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Pre-World War I

Series consists of a photograph of the 94th Victoria Regiment "Argyll Highlanders" and a regimental history of the Cape Breton Highlanders from 1871 to 1947.

Cape Breton Highlanders

Item is a photograph of soldiers from the "A" Company, Cape Breton Highlanders in Bolsward, Holland, celebrating the end of World War II in Germany. The man step dancing in the center is identified as Louis Michael Broussard of Pomquet, N.S. Also identified are Leo ? of New Waterford, Earl [?]ilson of Sydney, Hikam Connelly of Annapolis Valley, McLeod (with fiddle) of Inverness, White of Halifax, and Curtis of Sydney with the rest being unidentified.

Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Subseries consists of photographs, correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings and maps relating to the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy.

In 1975, two members from each Canadian unit who participated in the Italian campaign during World War II were invited to take part in a official Canadian pilgrimage to places around Italy where veterans would tour former battle sites, war graves, towns and cities. In the case of the Cape Breton Highlanders, Charles "Sharkey" MacDonald and Ralph S. Davies were selected to represent the Highlanders.

Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Italy photographs

Folio consists of photographs taken on the trip to Italy for the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Italy that prominently feature Charles "Sharkey" MacDonald and Ralph Davies, veterans of the Cape Breton Highlanders. Photos consist of those taken in Ottawa before departure, various places in Italy that the delegation traveled to including various war cemeteries where Cape Breton Highlanders are buried and photos of Highlanders who gave their lives during the war.

Sydney's Great Fire

  • CA BI 76-43
  • Item
  • 1901

Item is a photograph of a view of the ruins left by the Great Fire on the west side of Bentinck Street from Wentworth to Prince. The fire that started in a Charlotte Street shop would destroy 67 buildings, leave 31 families homeless, and cause over $500,000 in damage. The Robert Ingraham House, Dillon Dwelling, Woodill House, Rudderham House, and the Conway Building (now Ingersall Road) were all destroyed in the fire. However, the building seen on the left hand side of the photograph is still standing today, as well as the Khattar home and Khattar Law Offices.

Kelly and Dodge

Fred G. MacDonald Fonds

  • CA BI MG 15.41
  • Fonds
  • 1940-1971

Fonds consist of photocopies of the following papers by Mr. MacDonald: “Solomon Jacobs”, “Pottle’s Lake Drowning," “The Sacrament in the Early Days, 1873," “The Gammell Will Case, 1880," “The Flavin Murder 1833," “The Tragedy of the ‘Troop’, 1873," “Tale of the Bungling Hangman, 1816," “North Sydney and the Atlantic Cable [Sydney Harbour Convoys], 1940-1942. Also, textual records include, clippings and write-ups on Flora MacDonald and her father, Fred MacDonald.


  • CA BI MG 15.84-93-492-24466
  • Item
  • ca. 1976
  • Part of Sid Kerner

Photo of a motorcycle in front of garage - at an unidentified location

Kerner, Sid

"May Queen"

  • CA BI 77-546-680
  • Item
  • ca. 1898

Item is a photograph of the Side Wheeler "May Queen" at Baddeck wharf.

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

  • CA BI 77-602-736
  • Item
  • 1972

Item is an aerial photograph of the town of Glace Bay and its shoreline.

St. Andrew's Church

  • CA BI 77-676-810
  • Item
  • ca.1914

Item is a photograph of of St. Andrews Church on Bentinck Street, Sydney, featuring a horse-drawn hearse.

Aerial view of Sydney

  • CA BI 77-741-875
  • Item
  • ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of an aerial view of Sydney.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Charlotte Street, Sydney

  • CA BI 77-78-212
  • Item
  • 1889

Item is a photograph showing the intersection of Charlotte Street and Wentworth Street, taken from the former Vogue Theatre site, now the location of the Cape Breton YMCA.

The building at the end of the street was the Holy Angels Convent; the building on the corner of Charlotte and Wentworth Street was the Nova Hotel; the building beyond that was destroyed by a fire in 1901.

Umlah Studios

Sydney Coronet Band

  • CA BI 77-930-1064
  • Item
  • ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the thirty-one members of the Sydney Coronet Band.

Coal Engine Passing Under Charlotte Street

  • CA BI 77-167-301
  • Item
  • 1893

Item is a photograph of a coal engine passing under Charlotte Street. Originally the Glasgow & Cape Breton Railway, by 1893 the Fairlie narrow-gauge locomotive was operated by the Sydney & Louisbourg Railway.

Umlah Studios

Dominion Iron and Steel

  • CA BI 77-16-143
  • Item
  • April 19, 1901

Item is a photograph of the mechanical department, machine shop, foundry and carpenter shop at the Dominion Iron and Steel Co.

Lillian Seward Brown

  • CA BI 77-299-433
  • Item
  • Aug-1884

Item is a photograph of Lillian Seward Brown at age 6, seated on an armchair next to her dog.


Brick Row, Sydney Mines

  • CA BI 77-385-519
  • Item
  • 1971

Item is a photograph of brick row, one of several coal miners' tenements in Sydney Mines, built by the General Mining Association. This was the only tenement still standing in 1977.

H.M.S. Pelican

  • CA BI 77-391-525
  • Item
  • 1956

Item is a photograph of the raising of the H.M.S. Pelican, an Elizabethan wreck in Sydney Harbour. The ship was later towed out and destroyed.

Hot Water Pond, Sydney Mines

  • CA BI 77-393-527
  • Item
  • 1902

Item is a photograph of Hot Water Pond, located on Atlantic Street in Sydney Mines.

Msgr. Donald MacPherson

  • CA BI 77-395-529
  • Item
  • 1916

Item is a photograph of Msgr. Donald MacPherson of Port Hood and Fr. Mulderry of Dublin posed in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Captain John MacDonald and sons, Gabarus

Item is a photograph of Captain John MacDonald sailing in his boat with his sons William, Dan and Charlie. Photograph taken by G. Fred Mann.

Mann, George Fred

Sydney Harbour, WWI

  • CA BI 77-1376-1510
  • Item
  • ca. 1914

Item is a composite photograph of the first convoy during World War I in Sydney Harbour. More than 20 ships are visible in addition to buildings along the shore.

Cape Breton County Council

  • CA BI 77-1335-1469
  • Item
  • 1889

Item is a photograph of the Cape Breton County Council.

Front row, sitting left to right: Henry LeCras, County Treasurer; Neil Morrison, Dist. No. 21, Loch Lomond; Donald MacLean, Dist. No. 6, s. East Bay; Wallace Richardson, Dist. No. 1, South Bar (later Mayor of Sydney); William Buchanan, High Sheriff; Duncan M. Gillis, Dist. No. 17, Grand Mira; Charles J. Logue, Court Crier.

Middle row, standing left to right: Robert Jackson, Dist. No. 2, Ball's Creek; Alexander MacDonald, County Constable; Joseph A. Gillies, K.C., County Solicitor; Henry C.V. LeVatte, Dist. No. 6, Louisbourg; Joseph H. MacKinnon, Dist. No. 9, Boisdale; Donald McDougall, Dist. No. 5, Main-a-dieu; Norman H. McNeil, Dist. No. 3, Hillside, Mira; John A. MacDougall, Dist. No. 14, Grand Narrows; Alexander Campbell, Dist. No. 18, Shipyard; Donald Morrison, Dist. No. 15, Catalone; Angus MacDougall, Dist. No. 16, Trout Brook; Robert Anderson, Dist. No. 12, Port Morien; James Ratchford, Dist. No. 2, Low Point & Lingan; John MacDougall, County Clerk.

Back row, standing from left to right: John Hardy, Dist. No. 7, Gabarus; John MacCormack, Dist. No. 4, Little Bras d'Or & Sydney Mines; Murdock MacKenzie, Dist. No. 10, Boularderie; Henry MacDonald, Dist. No. 11, Little Glace Bay & Bridgeport; Angus Curry, Dist. No. 19, N.S. East Bay; Michael E. Gillis, Dist. No. 13, Irish Cove.


  • CA BI 80-794-4974
  • Item
  • 1980

Item is a photographic postcard of fossils.

Universal Negro Improvement Association Brass Band

  • CA BI 78-112-1862
  • Item
  • 1921

Item is a reproduction of a newspaper article about the Universal Negro Improvement Association band on Laurier Street in Whitney Pier. Members are marching in the street with instruments and banners in support of a movement advocating "Africa for the Africans."

Article attached to photograph reads:
The year was 1921. The scene, Laurier street at Whitney Pier, as members of the city's Negro community paraded in support of a movement advocating, (as banners indicate) "Africa for the Africans." The sizable brass band was one of a number organized within the city and residents who were around at that time recall that nobody ever had to march without the accompaniment of plenty of stirring martial music. Also noteworthy is the complete lack of sidewalks and paving. The photograph is from the album of Pier merchant Louis Mendelson. He's the white-shirted young man with the bicycle standing mid-right in the photo."

On reverse: "Year 1921 Mr. Askell Artzell Hunt 14 Brooks St. Sydney C. B." "Sent a copy to Mr. Hunt" "Colin MacDonald was bandmaster of the Universal Negro Improvement Assoc. approximately 20 members in the band. Band operated from 1928 to 1932. There was also a West Indian Band at the Pier Bandmaster Jack McKnight approx. 15 members Deputy Bandmaster Norman Crawford, lasted 2 years.


  • CA BI 78-116-1866
  • Item
  • ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the Esplanade in Sydney. The photograph displays Judge Crowe's house, the Sydney Hotel, the Band Shell, the Cecil Hotel, Ritchie McCay's, Dr. Murray Dodd's house, and the Masonic hall.

Woodill, C.H.

Flint Island

  • CA BI 78-130-1880
  • Item
  • 1977

Item is a colour aerial view of Flint Island, showing the lighthouse and the keepers' residence.

MacIsaac House

  • CA BI 78-141-1891
  • Item
  • ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of the MacIsaac house in Schooner Pond.

Sydney Fruit Store

  • CA BI 78-198-1948
  • Item
  • ca. 1910

Item is a photograph of three people in front of the Sydney Fruit Store on Charlotte Street, which also housed the offices of McDonald and Cameron and C.R. Brown.

Woman and Baby, North Sydney

  • CA BI 78-245-1995
  • Item
  • ca. 1926

Item is a photograph of a woman sitting in bed and holding a newborn baby in North Sydney.

Dieppe Raid

  • CA BI 79-1064-4044
  • Item
  • 1942

Item is a photograph of a view of the Dieppe Raid with a caption in German.

Dieppe Raid

  • CA BI 79-1070-4050
  • Item
  • 19-Aug-1942

Item is a photograph of a view of the Dieppe Raid.

S.S. Adriatic

  • CA BI 79-22-3002
  • Item
  • Mar-1862

Item is a photograph of the S.S. Adriatic. In the month of March, 1862, when this photograph was taken, the Adriatic became stuck in the ice in North Sydney harbour. The ice was sturdy enough to support the crew as they walked to shore from the ship.


  • CA BI 80-23-4203
  • Item
  • 1898

Item is a print of L'Ardent, inscribed to M. Bourinot from the officers of the ship. It shows seamen aboard the ship.

Bell's Cove, Baddeck

  • CA BI 78-734-2484
  • Item
  • ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Bell's Cove, Baddeck.

Keisel, Theodore

Port Bevis Shipping Piers

  • CA BI 79-473-3453
  • Item
  • 1896

Item is a photograph of the Victoria Gypsum Mining and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. pier with ships at anchor.

Toga Bars

Item is a photograph of a harness racing team featuring Toga Bars.

Abbass Studios Ltd.

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