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Item · 1993

Item is a report titled "Moxham's Castle - Once a Proud Structure," written by Wanda Walker. It provides a history of the castle, including a brief coverage on the period of time during World War 1 when it was used as a military hospital. Much of the information within the report was gathered from an interview with Gabrielle Walker.

Item · 1980

Item is a report that features information about the Black, Jewish, Newfoundland and Eastern European communities in Whitney Pier. The report pays special attention to issues faced by the Black Quarter, including racism and out-migration, and features population statistics for the years 1961-1980. Part of the report also focuses on the establishment of St. Philip's African Orthodox Church (1921).

Reports: Towns & Communities : Sydney · Item · 1982

Item is a pictorial history of Sydney, Nova Scotia published by the Smart Shop Ltd. on the store's 70th anniversary in Sydney.

CA BI Reports : Industries and Business · Item · 1981

Item is a report prepared for the Cape Breton Development Corporation by NORDCO Limited. The objective of the study was to define the frequency and duration of ice conditions that would pose a significant hindrance to the use of Sydney Harbour as an offshore oil supply base.

Reports: Economics · Item · March 22, 1987 - 1991

Report for the Sydney and Area Community Futures Committee, which includes annual reports, preliminary reports, development strategies, agendas, budgets, proposals, meeting minutes/summaries, correspondence, memos, and a member roster.

Sydney and Area Community Futures Committee
Sydney Steel Module
Reports: · Item · [201-]

Item is "Sydney Steel Module" by Kassandra Jabalee and Hannah Fournier, compiled for History 3105.

Item · 1998

Item is a report titled "Sydney, Nova Scotia and the U-Boat War, 1918," which was written by Brian Tennyson and Roger Sarty. The report focuses on actions taken to protect the waters around industrial Cape Breton, and the experiences of servicemen and the citizens who interacted with them.

Item · 1984

Item is a report titled "Victoria Park and the Army: The First Two Centuries," written by Colonel I.D. MacIntyre. The report focuses on the history of Victoria Park Armories since their formation, and provides information about Cape Breton men who enlisted for service during World War 1.

Whitney Pier and Kolonia
Reports: Towns & Villages: Whitney Pier · Item

Report titled "Whitney Pier and Kolonia* about the history of Whitney Pier and the houses of Kolonia in Sydney, Nova Scotia.