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First Scottish concert held in 1957 at Broad Cove, Cape Breton.

The late Lauchie Gillis, Grand Mira, Gaelic song with Marie MacLellan on piano

Violin music by Theresa MacLellan with Marie on piano

Angus Alex MacDonnell stepdancing with Donald Angus Beaton on violin and Marie MacLellan on piano

John Alex Gillis - Gaelic song accomp., by Broad Cove Chorus

The Mabou dancers (square set) with music by Donald Angus Beaton on violin and Mrs. Beaton on piano

Violin music by Peter MacDonnell of Deepdale (N.S.): (a) Maggie Cameron's Strathspey. (b) John Morrison's Reel

A group from Deepdale (N.S.) stepdancing - violin music by Mrs. Cassie Belle MacIntyre of Inverness (N.S.)

A finale of Inverness (N.S.) county fiddlers with Angus Allan Gillis, Donald Angus Beaton, Cameron Chisholm, Theresa MacLellan, etc., with Mrs. Donald Beaton on piano, (3) groups of tunes, strathspeys and reels

Angus Allan Gillis playing a group of wedding reels

Jimmy and Harold MacDonnell - bag pipe selections

Two Gaelic songs by the Broad Cove Chorus with Marion Gillis on piano
Inverness (N.S.) pipe band playing "Road to the Isles"

Highland dance by Christine Kennedy with bagpipe music

Gaelic song by Angus Alex MacDonnell and sisters (2 songs)

Violin music by Jimmy MacLellan with Jessie Maggie MacLellan on piano
Jimmy MacLellan from Sudbury, Ont. (St. Rose) violin accomp., to Maureen Fraser to stepdance

Cameron Chisholm playing violin for his 1st public concert

Gaelic song sung by Margaree singers

Violinist Johnny Wilmot with Gussie Miles as piano accomp.,
Donald Angus Beaton on violin with wife Elizabeth on piano

The Beaton's playing for stepdancer Willie Fraser, Deepale, Inverness County (N.S.)

Angus Allan Gillis violin selections and Jessie Maggie MacLellan on piano

Gaelic song sung by a group from Southwest Margaree (N.S.) - Father Hugh A. MacDonald on piano

MacEachen, Rev. John Hugh

Dominion #24 Colliery

  • 81-827-5907
  • Item
  • 1935

Item is a photograph of a group of miners from the #24 Colliery.

Gaelic Songs with John A. Beaton

Item is an audio recording of singers from Boston, Judique, Christmas Island and Southwest Margaree singing a selection of Gaelic songs.

John A. Beaton :

Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn
"Faill i O Ro Faill I O
Oran Seòlaidh
O Sud an Taobh a Ghabhainn
Òran Seòlaidh
Mo Chrìdhe Trom 's Cha Neònach
Ochoinn a Rìgh Nach Mi Tha Muladach
"Ochoin a righ, gur h-e mi tha muladach..."
"Ochion fada bhuam thu..."
"Ho ro thill e ill o ro..."
"Ho gur mise, he gur mise..."

Joe MacKenzie (Christmas Island N.S) and Kay Macdonald ( Southwest Margaree N.W) :

"A mhairi dhubh, a hu a ho..."

John A. Beaton : "Gaol an t-Seoladair"

MacLellan, Malcolm : Deoch slainte luchd nam brachannan

John A. Beaton :

Buain nan dearcan
Hu a ho , 's mi fo m'inntinn
Horionn o 's mi fo m'inntinn
Horionn o 's na ho ri

MacLellan, Malcolm : Ho ro iu 's na hiurabh eile

John A. Beaton :

Mi nighean dubh
Airigh baile cno

Alex Macleod (Boston) : Air fail irinn, ail irinn

Carmichael, Kenny - Mo Mhali mhin meall-shuileach...

Beaton, John A. - Teannabh dluth is togaibh fonn

MacKenzie, Joe and MacDonald, Kay - Morag 's na horo gheallaidh

MacLean, Peter - Illean ill o, illean i...

MacLean, Peter - Mairi Nigh'n Dhomhnuill

MacLean, Peter

Gaelic Songs and Stories of Boisdale and Iona. Gaelic Prayer and Mass.

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories collected in the Boisdale area. Recording includes a Gaelic mass and Gaelic hymns.

Steele, John - Biographical sketch

Steele, John - Story of a man buying a horse (Local)

Steel, John - Story about Loch Mor (Loon Lake)

Steele, John - Song: Eilean a' Fhraoich

Steele, John - Stories

Steele, John - A fishing story

MacIntyre, Joseph - Biographical sketch

MacIntyre, Joseph - A story about the supernatural

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha m'Inntinn Trom 's Cha Tog Mi Fonn

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa fo'n Dìle

MacIntyre, Joseph - Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu'n Taobh-sa

MacIntyre, Joseph - Horo is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu

MacIntyre, Joseph - Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Two funny stories

MacNeil, John Hector - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, John Hector - Recitation of Lord's Prayer in Gaelic

MacDonnell, Rev. Malcolm - Gaelic Mass televised - 1964

MacLellan, Theresa - Violin selections

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Summer Cottage Rental

Item is a photograph of the Redmond family and Paruch family at a summer cottage. Pictured left to right: Richard Paruch, Johnny Paruch, Noreen Redmond, Annie Tynski Redmond, Jimmie Redmond, and Johnny Paruch.

The North Sydney Flight: The Farewell Issue

  • PAM 4061
  • Item
  • 1 December, 1918

Item is a pamphlet, published by the Personnel of the U.S. Naval Air Station in North Sydney, on December 1st, 1918. The pamphlet contains the staff muster roll, some pieces of poetry, jokes, and an editorial.

Francis H. C. Stevens

  • MG 15.44
  • Fonds
  • 1832-1973

The following fonds consist of correspondence, memorandum, printed material, and clippings regarding genealogy and family history of Francis Stevens, notebooks on botany with free hand illustrations by William C. Stevens, Francis' father the botanist at Kansas University, biography of William C. Stevens, reviews of Cape Breton cultural events and concerts, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, and photographs.

Hon. Allan J. MacEachen fonds

  • MG 9.1
  • Fonds
  • 1953-1970

Fonds consists of speeches and clippings relating to MacEachen's political career.

Herney Family at St. Ann's

  • 78-712-2462
  • Item
  • [ca. 1880]

Item is a photograph of Mi'kmaw women, men, and children at St. Ann's. Most likely Chief Herney and family. Photograph is the gift of Harold Medjuck, Photograph Collection #1.

Chief Peter Herney, St. Ann's

  • 78-710-2460
  • Item
  • [ca. 1880]

Item is a photograph of a Mi'kmaw man in Kun’tewiktu ("place of the rock," or later named King's Road Reserve). On the reverse of the photograph is a handwritten note, identifying the man as a "Peter Henry" (Peter Herney).

Keisel, Theodore

Wigwams, St. Ann's

  • 78-714-2464
  • Item
  • [ca. 1880]

Item is a photograph of Mi'kmaw wigwams in Kun’tewiktu (King's Road Reserve), Unama'ki.

Keisel, Theodore

Wigwams, St. Ann's

  • 78-713-2463
  • Item
  • [ca. 1880]

Item is a photograph of Mi'kmaw wigwams in Kun’tewiktu (King's Road Reserve), Unama'ki.

Keisel, Theodore

Scotia Wholesale = Buy-Rite, Whitney Pier

  • MG 21.6
  • Fonds
  • 1928 - 1990

Payroll ledgers, advertisements, correspondence, sales receipts & other documents related to the ownership & operation of the Scotia Wholesale/Buy-Rite grocery store in Whitney Pier.

Scotia Wholesale = Buy-Rite

Baddeck Steamship Company Ltd.

  • MG 14.166
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1932

The Baddeck Steamship Company owned and operated the ferry “Marion” from the Sydney’s to Baddeck and Whycocomagh. The company bought out the Victoria Steamship Company in 1916 which operated the “Blue Hill”, a ferry running between Iona and Baddeck.

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