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Annie MacLean - Gaelic Songs

Item consists of an audio recording of Annie (Mrs. J.P) MacLean of Rear Christmas Island, (N.S) singing a number of Gaelic songs. Recorded by Sister Margaret Beaton and Hilda Day.Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Christmas Island (Rear):"Mise tha fo Mhulad ...

Day, Hilda

Gaelic Songs from the North Shore

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic song selections as performed by various informants on Cape Breton's North Shore. Recording opens with fiddle selections by Donald Angus Beaton, Mabou, N.S.Shaw, John Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Faill...

Shaw, John

Gaelic in the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland

Item is an audio recording of Frank Macarthur discussing Gaelic language in the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland. Includes Gaelic songs and sgeulachdan. Gaelic was his first language - did not speak English until he went to schoolThere were once many ...

Macdonald, Norman

Cèilidh at the home of Alan Steele

Item is a recording of a ceilidh at the house of Alan Steele. Includes stories, songs, local history and lore in both English and Gaelic.Steel, Allan Story of the building of the Railroad, 1887-1890Steel, Neil Ged...

Steele, Sally

Hugh F. MacKenzie and Malcolm A. Macleod

Item is a recording of Gaelic songs, stories and conversation with Malcolm A. Maleod of Skir Dhu, and Hugh F. MacKenzie of Christmas Island.Includes:MacLeod, Malcolm A. Skir Dhu (N.S.) Gaelic stories, songs & conversation: Short story and conv...

Smith, Angus John

Gaelic Songs in Framboise

"Party Telephone Song" (D.J. MacDermaid)"Eilean mo Chridhe 't truaighe nach" (Angus MacDonald)"Psalms..." (D.N. Morrison) Precenting"Laithean Sona M'Oige" (D.N. Morrison)"Laithean Sona M'...

Morrison, Kenneth

CHER Radio Failte 's Furan Alex Goldie

Item is an audio recording of CHER Radio's Failte 's Furan program. Recording features a conversation with Alex 'Alec' Goldie.Fitzgerald, Winston - Violin selectionsCampbell, John - Introduces guest, Alex GoldieGoldie, Alex - O...

CHER Radio

Gaelic Songs with J.J MacKinnon

MacKinnon, J.J - Air fal a la loMo nighean donn an t-sugraidhBheir mi o air robha hoFuadach nan GaidhealS toigh leam cruinneag donn nam boPosadh piuthair Iain BhainMo shuil 'ad dheighAir faill oro faill oMo ribhinn coibhneilA' chuthagEil...

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

The Glendale Players "Katie is Coming Home"

Item is an audio recording of the Glendale N.S Gaelic Players singing and performing a Gaelic play. Gaelic play entitled "Katie is Coming Home", written by Rev. S.P. MacDonald. Recording includes a conversation with Joseph L. MacDonald.A...

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs Lauchie Gillis

Item is an audio recording of Lauchie Gillis singing a selection of Gaelic songs.Featuring:Oran GaoilA fhleasgaich an fhuilt, Chraobhaich chaisOganaich an oir fhuilt bhuidheA'chuthagDuthaich nan craobhO ho ro, ille dhuinneA'nighean donn,...

Gillis, Lauchie

Gaelic Songs with Rev Allan MacMillan

Item is an audio recording of Rev. Allan J Macmilling singing Gaelic songs.O CanadaCumha na TulaichCumha Cheap BreatunnO choin a righS toigh leam ho ro huSine Chaluim BhainTha mi sgith bho'n tim so'n deTha mi sgith bho'n tim so'...

MacMillan, Allan J.

Among the Gaels of Nova Scotia

Item is an audio recording of BBC Glasgow's 1971 radio piece 'Among the Gaels of Nova Scotia' concerning Gaelic language and culture in Cape Breton Island.MacEachern, Bessie Fuadach nan GaidhealMacPherson, John Conversatio...

MacPherson, John Alick

Gaelic Songs with Margaret Maclean

Item is an audio recording of Margaret Maclean performing a number of Gaelic songs. Includes:Hu o ro hu oDh' fhalbh mo run, dh' fhag e'n caladh...O gur toigh leam (Composed by Maclean)Oran an Teine (Composed by Lauchie Currie)Oidhch...

Stolarsky, Mildred

History of Life in Inverness

Item is a recording of Archie Hector Macdonald speaking about weddings, funerals, churches, food, dress, music, schools, etc. Practically the whole social life of Inverness County (N.S.) .

Smith, Angus John

Story of Donald Gorm MacDonald

Item is an audio recording of Joseph Lawrence MacDonald telling stories of Donald "Gorm" Macdonald.Story of Donald "Gorm" MacDonald - Story of this man, at the time of taking of LouisbourgA mother's curse - Donald went fro...

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Conversation with Neil Macqueen, Framboise

Item is an audio recording of a conversation with Neil MacQueen of Framboise, N.S. Mr. MacQueen was nearly 100 year old at the time of recording.His father came from North UistHis mother a Stewart - her family landed in Grand MiraNo farm implement...

Smith, Angus John

Gaelic Songs, Boisdale & Mabou

Item is an audio recording of various singers performing Gaelic songs.MacDonald, J. Lawrence Gaels came to Cape Breton (1800-1835)MacDonald, J. Lawrence Fhleasgaich ur, leannain thuMacDonald, J. Lawrence Ho ro i horo nanMacDonald, J. Lawrence Fail...

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Recitation of Prayers

Hugh MacKenzie, Archie A. MacKenzie, Joseph A. Gillis, Sister Jane MacKenzie, Margaret MacKenzie recite the Rosary Although there was no practice for this, it was very piously recited.Litany and Acts by the same people as above. It was good to hea...

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Sgeulachd and Gaelic Songs

MacEachern, Alex A. (Creignish):Fairy Tales and Gaelic JokesMacEachern, Elizabeth (1972):Stories of FolkloreMacInnis, Roddie and AllanElection songComposed by Montana Dan MacInnisMacInnis, Roddie and AllanOthail mhor a'phicnacComposed by Jane...

MacEachern, Elizabeth

Stories of Ghosts and Forerunners

Item is an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie and Joseph A. Gillis discussing ghosts and forerunners in Gaelic tradition."Miracle of the seed." (Gillis, Joe)Story about Frenchvale (Gillis, Joe) (Anecdote--Humorous)Hugh MacKenzie:"...

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Washabuck History and Genealogy

Item is an audio recording of interviews with Carl MacKenzie, Charlie MacKenzie, Malcolm MacDonald and Josie Maclean of Washabuck, N.S.Carl MacKenzie:His grandfather, Charles "Framer" MacKenzie came from Kintyle, Scotland, first to Marga...

CBC Radio

CBC Radio "Fresh Air" 1982

Eddie MacPherson Middle River Information on the "Yankees Line" Transportation problems - snow plows, flooding of the river etc. Birds in the area Superstitions about birds, storms etc.Robert Smith Early indus...

CBC Radio

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