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Minuitaqn Craft Shop

  • CA BI 00-01-29987
  • Item
  • ca. 1995

Item is a photograph of the sign for Minuitaqn Craft & Gift Shop in Eskasoni, N.S.

J. Madden

  • 00-02-30006
  • Item
  • ca. 1922

Item is a photograph of J. Madden, an actor who appeared in the movie "The Sea Riders". This was a film by The Maritime Picture Co. of Canada Ltd.

Rita Joe

  • CA BI 00-03-29989
  • Item
  • 199-?

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe reading to a small group of people.

Rita Joe

  • CA BI 00-04-29990
  • Item
  • 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe with her daughter Caroline and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Rita Joe

  • CA BI 00-05-29991
  • Item
  • 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe signing a record after her induction into the Privy Council. The Governor-General and Queen Elizabeth II are also featured in the photograph.

Rita Joe

  • CA BI 00-06-29992
  • Item
  • 1990

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe holding the proclamation of her reception of the Order of Canada.

Cape Breton musicians

  • 07-01-30019
  • Item
  • ca. 1975

Item is a photograph of Sandy MacIntyre (fiddler – Inverness), Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald (fiddler – Sydney), Ron Gonnella (fiddler – Scotland), Doug MacPhee (pianist – New Waterford), and Dan Joe MacInnis (fiddler – Big Pond).

Ranna Cossit

  • 08-02-30021
  • Item
  • ca. 1795

Item is a miniature portrait of Ranna Cossit. He was the first Anglican minister in Sydney and the founder of St. George's Church.

Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Subseries consists of photographs, correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings and maps relating to the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy.

In 1975, two members from each Canadian unit who participated in the Italian campaign during World War II were invited to take part in a official Canadian pilgrimage to places around Italy where veterans would tour former battle sites, war graves, towns and cities. In the case of the Cape Breton Highlanders, Charles "Sharkey" MacDonald and Ralph S. Davies were selected to represent the Highlanders.

Company Accounts

Sub-subseries consists of records detailing business accounts between Morrisons', wholesalers and local retailers.

Company Accounts 1940-1965 (a-i)

File consists of nine business account ledgers. A file list is available below.

A. 1940 - 1951
B. Oct. 1953 - Mar. 1955
C. Jan. 1955 - Jan. 1956
D. Jan. 1956 - Jul. 1957
E. Jun. 1957 - Dec. 1958
F. Dec. 1958 - Jul. 1960
G. Jul. 1960 - Feb. 1962
H. Jan. 1962 - Sept. 1963
I. Aug. 1963- Apr. 1965

Cash Journals 1944-1995 (a-s)

File consists of Morrison's Store cash journals. A file list is available below.

A. 1944 - 1947 (Oversized)
B. 1947 - 1952 (Oversized)
C. 1952 - 1980 (Oversized)
D. May 1953 - Jan.1980
E. 1979 - 1981 (Oversized)
F. Feb. 1981 - Jan. 1982
G. Feb. 1982 - Jan. 1983
H. Jan. 1982 - Jan. 1983
I. Feb. 1983 - Jan. 1984
J. Feb. 1984 - Jan. 1985
K. Feb. 1985 - Jan. 1986
L. Feb.1986 - Jan. 1987
M. Feb. 1987 - Jan. 1988
N. Feb. 1988 - Jan. 1989
O. Feb. 1989 - Jan. 1990
P. Feb. 1990 - Jan. 1991
Q. Feb. 1991 - Jan. 1992
R. Jan. 1993 - Feb. 1994
S. Jan. 1994 - Feb. 1995


File consists of a letter from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, personal correspondence, letters congratulating him on the publishing of his book “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”, letters from people telling Dr. MacMillan how much they enjoyed his book and their hopes for a sequel.

Viola's Arrest, Pardon and Recognition

File consists of materials related to Viola Desmond's arrest, including copies of letters from Desmond to the Ministry of Justice, and the posthumous apology and pardon she received in 2010 from the Province of Nova Scotia.

"Justice at Last"

Item is a typewritten, three-page draft essay with handwritten notes by Wanda Robson about how she became a student at Cape Breton University (CBU), her activism and the work she did to promote the legacy of her sister, Viola Desmond. The essay was printed on the back of information sheets about Crime Stoppers Bingo.

Johnstone Scholarship

Item is a typewritten letter from Betty Ann Pothier, Johnstone Scholarship Administrator at the Nova Scotia Department of Education, to Wanda Robson regarding the Dr. P. Anthony Johnstone Scholarship and Robson's role on its Scholarship Committee. Attached to the email is a poster for the scholarship and a copy of the application.


Folio consists of photographs of the Cape Breton Highlanders during World War II taken in locations such as Canada, England, Italy and the Netherlands.

Customer Accounts 1940-1962 (a-i)

File consists of nine customer account ledgers. A file list is available below.

A. Aug. 1940 - Aug. 1941
B. Jan. 1950 - April 1954
C. Jan. 1952 - July 1955
D. Jan. 1953 - Feb. 1955
E. Jan. 1954 - Jan. 1957
F. Jan. 1955 - Jan. 1957
G. Oct. 1956 - Sept. 1958
H. Oct. 1958 - Sept. 1959
I. Jan. 1958 - Jan. 1962

Payroll 1951-1961 (a-f)

File consists of six payroll account ledgers from Morrison's Store. A file list is available below.

A. Jan. 1951 - Sept. 1952
B. Jan. 1954 - Feb. 1955
C. Feb. 1955 - Aug. 1956
D. Feb. 1956 - Dec. 1957
E. Feb. 1958 - Aug. 1959
F. Sept. 1959 - April 1961

Election Papers

Sub-series consists of political records relating to Alex A. Morrison's involvement as the Richmond County Secretary for the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia and pertaining to the 1956 Nova Scotia general election.


File consists of 4 completed manuscript and 2 partial manuscripts of “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”/ “Hang the Lantern on the Gate”. “Hang the Lantern on the Gate” was the original title of Dr. MacMillan’s novel before it was changed to “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”.

C. Monty MacMillan Ferry Boat

File consists of a letter written in 1992 from M.L.A. Roland J. Thornhill to Ken Streatch the Minister of transportation and Communication asking that the bell and name plaque from the C. Monty MacMillan Ferry be given to the family, clippings detailing the final crossing of the C. Monty MacMillan Ferry and the opening of the Barra Strait Bridge.


Folio consists of various post-World War II publications including The General By-Laws of the Royal Canadian Legion, The Veterans' Land Act, a Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia holiday planner, The National War Memorial, A Reference Guide to Navy, Army, & Air Force Insignia, the 58th annual report of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, The Canadian Army in the Netherlands 1944-1945, The Canadian War Museum, issues of Legion Magazine from March to July 1979 and issues 62,63, 65, and 68 of the History of the Second World War magazine publication.

Hospital Opening in Victoria County

Item consists of a speech given by Dr. MacMillan at the opening of the new hospital in Victoria County. Dr. MacMillan replaced the Minister of Health, Mr. Harold Connolly at the grand opening of the North Victoria Hospital. Mr. Connolly was not able to make it and asked Dr. MacMillan to give the opening address instead.


File consists of political speeches written by Dr. MacMillan; Addressing Angus L. MacDonald in Bridgewater in April 1949, expressing his condolences on the passing of King George VI as well as congratulating the Department of Education on it’s success, partial speech talking about the highway needs in Victoria County and the boom in tourism, speech concerning the legalization of the practice of Chiropractic, speech detailing an act to incorporate the Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Limited, speech detailing the damages done by draggers, survey of requirements for the fishing industry, proposition for a committee and minister of Fisheries, a speech thanking the people for nominating him, improving road conditions in Victoria County, speech asking for Cape Bretons rightful share in the tourism industry, a speech thanking the people for re-electing him for the third time, speech thanking the committee for their invitation to the annual celebration of John Cabot setting foot on Cape Breton Island, speech about public health in Nova Scotia, speech at the Gaelic Mod and the gathering of the clans, annual meeting for the Victoria County Liberal Association, speech from the throne debate, addresses the lack of rehabilitation programs for coal miners in the event of a mine closure and the utilization of Nova Scotia’s natural resources, financial figures and an article from the Royal Gazette Extraordinary detailing the House of Assembly Session.

Correspondence - Miscellaneous (n.d.)

File consists of correspondence from the records of Indian Affairs Superintendent, A.J. Boyd. Topics include the distribution of blankets, correspondence pertaining to Indian Day Schools, the purchasing of supplies and food items, and supply lists. Dates are not readily discernible.


Subseries consists of company accounts, customer accounts, bank accounts and account journals.

Inventories (1950, 1952)

File consists of fourteen small books noting the store's stock from 1950 and 1952. A file list is available below.

A. 1950
B. 1950 no. 2
C. 1950 no. 3
D. 1950 no. 5
E. 1950 no. 6
F. 1950 no. 8
G. 1950 no. 9
H. 1950 no. 10
I. 1950 no. 11
J. 1950 no. 12
K. 1950 no. 13
L. 1950 no. 14
M. 1952 no. 1
N. 1952 no. 3

"Takes Action"

Item is three photocopies of the December 31, 1946 edition of The Clarion newspaper published in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia featuring articles about Viola Desmond's 1946 arrest at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow and her court appeals.

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