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Archival description
Sydney Academy
CA BI 80-169-4349 · Item · 1860

Item is a photograph of Sydney Academy.

Sydney Academy
CA BI 78-1195-2945 · Item · ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Sydney Academy when it was located on the corner of George and Dorchester Streets. The railway trestle and the home of the Hon. James McKeagney are visible.

Charlotte Street, Sydney
CA BI 77-219-353 · Item · ca. 1900

Item is a photograph taken on Wentworth Street, looking north on Charlotte Street. Visible in the photograph is Sydney Academy and Holy Angels Convent.

Sydney Academy Class
CA BI 77-925-1059 · Item · 1905 - 1906

Item is a photograph of the pupils and teachers of Sydney Academy in front of the first Sydney Academy.

81-234-5304 · Item · 1917

Item is a photograph of the Sydney Academy Cadet Corps #306 in the winter of 1917. Almost all of the Cadets are in full uniform, with the first row sitting and the back rows standing on steps.

CA BI 81-229-5299 · Item · 1918

Item is a photograph of the Sydney Academy Cadet Corps. Judge George Morrison is identified as the fifth from left in the front row, seated to the right of the boy with the trophy.

CA BI 76-103 · Item · 1936

Item is a photograph of a dozen members of Sydney Academy's 1936 Gaelic class; individuals are identified on the reverse of the photograph. The man in the front centre of the photograph is holding a sign that says, "Sgoil Ghaidhlig, 1936, Ghlace Bay" (Glace Bay Gaelic School).

Back row, left to right: Angus MacKinnon and Archie MacDonald.
Centre row, left to right: Mitchell MacKinnon, Alex MacInnis, Stephen B. MacNeil, Chief; Joseph MacSween and John Morrison.
Front row, left to right: Mrs. Thos. MacNeil, Rev. F. Vincent MacDonald, John A. MacDougall, Asst. Teacher; Capt. John L. MacKinnon, Teacher and Principal and Mrs. Alex MacInnis.

Shedden Studio
Sydney Academy
CA BI 77-922-1056 · Item · 1937 - 1938

Item is a photograph of the Sydney Academy "A" Class teachers and students.

"A" Class, Sydney Academy
CA BI 77-921-1055 · Item · 1941

Item is a photograph of the "A" Class at Sydney Academy, showing teachers and students.