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CA BI 13-009-30063 · Item · ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of troops of the 94th Regiment at arms in front of Marconi Station. Dozens of troops are lined along a path with an officer standing at the right end. There are multiple buildings visible in the background.

CA BI 13-010-30064 · Item · ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of troops of the 94th Regiment at arms in front of Marconi Station. Dozens of troops and officers are lined in rows in front of a large house, some sitting and some standing.

Summer Cottage Rental
CA BI MG 21.26-18-72-30717 · Item · ca. 1952
Part of Paruch Family fonds

Item is a photograph of the Redmond family and Paruch family at a summer cottage. Pictured left to right: Richard Paruch, Johnny Paruch, Noreen Redmond, Annie Tynski Redmond, Jimmie Redmond, and John J. Paruch.

Coal Wash Plant-Sydney Mines
CA BI 2016-025 · Item · ca. 1960

Item consists of a painting of the Coal Wash Plant at Old Sydney Collieries in Sydney Mines. The painting features the coal preparation site with a man and dog sitting in the foreground.

Astephen, Georgina Schima
Steel Strike - DOSCO
CA BI N Series-237.3 · Item · ca. 1940
Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

Item is a photograph of children riding in the back of a truck holding picket signs during a DOSCO steelworkers strike.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
CA BI N Series-364.21 · Item · ca. 1940
Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

Item is a photographic portrait of students seated at desks with a map of the world behind them in a Sydney Academy classroom.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
Nurses Parade
CA BI N Series-538.3 · Item · ca. 1946
Part of Abbass Studios Ltd. fonds

Item is a photograph of uniformed nurses parading on Charlotte Street in Sydney.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
CA BI 76-10 · Item · 1898

Item is a photograph of a group of approximately twenty men in North Sydney; several men are in uniform and there is a dog in the foreground.

CA BI 76-102 · Item · 1909

Item is a photograph of the first draeger crew formed in North America; the crew was formed at the No. 2 and No. 9 collieries, Glace Bay.
Front row: John Joe MacNeil, Mr. Fergie, Norman MacKenzie. Middle row: Dan "Storey" MacDonald, Joe Campbell, Thomas Turner, James MacMahon, Unknown, Roddie "Heenan" MacDonald, Matt MacAdam, Dan MacGillivary, Gilbert Darroch, Alex T. MacNeil, Mick Steele.
Back row: Harry Miller, Vannie Nicholson, John MacLean, John Robinson, Dan W. "Kink" McDonald, Unknown, Unknown Evan Prothero, Unknown.

Sydney's Great Fire
CA BI 76-43 · Item · 1901

Item is a photograph of a view of the ruins left by the Great Fire on the west side of Bentinck Street from Wentworth to Prince. The fire that started in a Charlotte Street shop would destroy 67 buildings, leave 31 families homeless, and cause over $500,000 in damage. The Robert Ingraham House, Dillon Dwelling, Woodill House, Rudderham House, and the Conway Building (now Ingersall Road) were all destroyed in the fire. However, the building seen on the left hand side of the photograph is still standing today, as well as the Khattar home and Khattar Law Offices.

Kelly and Dodge
Sydney Mines Silver Thaw
CA BI 76-51 · Item · Feb-1931

Items are photographs and a postcard of the aftermath of a snowstorm in Sydney Mines. The trees are heavy with ice and snow and the snowbanks tower over the street.

North Sydney town band
CA BI 76-6 · Item · 1897

Item is a photograph of the North Sydney town band with instruments on St Patrick's Day, 1897. There are approximately forty individuals, all male, outside of the North Sydney Post Office.

James W. Madden
76-76 · Item · 1941-1961

Item is a photograph of James W. Maddin. He was a noted lawyer who was born in Westville in 1874 and died at City Hospital, Sydney on September 29, 1961.

CA BI 76-77 · Item · 1962

Item is a photograph of new members from Mexico being inducted into the Cape Breton Rail Rolling and Lobster Eating Society by President Clement M. Anson at Kennington Cove.

Fraser at No. 1-B Colliery
CA BI 77-104-238 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of Fraser, the last of the No. 1-B pit ponies. Fraser spent more of his life-time at the service of the coal company than any other horse in the company's history. He is shown here on the occasion of his retirement.

Shedden, Leslie
CA BI 77-105-239 · Item · 1952

Item is a photograph of pit horses on vacation during the miners' vacation at no. 20 colliery. The only time the pit ponies were brought to the surface was during the miners' three week vacation period. The vacation period was also used to maintain the mines.

Shedden, Leslie
C. and S. Swann Locomotive
CA BI 77-11-139 · Item · 1886

Item is a photograph of the C. and S. Swann Locomotive which was built at Sydney Mines for the General Mining Association. It was built under the direction of engineer John Elliot.

Streetcars at Reserve
CA BI 77-1181-1315 · Item · ca. 1930

Item is a photograph of streetcars in Reserve Mines. There are three streetcars and a station. In front of a streetcar are several men in uniform.

First Sydney Bus
CA BI 77-1182-1316 · Item · ca. 1930

Item is a photograph of women and children riding on the first Sydney Bus from the Sydney Bus Company. The bus was operated by Tom MacGowan.

CA BI 77-1187-1321 · Item · ca. 1950

Item is an aerial photograph of Campbell's Road, North Sydney.

CA BI 77-124-258 · Item · 1914-1918

Item is a photograph of a convoy in Sydney Harbour during the WWI, taken from the coal piers. At least two ships are visible in the harbour.

Moxham Castle, Sydney
CA BI 77-1240-1374 · Item · 1912

Item is a photograph of Moxham Castle in Sydney from the souvenir album "Souvenir of Cape Breton."

CA BI 77-1261-1395 · Item · 20th century

Item is a photograph of the Marconi Wireless Signal Station in Glace Bay from the souvenir album "Nova Scotia."

CA BI 77-127-261 · Item · 1954

Item is a photograph of the #26 locomotive of the old Sydney Collieries railway used for pushing coal on High Pier. Four men pose in front of the engine, P. H. Hall, Engineer; Mike MacInnis, Conductor; Cliff MacLean, Fireman; and Duncan Whalen, Brakeman.

Sydney Harbour
CA BI 77-1272-1406 · Item · 20th century

Item is a photograph of Sydney Harbour from the Moxham's residence from the souvenir album "Nova Scotia."

CA BI 77-132-266 · Item · 1918

Item is a photograph of Indian Beach, North Sydney. There is a horse and buggy on the road bordering the beach and many military tents are set up on the beach itself.

Mrs. Beryl Markham
CA BI 77-1326-1460 · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of Mrs. Beryl Markham in the Lewis home in Louisbourg after her flight. Markham was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in her Vega Gull, The Messenger. She was forced to make an early landing at Baleine, Cape Breton, due to bad weather. Her destination was New York, which she made after staying in Louisbourg for a weekend.

Caption: "1. Photo of Mrs. Beryl Markham taken in the Lewis home in Louisbourg, where she spent the weekend after her historic flight."

Cape Breton County Council
CA BI 77-1335-1469 · Item · 1889

Item is a photograph of the Cape Breton County Council.

Front row, sitting left to right: Henry LeCras, County Treasurer; Neil Morrison, Dist. No. 21, Loch Lomond; Donald MacLean, Dist. No. 6, s. East Bay; Wallace Richardson, Dist. No. 1, South Bar (later Mayor of Sydney); William Buchanan, High Sheriff; Duncan M. Gillis, Dist. No. 17, Grand Mira; Charles J. Logue, Court Crier.

Middle row, standing left to right: Robert Jackson, Dist. No. 2, Ball's Creek; Alexander MacDonald, County Constable; Joseph A. Gillies, K.C., County Solicitor; Henry C.V. LeVatte, Dist. No. 6, Louisbourg; Joseph H. MacKinnon, Dist. No. 9, Boisdale; Donald McDougall, Dist. No. 5, Main-a-dieu; Norman H. McNeil, Dist. No. 3, Hillside, Mira; John A. MacDougall, Dist. No. 14, Grand Narrows; Alexander Campbell, Dist. No. 18, Shipyard; Donald Morrison, Dist. No. 15, Catalone; Angus MacDougall, Dist. No. 16, Trout Brook; Robert Anderson, Dist. No. 12, Port Morien; James Ratchford, Dist. No. 2, Low Point & Lingan; John MacDougall, County Clerk.

Back row, standing from left to right: John Hardy, Dist. No. 7, Gabarus; John MacCormack, Dist. No. 4, Little Bras d'Or & Sydney Mines; Murdock MacKenzie, Dist. No. 10, Boularderie; Henry MacDonald, Dist. No. 11, Little Glace Bay & Bridgeport; Angus Curry, Dist. No. 19, N.S. East Bay; Michael E. Gillis, Dist. No. 13, Irish Cove.

Cotter's Saturday Night
CA BI 77-1374-1508 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of the cast of Cotter's Saturday Night, a radio program broadcast from Sydney in the 1930s.

Pictured in the back row, from left to right: Mrs. McKimmie, Malcolm R. MacLeod, Prof. Bernie McIntosh, Bleddyn Davies, M.J. Ballah, Mrs. Bleddyn Davies, and Hazel Matheson. Pictured in the front row, from left to right: John MacNeil, Mrs. C.D. Buck, Tena Campbell, Mabel (Noland) Kelleher, Bob Wright, George MacDonald, and Sandy MacLean.

Photograph was taken at the “Cromarty” estate built by John Kenneth Levison "Jack" Ross ca. 1905. It was located on Kings Road in Sydney.

Dodge, H. O.
Sydney Harbour, WWI
CA BI 77-1376-1510 · Item · ca. 1914

Item is a composite photograph of the first convoy during World War I in Sydney Harbour. More than 20 ships are visible in addition to buildings along the shore.

Peter MacIntyre
CA BI 77-1412-1546 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of Peter MacIntyre, who was an athlete from Big Pond.

Written on the reverse: "On reverse side is a photo of Peter MacIntyre, son of James MacIntyre and his wife, Flora MacDonald, both of Big Pond Parish. Peter was born in Big Pond about the middle 50's of the 19th century (likely in 1855). He was drowned about 1914. Peter was a famous athlete."

CA BI 77-1414-1548 · Item · 1976

Item is an aerial photograph of the Roman Catholic church in Main-à-Dieu taken shortly before it was destroyed in a forest fire in January 1976. The parish hall was also destroyed by fire in April of 1977.

Couple on a Porch, Boisdale
CA BI 77-1416-1550 · Item · ca. 1905

Item is a photograph that shows a woman knitting and a man reading a newspaper on a porch in Boisdale.

Sacred Heart Church, Sydney
CA BI 77-1438-1572 · Item · 1964

Item is a photograph of Sacred Heart Church in Sydney.

Sacred Heart Church, Sydney
CA BI 77-1442-1576 · Item · ca. 1972

Item is a photograph of the interior of Sacred Heart Church in Sydney. Rev. A.B. Campbell and the congregation are present, celebrating mass.

CA BI 77-156-290 · Item · 1908

Item is a photograph of workers at the Blacksmith and Boiler Shop Works at the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co., Sydney Mines.

Seated, from left to right: Tom Desmond, Charlie MacLeod, John Lamond, Martin Murphy, Unknown, Clyde Wood, Bob Boutilier, Unknown, Patrick Peck, Vince Hall, William Day, Ed Oram, Tom McKay, Peter MacMullin.
Back row, left to right: George Butts, Anthony Maddigan, Joe Hal, John Duncan Stewart, Alex Steele, Alex McRae, John Bryden, Unknown, John Carmichael, Unknown, Audrey Boutilier, Tom Carr.

Dominion Iron and Steel
CA BI 77-16-143 · Item · April 19, 1901

Item is a photograph of the mechanical department, machine shop, foundry and carpenter shop at the Dominion Iron and Steel Co.

Old Home Week Parade
CA BI 77-162-296 · Item · 1935

Item is a photograph of nurses walking down a street during the Old Home Week Parade in Sydney. Frances (Dodd) Ridgway has been identified in the second row on the right.

CA BI 77-167-301 · Item · 1893

Item is a photograph of a coal engine passing under Charlotte Street. Originally the Glasgow & Cape Breton Railway, by 1893 the Fairlie narrow-gauge locomotive was operated by the Sydney & Louisbourg Railway.

Umlah Studios
Dr. MacGillvray's Drug Store
CA BI 77-168-302 · Item · ca. 1880

Item is a photograph of the Cape Breton Boot and Show Store and Dr. MacGillvray's Drug Store found on the corner of Pitt and George Street in Sydney.