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D.J. MacDermaid Songs & Stories Collection Gabarus (N.S.) Celtic Music - Audiovisual
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Gabarus Milling Frolic

Item is a sound recording of Gabarus Milling Frolicks.

Cassette notes it as tape #123.

Track List:
Side A
Track A1 - Ho ro ho ri horanan (Various Artists) 04:34
Track A2 - Ged a sheòl mi air m'aineol (Various Artists) 03:27
Track A3 - Lù o ra hiù o, gur tu mo nigh 'n donn bhòidheach (Various Artists) 04:30
Track A4 - Mo nigheanag a' chùil duinn nach fhan thu? (Various Artists) 02:40
Track A5 - ('Fhleasgaich òr-fhuilt [craobhaich] chas) (Various Artists) 02:53
Track A6 - È ho rò 'ille dhuinn (Various Artists) 01:09
Track A7 - Tha tighinn fodhainn, fodhainn, fodhainn (Various Artists) 05:59
Track A8 - "Mo chridhe trom, 's cha neònach" (Various Artists) 02:47
Track A9 - 'Se mo ghaol mo mhaighdeann lurach (Various Artists) 03:05
Track A10 - Tha buaidh air an uisge-beatha (Various Artists) 02:54

Side B
Track B1 - O gur toil leam è gur toil leam (Various Artists) 10:13
Track B2 - Pipe music, amazing grace (Various Artists) 05:30
Track B3 - Precenting, not sure of source (Various Artists) 06:10
Track B4 - A Hymn, not sure of source (Various Artists) 05:10
Track B5 - "How Great Thou Art" in Gaelic (Various Artists) 05:49
Track B6 - Hymn, not sure of source (Various Artists) 02:58
Track B7 - Hymn, not sure of source (Various Artists) 03:43
Track B8 - Gur e mo rùn na h-òganaich (Various Artists) 06:43
Track B9 - Na cnuic 's na glinn bu bhòidhche leinn (Various Artists) 03:12

MacDermaid, Donald John