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Minuitaqn Craft Shop
CA BI 00-01-29987 · Item · ca. 1995

Item is a photograph of the sign for Minuitaqn Craft & Gift Shop in Eskasoni, N.S.

J. Madden
00-02-30006 · Item · ca. 1922

Item is a photograph of J. Madden, an actor who appeared in the movie "The Sea Riders". This was a film by The Maritime Picture Co. of Canada Ltd.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-03-29989 · Item · 199-?

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe reading to a small group of people.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-04-29990 · Item · 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe with her daughter Caroline and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-05-29991 · Item · 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe signing a record after her induction into the Privy Council. The Governor-General and Queen Elizabeth II are also featured in the photograph.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-06-29992 · Item · 1990

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe holding the proclamation of her induction to the Order of Canada.

Cape Breton musicians
07-01-30019 · Item · ca. 1975

Item is a photograph of Sandy MacIntyre (fiddler – Inverness), Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald (fiddler – Sydney), Ron Gonnella (fiddler – Scotland), Doug MacPhee (pianist – New Waterford), and Dan Joe MacInnis (fiddler – Big Pond).

Ranna Cossit
08-02-30021 · Item · ca. 1795

Item is a miniature portrait of Ranna Cossit. He was the first Anglican minister in Sydney and the founder of St. George's Church.

Noel P. Denny
11-16-30039 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of Noel P. Denny.

Harriet Denny
11-17-30040 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of Harriet Denny sitting on a chair in a kitchen.

Michael Paul
11-18-30041 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of Michael Paul.

St. Ann's Bay
CA BI 11-20-30043 · Item · n.d.

Item is a print of St. Ann's Bay signed by Dodge.

CA BI 12-06-30050 · Item · ca. 1920

This image shows parishioners in procession following mass during the Feast of Corpus Christie. In the background are St. Peter's Church and convent.

McLeod & Stanfield Bookstore
CA BI 12-07-30051 · Item · [between 1900 and 1902]

Item is a photograph of a man standing in the entrance of the McLeod & Stanfield Bookstore in Glace Bay, N.S.

Archie MacKeigan
12-09-30053 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of Archie MacKeigan. He was at one time the Executive Director of the former Cape Breton Hospital and CEO of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Boxing - Glace Bay
CA BI 120.4 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photographic portrait of men and boys holding trophies in a boxing ring.

CA BI 13-009-30063 · Item · ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of troops of the 94th Regiment at arms in front of Marconi Station. Dozens of troops are lined along a path with an officer standing at the right end. There are multiple buildings visible in the background.

CA BI 13-010-30064 · Item · ca. 1914

Item is a photograph of troops of the 94th Regiment at arms in front of Marconi Station. Dozens of troops and officers are lined in rows in front of a large house, some sitting and some standing.

Capt. John MacDonald
15-63-30131 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of Capt. John MacDonald.

Capt. John MacDonald
15-64-30132 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of Captain John MacDonald and his brother Charlie.

Charlie MacDonald
15-65-30133 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of Charlie MacDonald.

Ferris Hill, North Sydney
CA BI 15-68-30136 · Item · 1934

The postcard shows many people on a snow covered hill in North Sydney. The event may have been the opening of the ski slide. The view from the hill shows the harbour as well as buildings.

St. Ann's Boys Choir
CA BI 166.2 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photographic portrait of members of the St. Ann's Boys Choir dressed in choir robes.

Song of Eskasoni
CA BI 2007-008.3.001 · Item · 1993

File consists of "an account of the revival of the native traditions and spirituality in Eskasoni through the writings of Rita Joe."

Iona Connection
2010-0267 · Collection

Donation consists of minutes, reports, and other documents related to the meetings, projects and operations of Heritage Cape Breton Connection (Iona Connection). The donation also consists of a hard drive containing the interviews recorded for Voices of Heritage.

Flora MacDonald Collection
CA BI 2015-031 · Collection · 1893 - 2005

Donation consists of artifacts, writings, interviews, and personal documents from Flora MacDonald's life and career.

MacDonald, Flora
Murdoch McDonald Deed
CA BI 2016-009 · Item · 1859

Donation consists of one land grant in the name of Murdoch MacDonald at Boularderie Island. Signed on December 20th 1859 by Charles Tupper. Registered in 1860.

Government of Nova Scotia
Coal Wash Plant-Sydney Mines
CA BI 2016-025 · Item · ca. 1960

Item consists of a painting of the Coal Wash Plant at Old Sydney Collieries in Sydney Mines. The painting features the coal preparation site with a man and dog sitting in the foreground.

Astephen, Georgina Schima
2016-027 · Collection · 1952 - 1984

Donation consists of reels and cassettes recorded and collected by the donor's father - who was a step-dancer and fiddler. The content is unique and rare as most of the recordings were completed at house parties in Toronto. See the attached finding aid inventory for examples of well known performers such as Johnny Wilmot, Cameron Chisholm, Albert Chiasson, Doug MacPhee, Margaret Chisholm, Bill Lamey, and Dan Hughie MacEachern as a few examples.

Collection Description and Digitization in process.

MacLean, John
Barry Shears Collection
CA BI 2016-30 · Collection · 1910 - 2012

Donation consists of sound recordings, articles, clippings, sheet music and photographs related to piping. A significant portion of the collection pertains to the donor's academic and professional career.

Shears, Barry
Rose Tompkins Guest Register
2017-023.01 · Item · 1957 - 1965

Item is a guest register for Rose Tompkins's farm house and cabins located in Margaree for the years 1957 - 1965.

Tompkins, Rose
CA BI 2019-001 · Collection · 1927

Donation consists of 33 black and white glass negatives featuring locations and events in New Waterford, NS.

Air Show
CA BI 330.4 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photograph of three people at an air show.

Strikers Parade
CA BI 335.5 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photographic portrait of striking steelworkers on parade.

Hay Cove Accident
CA BI 346.5 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photograph of a car at the scene of an accident.

CA BI 364.29 · Item · [ca. 1940]

Item is a photograph of four male students standing outside of Sydney Academy.

Dr. Alvinus Calder
CA BI 63-6310-13610 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of physician Dr. Alvinus Calder standing next to an unidentified building, dressed in a suit and tie.

Officers of the S.S. Bruce
CA BI 76-1 · Item · 1900

Item is a photographic collage of the officers serving on broad the S.S Bruce, which ran between North Sydney and Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland. Featured are P. Delaney, Capt; R. Lewis, 1st officer; M. Coffee, 2nd officer; Wm. Harvey, Chief Engineer; H. P. Lewis, 2nd Engineer; Geo. Lewis, 3rd Engineer; M. Barnes, 4th Engineer; T. R. McGarth, Purser; J. House, Chief Steward; and J. Campbell, 2nd Engineer. Also pictured is the S.S. Bruce in full steam.

CA BI 76-10 · Item · 1898

Item is a photograph of a group of approximately twenty men in North Sydney; several men are in uniform and there is a dog in the foreground.

Springhill Explosion
CA BI 76-100 · Item · 1956

Item is a photograph of various shots of the crowd waiting for word on the condition of the miners, the ambulances ready for the injured and the extent of damage to the buildings.

Sydney Firemen
CA BI 76-101 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of ten firemen in uniform standing before a decorated float. There is a sailboat in the background.

CA BI 76-102 · Item · 1909

Item is a photograph of the first draeger crew formed in North America; the crew was formed at the No. 2 and No. 9 collieries, Glace Bay.
Front row: John Joe MacNeil, Mr. Fergie, Norman MacKenzie. Middle row: Dan "Storey" MacDonald, Joe Campbell, Thomas Turner, James MacMahon, Unknown, Roddie "Heenan" MacDonald, Matt MacAdam, Dan MacGillivary, Gilbert Darroch, Alex T. MacNeil, Mick Steele.
Back row: Harry Miller, Vannie Nicholson, John MacLean, John Robinson, Dan W. "Kink" McDonald, Unknown, Unknown Evan Prothero, Unknown.

CA BI 76-103 · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of a dozen members of Sydney Academy's 1936 Gaelic class; individuals are identified on the reverse of the photograph. The man in the front centre of the photograph is holding a sign that says, "Sgoil Ghaidhlig, 1936, Ghlace Bay" (Glace Bay Gaelic School).

Back row, left to right: Angus MacKinnon and Archie MacDonald.
Centre row, left to right: Mitchell MacKinnon, Alex MacInnis, Stephen B. MacNeil, Chief; Joseph MacSween and John Morrison.
Front row, left to right: Mrs. Thos. MacNeil, Rev. F. Vincent MacDonald, John A. MacDougall, Asst. Teacher; Capt. John L. MacKinnon, Teacher and Principal and Mrs. Alex MacInnis.

Shedden Studio
James MacDonald
CA BI 76-104 · Item · 1910-1920

Item is a photograph of James MacDonald, Esq. a city clerk from 1924 to 1949.

Peter Hall Clarke
CA BI 76-105 · Item · 1845-1849

Item is a photograph of a painted portrait of Peter Hall Clarke, magistrate for Sydney and a member of St. Andrew's.

Reverend P. Fiset
CA BI 76-106 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the Reverend P. Fiset, parish priest at Cheticamp and president of the Great Northern Mining Co. Limited.

Hon. Murray Dodd
CA BI 76-107 · Item · 1870-1871

Item is a photograph of Judge Murray Dodd, Master of St. Andrews.

James P. Ward
CA BI 76-108 · Item · ca. 1840

Item is a photograph of a painting of James P. Ward, a Sheriff in Cape Breton.

James Anderson
CA BI 76-109 · Item · ca. 1860

Item is a photograph of a painting of James Anderson who was a past Master of St. Andrews Masonic Lodge from 1858-1866 and also a member of an old Sydney family.

Burrill Johnson Engine No. 2
CA BI 76-11 · Item · 190?

Item is a photograph of a steam fire engine, built around 1900 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This particular engine, the Burrill Johnson Engine No. 2, was purchased by the Sydney Mines Fire Department in 1908. The engine was operated by Paddy Keigan.