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Minuitaqn Craft Shop
CA BI 00-01-29987 · Item · ca. 1995

Item is a photograph of the sign for Minuitaqn Craft & Gift Shop in Eskasoni, N.S.

J. Madden
00-02-30006 · Item · ca. 1922

Item is a photograph of J. Madden, an actor who appeared in the movie "The Sea Riders". This was a film by The Maritime Picture Co. of Canada Ltd.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-03-29989 · Item · 199-?

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe reading to a small group of people.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-04-29990 · Item · 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe with her daughter Caroline and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-05-29991 · Item · 1992

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe signing a record after her induction into the Privy Council. The Governor-General and Queen Elizabeth II are also featured in the photograph.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-06-29992 · Item · 1990

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe holding the proclamation of her induction to the Order of Canada.

Cape Breton musicians
07-01-30019 · Item · ca. 1975

Item is a photograph of Sandy MacIntyre (fiddler – Inverness), Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald (fiddler – Sydney), Ron Gonnella (fiddler – Scotland), Doug MacPhee (pianist – New Waterford), and Dan Joe MacInnis (fiddler – Big Pond).

Ranna Cossit
08-02-30021 · Item · ca. 1795

Item is a miniature portrait of Ranna Cossit. He was the first Anglican minister in Sydney and the founder of St. George's Church.

World War I Scrapbook
CA BI MG 09.021-C-1 · Item · 1915-10-04 - 1918-11-12
Part of Dodd Family fonds

Item is a scrapbook kept by Frances Dodd during her time serving as a nurse in England during World War I (WWI). The scrapbook includes photographs with handwritten descriptions, drawings, poems and recipes.

CA BI MG 21.14-A-1 · File · [1949]-2017, predominantly 2010
Part of Wanda Robson & Viola Desmond Collection

File consists of materials related to Viola Desmond's arrest, including copies of letters from Desmond to the Ministry of Justice, and the posthumous apology and pardon she received in 2010 from the Province of Nova Scotia.

"Justice at Last"
CA BI MG 21.14-A-12-1 · Item · [After April 2010]
Part of Wanda Robson & Viola Desmond Collection

Item is a typewritten, three-page draft essay with handwritten notes by Wanda Robson about how she became a student at Cape Breton University (CBU), her activism and the work she did to promote the legacy of her sister, Viola Desmond. The essay was printed on the back of information sheets about Crime Stoppers Bingo.

Johnstone Scholarship
CA BI MG 21.14-A-13-1 · Item · January 10, 2008
Part of Wanda Robson & Viola Desmond Collection

Item is a typewritten letter from Betty Ann Pothier, Johnstone Scholarship Administrator at the Nova Scotia Department of Education, to Wanda Robson regarding the Dr. P. Anthony Johnstone Scholarship and Robson's role on its Scholarship Committee. Attached to the email is a poster for the scholarship and a copy of the application.

CA BI MG 21.46-B-1 · File · [Between 1955 – 1974]
Part of Sister Margaret Beaton fonds

File consists of handwritten and typewritten travelogues and notes written by Sr. Margaret about her trips to Scotland, Ireland, England and Italy.

Canadian Centennial Medal
CA BI MG 21.46-C-1 · File · 1967 - 1968
Part of Sister Margaret Beaton fonds

File consists of materials related to the Canadian Centennial Medal awarded to Sr. Margaret by the Government of Canada on the 100th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. Included in the file is the official certificate given to Sr. Margaret when she was awarded the medal, handwritten and typewritten congratulatory letters sent to Sr. Margaret, and newspaper clippings about the honour.

Company Accounts
CA BI MG 14.195-B-1-1 · Sub-Subseries · 1940-1992
Part of Morrison's Store, St. Peter's

Sub-subseries consists of records detailing business accounts between Morrisons', wholesalers and local retailers.

CA BI MG 14.195-B-1-1-1 · File · 1940-1965
Part of Morrison's Store, St. Peter's

File consists of nine business account ledgers. A file list is available below.

A. 1940 - 1951
B. Oct. 1953 - Mar. 1955
C. Jan. 1955 - Jan. 1956
D. Jan. 1956 - Jul. 1957
E. Jun. 1957 - Dec. 1958
F. Dec. 1958 - Jul. 1960
G. Jul. 1960 - Feb. 1962
H. Jan. 1962 - Sept. 1963
I. Aug. 1963- Apr. 1965

CA BI MG 14.195-B-1-4-1 · File · 1944-1995
Part of Morrison's Store, St. Peter's

File consists of Morrison's Store cash journals. A file list is available below.

A. 1944 - 1947 (Oversized)
B. 1947 - 1952 (Oversized)
C. 1952 - 1980 (Oversized)
D. May 1953 - Jan.1980
E. 1979 - 1981 (Oversized)
F. Feb. 1981 - Jan. 1982
G. Feb. 1982 - Jan. 1983
H. Jan. 1982 - Jan. 1983
I. Feb. 1983 - Jan. 1984
J. Feb. 1984 - Jan. 1985
K. Feb. 1985 - Jan. 1986
L. Feb.1986 - Jan. 1987
M. Feb. 1987 - Jan. 1988
N. Feb. 1988 - Jan. 1989
O. Feb. 1989 - Jan. 1990
P. Feb. 1990 - Jan. 1991
Q. Feb. 1991 - Jan. 1992
R. Jan. 1993 - Feb. 1994
S. Jan. 1994 - Feb. 1995

MG 21.44-A-1 · File · [after August 2012] – 2017
Part of Basker Family of Mull River collection

File consists of handwritten and typewritten genealogies and pedigree charts. Also included is a digitized copy of the ‘Births, Marriages, and Deaths’ pages from the Basker Family Bible.

MG 20.5-A-1 · Item · September 1910
Part of The Cape Breton Highlanders collection

Item is a group photograph of the 94th “Victoria” Battalion of Infantry, “Argyll Highlanders” regiment brass band and officers posing in a grassy field at Camp Aldershot in Aldershot, Nova Scotia with a number of bell tents erected in the background. The men are in uniform surrounding a large drum and the band members are holding clarinets, tubas, trumpets and French horns.

Included in the photograph are:
Front row (sitting): [unknown], Joe Valentine, D. MacKeigan, Eddie O’Brien, Grover Hull, J. Johnstone, J. Taylor MacDonald, and [unknown].

Middle row (kneeling): Bandmaster Walter Carmichael, Norman MacDonald, Noddie Morrison, Sam Mosely, Tom Fraser (kneeling the left of the drum), John MacNaughton (kneeling on the right of the drum), D. Weir, and Davy Seaton.

Back row: [unknown], Rannie MacDonald, [unknown], R. Bramwell, [unknown], James Mosley, Stewart [?], [unknown], Alex McLeod, George Weir, Allan MacDonald, Charles Anderson, [unknown], [unknown], and [unknown].

MG 20.5-E-1 · Subseries · 1939 - 1975
Part of The Cape Breton Highlanders collection

Sub-series consists of correspondence, programmes, schedules, scrapbooks, and photographs belonging to Ralph Davies and Sharkey MacDonald (Charles MacDonald), former Cape Breton Highlanders and World War 2 (WW2) veterans, who were chosen to be delegates for the “30th Anniversary: The Canadians in Italy” delegation sent to Italy to commemorate the Italian Campaign and the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Italy. Delegates visited memorials, battlefields, and war cemeteries and took part in cultural and religious ceremonies to mark the occasion.

MG 21.37-A-1 · File · 1911-1976, predominant 1971-1977
Part of Dr. C. Lamont MacMillan Fonds

File consists of a letter from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, personal correspondence, letters congratulating him on the publishing of his book “Memoirs of a Cape Breton Doctor”, letters from people telling Dr. MacMillan how much they enjoyed his book and their hopes for a sequel.

CA BI MG 21.18-D-1 · Item · [Between 1977 and 1979]
Part of Tarbot Music Festival fonds

Item is a clothing patch stitched with “Tarbot – Cape Breton’s Music Festival”.

MG 20.5-E-1-3-8-1 · Item · April 29, 1975
Part of The Cape Breton Highlanders collection

Item is one photograph of Ralph Davies (right), a “30th Anniversary: The Canadians in Italy” delegate and veteran of the Cape Breton Highlanders, shopping in Ravenna, Italy with an unidentified administrator from Camp Hill Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

MG 13.58-E-2-1 · Item · 1910
Part of Msgr. Donald MacPherson fonds

Item includes a handwritten and typewritten copy of “Third Centenary of the First Baptisms among the Micmac Indians which took place at Port Royal, now Annapolis, N.S., June 24, 1610 – Celebration held at St. Anne de Restigouche” written by Rev. Donald MacPherson.