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Piper's Cove

  • 82-238-6938
  • Item

Item is a postcard of the wharf at Piper's Cove.


  • 87-881-17411
  • Item
  • ca. 1921

Sailing Ship at wharf at Whycocomagh

Skating, Sydney

  • 97-654-28502
  • Item
  • ca. 194-?

Item is a photograph of people skating on an outdoor skating rink, possibly in the Ashby area, Sydney.

Charlotte Street, Sydney

  • 93-71-24045
  • Item
  • ca. 1970

Winter scene outside of Woolworth's Charlotte Street, Sydney

Raytel Photography

Folk music [textual record] / by Robert Hugh Campbell

  • 2008 - 2012

Folk music/poems, typed with added handwritten note. Some of the material was composed by donor, some by students.

Accrual to accession on May 31, 2012 : Cape Breton reflections [textual record] / by Robert Hugh Campbell ; Along the Shores of Boularderie [textual record] / by Kaye MacLeod & Robert Hugh Campbell.

Campbell, Robert Hugh

Coal Wash Plant-Sydney Mines

  • 2016-025
  • Item
  • ca. 1960

Item consists of a painting of the Coal Wash Plant at Old Sydney Collieries in Sydney Mines. The painting features the coal preparation site with a man and dog sitting in the foreground.

Astephen, Georgina Schima

Barry Shears Collection

  • 2016-30
  • Collection
  • 1910 - 2012

Donation consists of sound recordings, articles, clippings, sheet music and photographs related to piping. A significant portion of the collection pertains to the donor's academic and professional career.

Shears, Barry

Sydney Mines Globe

  • Newspaper 19
  • File
  • [1909?]-[1913?]

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "The only information known about this is that it was listed for the years indicated (1910-1913) in the Canadian Almanac and Directory."

Sydney Mines Star

  • Newspaper 18
  • File
  • 1905-[1907?]

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "Only the almanacs attest to the existence of the Star. It was described as a weekly, with a circulation of 1,200 and with Independent-Labour interests."

The Inverness County Guardian

  • MG 12.45.4
  • File
  • 1929

The Inverness County Guardian was published in Port Hood every Wednesday by D. W. Jones, the publisher and editor of the newspaper. A yearly subscription costed $2.00 per year in Canada and $2.50 per year in the United States. The newspaper was Independent in politics.

The Inverness News and Mining and Shipping Gazette

  • Newspaper 27
  • File
  • 1904-[19??]

Ned MacDonald: "On August 4, 1904, the first issue of the "Inverness News", published by A.S. MacAdam, appeared on the streets. The newspaper had a tendency to exaggerate the potential of the town, sold for two cents, was printed weekly, and was enthusiastically received. It informed, organized and agitated through its editorials. It became a vehicle for the proclamation of views on social, economic, cultural, and political issues. The "Inverness News" was the link that expressed and documented the evolving days of the town."

The Morning Sun

  • Newspaper 53
  • File
  • 1892

J. W. D. Stearns: "The Morning Sun is the only daily newspaper east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is printed every morning (Sunday excepted) at Sydney, Cape Breton, office No. 106 South Charlotte St. It gives the cable and telegraphic news by special services direct from New York and other centres of information, and lacks none of the facilities of a thorough newspaper. Subscription price is $6 per year. Advertising rates $1 per inch first insertion, 25 cents each continuation. Special rates on advertising contracts according to space and time."

The Times and Cape Breton Spectator

  • Newspaper 71
  • File
  • 1846-1849

Daniel Cobb Harvey: "It (The Spirit of the Times) lasted until 1846, when the plant was again sold to William C. McKinnon, who changed the name first to the Cape Breton Spectator but afterwards to the Times and Cape Breton Spectator. The latter ceased publication in 1850 and was succeeded by the Commercial Herald, which lasted but a few months."

The Cape Bretoner

  • Newspaper 22
  • File
  • 1935 - ?

"A newspaper published in the interests of Finlay MacDonald, Conservative Candidate in Cape Breton South."

The Eastern Journal

  • Newspaper 47
  • File
  • 1889-1911

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "The earliest of the predecessors of the Bulletin was the Eastern Journal, which began as a weekly in 1889. J. C. Bourinot was editor and publisher and the Journal was Liberal in sympathy. Its subscribers usually numbered about 1,000 and paid $1 p.a. (per annum). It contained four 20" x 26" pages. About 1910 it merged into the Journal-Bulletin."

The Daily Gazette

  • Newspaper 85
  • File
  • 1904-[19??]

The Daily Gazette was published in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia by the Gazette Publishing Co., Limited. It was published every afternoon, Sundays and legal holidays excepted. The price of a single issue was 2 cents.


  • Newspaper 91
  • File
  • 1893-1934

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "Volume 1 of the Forward made its initial appearance in Truro on January 19, 1893. It was subsequently published at different times and for varying periods at Windsor, Halifax, Wolfville, and, since 1954 [ie. 1946] at Digby. The publication in 1893 represented the first time that the Sons of Temperance had assumed the full financial responsibility for its periodical. The editors have been successively W.S. Sanders, Rev. A. A. MacLeod, Rev. Edward Morris, and Rev. G. E. Levy. It has four 12" x 18 1/2" pages with five columns each and appears bi-monthly. Its subscription rate has climbed from an original 25 cents p.a. (per annum) to $3.50, and its circulation has fluctuated considerably between 800 to 1,400."

Foote and Bearse Family Scrapbook

Scrapbook contains news clippings, correspondence, photographs and other textual materials documenting the life and careers of the Foote and Bearse families.

Paruch Family fonds

  • MG 21.26
  • Fonds

Donation consists of Paruch family documents including photographs and textual materials as well as recordings of Johnny Paruch's band.

CBI Radio "MacTalla an Eilean" May 5, 1979

  • T-1343
  • Item
  • 1979

Item is a sound recording featuring the following:

Marie MacLellan & Sandy MacInnis: Violin & Piano Selections
Sons of Skye: "Fhir a'Bhata"
King's Own Scottish Borderers: Bagpipe selections
Kay MacDonald: Gaelic Story
Margaret MacPhee: Piano Selections
Rev. Allan MacMillan: "'S e fa mo mhulad..."
Bob Morgan & Kay MacDonald: Gaelic Lesson
Carl MacKenzie & Doug MacPhee: Violin & Piano Selections
Allister MacDonald: "Mary Jane"
Kathleen Beaton & Elmer Briand: Violin & Piano Selections
Kay MacDonald:"A' Bhraighe"
Re Hackle Pipes & Drums: Bagpipe selections


  • MG 15.3
  • Item

Two comic poems: “Prayers of the MacDonalds” and “The Highlandman’s Prayer.”

Barbara Montgomery

  • MG.15.14
  • Fonds
  • 1969

Fonds consist of a poem wrote in 1969 titled "To Ski-do or Ski-Don't."

Peggy Sexton

  • MG. 15.23
  • Fonds
  • 1979

Fonds consist of an article titled “James McConnell Library.”

Miss Sexton

Leo Boutilier

  • MG. 15.26
  • Fonds
  • 1972

Fond consists of poetry written by Leo Boutilier. First poem titled "Born To Love You," Second poem titled, "Heaven for Losers," Third poem titled, "Love's Gone," Fourth poem titled, "A Friend My Love Somewhere," Fifth poem titled, "To Lost At Love," Sixth poem titled, "A Cape Bretoner With A Dream," Final poem titled, "The Lonely Cape Bretoner."

Dan Louis MacDonald

  • MG.15.35
  • Fonds
  • 1955 - ?

Fond consists of poem, “The Bochan Bridge of Canso.”

D. M. Matheson

  • MG 15.13
  • Fonds
  • (N.D.)

Poem “December 6, 1917” describing the Halifax Explosion of that date.

Phillip Penny

  • MG 15.53
  • Fonds
  • 1933

Fonds consist of “George Beckett” a ballad composed by Mr. Penny giving the story of Beckett’s execution for the murder of Nicholas Marthos 30 April 1931.

Eastern Beacon

  • Newspaper 92
  • File
  • 1879-1889

The Eastern Beacon was established in 1879 and was published on Wednesdays. The newspaper consisted of four 23" x 33" pages and cost $1.25 per annum. J. A. Cogswell was both the editor and publisher of the Eastern Beacon.

The Cape Breton Advocate

  • Newspaper 34
  • File
  • 1840-1884

Gertrude E.N. Tratt: "A veritable chain of publications following each other in close succession from 1840, finally ended with the Cape Breton Times. The earliest in the series was the Cape Breton Advocate published by Richard Huntington and edited by Otto S. Weeks. Its prospectus was dated 24 July 1840 and read: "It is proposed to publish the Sydney, Cape Breton, as soon as a sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained, a Weekly Newspaper to be called "THE CAPE BRETON ADVOCATE". It will be printed on a quarter sheet of fine paper, the size of the Halifax Pearl at the rate of Fifteen Shillings per annum payable half yearly ... a correct and copious Marine Journal will be published in every number, and the fluctuations of the American, West India, and Provincial Markets will be duly noticed ... a general summary of foreign and domestic intelligence will be given ... with a correct record of local events. During the sessions of the Legislature the proceedings will always be briefly noted. Communications, when not of a personal nature will ... be ... inserted. The day of publication will be Wednesday"."

The North Sydney Herald

  • Newspaper 32
  • File
  • 1872 - [1948?]

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "The Herald, the oldest weekly in Cape Breton, began as a weekly with four 24" x 36" pages and a circulation of slightly more than 800. James W. Gould was editor and publisher, but within five years was succeeded by A.C. Bertram. Under Bertram's ownership the paper was more than tripled its circulation to 2,750 and its format altered, first to four 19 1/4" x 28 1/2" pages, and then to eight 15" x 23" pages. During these years it was Conservative in politics.
Sometime before 1910 the North Sydney Herald Publishing Company had begun to issue the paper. Its politics changed from Liberal-Conservative to Liberal, then to Independent. The circulation rose to a peak of 4,700 in 1918, and then began a steady decline. While it retained its eight pages, these reverted to Bertram's 19 1/4" x 22 1/2" size.
For some years after 1920, a daily as well as a weekly edition was published. At that time J. S. MacDonald was manager of the Herald Publishing Company. The daily, like the weekly, was an eight page newspaper. It cost $6 per annum, was Liberal in politics, and it had a circulation of 1,700.
The daily apparently ended about 1928 but the weekly continued for another 20 years. In the mid-thirties it became once more politically Independent."

Xavier College Scrapbook 1964 - 1966

  • Item
  • 1964 - 1966

The item is a scrapbook documenting the years of 1964 to 1966 at Xavier College. Highlights covered in the scrapbook include photographs featuring staff and students of Xavier College. Textual documents such as correspondence and programs related to operations and events at the school are also included. A few of the specific items found in the scrapbook are:

  • News clippings about the appointment of Rev. Donald F. Campbell as principal of Xavier College
  • News clippings, images, newspaper advertisements and a pledge card for the “Science for Xavier Campaign” which took place between October 19 to November 16 1964
  • News clippings and memorandum about the inauguration of Dr. Malcolm A. MacLellan as the president of St. Francis Xavier University which took place on January 12, 1965
  • News clippings about the appointment of Rev. Jan Hunttjens to the faculty of Xavier College.
  • News clippings, images and programs for the 1965 and 1966 Winter Carnivals at Xavier College
  • News clippings about the possibility of expanding Xavier College into a four-year degree granting institution
  • News clippings, images, tickets and programs for the graduation ceremonies of 1965 and 1966
  • Issues of the Xavier College newspaper the Excalibur *some issues are dated, and some have no visible date, included dates: February 5, 1965, March 12, 1965, April 5, 1965, May 5, 1965, October 23, 1965, November 29, 1965, January 28, 1966, February 7, 1966, March 4, 1966, and April 2, 1966

Xavier College Scrapbook 1966 - 1967

  • Item
  • 1966 - 1967

The item is a scrapbook documenting the years of 1966 to 1967 at Xavier College. Highlights covered in the scrapbook include photographs featuring students of Xavier College. Textual documents such as news clippings related to the operations and events at the school and in the community are also included. A few specific items found in the scrapbook are:

  • News clippings about the 1966 summer session at Xavier College
  • News clippings and images of the restoration of St. Patrick’s church by Xavier College students
  • News clippings about students from the Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University visiting Cape Breton to conduct fieldwork

Xavier College Scrapbook 1965 - 1966

  • Item
  • 1965 -1966

The item is a scrapbook documenting the years of 1965 – 1966 at Xavier College. Highlights covered in the scrapbook include photographs of faculty and students of Xavier College. Also, included are textual documents such as news clippings related to operations and events at the school and in the Cape Breton community.

  • News clippings about the Cape Bretoniana Collection
  • News clippings and images for the 1966 graduation ceremony
  • New clippings about the 1966 Winter Carnival
  • News clippings about 1966 summer session at Xavier College

Xavier College Scrapbook 1967 - 1968

  • Item
  • 1967 - 1968

The item is a scrapbook documenting the years of 1967 to 1968 at Xavier College. Highlights covered in the scrapbook include photographs of faculty and students of Xavier College. Also, included are textual documents such as news clippings related to operations and events at the school. Some specific items found in the scrapbook are:

  • News clippings about the appointment of Sister Margaret Beaton as full time archivist and director of the Cape Bretoniana Collection which took place on August 17, 1967
  • News clippings about the 1967 summer session
  • News clippings about Sister Margaret Beaton receiving the Canadian Centennial Medal from the Federal Government
  • News clippings and images for the 1968 graduation ceremony

Men of the Deeps

  • MG 15.38
  • Fonds
  • 1974

Fonds consist of songs of the Cape Breton mining communities. Also including a paper by John C. O’Donnell, Director of the Men of the Deeps.

College of Cape Breton 1960 – 1977 Scrapbook

  • Item
  • 1960 - 1977

The item is a scrapbook documenting the years of 1960 – 1977 at Xavier College and the College of Cape Breton. Highlights covered in the scrapbook include textual documents such as news clippings related to the operation and events at the school. A few of the specific items found in the scrapbook are:

  • News clippings about the expansion of Xavier College
  • News clippings about the research that was done by students and faculty of the College of Cape Breton at the Bras d'Or Institute on economic growth for Cape Breton
  • News clippings about the construction of the new College of Cape Breton campus along the Sydney Glace Bay highway
  • News clippings about the “Appropriate Technology” conference that was held at the College of Cape Breton from September 26 - 29, 1977
  • News clippings about a student-sponsored referendum at the College of Cape Breton on the future of the Atlantic Provinces within Canada
  • News clippings about the reaction from students and faculty at the College of Cape Breton on the Nova Scotia Government’s decision to limit grant increase for universities
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