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An Solus Iuil ; Leabhar 1, Aireamh 2

  • GN16
  • Item
  • 1925

Item was a monthly periodical published by the recently created United Church. It's writings are religious in nature with the occtional wedding announcement.

An t-Agh Odhar

  • GPLAY14
  • Item
  • 1931

Item is a humerus play.

An t-Agh Odhar

  • GPLAY29
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a humerus play which appears in the periodical, An Sgeulaiche. The number within that series is not in print

An Taigh-Osda

  • GPLAY32
  • Item
  • 1950

item is a play that is set just after the battle of Culloden, during the Pacification of the Highlands.

An t-Airgiod-Cinn

  • GPLAY31
  • Item
  • 1950

Item is the translation of a play by Irish nationalist and folklorist, Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory.

An t-Eithireach

  • G163
  • Item
  • 1952

Item is a collection of original poems and songs including musical notation.

MacLeod, Major C.I.N.

An t-Iasgair

  • G28
  • Item
  • 1969

Item is a reader for school children.

An t-Suirghe Fhadalach

  • GPLAY35
  • Item
  • 1942?

Item is a translation of a play by Scottish playwright Gordon Wright.

An Unidentified Brook

  • 77-1077-1211
  • Item
  • ca. 1909

Item is a photograph of an unidentified brook.

Ancient Order of Hibernian, Ladies Auxiliary

  • 76-62
  • Item
  • 1940

Item is a photograph of approximately thirty-five members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernian stand for a portrait at the Cape Breton County Convention in 1940.

Anderson Family fonds

  • MG 12.232
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1953

Fonds consists of the personal papers of Alexander Anderson and his descendants, including a collection of legal documents, land holdings, deeds, and papers of Capt. A/Major Percival William Anderson.

Anderson, Alexander

Andrew Carnegie

  • 77-1223-1357
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is an oil painting of Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Carnegie

  • 77-1205-1339
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of Andrew Carnegie.

Andrews, Edmund

  • MG 12.121
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1942

Fonds consists of "Coxheath or a Century of Civilization" by E. A., 1899, and scrapbook of miscellaneous clippings, some relating to Coxheath, compiled by Ethel Lewis Routledge, Reserve Mines, 1936-1942.

Anglican Rectory, Sydney

  • 80-882-5062
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of the Anglican Rectory on the corner of Esplanade and Dorchester Street.

Angus B. MacIsaac Wedding

  • 78-167-1917
  • Item
  • ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the wedding of Anne MacFarlane and Angus B. MacIsaac at St. Joseph's Church in Southwest Margaree.

Angus Currie

  • 97-140-27978
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photograph of Angus Currie.

Angus Cyprian Day fonds

  • MG 12.35
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1973, predominant 1933-1973

Fonds consists of personal records regarding Angus Cyprian's work within the community and genealogy research. This includes the genealogies of the Brown family of Sydney Mines, Day family of Sydney Mines, and the Johnstone family of Halifax. Also, personal records regarding Day's involvement with the Knights of Columbus, and financial statements, minutes and correspondence regarding the Cape Breton Mental Health Centre. Fonds also consists of agreements, statements, and minutes regarding the Cape Breton Hospital, Braemore Home, and the Nova Scotia Research Foundation. Also included in the fonds are deeds and other legal documents related to the Sparling and Barrington families.

Day, Angus Cyprian

Angus J. MacDonald fonds

  • MG 21.9
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1971 ; predominant 1921-1964

Letters received by Angus J. MacDonald of Silver Mine, Whitney Pier and Big Glen between the years 1917-1973 from the Nolan's, James P. Sr. and James I. Jr.. Also included are letters and cards from other relatives and friends of Angus and a few photographs.

MacDonald, Angus J.

Angus L. MacDonald fonds

  • MG 9.32
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1965

Fonds consists of papers including speeches, event programs, clippings and other miscellaneous documents.

Macdonald, Angus L.

Angus McLellan fonds

  • MG 12.172
  • Fonds
  • 1906-1934

Fonds consists of documents relating to census and school in Grand Mira North, as well as McLellan's military enlistment in World War I, his appointment to Justice f the Peace, Dominion Doal Company pay slips, grocery and school receipts.

McLellan, Angus

Angus R. MacDonald fonds

  • MG 6.33
  • Fonds
  • 1928-1973

Fonds consists of papers including poetry, book excerpts, and a scrapbook. Papers include:

  1. A collection of his poetry compiled by his daughter, Christena E. MacDonald, 1968. Also included is a poem by French Road bard, Duncan MacDonald. Typescript and printed, 32 pages.
  2. Excerpts from Songs of the Gael [n.d.]. Printed, 6 pages.
  3. Obituary of Angus R. MacDonald, 1973. Clippings including a poem by John Og Walker of Lake Ainslie.
  4. “Biography of Christena Evelyn MacDonald” 1931. Original, 9 pages.
  5. Scrapbook of clippings pertaining to Florence E. MacDonald’s track and field career, and including clippings on Johnny Miles, 1929.
  6. Failte Cheap Breatuinn: A collection of Gaelic poetry by Vincent A. MacLellan (1891). The MacNeil Edition edited by James Hugh MacNeil, 1933. Typescript 233 pages. Supplement, 1933, containing biography of V. A. McLellan. Typescript, 22 pages. Presented by Angus R. MacDonald.

MacDonald, Angus R.

Angus Stephen Beaton Collection

  • MG 6.61
  • Fonds

Fonds consists of two volumes of collected Gaelic songs by various Cape Breton and Scottish bards. An index is included in the front of each volume:

MacDonald, Allen “The Ridge”
MacDonald, Alexander “The Ridge”
MacDonald, Alexander “Am Painter Mor”
MacDonald, Dan Alex
MacDonald, John (Hunter)
MacDonald, Alexander (Turner)
MacDonald, Angus (MacAlasdair)
MacDonald, Allan (Miramachie)
MacDonald, Donald (The Ridge)
MacDonald, Angus (Aonghas MacAlasdair)
MacDonald, Dan S. (Miramachi)
MacDonald, A. T. (Antigonish)
MacKinnon, Jonathan G.
MacLellan, Angus Y
MacLellan, Donald (Big Dan)
MacLean, Alexander (Alasdair MacEoghain Bhain)
Gillis, Malcolm H. (Calum na h-Aibhne)
MacLean, Hugh
Beaton, Sam
Walker, John
Nicholson, Hugh (Eoin MacIain Ic Macail)
Ferguson, C. A.
Beaton, Ronald (Maire Ban)
MacIsaac, Hugh
Gillis, Hector
MacLean, John (not the Bard MacLean)
MacFayden, John
Gillis, Michael
MacIsaac, Allen
MacLean, Sam
MacEachern, Dougald
MacLean, Donald
Beaton, Angus
MacLeod, Neil

Angus Y. MacLellan fonds

  • MG 6.63
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1946

Fonds consists of poems, biography of Angus Y. MacLellan, and recollections of life on Margaree Island.

  1. Poem: “Clach An Càrn an Dòmhnallaich” was presented by Sister St. Francis of Rome, C.N.D.

  2. Duncan H. and Mary Margaret MacLellan recall their childhood spent on Margaree Island. Typescript, 12 pages Presented by Margaret Long, Brockton, Mass., June 1983.

  3. “My years on Margaree Island” by Lauranna MacLellan MacDonald, who presented the paper in December, 1983. Photocopy, 4 pages.

  4. Biography of Angus Y. MacLellan (1887-1960) Photocopy, 11 pages.

Songs composed by Angus Y. MacLellan and other bards that appear in "Smeòrach nan Cnoc 's nsn Gleann" and "Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia". Photocopy, 10 pages
Story “Raonull Ban Mac Eoghain Oig” by Aonghas MacGillfhaolain. Print, 26 pages.

  1. “The Part Played by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada in the Establishment of the St. F. X. Extension Department” 1953. Typescript, 21 pages.

Clippings: Obituary of Rev. Michael Gillis, 1970; Obituary of Ernest Hart, the Chairmaker from Northeast Margaree, n.d. Presented by Sister Carmelina MacLellan, Port Hawkesbury, 1984.

MacLellan, Angus Y.

Ann Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-262-396
  • Item
  • ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Ann Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown of Sydney Mines.

Ann Terry MacLellan

  • 87-106-16636
  • Item
  • ca. 1960

Item is a photograph of CJCB Radio announcer, Ann Terry, at the Vogue Theatre Lobby

(Ann) Terry MacLellan

  • 77-1415-1549
  • Item
  • ca. 1970

Item is a photograph of radio announcer and director of tourism (Ann) Terry MacLellan.

Anne Briscoe

  • MG 15.56
  • Fonds
  • 1982

Fonds include the following: 1. Poem “Ode to Mary Jane” (1982-1983). Commentaries on CBC Radio are on Tape #2085 (June 1983) 53 photocopied p. 2. Scripts written and broadcast on CBC in (October 1983 & January-February 1984) 84 photocopied p.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-281-415
  • Item
  • 1881-1900

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown who married Dr. L.W. Johnstone.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-283-417
  • Item
  • 1880-1900

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown who married Dr. L.W. Johnstone.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-280-414
  • Item
  • 1885-1900

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown who married Dr. L.W. Johnstone.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-282-416
  • Item
  • August 1871

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown, at the age of 2 years and 4 months.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-278-412
  • Item
  • 1871-1900

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown who married Dr. L.W. Johnstone.

Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone

  • 77-279-413
  • Item
  • 1873-1880

Item is a photograph of Anne Ethel (Brown) Johnstone, daughter of R.H. Brown, sitting in a chair.

Anne Frizzle

  • 87-892-17422
  • Item
  • 190-?

Item is a photograph of Anne Frizzle. Nurse Frizzle was the last serving member of the 1st graduation class of St. Joseph's Hospital in Glace Bay (graduated in 1905). Anne Frizzle died in Hamilton, Ont. in 1961.

Anne Terry MacLellan

  • 97-138-27976
  • Item
  • ca. 1970

Item is a photograph of Anne Terry MacLellan, former announcer with CJCB & DEVCO executive.

Annie Johnston

  • MG 6.46
  • Fonds

Fonds consists of "An Clachan a b'Aithne Dhomh" : description of life on the Isle of Barra in the 1800s.

Johnston, Annie

Annie MacDonald fonds

  • MG 20.21
  • Fonds
  • 1918

Fonds consists of an autograph book of signatures and poems that Annie MacDonald collected during World War 1.

MacDonald, Annie


  • MG 15.3
  • Item

Two comic poems: “Prayers of the MacDonalds” and “The Highlandman’s Prayer.”

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