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Percy Charles Willmot fonds
CA BI MG 20.15 · Fonds · 1914-1919

Fonds consists of correspondence, a scrapbook of pictures, clippings and letters, an album of photographs, Christmas cards and clippings referring to Lieut. Willmot and the 25th Battalion, CEF 1914- 1919, the 1914-1915 Star and the Military Cross awarded to Lieut. Willmot and a box of buttons, hat badges and other military memorabilia.

Willmot, Percy
CA BI MG 20.18 · Fonds · 1918-1940

Fonds consists of two wartime registration certificates issued to Mrs. Lillian Lavy Harrison in 1918 and 1940.

Canada Registration Board
Annie MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 20.21 · Fonds · 1918

Fonds consists of an autograph book of signatures and poems that Annie MacDonald collected during World War 1.

MacDonald, Annie
Sydney Firemen
CA BI 76-101 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of ten firemen in uniform standing before a decorated float. There is a sailboat in the background.

James MacDonald
CA BI 76-104 · Item · 1910-1920

Item is a photograph of James MacDonald, Esq. a city clerk from 1924 to 1949.

Reverend P. Fiset
CA BI 76-106 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the Reverend P. Fiset, parish priest at Cheticamp and president of the Great Northern Mining Co. Limited.

Burrill Johnson Engine No. 2
CA BI 76-11 · Item · 190?

Item is a photograph of a steam fire engine, built around 1900 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This particular engine, the Burrill Johnson Engine No. 2, was purchased by the Sydney Mines Fire Department in 1908. The engine was operated by Paddy Keigan.

Canso Causeway Opening
CA BI 76-126 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of the opening of the Canso Causeway.

Canso Causeway Opening
CA BI 76-128 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of Federal Transport Minister of G.C. Marle at the opening of the Canso Causeway Opening.

St. Paul's Church, Glace Bay
CA BI 76-17 · Item · 1910-1920

Item is a hand-colored postcard featuring St. Paul's Church in Glace Bay.

Wentworth Park
CA BI 76-20 · Item · 1910-1920

Item is a hand-colored postcard featuring Wentworth Park, Sydney (N.S.).

Ferry Wharf, Sydney
CA BI 76-25 · Item · ca. 1910

Item is a postcard of the ferry wharf located in Sydney; located near the wharf is the Cape Breton Electric Company warehouse.

CA BI 76-3 · Item · 1898

Item is a photograph of the S.S. Bruce I entering North Sydney harbour at full steam on its maiden voyage as the marine connection between North Sydney and Newfoundland.

Stout House
CA BI 76-36 · Item · ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Stout House, which was originally located at 75 North Charlotte Street, adjacent to Cossitt House. It was later demolished by the Department of National Health [date of demolition unknown].

Written on the reverse of the photograph:
"N. Charlotte Street House north of Cossitt House 75 Charlotte St. Destroyed to build the Dept. of Health Bldg.
Land deeded 1787 to John Storey. Uninhabited 1795.
Storey to Braion 1800
Deeded to R. Stout 1814, 1817
Willed to Martha Stout 1819
M. Stout to Patrick Slattery 1823
C. E. Leonard took possession 1839
Peter Leonard sells strip of property to Jno. Lorway 1859
Peter Leonard estate to widow & children
Wm Leonard- son Mary Patterson- daughter 1864
Leonard and Patterson to Jas. Williams 1868 > Leonard squat bet. these times
Wm. Leonard bequeaths to wife 1902
Eliz. Leonard to son, Joseph; grandson, Edward 1926
Ed & Josephine Leman (wife) to Joseph Leonard 1944
See Church map, 1864
Block B Lot #
"Stout House""

St. Peter's Canal
CA BI 76-4 · Item · 1886

Items are three photographs of a sailing ship passing through St. Peter's Canal.

Sydney's Great Fire
CA BI 76-43 · Item · 1901

Item is a photograph of a view of the ruins left by the Great Fire on the west side of Bentinck Street from Wentworth to Prince. The fire that started in a Charlotte Street shop would destroy 67 buildings, leave 31 families homeless, and cause over $500,000 in damage. The Robert Ingraham House, Dillon Dwelling, Woodill House, Rudderham House, and the Conway Building (now Ingersall Road) were all destroyed in the fire. However, the building seen on the left hand side of the photograph is still standing today, as well as the Khattar home and Khattar Law Offices.

Kelly and Dodge
Sydney's Great Fire
CA BI 76-47 · Item · 1901

Item is a photograph of the ruins of Charlotte Street, both sides of the street, as viewed from Prince Street.

CA BI 76-52 · Item · ca. 1950

Items are two photographs of the Trinity Church Sydney Mines. a: Item is a photograph of the bell and cross from the old Trinity Church; they were removed from the old church on Shore Road to the new location in Sydney Mines. b: Item is a photograph of the interior of Trinity Church, Sydney Mines, taken from the centre aisle looking toward the alter.

Reverend Peter Nearing
CA BI 76-64a · Item · 1964

Items are photographs of
a: The C.W.L. reception for Fr. Peter Nearing a few days before his departure for San Paals, Brazil.
b: Portrait of appxoimately one hundred and twenty priests attending a retreat in Antigonish, June 1964.

CA BI 76-68 · Item · ca. 1975

Item is a photograph of approximately three hundred individuals gathered on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax, N.S. The seminary was destroyed in 1975.

CA BI 76-69 · Item · ca. 1923

Items are photographs of
a: Reverend Alexander MacDonald and a group of approximately forty East Asian children and young adults.
b: A portrait of Reverend Alexander MacDonald.

Beech Hill
CA BI 76-93 · Item · ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Rev. Bambrick, an Anglican Minister, in front of Beech Hill, the residence of the Brown family. Rev. Bambrick was a close friend to the Brown family. Beech Hill, also known as the Richard Brown House, was built in 1828 and registered as Nova Scotia Provincial Heritage Property in 1985.

CA BI 77-1035-1169 · Item · 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion. This picture was taken at Fort Needham and shows the wreckage of homes at the top of the hill in the Richmond district.

CA BI 77-1040-1174 · Item · 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion. This picture shows an interior view of North Street Station after the explosion with the roof smashed in and wreckage trains carrying debris away.

Beech Hill
CA BI 76-92 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of Beech Hills, the home built for mine manager Richard Brown in 1828.

Library in Beech Hill
CA BI 76-94 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the library in Beech Hill, the home of Richard H. Brown, manager of the General Mining Association.

Presbyterian Church
CA BI 77-107-241 · Item · ca. 1860

Item is a photograph of the Presbyterian Church at Indian Cove. The church was the landing location for the Prince of Wales on July 28, 1860. It was the first Presbyterian Church in Sydney Mines. The Archibald property is visible on both sides of the road.

CA BI 77-1011-1145 · Item · ca. 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. This picture shows people searching for bodies in the basement of a school.

CA BI 77-1012-1146 · Item · ca. 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. This picture shows the effect of the explosion on rolling stock and track.

CA BI 77-1081-1215 · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of a group of men and women at the Province of Nova Scotia Exhibit, Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto that ran from August 28 - September 12, 1936.

CA BI 77-1089-1223a · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of the reception room and the entrance to the model coal mine at the Province of Nova Scotia Exhibit, Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto that ran from August 28 - September 12, 1936. This picture shows the view the crowds saw while awaiting their turn to enter the mine.

CA BI 77-1026-1160 · Item · ca. 1918

Item is a photograph of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. This picture shows the motor fire engine "Patricia" after the explosion.

R.R. Stations
CA BI 77-109-243 · Item · 1911

Item is a photograph of a fire on the roof of the railroad station on Dodd St., Sydney.

CA BI 77-1097-1231 · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of the Samson Electric Driven Coal Cutter in the model coal mine at the Province of Nova Scotia Exhibit, Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto that ran August 28 - September 12, 1936. The coal cutter was located in a recess of the coal face to show the jib and picks. The operator ran the pick chain at half speed to show the action of the chain when cutting the coal. The jackhammer drill, shot firing battery and duffing shovel are also visible.

Town of North Sydney
CA BI MG 14.101 · Fonds · 1885-1971

North Sydney, first known as the Bar or North Bar, was settled in 1785, partly by Loyalists. The area began to grow when the General Mining Association gained control of the nearby mines at Sydney Mines and ran a railway to North Sydney. By the 1850

CA BI MG 14.13 · Fonds · 1857-1988

The Cape Breton Development Corporation came into existence in 1967. This crown corporation was established to promote and assist the financing of industry on (Cape Breton) Island and to acquire the interests of the major coal producer in the Sydney Coalfield and reorganize and operate the mines with a view to the rationalization of coal production. This is a very extensive collection including many DEVCO statistics, reports, letters, information on operations and development, equipment, photos and government studies.

CA BI MG 14.57 · Fonds · 1965-1998

Fonds consists of minutes and resolutions, annual reports, correspondence, newsletters and journals, various files, secretary's papers, secretary's publications, the history of the Cape Breton Branch of the CFUW, branch scrapbooks, minutes, clippings, photos and correspondence.

Canadian Federation of Women. Cape Breton Branch
CA BI MG 14.79 · Fonds · 1920-1926

Fonds consists of a letter to the shareholders of the Dominion Steel Corporation enclosing memorandum of Agreement between BESCO and Prudential Trust Company concerning transfer of stock, as well as the BESCO Bulletin.

British Empire Steel and Coal Company (BESCO)
CA BI MG 14.113 · Fonds · 1876 - 1962

Fonds consists of records documenting the history and operations of the North Sydney Western Union Telegraph Company. Records include an early inventory of the property from 1876, employee listings and collections, telegrams and a cash book, general history and various technical publications and sketches. The fonds also includes a significant portion of the Western Union Housing Committee minute books and property agreements.

Western Union Telegraph and Cable Company North Sydney
Capeview Cooperators
CA BI MG 14.132 · Fonds · 1938-1946

Minutes of Capeview Cooperators, a cooperative of fishermen in the area covering Main-a-Dieu, Bateston, Baleine, Little Lorraine, and Scaterie. At one time they owned a large lobster cannery in Main-a-Dieu.

CA BI MG 14.165 · Fonds · 1916-1985

Fonds contains three reels of microfilm containing burial records of W.J. Dooley Funeral Services in North Sydney.

Hugh MacLennan fonds
CA BI MG 14.190 · Fonds · 1862-1922

Fonds consist of cash books, ledgers, account books, and day books of MacLennan's general store operation.

MacLennan, Hugh
Mulgrave Businesses
CA BI MG 14.192 · Fonds · 1880-1894

Three daybooks that are unidentified. Internal evidence indicates that they were used in Mulgrave. There are some references to Antigonish as well.

CA BI MG 14.213 · Fonds · 1900-1922

Fonds consists of certificate of shares, stubs containing number of shares, name of purchaser, address & date, cash book, ledgers of accounts, ledger containing list of shareholders, capital account, Union Bank of Halifax, Statements of Earnings & Expenditure, Royal Bank of Canada, Dividend & Reserve Accounts.

Thomas Burke
CA BI MG 15.4 · Fonds · 1880

Example of fancy 19th century lettering done by Thomas Burke of Mabou in his 84th year. Last Will and Testament of Thomas Burke, Mabou, 1886.

Douglas MacPhee fonds
CA BI MG 15.32 · Fonds · 1979-

Fonds consists of Scottish and Irish violin music collected and compiled by Douglas MacPhee of New Waterford; includes poems, clippings, tributes, and recordings.

A. Scottish and Irish violin music collected and compiled by Mr. MacPhee.

B. Two bills from two New Waterford stores. Originals, photocopy 2 bills, 1 page

  1. D. F. MacLeod, June 29,1928
  2. The little red stores, March 19th, 1937

C. Poem to Doug MacPhee on the occasion of his birthday by lois ross, June 1986. Photocopy, 1 page

D. References to 4th L.P. Record "Reel of Tulloch". Newspaper clippings, photographs, letters 12 pages

E. Tributes re Doug MacPhee. Newspaper clippings, letters, originals 12 pages

F. Tributes and thank you in appreciation of Doug's music. Typescript, newspaper clippings, letters, cards .5cm.

G. Cape breton talent directory, preface by Doug MacPhee. Printed material, 29 pages

H. Scottish, irish and other compositions composed for Doug MacPhee and they include jigs, reels, marches, strathspeys, clogs, hornpipes, and airs. Photocopy, 14 pages

I. Script interview by walter bond of Dougie MacPhee in November, 1987. Photocopy, 9 pages.

J. Newspaper clippings & programs from 1961-1990. 35 pages.

K. Correspondence from Mr. MacPhee to John Paul II, Vatican, Rome, 1984. 1 page photocopy

  1. Reply from Secretariat of State, Vatican City, November 21, 1984, original, 1 page.

L. Virginia Scottish Games - Celtic folk music festival program, 28th & 29th July, 1990 & schedule 2 pages

  1. Summer ceilidh series 1990 schedule 1 page
  2. Newspaper clippings "fiddle festival at Gaelic College celebrates our musical heritage" photo of Doug and Dan Joe macinnis c.B. Post 18 August, 1990 1 page

M. Acknowledgement letter from Mae Cameron, 1 page

N. Correspondence from Dr. Norman E. Burgess, director, conservatory of music and speech arts, Calgary's community college, 5 december, 1989 2 pages.

O1. Clipping c.B. Post, 29 July, 1991 "Musical Ambassador" 1 page.
O2. Clipping titled "Support for MacPhee" c.B. Post, 28 August, 1991 1 page.

P1. Program - the old town school of folk music concerts, chicago - feb. 14-16, 1992.
P2. Brochure - folk festival of traditional music, chicago - feb.14-16, 1992.
P3. Chicago tribune - january, 1992 newspaper clipping "old-timey tunes" 1 page.
P4. The art institute of chicago - map of museum.

Q. A book of songs and “come-all-ye” of Cape Breton and Newfoundland. .5 cm

R. Correspondence, brochures, and clippings