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Mabou (N.S.) Songs - Gaelic
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"Chi Mi Bhuam Fada Bhuam"

Item is a copy of a song composed by John MacFadyen of Mull in praise of his island. The song was written down by Mrs. MacDonald. Also included is the song as published in MacFadyen's book, Sgeulaiche nan Caol.

Among the Gaels in Nova Scotia

Item is an audio recording of a BBC Glasgow program with John MacPherson exploring Gaelic culture and language throughout Cape Breton Island.

Among the Gaels in Nova Scotia: MacMillan, Hector S e Ceap Breatuinn Tir Mo Ghraidh

MacPherson, John (BBC) Glasgow (Scotland) Gaelic in Nova Scotia

MacEachern, Mrs. Creignish (N.S.) Song in praise of the Island of Cape Breton

MacPherson, John Glasgow (Scotland) Account of Gaelic place names in Cape Breton

Kennedy, Florence Dunvegan Interviewed with John MacPherson

MacDonald, Dan R. Mabou (N.S.) Bonnie Lass of Head Lake

MacPherson, John Glasgow (Scotland) Milling Frolic

MacDonald, J.L. Et al Boisdale (N.S.) Hug ho ran o robha ho, nighean donn Bhoidheach

MacPherson, John Glasgow (Scotland) Gaelic Revival in Cape Breton

Beaton, Sister Margaret Sydney (N.S.) Address to her friends in the Highlands and Islands

MacPherson, John Glasgow (Scotland) We're the children (you brought from Scotland) sorry to leave? Mr. MacPherson replied that there wasn't one dry eye when he took the children back to Scotland

    Mi'kmaw song and dance

MacEachern, Bessie Creignish (N.S.) Gaelic song

MacMillan, Hector Song in praise of the Island of Cape Breton

MacPherson, John Glasgow (Scotland) Closing message to people of Cape Breton

MacPherson, John Alick

Gaelic Songs and Prayer

Cameron, Finlay - Nighean Bhàn Ghrùlainn

Sadie Beaton Cameron - An Té Ruadh 's am Bodach

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - Tha Mo Bhreacan 's a fo'n Dìle

MacNeil, Frank - Òran do Reisimaidh Bhraid-Albann

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - O 's e mo run a maraiche

Rankin, Peter - Each am Màbu by Sam Nicolson

Cameron, Finlay - Tha mi 'n diugh gu tinn

Rankin, Agatha - Song composed by Janet MacPherson (Creignish)
MacDonald, Hector H. - Will you Marry Me my Bonnie Lass (Gaelic)
MacDonald, Hector H. -
MacDonald, Hector H.
Rankin, Rev. Donald - Gaelic prayer, Preface of Mass

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Oran do Cheap Breatuinn

MacEachern, Elizabeth - O tiugainn a leannain

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Legends and customs

MacEachern, Elizabeth

Gaelic Songs

Item is an audo recording of Gaelic songs and stories recorded in Boisdale and Mabou (N.S)

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence - "Sgeulachd Gill'easbuig Aotrom"

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence - "Cumha Cheap Breatunn"

Cameron, Finlay - "Tha mi sgith o'n tim seo 'n de"

Cameron, Finlay - "Mo Nighean Dubh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Gaol an t-Seoladair"

Cameron, Finlay - "Thug mi run 's chuir mi uidh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Fhleasgaich ur, leannan thu..."

Cameron, Finlay - "O gur mise tha fo mhighean..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Eriskay love lilt..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Air faill irinn ill irinn uill irinn o ro hi..."

Cameron, Finlay - "An te ruadh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Mo nighean donn..."

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs Recorded by Donald Alex Beaton

Item is an audio recording of various singers performing Gaelic songs.

Cameron, Finlay - Song - "Mo Nighean Dubh" (Boisdale, N.S)

Cameron, Finlay - Song - "Gaol an t-Seoladair" (Boisdale, N.S)

Beaton, Alexander - Song - "Bitibh aotrom 's togaibh fonn..." (Boisdale, N.S)

Beaton, Alexander and Cameron, Finlay - Song - "O gur mise tha fo mighean..." (Boisdale, N.S)

Cameron, Finlay - Song - "Tha mi sgith bho'n tim seo 'n de..." (Mabou, N.S)

Beaton, Alexander - Song - "O hi ri ill o robha..." (Mabou, N.S)

Cameron, Finlay - Story - sgeulachd (Boisdale, N.S)

Campbell, Sandy - Song - "Cruinneag nam Buaile" (Detroit)

Campbell, Sandy - Song - "Tha mo run air a'ghille" (Detroit)

Campbell, Sandy - Song - "Teannaibh dluth is togaibh fonn..." (Detroit)

Campbell, Sandy - Song - "Ho ro 's toigh leam fhein thu" (Detroit)

Rankin, Angus (Black) - Song - "An cluinn thu leannain" (Mabou Ridge, N.S)

Rankin, Angus (Black) - Song - Ochoin o ri mo chuideachd dileas.. (Mabou Ridge, N.S).

Rankin, Angus (Red) - Song - O hi ri ill o robha (Mabou Ridge, N.S)

Campbell, Alex Angus - Song - Eilean mo Chridhe (Detroit)

Campbell, Alex Angus - Song - Se fa mo mhulad (Detroit)

MacNeil, Mrs. Alex - Song - Horan o 's na hi iu o (Mabou, N.S)

MacNeil, Mrs. Alex - Song - Illean ill o illean i... (Mabou, N.S)

Cameron, Mrs. Finlay - Song - An te Ruadh (Boisdale, N.S)

Cameron, Mrs. Katie Ann - Song - Ochoin a righ gur e mi tha muladach (Mabou, N.S)

Cameron, Mrs. Katie Ann - Song - Horo iu 's na hiurabh (Mabou, N.S)

MacMillan, Mrs. Janet - Song - Horo iu 's na hiurabh eile (Port Hood, N.S)

Beaton, Mrs. John - Thug mi run 's chuir mi Uidh (Mabou, N.S)

Beaton, Mrs. John - Song - 'S ann tha'n commun grinn... (Mabou, N.S)

Beaton, Mrs. John - Song - "Oran a' Bhotuil" (Mabou, N.S)

Rankin, Angus (Red) - Song - "Bitibh aotrom 's togaibh fonn" (Mabou (N.S.) Ridge)

Rankin, Angus (Black) - Song - "Mo run geal dileas" (Mabou (N.S.) Ridge)

Beaton, Donald Alex

John R. Beaton and Sandy Campbell

Item is an audio recording containing a selection of Gaelic songs performed by Sandy Campbell and John R. Beaton of West Mabou (N.S)

Tha mo run air a'ghille...
S toich leam na Gaidhealtachd...
Thug mi run 's chuir mi uidh...
A' fhleasgaich uasal...
Teannaibh dluth 's togaibh fonn...
Horan o hog i o...
S e fad mo mhulad...
Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn..

MacDonald, Kay