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Morrison's Mill, Sydney
CA BI 96-271-26959 · Item · ca. 188?

Item is a photograph of a man and his horse outside Morrison's Mill in Sydney.

CA BI PAM 261 · Item · [189-?]

Item is an original version of the text, edition unknown. Cover has been removed, along with the imprint and title pages. There are three series within this text (see below).

96-363-27051 · Item · [189-]

One photograph of the students of Black River School, Poplar Grove, Cape Breton [originally Beatonville, Nova Scotia] posing for a group photo outside of the school. Included in the photo, and numbered, are:

Back row: 1. Florence MacKinnon; 2. Katie A. Beaton; 3. Annie Bell Campbell; 4. Mary M. Campbell; 5. Skinner Hawley; 6. Flora MacDonald; 7. Allan Beaton; and, 8. L.W. MacLean (teacher).

2nd row: 9. Mary B. Beaton; 10. Sarah Beaton; 11. Mary C. MacDonald; 12. Mary Campbell; 13. Patrick Beaton.

3rd row: 14. Katie Beaton; 15. Annie Beaton; 16. Mary Agnes Beaton; 17. Maggie MacDonald; 18. Annie MacDonald; 19. Annie Boyle; 20. Mary A. MacQuarrie; 21. Flora Beaton; 22. Fannie MacKinnon; 23. Mary Cassie Beaton.

Front row: 24. Eddie Hawley; 25. Sandy Campbell; 26. Archie MacKinnon; 27. Dan Hawley; 28. Alban Beaton; 29. Archie MacDonald; 30. Angus Campbell; and, 31. Hector MacInnis.

Anne Frizzle
87-892-17422 · Item · 190-?

Item is a photograph of Anne Frizzle. Nurse Frizzle was the last serving member of the 1st graduation class of St. Joseph's Hospital in Glace Bay (graduated in 1905). Anne Frizzle died in Hamilton, Ont. in 1961.

General Hospital, Glace Bay
CA BI 76-19 · Item · 191-?

Item is a postcard depicting the General Hospital in Glace Bay, N.S. as it stood in the early 20th century.

Victoria Road
CA BI 83-6385-13685 · Item · [192-]

Item is a postcard depicting the Victoria Road subway in Whitney Pier, N.S.

CA BI G162 · Item · 192-

Item is a reader for school children. It is one in a series of six readers produced with support of An Comunn Gàidhealach in Scotland.

Victoria Road
CA BI 83-6386-13686 · Item · [192-]

Item is a street view of the northern end of Victoria Road in Whitney Pier, N.S.

Raonull Ban Mac Eoghain Oig
CA BI G44 · Item · 193-?

Item is the story of a fictitious Moidart native, Raonull Bàn's travels through Scotland and Canada following the First World War.

Chief Ben Christmas
CA BI D-1784 · Item · 196-?

File consists of a portrait of Chief Ben Christmas.

Crann, Vol. 1
CA BI G33 · Item · 196-?

Item is a magazine produced by the Gaelic Society of the University of Aberdeen. Contains poetry, stories and art from the students.

MacTalla an Eilean
CA BI T-1325 · Item · 197-

File consists of an audio recording of violin selections by Lee Cremo including Johnny Cope and Tom Fancy; piano accompaniment by Vincent Joe, including Paddy on the Turnpike.

Earl Tubrett
97-578-28426 · Item · [197-]

Item is a photograph of Earl Tubbert, former Mayor of Sydney, and his family.

CA BI GSM30 · Item · 197-?

Item is a photocopy of a guide to the pronunciation of Cainntearachd and a key to which notes are represented by which sounds.

C.W. Francis
CA BI T-937 · Item · 197-?

File consists of an audio recording of Mi'kmaw hymns.

Daibhidh Balfour
CA BI G41 · Item · 197-?

Item is a translation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped".

Sgeulachdan Mhic-An-Teòsain
CA BI G57 · Item · 197-?

Item is an illustrated collection of stories of Baron Munch-Hausen

CA BI PAM 2362 · Item · 198-?

Item is a history of Mi'kmaw writing, petroglyphs & hieroglyphics; mentions how Roman Catholic missionaries modified hieroglyphics to be used for religious instruction & that new Mi'kmaw orthography is now being developed by Mi'kmaw Association of Cultural Studies.

CA BI T-2033 · Item · 198-

File consists of an audio recording of a child's story in Mi'kmaq; supplement to student handbook. (See MG 07a.11.1b).

The Wiklatmu'j
CA BI T-2316 · Item · 198-

File consists of an audio recording of the Wiklatmu's at Chapel Island.

Folklore Medicine
CA BI T-2317 · Item · 198-

File consists of an audio recording of Maisil Donovan interviewed on Folklore Medicine (Richard MacKinnon's Folklore Class).

St. Anne's Mission
CA BI T-2318 · Item · 198-

File consists of an audio recording of an interview about the Mission in Potlotek.

CA BI FT-249 · Item · [ca. 198?]

Item is a short film documenting the immediate aftermath of Fr. Charlie W.'s funeral ceremony. The first several scenes depict people stepping out of a small church.

CA BI FT-50 · Item · 199-?

Item is a video recording which celebrates three of folk music's legends: Acadian fiddler Eddy Poirier, Cape Breton Scottish piano player Doug MacPhee, and Mi'kmaw artist and elder, Sarah Denny, and combines performances from open air concerts, old fashioned square dances and a Mi'kmaw mawiomi with the thoughts and feelings of the performers.
Eddy Poirier : fiddling from the Acadian heart --
Doug MacPhee : a legacy of music --
Sarah Denny : keeper of the culture.

Rita Joe
CA BI 00-03-29989 · Item · 199-?

Item is a photograph of Rita Joe reading to a small group of people.

CA BI T-3235 · Item · 199-

File consists of an audio recording performed by The Sons of Membertou: Darrell Bernard, Graham Marshall, Victor Christmas, George Christmas, Calvin (Jip) Paul, Shane Paul, Lincoln Gould, George Smith, Angelo Laporte, Rodney Bear, Dawn Isadore, Austin Christmas, and Mark A. Christmas.

Sydney Steel Module
Reports: · Item · [201-]

Item is "Sydney Steel Module" by Kassandra Jabalee and Hannah Fournier, compiled for History 3105.

Terra Nova
CA BI MAP 501 · Item · 1600

Item is an early map of Eastern Canada. Bertius derived this map from Petrus Plancius' map of North America (1594), which documented Newfoundland as a single island for the first time.

Bertius, Pertrus
La Nuova Francia
CA BI MAP 722 · Item · 1565 (1606)

This map is based on the voyages of Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524 and Jacques Cartier in 1534. It is the first printed map devoted to New England and New France, showing the eastern seaboard from New York Bay to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Cape Breton and Newfoundland are shown as several islands and the St. Lawrence River is depicted running west from the Gulf. A long, thin band is thought to be an early representation of the Gulf Stream and marks the rich fishing banks.

This map is an example from the second plate, first published by Giovanni Battista Ramusio in 1565, as re-issued in 1606 in the publication Navigazioni and Viaggi.

Gastaldi, Giacomo
CA BI MAP 686 · Item · 1633

Item is the first printed map to include an accurate depiction of Prince Edward Island, and the earliest depiction of a north-south orientated Lake Champlain. Cape Breton placenames reflect important harbours used for seasonal fishing such as Niganis (Ingonish) and Port aux Angloix (Louisbourg).

Laet, Johannes de
Isola di Capo Breton
CA BI MAP 691 · Item · 1690

Item is a page from Coronelli's atlas, "Isolario Dell'Atlante Vento" featuring an engraving of 17th century Cape Breton Island.

Coronelli, Vincenzo
Louis IX
CA BI 77-1368-1502 · Item · 17th century

Item is an oil painting of Louis IX.

Lord Viscount, Sydney
CA BI 77-1373-1507 · Item · ca. 1700

Item is a sketch of Lord Viscount with a history of the sketch.

CA BI MAP 248 · Item · 1703

Map by engraver Herman Moll showing fishing resources of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the Gulf of St. Lawrence during early 18th century. This map depicts shared international fishing banks before the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 created geo-political boundaries restricting fishing territories.

Moll, Herman
View of Louisbourg
CA BI 77-1369-1503 · Item · ca. 1731

Item is a photograph of a view of Louisbourg.

Rev. Pierre Maillard fonds
CA BI MG 7A.2 · Fonds · ca. 1738

Fonds consists of reproductions of papers of Rev. Pierre A.S. Maillard; includes mass with hieroglyphic writings and ornamentation of pages.

Rev. Pierre Maillard
Carte de L'Isle Royale 1744
CA BI MAP 711 · Item · 1744

This item is a hand-coloured map of Isle Royale (Cape Breton Island) by Jacques Nicolas Bellin from the Petit Atlas Maritime published in 1764. During the French colonial period, permanent settlement on Isle Royale grew to 4000. This map shows changes in place names reflecting the French and Mi'kmaw presence.

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
CA BI MAP 249 · Item · 1747

Item is a map showing details of Louisbourg Harbour and Gabarus Bay with a full inset map of Cape Breton Island, labelled Isle Royal. Documents the landing place and camp of the New England forces as well as the fortified town of Louisbourg, various battery locations, French settlements and the lighthouse.

Kitchin, Thomas
Hon. William MacKinnon
87-947-17377 · Item · ca. 1750

Item is a photograph of the Hon. William MacKinnon, he was the former Lt. Governor of Cape Breton.