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Simon Cremo
CA BI T-1516 · Item · 1960

File consists of an audio recording of violin selections; includes jigs, reels & polkas performed by Simon Cremo, Eskasoni.

CA BI T-6 · Item · 1963

File consists of an audio recording of an oral history of early Scottish settlers in the Big Pond area; mentions Mi'kmaq in the East Bay area.

What were the Bras D'or Mission?
Early history of the MacIntytres of Big Pond (N.S.)
The Church of East Bay
Who was Malcolm MacLellan?
What do you know about the MacLeods who were among MacLellan's students?
Why was the East Bay school Started? East Bay school started in 1825...
What men were prepared for the Seminary?
What about the Industries of early Cape Breton?
The schools in Big Pond (N.S.) were attended by sixty pupils in 1862.
From Big Pond (N.S.) they came to Sydney (N.S.) Academy for grade ten.
Was East Bay the first parish
Briefly discuss Parish activities?
Tell us about the Protestant settlers...
How did the four Seminarians travel to Rome?
Was there much traffic on the Bras D'or Lakes in those days?
Would you care to speak about the Mi'kmaq?
Where did the early people get the animals - horses, cows, sheep, etc.
What about food - ammunition?
Ceilidh in those days was most enjoyable...
What do you believe of the Bocain
Do you remember any of the remedies early settlers used

CA BI T-1089 · Item · 1964
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic song selections as performed by various informants on Cape Breton's North Shore. Recording opens with fiddle selections by Donald Angus Beaton, Mabou, N.S. Side 2 opens with fiddle tunes by Donald Angus Beaton of Mabou.

Side 1:

MacLeod, Dan (North River Bridge) : Song " Hi Horo 's na bheil air m' Aire"

MacLeod, Malcolm Angus (Skir Dhu): Song "O Gur Trom Trom Mo Cheum"

MacLeod, Dan: Song "Illean Aigh"

Carmichael, Kenny (Boston): Song "Hi Ri Iu Le Ho Horo Mo Chuachag"

Shaw, John (Wreck Cove): Song "Gu Dé Nì Mi Mur Faigh Mi Thu"

MacLeod, Malcolm Angus: Song "Cha Threiginn Fhìn Mo Chruinneag Dhonn"

Carmichael, Kenny and Malcom Angus MacLeod: Song "Thuirt an Gille 's Tu Mo Laochan"

MacLeod, Dan: Song "Theirinn Horo Hug is Hoireann"

MacLeod, Malcolm A. Sgir Dubh, Victoria County "An Gille Dubh a Raill o..."

MacLeod, Malcom Angus: Song "Air Faill Ill Eileadh O Hug O". Some verses in Brìgh an Òrain p. 293. Final verses local.

MacLeod, Malcolm Angus: Song "Chunna mi 'n Làir Dhonn Aig Seumas"

MacLeod, Malcolm Angus: Song "Mo Nigheann Donn Ghuanach". Slow

Side 2:

Beaton, Donald Angus: Fiddle tunes

MacNeil, Stephen R. Iona, Victoria County "Moch an Diugh a Rinn Mi Gluasad"

Shaw, John Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Faill Ill Oro Faill Ill Oro" . To the tune of "Gur Mise tha Trom Airtneulach" but different lyrics.

MacLeod, Dan North River Bridge, Victoria County "Dh' Òlainn Deoch air Làimh mo Rùin"

MacLeod, Malcolm A.; Carmichael, Kenny Sgir Dubh, Victoria County, Boston, Mass. "Mhòrag 's na Horo Gheallaidh"

MacLeod, Malcolm A.; Carmichael, Kenny Sgir Dubh, Victoria County, Boston, Mass. "An Seann Tigh Sgoil" .

MacLeod, Malcolm A. Song "Dheanainnn Sùgradh ris an Nighean Duibh"

Shaw, John Song "O Horo 's na Bheil air m'Àire" Continued on Side 1.

Shaw, John
Reminiscences of Beaver Cove
CA BI T-22 · Item · 1965
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of a conversation with Roddie F. Nicholson and John Nicholson.

Song concerning the building of the house

I can write a letter, I can read a letter, and I can send a letter anywhere!

What subjects were taught in school

Did they write well in the back woods?

Mental figuring

What about the cats whiskers?

Tell us all you know about local history

Diseases and cures of the times

Were people brought into build houses?

No one was lazy in those days. No very rich, no very poor.

Could they make a living off the land now as they did in your times?

Diseases such as appendicitus were certain death in those times?

Was there any heavy drinking in those times?

Story of the Jack O Lantern

Nicholson, John
History of Rear Beaver Cove
CA BI T-514 · Item · 1965
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Roddie F. Nicholson and Patrick Nicholson discussing the history of Rear Beaver Cove.

Nicholson, Patrick (Boston, Worcester)

    The beginnings of the settlement at the Backlands of Beaver Cove

The pioneers brought only two trunks - one for bedclothes, the other for tools

All was lost in a fire...

Nicholson, Rod Beaver Cove:

Settlers took large tracts of land because it was free

Beaver Cove Forty families lived in the Backlands at that time

People were very musical, good dancers

Nicholson, Patrick Boston:

Tracing genealogy

Marriages were arranged well in the early days

Food was plentiful

Mills, churns and grindstones...

The history of one particular family

Nicholson, Rod Beaver Cove:

Genealogy of some family

Genealogy of some families

Bagpipes, fiddle and loom in every house

Four children died in one night...

People had faith - walked six miles to church

Nicholson, Patrick Boston:

Parish lesson written on a shingle

The first settlers at Beaver Cove

Schools and teachers in yesteryear

Church services were all in Gaelic

Archie Gillis got the priest to cure his wife

Nicholson, Rod Beaver Cove:

Priests confiscated violins

Strange stories of second sight

Jack the Lantern - Jack the River

His grandmother's death at the age of ninety four

Nicholson, John
CA BI T-141 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item consists of an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie discussing Gaelic words that are not known in Scotland, or are known with a different meaning. Words old, and perhaps not so old, used in Cape Breton County.
This tape was sent to Dr. Kenneth MacDonald, Glasgow, December 8, 1969

Beaton, Sister Margaret
CA BI T-76 · Item · 1969

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Sister Margaret Beaton and Mrs. A.C. Day interviewing Mrs. Emily Chapman about her experience in Sydney. Mrs. Chapman speaks about the cause that the Jubilee Singers supported.

Track listing is as follows:

  • Introduction of Mrs. Emily (Kendall) Chapman
  • Where did the Kendalls come from?
  • Where did Dr. Kendall practice medicine?
  • Where did Dr. Kendall study medicine?
  • Did you have an allowance when you were young?
  • Have you any interesting stories about your father's career?
  • What part did you father play in the Bill for Workman's Compensation Act in 1898?
  • Mrs. Chapman gives very interesting stories of her father. She told of many strange incidents.
  • Sick calls made by Dr. Kendall. The hardships of travel to these homes and the poverty of the people when he arrived.
  • Is it true that your father did an amputation on a kitchen table out in the country?
  • Mrs. Day asks about the story of the $5.
  • Your mother must have been a marvellous and charitable woman.
  • She could never have tea because she would have nothing to serve.
  • "A funny story about my father..."
  • Who was your mother?
  • I ave the loveliest memories of my whole life at Crawley's Creek.
  • Tell us about your social life as a young girl.
  • What do you remember of the theatre in Sydney?
  • Who were the Jubilee Singers? They tried to make money to help the Negroes.
  • What was the story of Sir Wilfred Laurier and you?
  • What about local talent?
  • Duke of Kent, interesting story about him.
  • Mrs. Day asks, "Did Dr. Kendall get even a small pension from the city?"
  • "You asked me about the old Orange Hall.."
CA BI T-124 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Annie, Mrs. Jack MacLean, her son Peter MacLean, and Joseph MacKenzie - both of Boston (Mass.) but formerly of Christmas Island, performing Gaelic songs.

Recording Summary:

  • "Mi Seo 'nam Shìneadh air an t-Sliabh" composed by Dr. MacLachlan of Rahoy.
  • "Horo Is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean, Peter MacLean, Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "Tha Mi Seo 'gad Chuimhneachadh" composed by Donald Alec MacDonald of Kensaleyre, Skye. (Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "An Gàidheal a'Tilleadh Dhachaidh o'n Chogadh" Part IV of Donald MacKechnie's song "An Cogadh ann an Africa-mu-Dheas" concerning the Boer War. Printed in MacTalla Vol. X No. 1. (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "A Chruinneag Ìleach" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Fuadach nan Gàidheal" (Peter MacLean and Joseph MacKenzie)
  • "Gleann na Maiseadh" composed by John V. MacNeil (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Gaidheal air Aineoil" composed by John V. MacNeil (Annie,Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "A' Bhanais Chridheil" composed by Malcolm H. Gillis (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "Tha Mo Bhreacan Dubh fo'n Dìle" (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean. In Cape Breton Highlander, reprinted from Dec. 15, 1894 issue of Mac-Talla, courtesy of Neil Morrison, Sydney Forks)
  • "Aideachadh an Fhleasgaich Ghlic" Composed by Archie J. MacKenzie (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
  • "An Tulach Bhòideach" Archie J. MacKenzie (Annie, Mrs. J. MacLean)
Cape Breton Island
CA BI FT-251 · Item · 1969

Item is described as "a collage of scenes, without commentary, which express the beauty and versatility of recreational activities to be enjoyed in Cape Breton. Scenes of the Bell Museum, Miner's Museum, fishing, harness racing, highland dancing and swimming are included."

Crawley Films
CA BI T-155 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Mrs. Archie Kennedy. She speaks on life in Broad Cove and Margaree, education in the area, local lore, and prevalence of Gaelic language especially in the church.

Early days at home in Margaree...

Early school days at Captain Allan's House...School books, studies, school hours, discipline, temperature of school room.

"Hard shoes and woolen stockings" Mogans were pulled over the shoes to keep the feet warm.

Story about the "brocan cruaidh"

A day in school...The day started with a prayer, then the pupils stood in a row and read. Next came the spellings. Places of honour were won according to one's ability to spell. This was an ungraded school.

Teachers and method of teaching. The Friday program.

Nothing was learned in Gaelic in the schools.

The Church in Margaree. Prayers and Catechism all learned in Gaelic.

Beaton, Sister Margaret
CA BI T-733 · Item · 1970
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Stephen J. MacKinnon (Antigonish, N.S) being interviewed by Fred MacAuley (Scotland) for BBC Scotland. Recording includes :

Tells of his ancestors arrival from Scotland

Pioneer life, hardships, social life, etc.

Pioneer industries sawmills, grist mills, lumber

Emigration of young people to U.S. And western Canada

MacLellan, Ann Terry
CA BI T-316 · Item · 1971
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

MacDonald, Mr. Eugene:

  • They say the women used to carry their own spinning wheels; could you tell us more about the spinning Frolics?
  • Returning to the story of the threshing mills, and didn't you mention the word "winnowing" and feeding the fanners?
  • The milling frolics were wonderful events - did they always sing Gaelic songs?
  • Whom Shall I take on the Irish Ship?
  • Song for rolling the cloth
  • Was the purpose of the milling to thicken the cloth
  • How about a good joke
  • Father Rankin questioned about early soap making by the Cape Breton Island (N.S.) women
  • Funeral customs
  • 9 Gallons of rum
  • Ghost stories in Gaelic

    Father John Angus Rankin:

  • Ghost stories in English
  • Ghost story continued from Side 1
  • Another ghost story
  • A second sight story

    Bessie Maceachern:

  • Am falbh thu leam a ribhinn og
  • Mairi ni 'n Domhnuill
  • Am Fleasgach Donn

    Billy MacPhee: Violin Selections

Rankin, Fr. John Angus
CA BI T-295 · Item · 1971
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an interview with Annabelle MacKinnon concerning genealogical history of Gillis Lake and surrounding areas. Gives examples of place names and familial names in Gaelic. Includes verses of various Gaelic songs. Mrs MacKinnon was 93 years old at the time of recording.

MacKinnon, Florence Alexandra St., Sydney (N.S.), Nova Scotia

Gillis, Joseph A. - Autobiographical sketch (Very brief)

MacKinnon, Florence - Local supernatural tales

MacKinnon, Mr. (Florence MacKinnon's son) -Soldier on the black horse

MacKinnon, Florence - The Ball Family of Balls Creek, N.S.
Gaelic song fragment composed about the Balls

Gillis, Joseph A. - Story "Clach nam Brog"

MacKinnon, Florence - Settler clothing styles

MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation re early settlers to Cape Breton.
The "Gardiner" MacDonald settlers of South Uist

MacKinnon, Florence - Oran na Teine (Lauchlin Currie)

MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation (continued)

MacKinnon, Florence - Schools in Gillis Lake

MacKinnon, Florence - Sea Wolf MacLean

MacKinnon, Florence - Dutch Princess married a MacLean

MacKinnon, Florence - Family history
Settlers walked Arasaig to Halifax for confession

Gillis, Joseph - Fairy story (Piper Macintyres and the Fairy hill)

MacKinnon, Florence - Witch story

MacKinnon, Florence - Haunted house story

Gillis, Joseph A. - Campbell's iron violin bow

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-326 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording at Boisdale N.S. Joseph Lawrence Macdonald, Sarah Cameron, Miss Janet Cameron, Angus Beaton, Finlay Cameron tell discuss lore, history and sing songs.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Frolics in the home, different types

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Shearing of sheep, processing of wool, milling frolics

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Duties of women

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Grist mill at MacAdam`s Lake, operated by Mr. MacLean

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Best carpenters of the times, MacEacherns, MacDonalds and others

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Three steamships operated out of East Bay, groceries had to be brought in from Halifax, hardwood shipped to England

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Scottish Catholic Society of Canada organized by Father M.A. MacAdam

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cape Breton Island Co-op. Society was organized at East Bay, 1932

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Mineral spring at East Bay

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Excerpts from Mary L. Frasers book,Folklore of Nova Scotia`.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - East Bay Pirates - Capt. Alex and Dan MacLean. MacLeans sailed the Pacific Ocean (1880-1914) on the sea wolf.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Primary concern of settlers was the making of a home. Coal mines and steel plant took men from farms to cities and towns.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Early settlers of Christmas Island (N.S.)

MacDonald, Joseph L. - What were living conditions like

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Tell about the August Gale

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Peter MacNeil

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Malcolm MacPhee

Cameron, Sarah - Biographical sketch

Cameron, Miss Janet - Biographical sketch

Beaton, Angus - Song: O hi ri ill o robha

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Air faill irinn ill irinn oich irinn iu

Beaton, Alexander - Song: O sud an taobh a'gabhainn

Cameron, Sarah - Song: An Te Ruadh

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

Beaton, Angus D. - Song, a lament

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-368 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Margaret MacLean performing a number of Gaelic songs. Includes:

"Hu O Ro Hu O"
"Dh' Fhalbh Mo Rùn, 's Dh' Fhàg e'n Cala"
"Òran a Leòdhasaich" (Composed by MacLean for Scottish visitor, Angus Smith)
"Òran an Teine" (Composed by Lachlan Currie)
"Turus an Ànraidh" (Composed by Lachlan Currie)
"Gaol a Thug Mi Og". Sailing song, not the popular love song. See Associated Materials for link to an online transcription.
"Mo Mhàli Bheag Og". Differs greatly from published versions.
"Deoch-Slàinte Ghàidheil Ghasda". War song

Stolarsky, Mildred
CA BI T-409 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of stories and songs performed by Dan MacKenzie, Joe Allan MacLean and Mrs. Annie MacLean. Featuring:

MacKenzie, Dan - Song sung from the perspective of an old pit mare purchased to help with the November plowing. Horses were plentiful and cheap, so when they ceased to be of use people took them to the marsh and killed them.

MacKenzie, Dan - Òran do Nighean Òg Bréagha. Song Composed by Iagain Steaphainn Ruaidh. Uses the chorus to "Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mire".

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "A'Chailleach a'Bheat an Deamhan".

MacKenzie, Dan - Fairy Story "Di-Luain, Di-Mairt, DiCiadain"

MacKenzie, Dan - Naidheachd: "Cònar a'Seòladh is an Grog Làidir"

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-195

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: A man leaves home to hunt on "Beinn Dhunnchaidh" to earn his fortune. On the way there he encounters several characters and obstacles. He eventually is dissuaded from going to the mountain an returns home. He discovers gold and goes to England with it, where he open's the country's largest shoe factory.

MacLean, Joe Allan - Sgeulachd: "An Dròbhair Cruinn"

MacLean, Joe Allan - "Òran Bàs Eachainn MhicDhùghaill" composed by Archie MacDougall of Benacadie. Hector (Eachann "Larry") left Baddeck in a boat in 1896 but never returned home. He was presumed drowned. Archie's aunt, Mary (MacDougall) MacLeod also composed songs.

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - Biographical sketch

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Bha Mi'n Raoir gu Sunndach Sunndach" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil)

MacLean, Mrs. Annie - "Tha Mise fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" composed by Catrìona Iain Ruaidh (Catherine MacNeil). Song concerns a difficult winter and trying to preserve hay.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - History of Iona Credit Union

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-353 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of the Glendale N.S Gaelic Players singing and performing a Gaelic play. Gaelic play entitled "Katie is Coming Home", written by Rev. S.P. MacDonald. Recording includes a conversation with Joseph L. MacDonald.

A Cape Breton Gaelic play
Tha mi an diugh gu tinn
Ho ro gur thu mo run
Gaelic play - Act II
Illean ill o, illean i
Square set
My own Glen
Early days in Sydney (N.S.)
The Townsends, Muggahs, Crawleys
A boom in Sydney (N.S.) - 1872
A Gaelic tid-bit
Father Edwards last Mass in Boisdale

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-356 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of a number of old time Cape Breton fiddle tunes. Recording also contains a conversation Malcolm J. Maclean, Boisdale, on his 95th birthday.

Violin selections by:

MacMaster, Buddy
MacKenzie, Karl
Cameron, John Allan
MacLellan, Theresa
Cameron, John Allan
MacMaster, Buddy
Beaton, Donald Angus
MacKenzie, Karl

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Brief biographical sketch

MacLean, Malcolm J. - Interview with MacLean on 95th birthday

MacLean, Catherine - Recitation of prayers in Gaelic

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Gaelic address

MacLean, Malcolm J. - Story of mother's life in Boisdale

MacKenzie, Hugh - Reading of Gaelic address to MacLean

MacLean, Malcolm J. - School teachers at Boisdale

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
Discover Nova Scotia
FT-267 · Item · 1972

Item is a collection of scenes depicting various locations and activities prevalent in Nova Scotia. Optical Soundtrack.

Nova Scotia Information Travel Bureau, Information Services
Gaelic Songs and Prayer
CA BI T-384 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Cameron, Finlay - Nighean Bhàn Ghrùlainn

Sadie Beaton Cameron - An Té Ruadh 's am Bodach

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - Tha Mo Bhreacan 's a fo'n Dìle

MacNeil, Frank - Òran do Reisimaidh Bhraid-Albann

MacDonald, Rev. Stanley - O 's e mo run a maraiche

Rankin, Peter - Each am Màbu by Sam Nicolson

Cameron, Finlay - Tha mi 'n diugh gu tinn

Rankin, Agatha - Song composed by Janet MacPherson (Creignish)
MacDonald, Hector H. - Will you Marry Me my Bonnie Lass (Gaelic)
MacDonald, Hector H. -
MacDonald, Hector H.
Rankin, Rev. Donald - Gaelic prayer, Preface of Mass

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Oran do Cheap Breatuinn

MacEachern, Elizabeth - O tiugainn a leannain

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Legends and customs

MacEachern, Elizabeth
CA BI T-367 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of conversations concerning the Estmere and Little Narrows area. Includes information on the Little Narrows gypsum plant. Featuring :

Matheson, John Sandy - Biographical sketch

Matheson, John Sandy - Biographical sketch

Matheson, Kenneth - Biographical sketch

Matheson, Kenneth - Stories

Matheson, Kenneth - Song: Cumha

Matheson, Kenneth - A'Mhairi dhubh

Matheson, Kenneth - History of gypsum plant

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Presentation to Rev. A.D. MacKinnon

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Historical sketch of Little Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Historical sketch of Little Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph L. - A tragic accident

MacDonald, Joseph L. - A further sketch on gypsum plant

MacLeod, Malcolm - Early days at Little Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-380 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic singing with Alexander Beaton, Angus D. Rankin, Elizabeth MacEachern, Maggie Gillis (née MacDougall), Duncan Gillis of Hawthorne and Margaret S. (Duncan Peter) Campbell. Mr. Rankin is accompanied in singing of chorus by Angus (Sandy) Rankin and Alexander Beaton in all his songs. Charles "Miller MacDonald of Glencoe Mills speaks about mills and Hughena Campbell talks about cheesemaking.

Side 1:

Beaton, Alexander - "Òran do Ghille a Chaidh a Bhàthadh"

Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Nach Muladach, Muladach Duine Leis Fhéin" (Local version)

Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Seinn h-Iuraibh Bhinn O" (Seann Òran Seilige)

Beaton, Alexander. - Song "O Siud an Taobh a Ghabhainn" by Anna Gillis

Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Bitibh Aotrom 's Togaibh Fonn" By John "The Bard" MacLean

Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Càite bheil I ann am Muile?"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "O Teannaibh Dlùth is Togaibh Fonn"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "A Fhleasgaich Uasail"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "a'Chruinneag Ìleach"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "An t-Alltan Dubh"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Gaol nan Cruinneag"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Éirich is Cur Umad 's Tiugainn Leam"

MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Màiri Bhàn"

Beaton, Murdoch - Duan for a réiteach.

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: "Dòmhnall Cruaidh agus an Ceàrd"

Beaton, Murdoch - Song " Cumha Bàs Fir agus a h-Ìghne" composed by Sìleas na Ceapaich.

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Mgr Ailean MacIlleathain

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Ailean a Rids, an t-Each aige 's Mgr Ailean

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Aonghas Cìobair ann a Seatago

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Coilleach an Àite Clog

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: An Cù Leisg

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Fear a Fhuair Muc an Asgaidh

Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Léine Ùr airson Piognaig

Beaton, Murdoch - Song "Òran na Seana Mhaighdinn"

Beaton, Murdoch - Song "A 'Dhòmhnuill Bhig a hu a ho"

Side 2:

Campbell, Margaret S. (Mrs Duncan Peter) of Glencoe Mills - Song "Deoch-Slàinte Luchd nam Brachannan"

MacDonald, Hugh Donald of Glencoe Mills - Song "Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh"

MacDonald, Charles "Miller" - Operating grist, carding and saw mills

Campbell, Hughena - Making cheese

MacEachern, Elizabeth - song "Clachan Ghlinndaruadhail"

Gillis, Maggie (née MacDougall) - Song "Annie Laurie" in Gaelic

Gillis, Maggie (née MacDougall) - Hymn "Pulling Hard Against the Stream"

Gillis, Duncan - song "Chì Mi Bhuam"

Unknown - song "Duanag an t-Seòladair"

MacEachern, Elizabeth
CA BI T-411 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories collected in the Boisdale area. Recording includes a Gaelic mass and Gaelic hymns.

Steele, John - Biographical sketch

Steele, John - Story of a man buying a horse (Local)

Steel, John - Story about Loch Mor (Loon Lake)

Steele, John - Song: Eilean a' Fhraoich

Steele, John - Stories

Steele, John - A fishing story

MacIntyre, Joseph - Biographical sketch

MacIntyre, Joseph - A story about the supernatural

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha m'Inntinn Trom 's Cha Tog Mi Fonn

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa fo'n Dìle

MacIntyre, Joseph - Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu'n Taobh-sa

MacIntyre, Joseph - Horo is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu

MacIntyre, Joseph - Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Two funny stories

MacNeil, John Hector - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, John Hector - Recitation of Lord's Prayer in Gaelic

MacDonnell, Rev. Malcolm - Gaelic Mass televised - 1964

MacLellan, Theresa - Violin selections

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-508 · Item · 1972
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Nicholson, P. MacE. Boisdale (N.S.) The Heavy Load

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Song: Hi an hugadan

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Story about Father Joseph MacDonald

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Dress of people in olden days

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Fuadach irinn ill irinn, oidch, irinn iu

MacIsaac, Archie Boisdale (N.S.) A ri ill o hug oran o

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove History of Rear Beaver Cove, people still living there

O'Handley, Mrs. Catherine Beaver Cove Faill irinn ill irinn, uill irinn o

Lee, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Account of first railroad on this side of Grand Narrows

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Ged tha mi gun crodh gun aighean

Steele, Neil New Glasgow Biographical sketch

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.)

MacKenzie, Jessie East Bay (N.S.) Mo Dhachaidh

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence
CA BI T-730 · File · 1974
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

File consists of two audio reels that feature sound recordings of of Dr. Leo W. Bertley of the United Negro Improvement Association discussing the organization and its history in Cape Breton.

Track listing is as follows:
Side A:

  • Came to Cape Breton in 1974 to do research, C.B. U.N.I.A. people involved
  • Thesis to be controlled into book
  • U.N.I.A. not a West Indian organization, people of African descent tied together
  • Marcus Garvey, here on way to England
  • A.O.C. in Pier, Bishop MacGuire, U.N.I.A., tried to make A.O.C. established church of organization
  • Dr. Alvinus Calder, first president of organizations; W.E. Robertson was a later Bishop
  • Phillis Family
  • Sydney had three associations; West Indian and Black characteristics

Side B:

  • Various backgrounds, several different organizations; West Indians importance of education; Dr. Bertley's other interests
  • A.O.C. has only one church in Canada and it's in Whitney Pier, do not want to be called Africans
  • Marcus Garvey stressed the importance of maintaining archives
  • Bertley met Garvey's son
CA BI T-1020 · Item · 1975
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of an interview with Annabelle Mackinnon (nee Gillis) of Gillis' Lake.

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle (Prime Brook) A Story of Life in Pioneer Days Agriculture (Part 1)

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Lumbering to bsupply spars for sailing ships

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Grist Mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Dye Mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Farming - livestock & crops

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Planting potatoes in burnt woods

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Wool industries - sheep shearing

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle French women grew flax

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How leather was tanned & its uses

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle A story of Father's MacLeod's boots

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Col. Granger & the Copper mine

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Gaelic speakers & religious education

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Clothing in the pioneer days

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Improvement of crops with coming of commercial fertilizer.

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Story of an agricultural meeting ...

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Dairy products - wooden tubs & butter prints

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The beginning of Co-operatives

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Farming conditions improved with the start of the Steel Plant

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Barn-raising frolics

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Mary Bevin, a nurse from Man-o-War, delivered babies in Boulardrie area

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Fishing schooners- Fox Island

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Travelling to dances by Ferry

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Fishing lobster through the ice

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Root cellars - how produce was stored

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The making of soft soap

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Life in the Pioneer Days (cont.) / Priests in Boularderie

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle A farm purchased (200 acres) for $750

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Genealogy of Iain Mor, Boisdale

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Clearing the land - stump fences

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Grist Mill at Malloney's Creek

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Harvesting wheat - threshing and winnowing

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Barley and grinding barley meal

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How to make cheese

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Preserving butter

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Women's role in the early days

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Shearing sheep...

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Processing wool - carding mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Pioneer handicrafts with wool

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Ceilidhs

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Transportation - travelled Big Pond to Boularderie by ice in winter, boats in summer

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Potato crops - the coming of blight & potato bugs

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How leather was tanned

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Mi'kmaw crafts

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Sea weed and its uses

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The Government & Sir John A. MacDonald- economic conditions

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Pensions in today's society

MacKinnon, Blaine
Archie Alex MacKenzie
CA BI T-1204 · Item · 1976
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Archie Alex Mackenzie singing Gaelic songs.

Song composed for the Gaelic Society of Cape Breton

Song "Tilleadh an Eilthirich" (Composed for a ceilidh in Barra)

"Òran Taigh Chaluim is Màiri" (Composed for a ceilidh in Glasgow before returning to Cape Breton)

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"
CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-3 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of fiddler Lee Cremo’s performance at the Tarbot Music Festival along with his guests, The Heron Family, a band from New York, USA. At 28 minutes into the recording, Winnie Chafe and Friends begin their set, which continues on Tape 4 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-4).

Lee Cremo:
• 00:00:00 – 00:01:38 – fiddle tune
• 00:01:39 – 00:02:12 - Lee Cremo introducing Allie Bennett and Evy Dubinsky
• 00:02:13 – 00:05:07 – “Timothy Ryan’s Reel”
• 00:05:08 – 00:09:48 – Jigs
• 00:09:49 – 00:11:05 - Lee Cremo talking to the crowd
• 00:11:06 – 00:13:28 – “Teetotaller’s Reel”
• 00:13:29 – 00:14:45 – introducing The Heron Family, a band from New York
• 00:14:46 – 00:17:57 - song on harp dating from the 11th century
• 00:17:58 – 00:18:50 - Heron Family band member speaking to the crowd about the next song “Roisin dubh”
• 00:18:51 – 00:21:27 – “Roisin Dubh”
• 00:21:28 – 00:25:20 - “Staten Island Reel”
• 00:25:21 – 00:26:26 – The Heron Family thanks the audience
• 00:26:27 – 00:28:27 – “Green Fields of Rossbeigh” Reel

Winnie Chafe and Friends:
• 00:28:28 – 00:30:37 - MC (a DJ from CJFX/CJCB Radio) thanking Steve Grose and volunteers for their work, asking if anyone has seen Andrea Burton, a lost six-year-old, and announcing Winnie Chafe and Friends
• 00:30:38 – 00:34:50 - Winnie Chafe playing a fiddle tune with Doug MacPhee on piano
• 00:34:51 – 00:36:06 - Winnie Chafe introducing the musicians performing with her, including Buddy MacMaster on fiddle, Doug MacPhee on piano, and Allie Bennett on bass and guitar.
• 00:36:07 – 00:40:20 - 2/4 marches and reels
• 00:40:21 – 00:45:15 – song on bagpipes

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-4 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of the end of Winnie Chafe and Friends’ set at the Tarbot Music Festival, the first half can be heard on Tape 3 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-3). At the 25 minute mark, the Men of the Deeps begin their performance at the festival, which is continued on Tape 5 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-5).

Winnie Chafe and Friends cont’d:
• 00:00:00 – 00:02:35 - Allie Bennett playing guitar
• 00:02:36 – 00:10:20 – Buddy MacMaster playing fiddle tunes
• 00:10:21 – 00:10:46 – Winnie Chafe introducing Doug MacPhee (Dougie MacPhee) on piano
• 00:10:47 – 00:16:08 - Doug MacPhee (Dougie MacPhee) playing a piano tune
• 00:16:09 – 00:17:14 - Winnie Chafe talking to the crowd about the type of music she plays and introducing the next three waltzes
• 00:17:15 – 00:20:55 - Winnie Chafe and Friends performing three Gaelic waltzes
• 00:20:56 – 00:22:45 - MC (DJ from CJFX/CJCB radio) thanking Winnie Chafe and Friends for their performance and introducing their finale
• 00:22:46 – 00:25:50 - Winnie Chafe, Allie Bennett, Buddy MacMaster, Doug MacPhee and a piper playing a tune together

Men of the Deeps:
• 00:25:24 – 00:27:18 – MC (DJ from CJFX/CJCB radio) introducing Men of the Deeps
• 00:27:19 – 00:29:39 - First Song
• 00:29:40 – 00:31:00 - “The Cape Breton Coal Miners”
• 00:31:01 – 00:31:56 – [Jack O’Donnell] talking about the Men of the Deeps and the first coal mine at Port Morien.
• 00:31:57 – 00:34:40 - “The Coal By the Sea”
• 00:34:41 – 00:38:53 - “Dark as a Dungeon”
• 00:38:54 – 00:39:45 - [Jack O’Donnell] speaking about Kelly’s Cove Mine
• 00:39:46 – 00:42:00 – “Kelly’s Cove”
• 00:42:01 – 00:44:15 – “Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill”

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-11 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Buddy and the Boys performing at the Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton. Their performance continues on Tape 12 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-12).

• 00:00:00 – 00:00:37 - man announcing Berkley Lamey on bass, Ralph Dillon on guitar, Leon Dubinsky on piano, Bobby Woods (from the Minglewood Band) on drums, and Max MacDonald on vocals
• 00:00:38 – 00:03:33 - “Workin’ at the Woolco (Manager Trainee Blues)”
• 00:03:34 – 00:05:09 – on stage sounds
• 00:05:10 – 00:07:59 - “Josephine”
• 00:08:00 – 00:08:53 – on stage sounds
• 00:08:54 – 00:13:38 - “Don’t Fool Yourself (The Sysco Kid)”
• 00:13:39 – 00:14:08 - introducing Ronnie MacEachern, who is going to sing “Gypsy Man” with the band
• 00:14:09 – 00:20:55 - “Gypsy Man”
• 00:20:56 – 00:21:41 - Max MacDonald speaking to the crowd
• 00:21:42 – 00:26:37 - “Last Holiday Weekend”

CBC Radio "Souvenirs"
CA BI T-754 · Item · 1977
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is a audio recording of the CBC Radio show "Souvenirs" from 1977. In the recording, Oliver Squires discusses his experiences operating telegraphy in North Sydney, including during World War 1.

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-13 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a continuation of The Minglewood Band performing at the Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton (the first half of their performance can be heard on Tape 12 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-12)). The Minglewood Band was the last act of the 1977 festival and they close out the show by thanking the crowd and festival staff and volunteers.

The Minglewood Band, cont’d:
• 00:00:00 – 00:04:26 – [unidentified song]
• 00:04:27 – 00:05:45 - asking to keep all the mics on and asking for a doctor/St. John’s Ambulance to go to the house
• 00:05:46 – 00:11:00 - “Caledonia”
• 00:11:01 – 00:13:01 - asking for a doctor/nurse to go to the house on the property for an injury and calling Marcel Doucet to the stage
• 00:13:02 – 00:15:16 - Marcel Doucet on fiddle with the Minglewood Band
• 00:15:17 – 00:15:53 – on stage/crowd sounds
• 00:15:54 – 00:19:08 – “Crossing to Ireland” Marcel Doucet on fiddle
• 00:19:09 – 00:26:50 – band members each playing an instrumental
• 00:26:51 – 00:29:09 - Matt Minglewood thanking the crowd, thanking Steve Grose for organizing the festival, and festival staff and volunteers

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-7 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Noel Harrison’s performance at the Tarbot Music Festival.

• 00:00:00 – 00:00:31 – MC introducing Noel Harrison
• 00:00:32 – 00:03:36 - “San Antonio Rose”
• 00:03:37 – 00:04:39 - Noel Harrison introducing the band – [?] on lead guitar, Melody LeBlanc on backup vocals and Larry Britton on bass
• 00:04:40 – 00:10:00 - [unidentified song]
• 00:10:01 – 00:13:34 - “Lily”
• 00:13:35 – 00:18:31 - “Wabash Cannon Ball”
• 00:18:32 – 00:23:23 – “Middleton Fire Brigade”
• 00:23:24 – 00:26:00 - “Windmills of Your Mind”
• 00:26:01 – 00:29:34 - “Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”
• 00:29:35 – 00:34:48 - “Southward Bound”
• 00:34:48 – 00:38:37 - “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm”
• 00:38:38 – 00:39:22 - MC’s outro and introducing the next MC of the day, Dave Harley

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-9 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Ronnie MacEachern, Mike MacDougall, Ralph Dillon, Joanne Rolls, Winnie Chafe, Allie Bennett, Buddy MacMaster and Dougie MacPhee performing on stage at the Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton. The first half of this set can be heard on Tape 8 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-8). At the 8 minute 56 second mark, Kenzie MacNeil begins his set.

Ronnie MacEachern, cont’d:
• 00:00:00 – 00:03:14 - “Drive’r Maciver” by Ronnie MacEachern
• 00:03:15 – 00:04:34 – Mike MacDougall talking to the crowd
• 00:04:35 – 00:08:30 - reels and strathspeys (Mike MacDougall, Buddy MacMaster, Winnie Chafe, Allie Bennett, Dougie MacPhee)
• 00:08:31 – 00:08:55 – thanking the previous performers

Kenzie MacNeil:
• 00:08:56 – 00:11:12 – “The Rocky Road to Dublin”
• 00:11:13 – 00:13:33 – “The Barbarian”
• 00:13:34 – 00:17:33 - “Johnstown Boogie [Johnstown Bogey]”
• 00:17:34 – 00:20:52 – [unidentified song]
• 00:20:53 – 00:20:54 - Kenzie MacNeil calling The Steel City Players who sang on “The Island” to come to the stage
• 00:20:55 – 00:24:00 – [unidentified song]
• 00:24:01 – 00:26:10 - “The Heavy Water Plant”
• 00:26:11 – 00:26:46 - introducing The Steel City Players
• 00:26:27 – 00:31:28 - “The Island”

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-10 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Road performing at the Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton.

• 00:00:00 – 00:01:54 – the MC, Dave Healy, performing the “William Tell Overture” and introducing the next band, Road, to the stage
• 00:01:55 – 00:02:53 - Road doing a quick sound check
• 00:02:54 – 00:06:03 - “Pamela Brown”
• 00:06:04 – 00:10:04 - “My Mistakes”
• 00:10:05 – 00:10:44 - Bruce Timmons on guitar, Brendon Hall on steel guitar, Charles Lavery on drums, Allie Bennett and Fred Lavery on lead vocals.
• 00:10:45 – 00:14:50 - “So Far From You”
• 00:14:51 – 00:19:15 - “Cape Breton Dream” (written by Dennis Ryan of Ryan’s Fancy)
• 00:19:16 – 00:24:28 - “Song for Noelle”

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-2 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Shore Folk finishing the last two songs of their set at the Tarbot Music Festival, the first three songs can be heard on Tape 1 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-1). Bob Shulman’s set is also included on this recording.

Shore Folk, cont’d:
• 00:00:00 – 00:04:14 – “Fishing for Gold”
• 00:04:15 – 00:06:33 - “Drunken Sailor”

Bob Shulman:
• 00:06:34 – 00:10:31 – “Smiling”
• 00:10:32 – 00:16:08 – [unidentified song]
• 00:16:09 – 00:21:43 - “Room at the Top of the Stairs”
• 00:21:44 – 00:27:25 - “Cape Breton Spring Time”
• 00:27:26 – 00:33:00 - “Genevieve”
• 00:33:01 – 00:37:29 - “Skyscraper Heaven”

CA BI FT-222 · Item · 1977
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is a videocassette recording of Carl MacKenzie and Dougie MacPhee performing at the Logue Building in Sydney in 1977. The tape contains a note that the video was dubbed from black and white reel to reels.

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1 · File · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

File consists of recordings of the August 1977 Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton.

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-1 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Marcel Doucet and Sam Moon opening the First Annual Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Nova Scotia. The band, Shore Folk, performs three songs at the end of the recording and their set is continued on Tape 2 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-2).

Sam Moon and Marcel Doucet:
• 00:00:00 – 00:03:01 – “Crossing to Ireland/The Rights of Man”
• 00:03:02 – 00:06:55 - “Hello Cape Breton, Goodbye Nashville”
• 00:06:56 – 00:09:15 - fiddle tune
• 00:09:16 – 00:11:41 - “The Girls of Neil’s Harbour”
• 00:11:42 – 00:14:23 - “Hey Marcel”
• 00:14:24 – 00:18:24 – [unidentified song]
• 00:18:25 – 00:22:10 - [unidentified song]
• 00:22:11 – 00:24:41 - fiddle tune
• 00:24:42 – 00:27:26 - “Christine” (the band’s bassist, Stuart Robertson, is on vocals with Sam Moon)
• 00:27:27 – 00:30:46 - “Space Available” (fiddle tune written by Marcel Doucet)

Shore Folk:
• 00:30:47 – 00:35:19 – “Nancy Whiskey”
• 00:35:20 – 00:39:00 - “Boston Burglar”
• 00:39:01 – 00:45:29 - “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-5 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of the Men of the Deeps performing the second half of their set at the Tarbot Music Festival - the first half of their performance can be heard on Tape 4 (MG 21.18 -A-1-1-4). Also on this recording is Dennis Cox and Lori Cox’s set.

Men of the Deeps, cont’d:
• 00:00:00 – 00:00:55 - [Jack O’Donnell] introducing Bootlegger Me
• 00:00:56 – 00:04:02 – “Bootlegger Me” (Ernie Poirier lead vocals)
• 00:04:03 – 00:04:28 - [Jack O’Donnell] introducing the next song
• 00:04:29 – 00:06:24 – “Oran Do Ceap Breattain/Down Deep in a Coal Mine”
• 00:06:25 – 00:06:41 – [Jack O’Donnell] introducing the next song, which was specifically chosen for the children in the audience
• 00:06:42 – 00:08:06 - “The Animals are Comin’”
• 00:08:07 – 00:09:42 - “Jolly Wee Miner Men”
• 00:09:43 – 00:11:15 – “The Man With a Torch in His Cap”
• 00:11:16 – 00:11:55 - MC thanking the Men of the Deeps
• 00:11:56 – 00:12:39 – MC thanking Malcolm Dean for hosting the First Tarbot Music Festival at his farm in Tarbot, Cape Breotn and introducing the next act, Dennis and Lori Cox

Dennis Cox and Lori Cox:
• 00:12:40 – 00:14:40 - “What Shall We do with the Baby-o”
• 00:14:41 – 00:18:47 - “Walk On, Little Charlie” (song written by Willie Dunn about Chanie Wenjack)
• 00:18:48 – 00:21:10 – [unidentified song] (Lori Cox acapella)
• 00:21:11 – 00:24:26 - “Dancin’ Round the Spinning Wheel”(with Peggy Forbes on mandolin)
• 00:24:26 – 00:25:44 - “Shortenin’ Bread”
• 00:25:45 – 00:29:44 - “Fall Again Down” (written by Sandy Greenburg, who joins Dennis and Lori on stage)
• 00:29:45 – 00:33:41 - lead the crowd in the round, “Rose, Rose”
• 00:33:42 – 00:34:59 - “Hog’s Eye”, a sea shanty

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-6 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Charlie MacKinnon performing with his son, Charlie MacKinnon Jr., at the Tarbot Music Festival. Around the 18 minute mark, Jarvis Benoit and his son, Louis Benoit, start their set.

Charlie MacKinnon and Charlie MacKinnon Jr.:
• 00:00:00 – 00:04:14 - “A Ballad of the Old Bucksaw”
• 00:04:15 – 00:07:49 - “The Ghost of Bras D’or”
• 00:07:50 – 00:10:30 - “The Leaving of Liverpool”
• 00:10:31 – 00:12:40 - Charlie Jr. “Shady Grove”
• 00:12:41 – 00:14:50 - Charlie Jr. performing an unidentified song
• 00:14:51 – 00:18:25 - “Kelly’s Mountain”

Jarvis Benoit and Louis Benoit:
• 00:18:26 – 00:19:07 –sound check
• 00:19:08 – 00:21:05 – [unidentified song]
• 00:21:06 – 00:24:20 - “Crazy Creek”
• 00:24:21 – 00:26:26 - Kevin Roach [Roche?], a member of the band, being introduced by Louis Benoit to MC for the band, and he introduces a banjo tune called the “Blue Ridge Express”
• 00:26:26 – 00:30:26 - [unnamed Scotch tunes]
• 00:30:27 – 00:33:41 - “El Cumbanchero” (with Louis Benoit on the mandolin)
• 00:33:42 – 00:38:11 - “The Shannon Waltz”
• 00:38:12 – 00:41:03 - Kevin Roach featured on the [Doberman, doe roe – flat string instrument on his lap]
• 00:41:04 – 00:43:42 - “Boyle the Cabbage Down”

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-8 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of Ronnie MacEachern, Ralph Dillon, Joanne Rolls, Winnie Chafe, Allie Bennett, Buddy MacMaster and Dougie MacPhee performing on stage at the Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Cape Breton. Ronnie MacEachern’s set continues on Tape 9 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-9).

• 00:00:00 – 00:09:07 - “The Wreck of the John Harvey”
• 00:09:08 – 00:15:29 - fiddle tune with Dougie MacPhee on piano
• 00:15:30 – 00:20:18 - Ronnie MacEachern song about the Mira River
• 00:20:19 – 00:27:19 - “Go Off On Your Way”
• 00:27:20 – 00:30:51 - Allie Bennett, Winnie Chafe, Buddy MacMaster – jigs

CA BI MG 21.18-A-1-14 · Item · August 28, 1977
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a recording of two fiddle tunes performed by Mike MacDougall, Winnie Chafe, Buddy MacMaster, Allie Bennett, and Dougie MacPhee. It is a short extract from their performance at the Tarbot Music Festival and the whole set can be heard on Tape 3 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-3) and Tape 4 (MG 21.18-A-1-1-4).

• 00:00:00 – 00:04:00 - Fiddle tune by Mike MacDougall, Winnie Chafe, Buddy MacMaster, Allie Bennett, Dougie MacPhee
• 00:04:01 – 00:05:36 - fiddle tune

CA BI MG 21.18-A-2 · Item · January 1978
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is one cassette featuring a taped segment of the CBC radio program ‘Touch the Earth’ hosted by Doug Lennox and Sylvia Tyson, which focused on the Tarbot Music Festival as reported by Bruce Steel in August 1977.

00:00:00 – 00:00:42 - Intro – Doug Lennox and Sylvia Tyson introducing the ‘Touch the Earth’ episode.
00:00:43 – 00:01:10 – Bruce Steel’s introduction to the Tarbot Music Festival segment of the show.
00:01:11 – 00:02:08 - Men of the Deeps open the Tarbot Music Festival with “Oran Do Ceap Breatainn” and a snippet of that performance is played to introduce the radio segment.
00:02:09 – 00:03:15 - Lee Cremo performs on the fiddle.
00:03:16 – 00:04:59 J.C. Benoit and Son (Jarvis Benoit and his son, Louis Benoit) play the tune “Boil the Cabbage Down” on fiddle and mandolin.
5:00 – 7:25 - Road lead singer, Fred Lavery, talking about culture and tradition in Cape Breton “root music” and the band plays a song.
00:07:25 – 00:10:08 - Kenzie MacNeil performing “Johnstown Boogey”
00:10:09 – 00:12:49 - Sam Moon and fiddler, Marcel Doucet, playing “The Girls of Neil’s Harbour”
00:12:50 – 00:13:15 - 'Touch the Earth' segment's outro

Sound Recordings
CA BI MG 21.18-A · Series · August 1977 - January 1978
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Series consists of audio recordings of the 1977 Tarbot Music Festival in Tarbot, Nova Scotia and one CBC radio segment about the 1977 festival.

MG 21.8-T-3065 · Item · 1978
Part of D.J. MacDermaid Songs & Stories Collection

Item is a sound recording of Hector MacCormack at Framboise.

Cassette notes it as tape #149.

Track List:
Side A
Track A1 - TBD (Hector MacCormick) 04:02
Track A2 - TBD (Hector MacCormick) 03:03

Side B
Track B1 - TBD (Hector MacCormick) 08:35
Track B2 - Padruig Ban agus Morag (Hector MacCormick) 16:44
Track B3 - TBD (Hector MacCormick) 02:51
Track B4 - TBD (Hector MacCormick) 02:27

Glace Bay mine explosion #26
CA BI FT-233 · Item · 1979

Item is a film with footage of the 1979 No. 26 explosion and memorial service.

Tarbot Music Festival fonds
CA BI MG 21.18 · Fonds · 1977 - 1979

Fonds consists of materials related to the Tarbot Music Festival held in Tarbot, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, including audio reels of 1977 festival performances, a cassette with a Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) radio segment about the festival, photographs, a festival poster, a patch, and a ‘Tarbot’ stamp.

Tarbot, Cape Breton's Music Festival Inc.
CA BI T-1168 · Item · 1979
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Frank Macarthur discussing Gaelic language in the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland. Includes Gaelic songs and sgeulachdan.

Gaelic was his first language - did not speak English until he went to school
There were once many Gaelic speakers in the Codroy valley
Discusses Gaelic work songs, spinning songs his grandmother used to sing
Fragment of Gaelic song: "Illean bithibh sunndach..."
"Oran na Mocaisean"
"Chailean dhuinn a dh'fhag thu mi..."
Fragments of two sgeulachdan
His grandfather came from Scotland...
His grandmother talked about the heather in Scotland...
"Will you marry me my damsel..."

Macdonald, Norman