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Big Pond Scottish Concert
CA BI T-792 · Item · 1973
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

MacEachern, Allan J., Pres. Of Privy Council - Ho ro 's toigh leam fhein thu...

MacInnis, Donald, M.P. -Violin selections

MacKenzie, John Archy, M.L.A. - Stepdancing

Munro, Deanie - Lizzie Lindsay

Gillis, Lauchie - Violin selections

Gillis, Lauchie - My Cape Breton Home

MacDougall, Mike - Accordian Selections

Morris, Father Eugene - The Three Marys

Snow, Ted - Violin selections

MacLellan, Teresa - Stepdancing

Hibbs, Harry - Stepdancing

Hibbs, Harry - Illean beag horan o ro...

Hibbs, Harry - s e mo run an t-saighdear og...

MacInnis, Dan Joe - Puirt-a-Beul

LeBlanc, Kathy - Puirt-a-Beul

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Knight, Margaret Bennett - Violin selections

Chafe, Winnie - Violin selections

Chafe, Winnie - Violin selections

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
CA BI T-508 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Nicholson, P. MacE. Boisdale (N.S.) The Heavy Load

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Song: Hi an hugadan

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Story about Father Joseph MacDonald

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Dress of people in olden days

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Fuadach irinn ill irinn, oidch, irinn iu

MacIsaac, Archie Boisdale (N.S.) A ri ill o hug oran o

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove History of Rear Beaver Cove, people still living there

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove Faill irinn ill irinn, uill irinn o

Lee, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Account of first railroad on this side of Grand Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Ged tha mi gun crodh gun aighean

Steele, Neil New Glasgow Biographical sketch

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.)

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.) Mo Dhachaidh

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
Boisdale Gaelic Concert
CA BI T-716 · Item · 1973
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Iona Pipe Band, Iona - Bagpipe selections

MacDougall, Mike, Ingonish - Violin selections

MacDonald, Mrs. Kay, New Waterford - Chi mi bhuam, fada bhuam...

MacDonald, Mrs. Kay, New Waterford - Horo iu agus ho ro eile...

Boisdale Dancers, Boisdale (N.S.) - Stepdancing

Boisdale Junior Gaelic Singers, Boisdale (N.S.) - Am falbh thu leam a' ribhinn og...

MacMillan, Rev. Allan, Lakevale - An cluinn thu mi , mo nighean donn

MacMillan, Rev. Allan, Lakevale - Far an robh mi'n raoir...

Prosper, Wilfred, Eskasoni - Violin selections

MacDonald, Rev. Bernie, MacIntyre, Mr. Sydney (N.S.) - Lizzie Lindsay

MacDonald, Rev. Bernie, MacIntyre, Mr. - Will ye go, laddie go...

Lamey, Ronnie, North Sydney (N.S.) - Violin selections

MacKay, Alex F. Queensville - Violin selections

MacQueen, Marjorie - Dark Island

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) - O mo ruin-sa, 's thu air m'aire...

Dougall, Mike Ingonish - Violin selections

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
Boisdale Scottish Concert
CA BI T-716 · Item · 1 July 1973
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of an outdoor Scottish concert recorded live in Boisdale by Kay MacDonald

Bagpipe selections - Iona Pipe Band - Marches
Violin selections - MacDougall, Mike - March, strathspeys, reels - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
Chi mi bhuam, fada bhuam... - MacDonald, Mrs. Kay - Lament - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
Horo iu agus ho ro eile... - MacDonald, Mrs. Kay - Love song
Stepdancing - Boisdale Dancers - Strathspey and reel - Music by Mike MacDougall and Janet Cameron
Am falbh thu leam a' ribhinn og... - Boisdale Junior Gaelic Singers - Love song - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
An cluinn thu mi , mo nighean donn - MacMillan, Rev. Allan - Love song - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
Far an robh mi'n raoir... - MacMillan, Rev. Allan - Love song - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
Violin selections - Prosper, Wilfred - Slow air, strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron
Lizzie Lindsay - MacDonald, Rev. Bernie, MacIntyre, Mr. - Ballad - Guitar accompaniment by Mrs. Mary Gillis
Will ye go, laddie go... - MacDonald, Rev. Bernie, MacIntyre, Mr. - Love song - Piano accompaniment by Mrs. Mary Gillis
Violin selections - Lamey, Ronnie - Slow air, march, reels
Violin selections - MacKay, Alex F. - March, strathspeys, reels
Dark Island - MacQueen, Marjorie - Lament
O mo ruin-sa, 's thu air m'aire... - MacDonald, Joseph L. - Love song
Violin selections - Dougall, Mike - Strathspeys and reels - Piano accompaniment by Janet Cameron

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
Broad Cove Concert
CA BI T-179 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of the 1969 Broad Cove Concert.


MacEachern, Rev. John Hugh
MacEachern, Elizabeth
Beaton, Donald Angus
McKay, Alex Francis;
Chafe, Winnie
Chisholm, Archie Neil
Rankin, John Morris
Rankin, Marie
McEachern, Dan H
MacPhee, Doug
Gillis, Angus R.
Gillis, Hugh
MacDonald, Johnny A.
MacLellan, Theresa
MacLellan, Marie

This tape was presented by CHER Radio at the request of Ronald MacInnis.

This concert was introduced by Father John H. McEachern, North Sydney.

Bonnie Dundee...drum roll by Inverness Girl's Pipe Band
Father McEachern tells a joke...
"An cluinn thu..." By Mrs. Alex (Bessie) MacEachern, Creignish
Violin and Piano tunes by Donald Angus Beaton and wife
Fiddle Tune by Alex Francis McKay, Queensville
Fiddle Tune by Winnie Chafe
Father McEachern tells a joke...
"Lord Lovat's Lament," etc. by Archie Neil Chisholm
Fiddle and piano music by John Morris Rankin and his sister Marie
Piano tunes by John Morris Rankin
"Miss Lyall" & "Brown's Reel" by Dan H. McEachern, Broad Cove, and Doug MacPhee
Father MacEachern tells another joke...
Gaelic song and singalong with the audience "Gille Dubh..." "Mairi mhin mheall-shuileach" (Angus R. Gillis, Hugh Gillis and Fr. John H MacEachern)
Violin selections by Johnny A. MacDonald, Detroit (Mich.)
Violin and Piano by Therea and Marie MacLellan; Marion MacDonald Stepdancing.
Dancing by Mabou Dancers; Mr. & Mrs. D. Beaton accompanied the dancers.
Grand Finale (1) (Father John MacEachern); first Grand Finale & comments concerning CHER
Grand Finale (2); second Grand Finale with all stepdancers.

MacInnis, Ron
Brown Brothers of Washabuck
CA BI FT-213 · Item · Dec. 1987
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is a videocassette recording of The Brown Brothers of Washabuck, Cape Breton, produced in December 1987 and edited by Lisa Morrison, Audio/Visual Department, UCCB. Directed by Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, and Michael Anthony MacLean.

Family History (2:20)
Caledonia Song
Hoodlum Song (3:41)
Grandmother Story (7:32)
Song from the Old Homestead (9:19)
Vince MacLean’s Story (14:41)
Bordon Song (16:55)
Bear Dance (18:17)
Imitations (21:25)
Michael and the Fiddle (22:13)
New Year’s Story (Tody)
Flora’s Story
Home Movie – Michael humming “Duddledum”
No Sir No
Cod Liver Oil
Yon Munroe
Michael Anthony’s Story
Wedding Song
Sister’s Story
Kay MacLean’s Story
Michael Imitating Bagpipes
Dr. and the Bear
Gaelic Song
Hector’s Story
Malcolm MacDonald
Ending Collage

Narrator: Hector MacKenzie

Photographs and home movies in order of appearance:

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Dan Rory (Murdock) MacNeil

Rory D. MacNeil, Joan MacNeil, Dan Angus MacNeil

Hughie MacLeod, Angus MacDonald

Jackie (Fownes) MacDonald, Michael Brown

Maxie MacNeil, Vince MacLean, Michael A. MacLean, Hector MacKenzie, Flora Canning

Upper Washabuck School located near Angus Ranald MacDonald. (“Big” Liza Campbell – Teacher. Two Browns on extreme right of picture – Michael and Dan.)

Store at Washabuck Bridge with potential local customers and teamsters.

Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, Kay MacLean, Annie (Sister) MacLean, Flora Canning, Gordon MacLean (Guitar), Sniffer (dog), Simon MacKenzie

John Dan MacKenzie – store owner at Washabuck Bridge and Eddie MacLean (on right)

Kathleen MacLean, Rita MacDougall

Johnnie Brown, Michael Brown

Square set people:

Leonard MacKenzie, Jeanette MacKenzie, Lawrence MacDougall – Fiddler, Cassie MacKenzie, Florence MacKenzie, Aggie and Neil F. MacLennan, Eugene MacIsaac, Joe (Red Rory) MacLean – Prompter, Michael A. MacLean, Malcolm MacDonald, Michael Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Lexina Fraser

Mary C. MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown, Lexina Fraser

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Alex Murphy

Cheryl MacDonald, Wanda MacDonald, Mary Ann MacKenzie, Dan Brown

Michael Brown, Jackie MacDonald, Rosemary MacKinnon, Dan Brown, Mary C. MacKinnon, Andy MacDonald

Wedding party at Highland Hill: Maxie and Joan MacNeil – Bride and groom, Michael (S.R.) MacNeil – Fiddler, Kammie (S.R.) MacNeil – Guitar, Annie Jane MacNeil – Dancer, Patricia MacNeil, Diane MacNeil, Capt. Angus MacNeil, John Rory MacNeil, Lex MacNeil, Dan Malcolm MacKinnon, Peggy (Dan Joe) MacNeil, Unknown female, Dan Brown, Unknown female

Michael Brown, Rose MacKenzie, Lex Fraser, Jean MacKenzie, Kathleen MacDonald, Michael A. MacLean, Duncan MacDonald, Mary C. MacDonald, Front: Michael MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown

Greg MacNeil (Bear), Arnold MacNeil (Doctor)

Dan Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Michael Brown

Wedding at Upper Washabuck: Dan Alex and Martha MacKinnon, with neighbours and friends

In horse and wagon – Big Neil MacKinnon, Kitty (Charlie Dan Angus) MacNeil

CA BI T-1305 · Item · 1978
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is a sound recording of violin and piano selections performed by Buddy MacMaster, with piano accompaniment by John Morris Rankin, and recorded by CBI Radio.

A-1 Loch na Gar; Fir Tree; Trad., strathspey; Athole Brose; Mrs. Muir MacKenzie; Randy Wife of Greenlaw
A-2 Jigs: The Golden Rod; Haste to the Wedding; 2 Traditional
A-3 Slow air; Mrs. Ferguson of Reath; South West Bridge; Paddy on the Turnpike
A-4 Jigs: Chéticamp & 2 other jigs
A-5 A group of old-time jigs
A-6 Reels: tom Rae, Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston; Ann MacQuarries; Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay; High Road to Linton

Recording is available for research and study purposes only:
T-1305 Side 1:
T-1305 Side 2:

CBC Radio
Calum Johnston: Gaelic Songs
CA BI T-137 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item consists of an audio recording of Calum Johnston singing a selection of Gaelic songs. Calum Johnston, brother of folklore and song collector Annie Johnston, is a renowned Gaelic tradition bearer, bagpiper and singer from Castle Bay on the Isle of Barra, Scotland.

"O gur mise th'airno chradh"

"O'n dh' fhag thu mi..."

"Smuatintinn truagh a th'air mi aigne"

"O Gain Ghlinn Cuaich"

"Dh 'eirich mi 's cha robh mi sunnd..."

"Ged is grianach a' latha"

"Blar na h' Eaglaise..."

"Faigh a nuas dhuinn am botul"

"Chuir 'as Caisteal a'ghlinn mi"

"Horo Bhodachain"

"Bheir miho hu bha ho"


"Si Morag a rinn a' bhanais"

"N robh thu 's a bheinn?"

"Fhir a' chinn duibh"

"Eo ho Raghnaill ad thall"

"Na faighinn gille t'a cheannach"

"Chaidh maille air mo leiasinn"

University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies
CA BI FT-3.2 · Item · 1981
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is a video recording of a cable access show of various events in the summer of 1981; tape includes Emily Butler, Helen Xidos, Fred Miles, Peggy Ryba, John Archie MacLellan, Danny Christmas, Chief Alex Christmas, Chief Raymond Francis, Russell MacLellan, Vince MacLean, and Terry Paul.


Scottish: 000-explanation of tartans, old clothes dryer, woodcarder, sheepshearers, handwoven wool coverlet (50 yrs. old), handmade wood blanket (100 yrs. old), porridge pot and porridge paddle, spinning wheel, waulking wheel (uses for flax), baked goods, China plates and mugs sponsored by the Cape Breton Gaelic Society Pipe Band, 099-explanation of the Cape Breton Gaelic Society's Pipe and Drum Band, 125-Irish dancers, 164-Playing the spoons, The Greek Community: 191-bazuka, explanation of Uzo and worry beads, 228-explanation and display of the Greek National Guard Costume, description of the national guard costume, 236-explanation of Marriage crown, 249-marriage cup, silver tray and sugared almonds, gift by newlyweds to best man or woman, 269-baptismal gown, 282-explanation of the downtown Mall concept, Polish: 330-explanation of Polish handcrafts, Polish Easter eggs, 378-Polish eagle, 388-display of dolls in traditional costumes, 403-discussion of Sydney's Polish Community (only active one east of Montreal), 1981 N.S. Indian Summer Games 420-greetings, 441-opening of games with Mi'kmaw prayer by Mrs. Pauline Bernard and Mrs. Matilda Hearny, introducing Terry Paul, 483-introduction of Chief Alex Christmas and Chief Raymond Francis, 489-presentation of summer games' parchment to Chief Raymond Francis, 507-Welcome Speech, 513-introducing Alderman Neil MacDonald, Alderman Charlie Palmer, Mayor Manning MacDonald, 525-introducting Mr. Russell MacLellan (MP), Mr. Vince MacLean (M.L.A.), 548-short speech, 567-short speech, 573-introduction of delegation from the Dept. of Indian Affairs & Northern Dev., Ray Senya-Minister's representative, Ron Wit, regional director, 583-Mr. Ray Senya-greetings, 597-Mr. Danny Christmas, introduction of Donny MacNeil, representing minister of recreation, culture and fitness, 607-Mr. Donny MacNeil, speech, 616-Mr. Ron Wit, speech, 629-Terry Paul, introducing Steve Rankin, pres. of Devco, Dave Miller, Vice pres. of Devco, Steve MacNeil, 632-Dave Miller, greetings, 648-Canoe Events at Rotary Park, Terry Paul, explanation of the canoe events, 671-canoe event, 678-interview with winners (Josephine Marshall & Darlene Paul) of the 100m womens canoe race, 697-canoe event, 746-interview with winners (Sheryl Nevine & Taina Paul) of the 100m. canoe races, 756-canoe events, 778-interview with winners (George Chiierdor & Terry Paul) of the 100 & 200 meter race, DEVCO Plowing Demonstration-Summer '81 792-interview with Ray ?, explanation of what judges are looking for, competition plowing is all based on practical plowing, type of finish to the plowing, 937-explanation of a specific furrow

Cape Breton Cable
Cape Breton Music Workshop
CA BI T-163 · Item · 1981
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

College of Cape Breton, October 24-26, 1981
Part I

See notes in Transcription file

Sheldon MacInnis:

Norman MacDonald:
Presentation on Gaelic music
Characteristics of the music of the Celtic peoples, especially Scottish
"Highland" music
Tenacity of the Gaelic culture...
Notable geographical areas of Gaelic music
Celtic musical instruments & their effect on the vocal music
Different types of Celtic music: choral, church, mouth...
Description of milling songs, their function, quality, and structure
Milling song performed by member of the audience
"Luinneagan" - thought to be origins of milling songs
Structure of milling songs: leader, followers, chorus etc.
History of Collecting milling songs in Cape Breton
Song about interaction between early Scots & Mi'kmaq at Esakasoni
Role of the bard...
Historical discrepancies in bardic writings
Certain songs and poems become synonymous with Celtic settlement in Nova Scotia
Songs give converse views of the life of the early settlers
Gaelic song by Mae Cameron
The elegy - solemn, sometimes sorrowful, always serious
Mae Cameron: Gaelic song written by her father on the death of his wife
Norman MacDonald:
Gaelic song being composed in C.B.
A taped song by Archie MacKenzie
Comparison of a song sung by a twelve-year old girl in Scotland, then sung by Malcolm Smith

"'S e Cheap Breatuinn tir mo ghraidh" by Debbie & Susan MacNeil

Norman MacDonald:
The role of the chorus in the song
The "puirt-a-beul" or mouth music which came out of the proscription of the bagpipes
Oral transmission of music in Cape Breton as well as in Scotland

"Canntaireachd" (Sheldon MacInnis)

Development of rock bands in Celtic music (Norman MacDonald)
"Rock" Gaelic song by Malcolm Smith

Norman MacDonald:
Singing: a way of keeping communities close together
Musicians should become aware of the historical & cultural origins of the music
Gaelic singing tradition in C.B. is unique in North America
Gaelic language statistics - music is an extention of the language
Recognize the real Celtic music as opposed to popular trends

Debbie Meeks:
"Darling Maggie" Ballad
Explanation of the song & its traditional transmission
Her own experience collecting songs in Cape Breton
Important of life in the community while collecting
Her informants are found...
Allan Gwynn of Cape North - his life history
She sings a song learned from Jenny Joe Wilkie
"Blooming Johnnie"
Stanley Collins from Scotsville - composer and singer
Songs & stories about the "Judique Flyer"

College of Cape Breton, October 24-26, 1981
Part II
(CBI Tape)
See notes in Transcription file

Deborah Meeks, Halifax:
Songs & stories of the "Judique Flyer"
Cape Breton composers...
Contemporary style vs. traditional style

Kenzie MacNeil, Sydney:
Relationship between musicians and the Island
Metamorphosis of the culture from Scotland to C.B.
Clan system n the Highlands - new system in the New World
Modernization effected change...
Changes in rural Cape Breton...
Explanations of the "Dachaidh Miners"
Influence of radio on folk traditions
John Allan Cameron - how he helped the culture
Influence of scottish roots on song-writing
Singers & songwriters who use the traditional music...

Rita MacNeil, Big Pond:
"The Lupins" - reason for writing the song
Her problems in relation to "academic" music
"The Black Rocks" composed by Rita MacNeil
"The Old Man" - feeling about her father
Songwriting just happens...
"Broken Heart String" composed by Rita MacNeil

Buddy MacDonald:
"Retreat from Ross Ferry" composed by Buddy MacDonald
Comments on songwriting
"The Last Call for Summer" composed by Buddy MacDonald
Song composed on going to the "tar sands of Alberta to make my fortune"
"Home" composed by Buddy MacDonald
"To the Tar Sands and Back" composed by Buddy MacDonald

Beaton, Elizabeth Dr.
Cape Breton Scottish Music
CA BI T-3142 · Item · 1960
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Side A: Recorded at the Ashby Legion, the program consists of a variety of music, both instrumental and vocal: Billy Mac Phee plays a number of Scottish fiddle tunes, accompanied by Susan Mac namara, piano. Hugh Mac Kenzie performs unaccompanied Gaelic songs. [Some distortion in sound caused by overlapping channels on tape]. Francis and Allan beaton play a series of bagpipe pieces. [Again, sound distortion from overlapping channels]. Side B: Sound is too severly distorted to be of use.