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Archival description
CA BI MG 19.19 · Collection · 1744-1941, predominant 1904-1936

Collection consists of artifacts, two volumes of Karl Marx, a child's cap, and a block of salt; McLachlan's personal library of books that he owned consisting of socialist, communist, religious, and labour material; and textual records that include poetry, notes, correspondences, and one journal. The material spans between 1744 and 1941, and consists of records from Scotland, England, and Canada. The material in this collection shows McLachlan's interest and involvement with labour movements and his desire to improve conditions for the working class in Cape Breton.

McLachlan, James Bryson
CA BI MG 7A.17 · Collection · 1882-1993

Collection consists of a compilation of reproductions of correspondence, legal documents, provincial grants and plans concerning the relocation of this Reserve.

Gaelic Songs
CA BI MG 6.43 · Fonds · 20th century

Fonds consists of Gaelic poetry, songs, hymns and a letter. Creator is unknown.

A. Notebook of handwritten Gaelic songs believed to be the songs of Ewen MacKinnon, otherwise known in Iona as "Bodach a'Bhidse".
B. Gaelic translation of the hymn “The Old Old Story.” Hexatonic scale adapted to regular musical store by unknown person. Original, 2 pages.
C1. Song "Chuir Mi Cul ri Iollaraidh" (with English translation) [n.d.] Original, 2 pages. Presented by Mr. & Mrs. John MacKenzie, Mira Gut.
C2. Song: “Bheir a Nall am Botal Dhu” [sic] (local composition) Original, 2 pages. Presented by John Allan MacNeil, Grand Narrows.
C3a. "Mi'm Shuidhe M'Onar" by Scottish bard Sorley Cameron. The name “Neil MacDonald” is penciled on the manuscript but not definite that he is the author. Original, 8 pages.
C3b Humourous song [untitled] also written in Cape Breton. Signed by Neil Macdonald but he was not the author. Also 2 fiddle tunes with musical notation, one stating that it is from Bill Lamey. Original, 5 pages.
C4. Song (untitled) likely of Cape Breton origin. Typescript, 1 page.
D. Letter written in Gaelic from Crows Nest to a friend in Inverness County, 1915. Original, 1 page. Presented by John Neil Beaton, Port Hood, 1984.

Angus L. MacDonald fonds
CA BI MG 9.32 · Fonds · 1917-1965

Fonds consists of papers including speeches, event programs, clippings and other miscellaneous documents.

Macdonald, Angus L.
James W. Maddin fonds
CA BI MG 12.80 · Fonds · 1905-1961

Fonds consists of correspondence, including letters from the Right Honourable Arthur Meighen, clippings, poetry, addresses, scrapbooks, and army service records.

Maddin, James William
Crowdis family fonds
CA BI MG 12.123 · Fonds · 1883-1949

Fonds consists of personal papers of the Crowdis family over generations, including legal papers, correspondence, ephemera, and birth certificates of various family members.

Crowdis, Edward
CA BI MG 20.24 · Fonds · 1915-1918

The 185th Battalion (Cape Breton Highlanders) was authorized on the first day of February, 1916 by the appointment of Lt.-Col. F. P. Day, as its commanding Officer. Cape Breton Island, particularly the industrial sections, had already contributed a long list of men in various units such as the 17th, 36th, 25th, 40th, 64th, 85th, and 106th infantry units. It was felt, however, that the authorization of a Battalion recruited from all sections of the Island would be met with a strong response, and the authorities were not disappointed. Within a period of three weeks from the day the first recruit was signed on, the battalion was up to strength and ready to mobilize. For recruiting purposes, the 185th divided the Island into four districts: "A" Company from Inverness, Richmond and Victoria Counties; "B" Company from the towns of Glace Bay, New Waterford, and adjacent districts; "C" Company from Sydney Mines, North Sydney and suburbs; "D" Company from Sydney and the Mira district.

Fonds consists of the register of recruits ledger, casualty forms, nominal rolls for drafts, absentee list, declaration and attestation papers, and the list of members of the 185th during World War 1.

Officers of the S.S. Bruce
CA BI 76-1 · Item · 1900

Item is a photographic collage of the officers serving on broad the S.S Bruce, which ran between North Sydney and Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland. Featured are P. Delaney, Capt; R. Lewis, 1st officer; M. Coffee, 2nd officer; Wm. Harvey, Chief Engineer; H. P. Lewis, 2nd Engineer; Geo. Lewis, 3rd Engineer; M. Barnes, 4th Engineer; T. R. McGarth, Purser; J. House, Chief Steward; and J. Campbell, 2nd Engineer. Also pictured is the S.S. Bruce in full steam.

CA BI 76-119 · Item · ca. 1951

Item is a reproduction of a plan drawn from a photostatic print produced on 10 Jul. 1951. The reproduction was likely created by the Nova Scotia Film Board. Item is a general plan of the Strait of Canso - Canso Causeway produced by the Board of Engineers for the Department of Transport - Department of Highways & Public Works.

Nova Scotia Film Board
CA BI 76-14 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the printing equipment for the Port Hawkesbury Bulletin. Identified from left to right are L. Ernest Philpott, C. Kate McLeod and Ernest Williams.

Sydney's Great Fire
CA BI 76-16 · Item · 1901

Item is a photograph of a view of the devastation of the Great Fire in Sydney, taken on November 1, 1901, twelve days after the event. The photograph is a view of Charlotte Street from Wentworth Street.

CA BI 76-32 · Item · ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of Rev. D. M. MacAdam, born on 03 Feb. 1867 in East Bay. He was the son of John and Theresa MacAdam. Rev. MacAdam was ordained on 06 Aug. 1893 and became the Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Sydney. He died on 11 Aug. 1924.

Hill's School
CA BI 76-35 · Item · ca. 1860

Items are photographs of Mr. John L. Hill and the students of his Charlotte Street school. Also identified are his daughter Anne (later Mrs. George Boggs); Mary Ann Muggah, daughter of Captain Charles Muggah (later Mrs. Colin MacKinnon); John Muggah; James Burchell; his sister, Emma Burchell (later Mrs. Bartlett of Brigus, Newfoundland); Dora Uniacke (later Mrs. Kay); two daughters of Thomas Townsend; William (Mac) MacLeod; and F. Harrington. The photograph was taken at the corner of Charlotte and Yorke Streets.

CA BI 76-41 · Item · ca. 1882

Item is a photograph of Sydney looking north from Tannery Bridge, located at the corner of Esplanade and Kings Road.The coal piers are in the background of the photograph.

Umlah Studios
CA BI 76-5 · Item · 1890

Item is a photograph of the dredging of St. Peter's Canal by the dredger, the Geo. McKenzie, in 1890.

Reverend Daniel Doyle
CA BI 76-56 · Item · 19th Century

Item is a photograph of Father Dan Doyle, curate of Sacred Heart Church in Sydney.

Peter J. Nearing
CA BI 76-57 · Item · 1926

Item is a photograph of P. J. Nearing, from Bridgeport, N.S., receives the "Pro Ecclesia et Pontific" Medal from Bishop John R. MacDonald in 1926.

North Sydney town band
CA BI 76-6 · Item · 1897

Item is a photograph of the North Sydney town band with instruments on St Patrick's Day, 1897. There are approximately forty individuals, all male, outside of the North Sydney Post Office.

Reverend Stanley MacDonald
CA BI 76-67 · Item · 1966

Item is a photograph of Piper Danny MacIntyre piping Father Stanley to the reception in honor of his retirement in Big Pond, Cape Breton.

CA BI 76-7 · Item · 1897

Item is a photograph of an unpaved Commercial Street, North Sydney. Buildings line both sides of the street including the Belmont Hotel and F. H. Rudderham Drugs. Thomas and John Voogt are in front of the Belmont near the steps.

Miss Mary Logue
CA BI 76-74 · Item · January 14, 1958

Item is a photograph of Mary Logue as she is presented with a retirement gift on behalf of the staff of the North Sydney Post Office. Making the presentation is Postmaster Gerald Penney.

St. Columba Parish, Iona
CA BI 76-88 · Item · n.d.

Item is a photograph of St. Columba Church, the second Catholic church to be built in Iona.

North Sydney, Front Street
CA BI 76-9 · Item · 1886

Item is a reproduction of a postcard depicting Front Street on the North Sydney waterfront. Prominently displayed in the foreground is the smokestack of the North Sydney Engineering Works. The large building with the smokestack in the background is J. C. McMillan

Coal Inspection
CA BI 76-97 · Item · 18-Nov-1956

Item is a photograph of Mr. Earl Chubb visiting the #18 colliery on Nov. 18, 1956, along with other officials, a few months before he was made the President of the Dominion Coal Company. Left to right: Ernie Beaton, Earl Chubb, Grant Mitchell, D.R. MacKenzie.

Shedden Studio
Judge A.C. Dodd
CA BI 77-102-236 · Item · ca. 1850

Item is a photograph of a Judge A.C. Dodd's residence on the corner of Dorchester and Esplanade, known as the Judge's Corner. Two members of the Dodd family are standing in front of the gate.

Mount Rundell
CA BI 77-103-237 · Item · ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of the manager of the mines, Mr. Ruthfard, his family and his friends at Mount Rundell, Pictou County.

C.N.R Workmen
CA BI 76-86a · Item · n.d.

Items are two different shots of the same dozen men. The men are standing on a set of railway tracks and holding different tools used for the repair and maintenance of the tracks.

Fraser at No. 1-B Colliery
CA BI 77-104-238 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of Fraser, the last of the No. 1-B pit ponies. Fraser spent more of his life-time at the service of the coal company than any other horse in the company's history. He is shown here on the occasion of his retirement.

Shedden, Leslie
Scottish Clan - MacBain
CA BI 77-1128-1262 · Item · 20th century

Item is a photograph of a highlander representing the Scottish clan MacBain.

Scottish Clan - Robertson
CA BI 77-1133-1267 · Item · 20th century

Item is a photograph of a highlander representing the Scottish clan Robertson.

Streetcars at Reserve
CA BI 77-1181-1315 · Item · ca. 1930

Item is a photograph of streetcars in Reserve Mines. There are three streetcars and a station. In front of a streetcar are several men in uniform.

First Sydney Bus
CA BI 77-1182-1316 · Item · ca. 1930

Item is a photograph of women and children riding on the first Sydney Bus from the Sydney Bus Company. The bus was operated by Tom MacGowan.

CA BI 77-127-261 · Item · 1954

Item is a photograph of the #26 locomotive of the old Sydney Collieries railway used for pushing coal on High Pier. Four men pose in front of the engine, P. H. Hall, Engineer; Mike MacInnis, Conductor; Cliff MacLean, Fireman; and Duncan Whalen, Brakeman.

CA BI 77-132-266 · Item · 1918

Item is a photograph of Indian Beach, North Sydney. There is a horse and buggy on the road bordering the beach and many military tents are set up on the beach itself.

Sister Margaret Beaton
CA BI 77-1355-1489 · Item · ca. 1970

Item is a photograph of Sister Margaret Beaton.

CA BI 77-136-270 · Item · ca. 1950

Item is a photograph of the gymnasium at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.

CA BI 77-137-271 · Item · ca. 1940

Item is a photograph of the administration building at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish.

CA BI 77-1386-1520 · Item · ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of ships in the Louisbourg harbour during the wintertime.

Peter MacIntyre
CA BI 77-1412-1546 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of Peter MacIntyre, who was an athlete from Big Pond.

Written on the reverse: "On reverse side is a photo of Peter MacIntyre, son of James MacIntyre and his wife, Flora MacDonald, both of Big Pond Parish. Peter was born in Big Pond about the middle 50's of the 19th century (likely in 1855). He was drowned about 1914. Peter was a famous athlete."

Cotter's Saturday Night
CA BI 77-1374-1508 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of the cast of Cotter's Saturday Night, a radio program broadcast from Sydney in the 1930s.

Pictured in the back row, from left to right: Mrs. McKimmie, Malcolm R. MacLeod, Prof. Bernie McIntosh, Bleddyn Davies, M.J. Ballah, Mrs. Bleddyn Davies, and Hazel Matheson. Pictured in the front row, from left to right: John MacNeil, Mrs. C.D. Buck, Tena Campbell, Mabel (Noland) Kelleher, Bob Wright, George MacDonald, and Sandy MacLean.

Photograph was taken at the “Cromarty” estate built by John Kenneth Levison "Jack" Ross ca. 1905. It was located on Kings Road in Sydney.

Dodge, H. O.
Louisbourg Shipping Scene
CA BI 77-1395-1529 · Item · 1950

Item is a photograph of the shipping pier and ships in Louisbourg.

Coal and Coke
CA BI 77-15-142 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of coal being shipped to coke ovens at the Sydney Steel Plant.