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CA BI T-508 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Nicholson, P. MacE. Boisdale (N.S.) The Heavy Load

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Song: Hi an hugadan

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Story about Father Joseph MacDonald

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Dress of people in olden days

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Fuadach irinn ill irinn, oidch, irinn iu

MacIsaac, Archie Boisdale (N.S.) A ri ill o hug oran o

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove History of Rear Beaver Cove, people still living there

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove Faill irinn ill irinn, uill irinn o

Lee, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Account of first railroad on this side of Grand Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Ged tha mi gun crodh gun aighean

Steele, Neil New Glasgow Biographical sketch

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.)

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.) Mo Dhachaidh

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-357 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Early school days in Boisdale
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Early school days in Boisdale
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) Brief biographical sketch
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) Early school days in Baddeck (N.S.)
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) What were teaching conditions in early days?
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Leitches Creek schools
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Description of old school at Barrachois
O'Handley, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Biographical sketch
O'Handley, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Gaelic song
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Washabuct school history
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Gillis Point school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Barra Glen school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) History of Iona school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Early post office in Iona
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Barrachois School

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-326 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording at Boisdale N.S. Joseph Lawrence Macdonald, Sarah Cameron, Miss Janet Cameron, Angus Beaton, Finlay Cameron tell discuss lore, history and sing songs.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Frolics in the home, different types

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Shearing of sheep, processing of wool, milling frolics

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Duties of women

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Grist mill at MacAdam`s Lake, operated by Mr. MacLean

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Best carpenters of the times, MacEacherns, MacDonalds and others

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Three steamships operated out of East Bay, groceries had to be brought in from Halifax, hardwood shipped to England

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Scottish Catholic Society of Canada organized by Father M.A. MacAdam

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cape Breton Island Co-op. Society was organized at East Bay, 1932

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Mineral spring at East Bay

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Excerpts from Mary L. Frasers book,Folklore of Nova Scotia`.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - East Bay Pirates - Capt. Alex and Dan MacLean. MacLeans sailed the Pacific Ocean (1880-1914) on the sea wolf.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Primary concern of settlers was the making of a home. Coal mines and steel plant took men from farms to cities and towns.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Early settlers of Christmas Island (N.S.)

MacDonald, Joseph L. - What were living conditions like

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Tell about the August Gale

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Peter MacNeil

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Malcolm MacPhee

Cameron, Sarah - Biographical sketch

Cameron, Miss Janet - Biographical sketch

Beaton, Angus - Song: O hi ri ill o robha

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Air faill irinn ill irinn oich irinn iu

Beaton, Alexander - Song: O sud an taobh a'gabhainn

Cameron, Sarah - Song: An Te Ruadh

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

Beaton, Angus D. - Song, a lament

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-464 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Joseph Lawrence MacDonald reading a series of newspaper clippings. Recording includes Gaelic songs from Tena Macneil, East Bay.

Joe Lawrence MacDonald

Nazi Warfare
"Caribou" survivor - premonition of disaster
Mountain Cross keeper's story
Rev. Charles Murphy
Christmas Island
Firsts in Cape Breton
Scottish piper plays lament for Texas flier
Scottish piper plays lament for Texas flier
Cape Breton Highlanders in action
Cape Breton Highlanders welcomed home

Mrs. Tena Morrison

Biographical sketch
Mo Chridhe Trom
Gaelic song

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-320 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of a selection of songs composed by the Bard Malcolm Macneil as sung by Joseph Lawrence Macdonald. Songs include piano accompaniment.

Song in praise of Barrachois
Song for the Cook at the Iron Mines
Song for repairs to sulky spring
When the spring was repaired
Boat song for Donald MacLean's
Song for the potatoe bug
Boat song
Song for the Princess fashions of 1910
Song in praise of the Gaelic Language
Songs for Halloween pranks by young folks
Election song
Song for Horse Race
Song for Iron Mine
Song for Card Games
Song for Blacksmith
Reply by Blacksmith's wife

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-656 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Hugh F. MacKenzie (Christmas Island):

Story - A Lost Old Lady
Story - Old Maids and Bachelors
Story - Big Donald and the Member
Story - Donald Halifax and the well
Story - Digging for Gold
Story - Donald from Uist
Story - Neil and the Bishop
Song - Horan ho 's na hi iu o

Joe Gillis:

Story - Blessing of Seed

Hugh F. MacKenzie:

Ghost story
Story of the rum seller
Story of the devil's death
Story of the Old Scotsman
Story of foresight
Ghost story

Joseph L. MacDonald:\

Story of St. Stephen's Day
Church dues
Old-time wakes
Story of Stephen MacNeil

Joe Gillis:

Donald's Story

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-409 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of stories and songs performed by Dan MacKenzie, Joe Allan MacLean and Mrs. Annie MacLean. Featuring:

MacKenzie, Dan - Song sung from the perspective of an old pit mare purchased to help with the November plowing. Horses were plentiful and cheap, so when they ceased to be of use people took them to the marsh and killed them.

MacKenzie, Dan - Òran do Nighean Òg Bréagha. Song Composed by Iagain Steaphainn Ruaidh. Uses the chorus to "Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire".

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "A'Chailleach a'Bheat an Deamhan".

MacKenzie, Dan - Fairy Story "Di-Luain, Di-Mairt, DiCiadain"

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "Cònar a'Seòladh is an Grog Làidir"

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-195

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: A man leaves home to hunt on "Beinn Dhunnchaidh" to earn his fortune. On the way there he encounters several characters and obstacles. He eventually is dissuaded from going to the mountain an returns home. He discovers gold and goes to England with it, where he open's the country's largest shoe factory.

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: "An Dròbhair Cruinn"

MacLean, Joe Allan - "Òran Bàs Eachainn MhicDhùghaill" composed by Archie MacDougall of Benacadie. Hector (Eachann "Larry") left Baddeck in a boat in 1896 but never returned home. He was presumed drowned. Archie's aunt, Mary (MacDougall) MacLeod also composed songs.

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - Biographical sketch

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Bha Mi'n Raoir gu Sunndach Sunndach" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil)

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Tha Mise fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil). Song concerns a difficult winter and trying to preserve hay.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - History of Iona Credit Union

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-366 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Joseph Lawrence MacDonald telling stories of Donald "Gorm" Macdonald.

Story of Donald "Gorm" MacDonald - Story of this man, at the time of taking of Louisbourg

A mother's curse - Donald went from house to house taking the young men by force to fight with him. When he took the third son, a cripple, from this widow, she said: "My son will return but you never will"

Burning of the church - Donald burns church after closing windows, all inside perish

The ending - Tells how this man, possessed by the devil, dies

The schoolmaster and the old woman

The old man's operation - Funny story by a teller of tall tales

Comhairle (advice)

Donald's version of the sinking of the Titanic - Donald couldn't read very well, his stories were strange

He alone know how much he is worth

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence