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John Huk Collection
CA BI MG 21.13 · Collection · 1898-2004

This collection consists of textual records, photographs, sound recordings, publications and artifacts documenting the history and activities of the Ukrainian community in Cape Breton. Within the collection there is a focus on music and dance with over 1 meter of 78 and LP albums of Ukrainian music. Also included is a comprehensive collection of research related to Ukrainian immigration to Cape Breton with records pertaining specifically to the Ukrainian community in Whitney Pier. Personal papers from the Huk family are also included in the collection along with the manuscript and research related to Mr. John Huk's publication Strangers in the Land: The Ukrainian Presence in Cape Breton.

Huk, John
CA BI MG 13.131 · Fonds · 1912-1984

Fonds includes one parish brochure (1982) containing a brief history of the founding of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church in Sydney with images of congregation members. Also included is one reel of microfilm (MB 66) listing the following vital statistics for the parish :

Birth and Baptism Records 1912-1985
First Communions
Marriages 1932-1984
Deaths 1935-1984

Gordon Elman fonds
CA BI MG 12.38 · Fonds · 1921-1972

Fonds consists of manuscripts, scrapbooks, personal correspondence, a speech transcript, clippings, certificates, and newsletters. Records reflect Elman's extensive involvement in community organizations.

Elman, Gordon
South Bar Picnic, 1939
91-785-22746 · Item · 1939

Item is a photograph of a picnic at South Bar, taken 20 July 1939. Families of Croatian descent attending.

Michael Kuna Collection
CA BI MG 21.25 · Collection · 1927-1932

Collection consists of a selection of early Ukrainian sound recordings and 1 photograph donated by Mr. Michael Kuna in 2009.

91-796-22757 · Item · 1930

Item is a photograph of a Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra featuring seven costumed performers, taken 14 October 1930.

Group Picnic
91-786-22747 · Item · 1929

Item is a photograph of a group picnic, taken in 1929. Croatian families in attendance.

Funeral of Joze Markotic
91-795-22756 · Item · 1946

Item is a photograph of the funeral of Joze Markotic, taken 15 November 1946. The text at the bottom reads, “Uspomena – Joze Markotic, UMRA, Nov 15, 1946, u Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada.”

Bras d'Or Lime Co. Ltd.
CA BI MG 14.85 · Fonds · 1889-1915

Two ledgers for 1889-1900 and 1889-1915. Records indicate that an interpreter was employed at the quarry to communicate with the immigrant miners who were of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Yugoslavian (Croatian) and Greek descent. See MB 40.

Polish Wedding
79-1096-4076 · Item · [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph portrait of a Polish wedding with family members, taken in the 1920s.

82-953-7653 · Item · [ca. 1918]

Item is a postcard of St. Mary’s Polish Church with a portrait of Rev. Camillus Grzybala, in the top-right corner. The text at the top of the photograph reads, “Kościół Narodzenia N. M. P. w Whitney, Pier, N.S.” The text at the bottom of the photograph reads, “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Polish R. C. Church, Whitney Pier, N.S. Canada.”

82-955-7655 · Item · 1935

Item is a photograph of Polish float in Sydney’s 150th anniversary parade, taken in 1935. The float features fifteen girls, with one as a Polish queen and the rest as her attendants. The queen is identified as Jennie Kieć. The bottom row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Wludyka, Minnie Paruch, Louise Kiec, and Sophie Borak. The second row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Gniewek, Julia Gniewek, Annie Ardelli, Francis Zagorski, Sophie Blazy, and Elsie Gniewek. The third row is identified, from left to right, as Helen Kokoska, Mary Durkacz, Mary Kokoska, and Mary Miecznik.

7 Mile Bridge
91-699-22660 · Item · [ca. 1936]

Item is a photograph taken at 7 Mile Bridge in Sydney River. The individuals are identified from left to right as Obie Karylak, Alex & Marlene Karyluk, Fr. Tsukuinyk & Mrs. Tsukuinky. Fr. Tsukuinky is also identified as the pastor of St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Breton Street in Whitney Pier.

Sam Goodman and others
CA BI 81-1163-6243 · Item · 1914-1918

Item is a negative of a portrait of Sam Gordon with some other Jewish immigrants.

Seven recent Jewish immigrants, six identified - Sam Gordon, Ike Green, Louis Gallon, Saul Epstein, Abe Jacobson, Dave Epstein

Campers at Camp Kadimah
MG 21.5 A.4.1.5 · Item · [between 1970 and 1989]

Item is a photograph of counselors and campers at Camp Kadimah, dating sometime between 1970 and 1989. Standing in the back are: (2) Mary Simon, (4) Sidney Lipkus, (7) Marta Chernin, (9) Rhea Simon.

84-157-14257 · Item · May 1959

Item is a photograph of a procession of Ukrainian clergy, taken in May 1959.

Ukrainian Hall
83-6405-13705 · Item · 1983

Item is a photograph of the Ukrainian Hall on West Street in Whitney Pier, taken in 1983.

CA BI PAM 777 · Item · 1972

Item is a pamphlet published in celebration of the parish's 60th anniversary with a written history of the parish and with photographs of church groups, members and leaders.

Holy Ghost Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Sydney, N.S.)
Nina F. Cohen fonds
CA BI MG 12.187 · Fonds · 1964-1984

Fonds consists of textual documents related to the life and career of Nina Cohen, of Glace Bay. Ms. Cohen has served with the Red Cross during World War II, on the board of the National Museums of Canada, National Council of Women, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Professional Women's Club. She is best known for the initiation and founding of the Miners' Museum in Glace Bay. Papers relate mainly to the Miners' Museum.

Centennial Float
CA BI 77-765-899 · Item · 1967

Item is a photograph of the Centennial Float featuring children in Ukrainian dress as part of Sydney's Centennial celebrations.

Guth na nGaidheal
CA BI G126 · Item · 1916

Item is magazine published bi-annually by the Gaelic League of London.

First Irish Grammar
CA BI G144 · Item · 1919

Item is an introduction to the grammar of Irish Gaelic.

CA BI G146 · Item · 1956

Item is a periodical containing articles in various Celtic languages.

The Early Lyric in Gaelic
CA BI G158 · Item · 1961

Item is an academic article on early (medieval and dark ages) Gaelic verse, mostly as it appears in stories or song.

Polish Couples
79-1099-4079 · Item · [ca. 1950]

Item is a photograph of two Polish couples, taken in the 1950s. Couple on the left: Tony Reppa and Sonya Wroblewski.

French Acadian Songs
CA BI T-3257 · Item · 1996

Item is a cassette tape featuring French Acadian songs performed by Lucy Doucet, including:
"Adieu, Papa"
"Allons Danser Lanture"
"Fleur D'Épine"
"L'Etoile Du Nord"
"Venez Jeunes Gens"
"Wing Tra La"

Doucet, Lucy Jane
Lucy Doucet
CA BI B&G - Doucet, Lucy · File · 1999-2005

File consists of the following items:

Obituary for Lucy Doucet, Cape Breton Post, March 18, 2005
"Neré pi Lucy Jane: Their Story," a biography written by Lucy's son Daniel Doucet, March, 1999

Doucet, Lucy Jane
CA BI 79-1098-4078 · Item · ca. 1910

Item is a photograph showing a group of members of the St. Michaels Benefit Society. It appears to be taken during the first year of its founding. Members not identified.

91-797-22758 · Item · 1938

Item is a photograph of the Sydney branch of the Hrvatska seljačka stranka (HSS), the Croatian Peasant Party. Two girls in the photograph hold up a banner which reads, “Ogranak 28, HSS Dr Barišasmoljan Osnovan, 1938, u Sydney, N.S. Canada.” The photograph was taken in 1938.

Back row from left to right: Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Stanley Markotich, John Markotich, Jack Dzaich, Unknown First Name Dugandzic, unknown, Nikola Šimač
Middle row from left to right: unknown, unknown, Blanche Unknown Last Name, Jaka Markotich, Julka Mayich (Majic), Kris Mayich (Majic)
Front row: unknown, unknown

Paruch Family fonds
CA BI MG 21.26 · Fonds

Donation consists of Paruch family documents including photographs and textual materials as well as recordings of Johnny Paruch's band.

Polish Band
79-1097-4077 · Item · [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph of male members of a Polish band.

Polish Dancers
82-233-6933 · Item · 1957

Item is a photograph of Polish dancers in costume. The dancers are Holy Redeemer High School students, taken in 1957 at CJCB studios, Sydney.

First row: Marilyn Baryluk Gillis, Frances Kokoska, (Unknown First Name) Tynski or Mary Petruskavitch
Second row: Julianne Wojick, Frances Tynski, Annie Yelovich or Josephine Rebutski, Audrey Wludyka
Third row: Margie Reppa Johnson, JoAnne MacDonald Kingsbury, Frania Rose Ryba McKay, Dorothy Granich, Patricia Malinowski

84-163-14263 · Item · 1965

Item is a photograph of children being instructed in painting Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky) at the Ukrainian Hall in Whitney Pier, taken in 1965. Identified in the photograph are: Michael O'Jolick, Catherine Sawka, Ann Hawrylak, Natalie Pronko, William Melnyk, Denise Mahalik.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
Shirley Chernin Collection
CA BI MG 21.5 · Fonds · 1901-2012

Collection consists of biographical and genealogical materials, correspondence and clippings, as well as photographs collected and maintained by Shirley Chernin. Collection also consists of correspondence, clippings and photographs, as well as administrative, financial and promotional materials relating to the Congregation Sons of Israel Synagogue in Glace Bay, the Kum-a-Haym in 2001, and the Cape Breton Chapters of the Canadian Hadassah-WIZO.

CA BI SB 151 · Item · 1985

Item is a scrapbook that was compiled for the 200th Anniversary of Sydney celebrations that includes reproductions of photographs, event tickets, and newspaper articles, as well as listings of Black men who served during wartime, and a history of the Black population in Sydney.

The Blacks of Whitney Pier
CA BI T-2083 · File · 1983

File consists of two audio reels that feature sound recordings of Vernon Tull being interviewed by Elizabeth Beaton about the Black population in Whitney Pier.

Track listing is as follows:
Side A:

  • Genealogical sketch
  • Early African Orthodox Church in Cape Breton
  • Religions practised by West Indians before the African Orthodox Church
  • Building Church
  • Archdeacon Phillips
  • Succession of priests and wardens
  • Keeping the records of the church
  • Discussion of architectural changes
  • Discussion of the different features of the Church
  • Financial Support Systems for the Church
  • Musical bands in the community

Side B:

  • War experiences
  • Early people who contributed to community
    i-30- The African Orthodox Church and young people
  • Connection to United Mission
  • Menelik Hall, Dr. Calder
  • Traditional Barbaian music
  • Cricket teams at Whitney Pier pre 1941
  • Traditional foodways
  • William Fitzgerald; owned much property at the Pier
CA BI T-2191 · Item · 1985

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Mrs. Mary Best being interviewed by Toby Morris about the Ukrainian culture and her marriage to a West Indian man.

Track listing is as follows:
Side A:

  • Austrian-Hungarian background; Family moved to Sydney in 1930; Ukrainian-Polish neighbourhood, easy to get by without speaking English
  • Nuns were tolerant of problems facing immigrant children; Greek Orthodox went to Holy Ghost Church
  • Ukrainian festive traditions (Easter and Christmas)
  • Father experienced discrimination at open hearth, died in plant accident
  • Importance of education; Went to grade eight
  • Married West Indian, description of West Indian Culture

Side B:

  • Importance of Ukrainian language, taught at Ukrainian Hall; Loss of traditions
  • Job at Tea Gardens
  • All children born at home with a local woman as a midwife, old time remedies, doctors occasionally called
  • Homemade wines, livestock
  • Old people were good neighbours, multi-ethnic neighbourhood
  • Christmas - very holy; Food centre of celebration; Peanuts and walnuts hidden in straw
  • Baptisms were popular celebrations; Parents strict in enforcing Ukrainian language
  • Loss of Ukrainian language, spoken in stores
  • Women expected to get married and raise children
  • Crime was not a problem; no discrimination of prejudice
CA BI T-2348 · Item · 1989

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Mr. A.T. Rhymes being interviewed by his son, Fulton Rhymes, about the history of the Sydney Steel Plant.

CA BI T-2347 · Item · 1989

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Blair Caum being interviewed by Fulton Rhymes about the Sydney Steel Plant.

CA BI T-2346 · Item · 1989

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of John Mackley being interviewed by Fulton Rhymes about the Sydney Steel Plant.

The Future of Sydney Steel
CA BI T-2258 · Item · ca. 1985

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of a CBC Radio program entitled "The Future of Sydney Steel."

Track listing is as follows:

  • The History of the Sydney Steel Plant, DOSCO threatening to close it on Black Friday 1967
  • History from 1901 to present
  • The working of the plant; Various furnaces
  • The importance of the Plant during World War II investments poured into the plant
  • Hard times before the Union came
  • Establishment of Local 1064
  • 1967 march in Sydney to keep the Steel Plant alive
  • Problems during the 1980s with SYSCO; Many of the mills closed and moved to Upper Canada
Black Population of Sydney
CA BI T-2207 · Item

Item is an audio reel featuring a sound recording of Pam Newton interviewing Isabelle Waterman about the Black population of Sydney.

West Indian Blacks
CA BI T-2203 · Item

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Pam Newton interviewing Annabelle Kirton about the West Indian population of Sydney.

Blacks and West Indians
CA BI T-2199 · Item

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of Kay (Morrison) Borden being interviewed by Pam Newton about the Blacks and West Indians of Whitney Pier.

Town of New Waterford
CA BI T-2167 · Item · 1981

Item is an audio reel that features a sound recording of C.J.C.B. Radio "Talk Back" announcer Norris Nathanson interviewing Dr. Danny Nathanson on the history of the town of New Waterford.

Blacks at Whitney Pier
CA BI T-2104 · File · 1984

File consists of two audio reels that feature sound recordings of Neville Gibson, Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford being interviewed by Elizabeth Beaton about the Black population of Whitney Pier.

Track listing is as follows:
Side A:

  • Biographical information (Neville Gibson)
  • Rev. Phillips founder; White people creating problems for them (Neville Gibson)
  • Problem - St. Cyprians on Henry Street (Neville Gibson)
  • Re-iteration of involvement; Split in Black community (Neville Gibson)
  • The "Brethern" Bible study meetings (Neville Gibson)
  • Land bought by church; Bishop Trotman; History of African Orthodox Church (Neville Gibson)
  • Marcus Garvey; Black Star Line; U.N.I.A. (Neville Gibson)
  • Father lost house; Went to night school (informant); Picnics at Mira; Tennis courts; Menelik Hall (Neville Gibson)
  • Dr. Calder (Neville Gibson)
  • Connection between U.N.I.A. and A.O.C. (Neville Gibson)
  • Cricket Club (Neville Gibson)
  • Marcus Garvey; United Mission; Home and School (Neville Gibson)
  • Discrimination; Black scholarship program; Influence on Stanfield (Neville Gibson)
  • Black Methodist Church (Neville Gibson)
  • Reid Family (Neville Gibson)

Side B:

  • Biographical information; Born 1912; Arthur Stanley Trotman was father (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • Robertson from States; One named Jones (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • A.O.C. history; Robertson worked out of church on Henry Street (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • Robertson gone by 1924; Trotman had church on Victoria Road; Never a Methodist Church (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • Chronology of Priest (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • St. Alban's problems (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • Trotman, third bishop of A.O.C. (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)
  • Marcus Garvey (Ralph Trotman, Vernal Till and Mae Crawford)