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Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia

  • 97-871-28719
  • Item
  • 1918

Item is a composite photograph of the mess rooms at Aldershot Camp and those stationed there in July, 1918. The three long buildings in the foreground surrounded by lines of soldiers are the mess halls and other buildings and tents are visible in the background.

Aldershot Military Camp

  • 77-916-1050
  • Item
  • ca. 1914

Item is a photographic postcard of the Aldershot Military Camp taken during the First World War. Tents, a few buildings, and soldiers are visible.

Alex Denny Home, Eskasoni

  • 98-323-29110
  • Item
  • 1996

File consists of various photographs of the interior and exterior of this home.

Alex Francis McKay

  • 81-792-5872
  • Item
  • 1979

Item is a photograph of fiddler Alex Francis MacKay.

Alex MacInnis

  • 97-146-27984
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photograph of Alex MacInnis, former city alderman.

Alex Storm

  • MG 15.66
  • Fonds
  • 1965

Fonds of consist of a reproduction (photocopy) of Marine diver, Alex Storm: “The History, Search, Discovery and Recovery of the Treasure of the “Chameau” (1725). Note, this Story is not to be used or duplicated without consent in writing from the author. Refer: F 5052, T7 in UCCB Library.

Alexander ("The Ridge") MacDonald

  • MG 6.72
  • Fonds
  • 19th century

Fonds consists of a microfilm reel relating to Gaelic literature and poetry.

MacDonald, Alexander

Alexander Doyle

  • 98-841-29628
  • Item
  • 1998

Item is a photograph of grave marker of Alexander Doyle (1925 - 1998) located in St. Mary's Cemetery in Mabou. On the back of the photo is his obituary from the newspaper.

Alexander Graham Bell

  • 77-1474-1608
  • Item
  • 1923

Item is a photograph of the inscription on the tombstone of Mr. Alexander Graham Bell and Mrs. Mabel G. Hubbard Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site : Attraction Expansion Feasibility Study

  • Reports: Museums
  • Item
  • 2009

Item is a feasibility study prepared in 2009 for the Silver Dart Centennial Association (SDCA). The SDCA commissioned a group of architects, museum planners and fundraisers to carry out a study that would develop plans for and assess the feasibility of expanding facilities at the AGB National Historic Site.

Alexander Hugh McKinnon, Q.C.

  • 93-355-24329
  • Item
  • 1993

Item is a photograph of the gravestone of Alexander Hugh McKinnon who is buried at Stella Maris Cemetery in Inverness.

Alexander Johnston, M.P.

  • 77-1428-1562
  • Item
  • October 23, 1908

Item is a postcard that includes a photograph of M.P. Alexander Johnston.

Alexander L. Hay fonds

  • MG 12.81
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1938

Fonds consists of speeches on coal mining, mine safety, and the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Hay, Alexander Lauder

Alexander MacDonald

  • 85-115-15815
  • Item
  • ca. 1910

Item is a photograph of Alexander MacDonald (Irish Cove) and his daughter.

Alexander MacDonald

  • 85-114-15814
  • Item
  • 1985

Item is a sketch of Alexander MacDonald of Irish Cove, sketch was by Ed. Michilik.

Alexander MacDonald fonds

  • MG 3.14
  • Fonds
  • 1829-1850

Fonds consists of correspondence from Christopher MacDonald to his brother Alexander at Black Brook, Mira Road; one letter from Quebec in 1829 and the other from Boston in 1850.

Alexander MacKenzie, M.P.

  • 77-757-891
  • Item
  • ca. 1875

Item is a photograph of Alexander MacKenzie, a Western Canadian who was a M.P. from 1873-1878.

Alexander McKay School, Halifax Catastrophe

  • 77-1005-1139
  • Item
  • ca. 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. This picture shows a view of the Alexander McKay School, resembling a shell-torn building in Flanders.

Alice Willmot

  • 84-62-14162
  • Item
  • ca. 1885

Item is a photograph of Alice (nee Lister) Willmot, mother of Percy Willmot.

Allan Cathcart

  • 76-95
  • Item
  • 1965-1985

Item is a photograph of a presentation being made to Mr. Allan Cathcart for his 71 years of service to the Dominion Coal Company. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Cathcart and their granddaughter are in the front row; Angus MacDonald, E.B. Paul, P.J. Carroll, Earnie Wright, H.C.M. Gordon and Earnie Beaton are in the second row.

Allan J. Gillis fonds

  • MG 6.9
  • Fonds
  • 1777-1999

Fonds consists of papers consisting of: articles and music composed by or for Mr. Gillis; papers compiled by Mr. Gillis; clippings and handwritten versions of Gaelic poetry and stories; biographies and genealogical information; articles, songs and miscellaneous items.

A. Articles and music composed by or for Mr. Gillis:

  1. Bagpipe music composed by Mr. Gillis, 1965.
  2. "The Goilleachen", [n.d.], notes about a Gaelic Easter tradition.
  3. "A Highland Halloween in Canada". Halloween traditions in the Judique area.
  4. Allan James Gillis of Judique "March" by George D. Grant. This tune was composed by George Darroch Grant, a former pipe-major of the Scots Guards and the RCAF while he was Mr. Gillis' pipe-major in the City of Montreal Pipe Band. Photocopy, (1 p.).

B. Papers compiled by Mr. Gillis:

  1. Anecdotes about Donald Eoghain Duinn and Peter Smyth; "Peter Smyth's Song" by Alasdair MacLean.
    1a. Gaelic version of above.
    1b. Notes by Lloyd Leland on obscure words (Gaelic. and also notes about Alasdair MacLean (composer) by Allan Gillis, July, 1991 Photocopies (2 p.).
    B2. List of Scottish violin players.
    3."The Bluenosers' Castle" by Hugh Angus MacDougall.
  2. Genealogies:
    a. MacDonalds of Glendale and of Borrodale
    b. Neil MacDougall, Pioneer of Judique Intervale, 1975, (89 p.).
    c. The Clan MacLellan, compiled by Rev. James A. MacLellan, 1940, (18 p.).
    d. The Gillises of Rear Judique Banks, 1973 (15 p.).
  3. Diary of Angus Innis MacDougall, St. Ninians, 1912-1915, (77 p.).
    C. Clippings and handwritten version of Gaelic poetry and stories, including: an English translation of Bard MacLean's "Gloomy Forest". Photocopies, (18 p.); a lament for the death of Hugh MacDonald of Glencoe by Ronald Beaton; a Gaelic translation of the song "You Can't Make Monkey Out of Me";the story "Iseabail augs Monagan"; The songs "Catriona Dhonn", Anull do dh'Ile Bhoidheach and "An Till Thu Tuilleadh" by E MacFhionnghuin (Jonathan G MacKinnon?); "Rann do'n Cheud Cheard" by Duncan Ban MacIntyre and the song "A Mhairi Bhinn Mheall-Shuileach" composed by Jimmy (Seumas Aonghuis) MacKay of Kingsville

D. 1.Gillis genealogy, (2 p.).

  1. Co Leis Thu? A Dangerous Question, (1 p.).
  2. List of teachers 1907-1963 St. Ninian School, Judique Intervale, C. B., (1 p.).
  3. The Clubhouse Song by Allan Gillis, Ottawa, February 1992, (2 p.).
  4. Death of a Sturdy Old Pioneer, John MacDonald 1822-1913 plus Obituary, (3 p.).
  5. Gaelic names and brooks, bridges, roads etc., in the Glendale area - list compiled by Jimmy MacKay, West Bay Road, (2 p.).
  6. Letter of complaint by J. F. Gillis addressed to Rev. L. J. MacDonald, Parish Priest of Judique, April 24, 1938, (1 p.).
  7. Music sheet notes "Wee Donald's Farewell", The Creignish Hills, Glengarry's Dirk, Strathlorne March, The Antigonish Centenary Gathering, Cutting Bracken, Phelim's Wee Boat (Bardin Fheidhlimi. Wandering Mary, The Dark Stream (Ant'Alltan Dubh) Godfrey Crovan's Galley (Berlinn G Horaidh Chrobhain) My Eye is on Thee (Mo Shail a'd Dheiger) Leaving
    Barra, The Loch Tay Boat Song. (10 p.).
  8. The Goilleachan, A Gaelic Easter Feast by Allan Gillis, (1 p.).
  9. The Bluenosers' Castle, Lyrics to song. (2 p.).
  10. Memories by Hugh A. MacDougall, Lyrics to Song, (1 p.).
  11. Gaelic Mo Shuil A'D Dheigh, (1 p.).
  12. Lament for Allan MacFarlane by Walter MacFarlane, (1 p.).

E. Eigg (Eige. Roll - List of men, women & children in the Parish of Eigg 1764-1765 by Neill McNeill, Catechist including the Isle of Muck, Rumm & Canna. Census lists - Protestants --Isle of Eige, Papists, Galmisdale in Eige Papists, Gruline Papists, Laigtown, Cleadale in Eige Papists, Howland, Fivepenny in Eige,Sandmore, Sandbeg in Eige, Kildonan in Eige Papists, the Rev. Malcolm McAskill genealogy.

F. Miscellaneous items:

  1. Contract agreement for construction of first church in Judique, 13 June 1819, (2 p.).
  2. John MacLellan ‘‘Red" of Morar, Scotland and Glenville, Nova Scotia, compiled by Margaret A. Gillis, Windsor and Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa, 1997.
  3. Biographies and genealogies:
    a. Father David Gillies, Father Ronald Rankin, Duncan Joseph Rankin, and Peter Rankin, (6. p.).
    b. Passenger ship ‘‘Alexander", 1772.
    c. First petition for land in the Judique area, 1789, (3 p.).
    d. Father Anthony MacDonald Genealogy, (4 p.).
    e. Origins of Some Pioneer Families of River Denys Mountain and Area, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia by Donald E. Read and Allan J. Gillis, 1996, (28 p.).
    f. Some Lights and Shades of Family History by Angus J. MacDonald, Port Hawkesbury, 1893 (John ‘‘Ban" MacDonald, Eigg, Scotland., (10 p.).
    g. Gillies - Gillis - MacGillis by A. J. Gillis, 1995, (4 p.).
    h. MacLellans of Inverness County, 1871 Census, Inverness County, (27 p.).
    i. The MacLellans of Inverness County, 1871 Census.

G. Articles:
1A. Humble Cathedral, by Cathy Gillies, Port Hood. Church at Indian Point, Judique North, oldest Highland parish in Cape Breton, 1818, (2 p.).

  1. River Denys Mountain - A Sketch by Allan J. Gillis, 1997, (4 p.).

H. Songs:
1."The Cookhouse Song" by Peggy ‘‘Duncan Jim" MacDougall (Gillis), 1952, (1 p.).
2.Oran Pheadair (Peter Smyth’s Song., (6 p.).

  1. Oran Seann Mhoireasdan (mar gum b’ann le mhnaoi. le: Alasdair ‘‘Niall Mor" MacDhomhnuill, Beinn Noah, E.C.B. (Transcribed and translated by Effie Rankin, Mabou, 1995., (8 p.).
    Ship ‘‘Catherine", Mabou Pioneers, p. 639.

I. Genealogy and Information on the surname Boyd:

  1. Genealogy on the Boyds of Glendale, compiled by Allan J. Gillis, 1999 (15 p.).
  2. Reader’s letter to the Editor of The Oban Times, April 18, 1974, regarding the surname Boyd. (1 p.).

J. Genealogies

  1. Origins of some Pioneer Families of River Denys Mtn. And Area, Inverness Co., Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia by Donald E. Read and Allan J. Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (24 p.).
  2. The MacLellan Family of Hillsdale, compiled by Allan J. Gillis, 1999, (6 p.)
  3. The Descendants of Angus ‘‘Ban" Gillis, compiled by Margaret A. (Gillies) Gillis, Windsor, Ontario, 1998, (12 p.)
  4. The Descendants of John MacEachern, Kingsville, N.S., by Allan James Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (14 p.). (N.B. This follows out only the line of: A. John MacEachern)
    4a. The Descendants of John MacEachern, Kingsville, N.S., by Allan James Gillis, Ottawa, Ontario, 1999, (17 p.). (N.B. this follows out only the line of: A. John MacEachern). (This is a revised version of J. 4.

K. Some common Gaelic names as used in Cape Breton.

L. Correspondence
7 letters from Sister Margaret Beaton to Allan J. Gillis dated August 25, 1970 to December 6, 1971. (8 p. photocopies)

M. Photographs
Photograph (col.) of Allan J. Gillis with his two children, Alasdair and Duncan Gillis taken with Sister Margaret Beaton at Cape Bretoniana Archives, 1973. Photograph Accession number: 11-19-30042

Gillis, Allan J.

Allan Ridgway fonds

  • MG 12.110
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1973

Fonds consists of papers and medals concerning enlistment and service in World War I, including award of the Military Medal, 1915-1921; appointment as Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1931; and clippings of obituaries of Allan and Frances Ridgway, 1970-1973.

Ridgway, Allan

Allan Sullivan, MLA

  • 79-1040-4020
  • Item
  • 1970-1971

Item is a photograph of Allan Sullivan.

Allan Sullivan, MLA

  • 79-1039-4019
  • Item
  • 1970-1971

Item is a photograph of Allan Sullivan.

Allen Ridgeway

  • 82-195-6895
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photograph of Allen Ridgeway

Allen Ridgeway

  • 82-194-6894
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photograph of Mr. Ridgeway, the photo shows him playing piano.

Allie MacInnis

  • 90-2294-21726
  • Item
  • 1988

Item is a photograph of Allie MacInnis, Sydney's Town Crier at UCCB native "Capers" banquet honoring native Cape Bretoners.

Alphonse Plant

  • 77-981-1115
  • Item
  • ca. 1925

Item is a photograph of Alphonse Plant and three unidentified men in Alder Point, Cape Breton.

Alphonse Plante

  • 77-98-1115
  • Item
  • n.d.

item is a photograph of four men taken near Alder point. The gentleman holding the stone is Mr. Alphonse Plante, the other three gentlemen in picture are unknown.

Alvinus Calder fonds

  • MG 12.192
  • Fonds
  • 1962

Fonds consists of of an undated autobiography, a travel-logue of a trip to Moscow in 1962, a letter to the editor of a Grenada newspaper concerning that island's economy, a clipping of a speech that Dr. Calder gave on racial prejudice, and a report of the Medical Committee. The fonds also includes an address given by Dr. Calder to St. Andrew's Brotherhood, Sydney, 1950 about racial prejudice.

Calder, Alvinus

Am Bratach

  • PAM 159
  • Item
  • [after 1880]

Item is a newsletter published by the Gaelic Society of Toronto.

Am Bru-Dhearg

  • GSB1
  • Item
  • 1913

Item is a collection of contemporary and traditional songs accompanied by sol-fa notation.

Am Bruadaraiche

  • G136
  • Item
  • 1980

Item is a short story about a man who travels the world in his dreams.

Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig

  • GPLAY54
  • Item
  • 1939

Item is a modified version of MacCormick's Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig and Banntrach Tharmaid modified for use by the Sydney branch of the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada.

Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig ; Calum is Bantrach Tharmaid

  • GPLAY17
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a publication which contains two plays. The first is about a man that pretends to have forgotten his Gaelic. The man acquires Glasgow colloquial speech. The second story is a conversation between Norman's widow and Calum, who has just returned from serving with the British Army in Ireland.
There are also two typed plays by Joseph J. MacInnis which are somewhat based on and seem to consolidate MacNab's plays. MacInnis includes a booklet from the performance of the play at the Lyceum.

Am Fear-Smalaidh

  • G47
  • Item
  • 1971

Item is an early reader for school children.

Am Mosgladh ; Vol. 1

  • GN8
  • Item
  • 1929-1963

Item is a monthly periodical published by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada. It covered Gaelic affairs in Nova Scotia and abroad and included articles on folklore and Scottish history.

Am Mosgladh ; Vol. 4

  • GN9
  • Item
  • 1932

Item is a monthly periodical published by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada. It covered Gaelic affairs in Nova Scotia and abroad and included articles on folklore and Scottish history.

Am Mosgladh ; Vol.3

  • GN10
  • Item
  • 1930-1932

Item is a monthly periodical in published by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada. It covered Gaelic affairs in Nova Scotia and abroad and included articles on folklore and Scottish history.

Am Mosgladh Mor

  • GPLAY23
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a play concerning the adventures of dwarfs on a fictional island. It includes several original songs found at the back of the text with sol-fa notation.

Am Poidsear

  • GPLAY26
  • Item
  • 1951

Item is a translation of a humerus play about life in rural Wales.

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