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17th Battalion

  • 77-924-1058
  • Item
  • ca. 1910

Item is a photograph of six members of the old 17th Battalion with the first Sydney court house in the background.

17th Battery Artillery Unit

  • 77-889-1023
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of the 17th Battery Artillery, taken at Victoria Park, Sydney.

185th Battalion Cape Breton Highlanders regimental band

File consists of a photograph of the regimental band of the 185th Battalion the Cape Breton Highlanders. The photo was taken by MacLauchlan of Halifax, N.S. Those identified in the photo are: Top row: Bdsn Alex Brown, Bdsn Frank MacKinnon, Bdsn James Critchley, Bdsn John Hitchens, Bdsn Robert Weilding, Bdsn Herbert Poycott, Bdsn William MacLaverty, Bdsn Albert Beresford, Bdsn Thomas Saunderson, Bdsn Walter Cosman. Second row standing: Bdsn Samuel Hayward, Bdsn Fred Ferryhough, Bdsn John Harracks, Bdsn Malcom O'Hanley, Bdsn Ben Hitchens, Bdsn James F. MacDonald, Bdsn Thomas Denny, Bdsn John Nicholson, Bdsn Elsmer Bulmer, Bdsn Burns MacDonald, Bdsn James Bowers. Third row sitting: Bdsn Joseph Dunn, Bdsn James A. Ross, Bdsn Mark Conway, Bdsn Harry Beaddock, William Williams (Sergt. Bandmaster), Col. F.P. Day, Capt. F.P. Munro, Bdsn D. Mck Weir, Bdsn joseph Davies. Bottom row sitting: Bdsn Joseph Mullings, Bdsn William P. Laurence, Bdsn John McOuigan, Bdsn John T. Green, Bdsn Gerald Liscombe, Bdsn Daniel Guthro, Bdsn A.J. MacLean (L. Corp.).

185th Battalion, Broughton

  • 81-1605-6685
  • Item
  • ca. 1915

Item is a postcard of the 185th Battalion marching in Broughton, Cape Breton during World War 1. The soldiers in full uniform are marching past the rear of the Broughton Arms Hotel, which is visible in the background.

185th Battalion, Broughton

  • 91-621-22582
  • Item
  • ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of the 185th Battalion parading in Broughton, where they were stationed during the beginning of World War 1.

185th Battalion, Broughton

  • 77-903-1037
  • Item
  • ca. 1914

Item is a postcard of the 185th Battalion marching past the Broughton Hotel taken during WWI.

185th Battalion, Broughton

  • 94-1121-25636
  • Item
  • 1915

Item is a photograph of the 185th Battalion parading in Broughton, where they were stationed during the beginning of World War 1.

185th Battalion, Broughton

  • 77-904-1038
  • Item
  • ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of the 185th Battalion at Broughton with the Broughton Hotel in the background. The photograph was taken during WWI. A row of soldiers are assembled in the rear of the hotel and stand before officers in full uniform.

185th Canadian Infantry Battalion fonds

  • MG 20.24
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1918

The 185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders) was authorized on the first day of February, 1916 by the appointment of Lt.-Col. F. P. Day, as its commanding Officer. Cape Breton Island, particularly the industrial sections, had already contributed a long list of men in various units such as the 17th, 36th, 25th, 40th, 64th, 85th, and 106th infantry units. It was felt, however, that the authorization of a Battalion recruited from all sections of the Island would be met with a strong response, and the authorities were not disappointed. Within a period of three weeks from the day the first recruit was signed on, the battalion was up to strength and ready to mobilize. For recruiting purposes, the 185th divided the Island into four districts: "A" Company from Inverness, Richmond and Victoria Counties; "B" Company from the towns of Glace Bay, New Waterford, and adjacent districts; "C" Company from Sydney Mines, North Sydney and suburbs; "D" Company from Sydney and the Mira district.

Fonds consists of the register of recruits ledger, casualty forms, nominal rolls for drafts, absentee list, declaration and attestation papers, and the list of members of the 185th during World War 1.

185th Cape Breton Highlanders Headquarters, Broughton

  • 84-704-14804
  • Item
  • 1914-1918

Item is a photographic postcard showing the Headquarters of the 185th Cape Breton Highlanders in Broughton during the First World War. A heading below the photo identifies the Broughton Arms and General Offices.

185th Overseas Battalion, N.S. Highland Brigade

  • 80-286-4466
  • Item
  • 1916

Item is a composite photograph of the 185th Overseas Battalion, N.S. Highland Brigade of Lt. Col. Day O.C. during World War 1. Photo was taken in Sydney by H.O. Dodge.

Dodge, H. O.

1909 Packard

  • 80-161-4341
  • Item
  • ca. 1910

Item is a photograph of an unidentified man driving a 1909 Packard Model 18 Touring.

#26 Colliery, millionth ton

  • 79-981-3961
  • Item
  • 1967

Item is a photograph of the millionth ton of coal that was taken from #26 Colliery.

#26 Miners, Glace Bay

  • 84-447-14547
  • Item
  • 1984

Item is a photograph of miners from #26 Colliery at St. Mary's Church Hall.

Fitzgerald, Owen

2nd Battalion, Cape Breton Highlanders (Cape Breton) officer training booklet

  • PAM 2190
  • Item
  • 1975

Item is a booklet that was handed out during officer training for the 2nd Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton) between September 1975 and May 1976. The booklet was created to consolidate information about the history of the Cape Breton Highlanders and serve as a training medium for study as well as a reference for future regimental history lectures. The booklet contains an introduction by then commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel I.D. MacIntyre and sections that highlight the history of the unit before World War I to the unit as the 2nd Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton).

50th Anniversary Holy Heart Seminary

  • 76-68
  • Item
  • ca. 1975

Item is a photograph of approximately three hundred individuals gathered on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax, N.S. The seminary was destroyed in 1975.

7 Mile Bridge

  • 91-699-22660
  • Item
  • [ca. 1936]

Item is a photograph taken at 7 Mile Bridge in Sydney River. The individuals are identified from left to right as Obie Karylak, Alex & Marlene Karyluk, Fr. Tsukuinyk & Mrs. Tsukuinky. Fr. Tsukuinky is also identified as the pastor of St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Breton Street in Whitney Pier.

85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

  • 77-736-870
  • Item
  • Jul-1918

Item is a photograph of the 85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders) taken on the steps of a chateau in Lozinghem, France.

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