cooney to Annie Crosby; Bridgeport, 1904
  17. Cooney to Alexander Mc Donald; Bridgeport, 1905
  18. Cooney to O’Neil to Dominion Coal Company , Bridgeport, 1917
  19. Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1932
  20. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Walter Graham; Main Road leading from Bridgeport to
    Dominion [Bridgeport] 1928
  21. Cooney to Alexander N. Mac Neil; Main Road leading from Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
  22. Cooney to Mrs. S.J. Cooney; Main Road Glace Bay to Bridgeport [Bridgeport] 1932
  23. Cooney to Ignatius Mc Intyre; East Side of Phalen’s Rd. [Bridgeport] 1944
  24. Cooney to Alexander M. Mc Neil; Main Rd. Leading from Bridgeport to Dominion [Bridgeport] 1944
  25. Daniel Joseph Cooney to Francis Joseph Mc Mullin; Bridgeport, 1946

Series D: Clippings

  1. Biographical material relating to Dominion; including matters concerned with the
    Second World War; Social news, Churches and Law and Order.
  2. Clippings referring to August Gale, 1873; 1909 Strike; Tramline route, 1914; Bands
    And Orchestras - Michalik, 1927; Polish orchestra, 1927; Roosevelt’s death, 1945;
    VE day riots - Halifax; end of WW II.

Series E: Photographs (See Photograph Collection #25)
Four volumes pertaining to the Town of Dominion and the organization of Mr. Stephenson’s two books: Dominion, Nova Scotia 1906-1981 and souvenir booklet on the History of the Dominion Volunteer Fire Department.

Series F. Scrapbooks:

  1. 1901-1961 Cuttings relation to Dominion, 8cm.
  2. Material relating to Bridgeport and Bridgeport Mine, 3 cm.
  3. Cuttings pertaining to Dominion and Mr. Stephenson 1960's and 1970's
  4. School records, 1888, Mitchell’s School, Photocopies, 7 pages
  5. Cuttings relating to religion (RC) and education in Dominion in mid twentieth century,
    2 cm.
  6. Cuttings from Dominion-New Waterford areas, May-August, 1947, compiled by John
    Mac Kinnon, Dominion, 2cm.
Stephenson, Leonard Fielding
The Acadians

Donation consists of reels of music recorded by the band The Acadians.

CA BI MG 21.14 · Collection · 1890-2017

Collection consists of records related to Viola Desmond’s 1946 arrest at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and her posthumous 2010 free pardon granted by the Government of Nova Scotia. Also included are materials related to Viola Desmond and Wanda Robson’s civil rights work in Nova Scotia, including newspaper clippings and articles, diplomas, certificates, scholarship and bursary documents, a scrapbook and materials related to Robson’s education and published book, Sister to Courage. Included are photographs of the extended Davis family and published books about the Black Nova Scotian experience.

Robson, Wanda Eloise
Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald
CA BI MG 15.79 · Collection · 1887-1983

Collection consists of original and photocopied papers, sheet music, and publications belonging to Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald. This collection is filed in the rare book cabinet at the Beaton Institute. The following is a numerical list of his musical collection:

  1. The Skye Collection of Reels and Strathspeys, compiled by Keith Norman Macdonald. 1887
    1a. New publication of the Skye Coll. By Paul Cranford. Dec 1 1979.
  2. The Athole coll. of the Dance music of Scotland, compiled by James Stewart Robertson last edition, 1961, hard cover.
  3. The beauties of Niel Gow parts 1-4, plus the Curious Coll. and Niel Gow’s sixth book of reels, new, hard cover (about 1787)
  4. Niel Gow and son's first book 2nd edition new hard cover. Sept 21 1801.
  5. Captain Simon Fraser Coll 1715-1745 (orig coll), new hard cover.
    5a. 2nd copy of above #5 Capt. Simon Fraser note; this is the new 1982 publication by Paul Cranford.
  6. "The minstrelsy of the Scottish highlanders" edited and arranged by Alfred Moffat, new hard cover.
  7. The Scottish music worker, by James Scott Skinnerand J. Murdock Henderson. 1950, 16 pages, soft cover.
  8. Flowers of Scottish melody xerox copy 51 pages soft cover.
  9. The Scottish violinist composed and arranged by j. Scott skinner soft cover 49 pages.
  10. The Miller O'Hirn coll. By James Scott SkinnerXerox Copy soft cover 90 pages.
  11. The Logie coll. By James Scott Skinnerxerox copy soft cover 130 pages.
  12. Kohlers' violin repositiory of Dance music xerox copy soft cover 280 pages.
  13. Ringing strings by tom Anderson "traditional Shetland music and Dance". Xerox copy soft cover, 100 pages
  14. "Old Irish folk music and songs" by p. W. Joyce, ll.D., m.R.I.A. Dublin, 1909 hard cover
  15. Walton's Irish Dance music, part I soft cover, 6 pages by j. M. Crofts, a.D.C.M. Dublin
  16. "Harding’s original collection of jigs & reels" new York, 1928 soft cover, 61 pages note (2) copies number of second copy #16a
  17. Irish folk Dance music compiled by jerry O’Brien, Roxbury, mass. 1952 soft cover 269 tunes
  18. "Jerry O’Brien’s accordion instructor" arranged for accordion, violin, flute, bagpipes & banjo by Jerry O’Brien, 1949 soft cover, 30 pages.
  19. "Where the Shannon rises" selected compositions of Ed Reavy, traditional Irish compositions of Edward V. Reavy, soft cover, 81 pages 1971
    19a. Second copy of #19 (xerox copy)
  20. "Ceol rince na heireann" (tunes from 1871 1956) collected by Sheain Potts, Ireland. Soft cover, 214 tunes, titles written in Irish Gaelic.
  21. Allan's Irish fiddler contains 120 tunes by Mozart Allan, printed in England soft cover, 32 pages. Note there are three of these books #'s 21, 21a, 21b
  22. "Allan’s reels, strathspeys and general Dance music" enlarged edition by Mozart Allan, Scotland, soft cover, 47 pages.
  23. "One thousand fiddle tunes" by M. M. Cole Publishing Co., Chicago, 1940 soft cover, 120 pages.
  24. "Kerr’s second" coll. Of merry melodies for the violin 445 airs, soft cover, 50 pages
  25. "Kerr’s third" coll. Of merry melodies for the violin, 446 airs, soft cover, 51 pages.
  26. "The cape Breton collection of Scottish melodies" compiled by Gordon F. MacQuarrie and Joseph Beaton, Medford, Mass. 1940 soft cover, 50 pages.
  27. "MacEachern's collection of cape Breton Scottish music for violin" vol. I composed by Dan Hughie MacEachern, Queensville, N.S. 1975 soft cover, 44 pages
  28. "Mabou music" composed by Joseph Beaton vol. I published by the casket printing co. Ltd., soft cover, 8 tunes
  29. Dan R. Macdonald compositions, 28 pages, soft cover, hand written tunes of the late Dan r. Macdonald (in his own writing) note many of these tunes haven't been published.
  30. The Scottish Dance album arranged by J. Michael Diack, soft cover, 16 tunes, 15 pages, 1st violin.
  31. "Kerr’s modern Dance album" for the violin by James s. Kerr, soft cover, 16 pages quadrilles, schottisches, etc., #j.S.K. 478
  32. The Balmoral reel book, collection of the most admired tunes by Bayley & Ferguson, Scotland, soft cover, 37 pages
    32a. Second copy of above.
  33. Middleton's selection of strathspeys & reels for the violin by Peter Milne, Edinburgh, soft cover, 38 pages.
    33a. Second copy of above.
  34. "Mozart Allan’s collection of Dance music" for the violin for amateur performers. 1st collection, soft cover, 49 pages
  35. "Mozart Allan’s collection of Dance music" for the violin & amateur performers, second collection, soft cover, 49 pages
  36. "Old Scottish music" collected & adapted for Scottish country Dances by Annie Shand, 1932 soft cover, 49 pages
    36a. Second copy of above.
  37. "Unknown name collection of violin tunes” hornpipes, jigs, reels, etc., cover and title of collection is missing, soft cover, 106 pages.
  38. "The Braemar collection of highland music for the piano" arranged by Alfred Moffatt, Glasgow. Xerox copy, soft cover, 1916 #b.3016f. 85 pages
  39. Very old collection of violin tunes, polkas, jigs, reels etc., soft cover (original cover and title are missing, 48 pages.
  40. "Universal violin and piano album" violin part, Mozart Allan, Glasgow, soft cover, 25 pages.
  41. "U.S. School of music" home study course for the violin, New York, lessons 1 96 note (several pages missing)
  42. Scottish songs, cover and title missing, soft cover, 245 pages.
  43. Hand written music, various pages and tunes written for Winston, taken from various collections and some local made compositions, soft cover, approximately 300 pages.
  44. "Scottish songs" #2 original cover & title is missing, new soft cover (yellow) 216 pages.
  45. Scottish & Irish vol. I various pieces taken from rare violin collections bound together to make up a collection, approximately 100 pages, soft (new) cover.
  46. Scottish & Irish vol. II, various pages and loose music from collections, etc., new soft cover, approximately 75 pages.
  47. Scottish & Irish vol. III, loose music given to Winston bound in this collection, new soft cover approximately 80 pages.
  48. "Don Messer’s way down east" fiddle tunes, January, 1948 soft cover, 32 pages, 98 tunes.
  49. Scottish song collection, original cover and title missing. New soft cover, 64 pages.
  50. Valley waltzes 75 waltzes for violin, piano, mandolin and flute complied by Roma McMillan published by O.F.C. Publications, Ottawa, 1983. Soft cover, xerox copy, 55 pages.
  51. "Song book" modern music original cover and title missing, new soft cover. 286 pages.
  52. "Dancla" vol. 219. Schirmer's library of musical classics by George Lehmann, copyright 1928 soft cover, 19 pages.
  53. Songs of the world original title & cover missing, new soft cover, 208 pages by amsco music sales co., New York City
  54. Clarinet polka, sheet music p.S. No. 181 for piano solo, Vitak Jelsnic co. Chicago.
  55. Kerr's collection of the popular tunes of all nations, soft cover by James S. Kerr, Glasgow, 50 pages.
  56. Bagpipe collection "The Glendaruel Collection" compiled by Pipe Major W. Norris, Scotland up to date settings, soft cover, 60 pages.
  57. Bagpipe collection: the J. Wilson coll. Book I original cover is missing, new soft cover, 48 pages.
  58. Bagpipe collection: "The William Ross Coll." December, 1936, original cover missing, new soft cover, 44 pages.
  59. Bagpipe collection: "Highland Bagpipe" how to play the highland bagpipe compiled and arranged by P. M. James Robertson, soft cover, 70 pages.
  60. Bagpipe collection: "The Edinburgh coll. (part 9) of highland bagpipe music" compiled and arranged by David Glen, Edinburgh, soft cover, 30 pages.
  61. Bagpipe collection: "The Edinburgh coll. (part 10) of highland bagpipe music" compiled and arranged by David Glen, soft cover, 30 pages.
  62. Bagpipe collection: "The Seaforth highlanders" standard settings of pipe makers, soft green cover, Paterson’s Publications Ltd., London, 136 pages.
  63. Bagpipe collection: a made up collection of loose pages from various pipe works, December, 1987. New soft cover, about 60 pages.
  64. Bagpipe collection: scots guards vol I standard settings of pipe music, 1954. New red hard cover, 275 pages.
Fitzgerald, Winston "Scotty"