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Map 205

  • CA BI Map 205
  • Item
  • 8-Aug-1918

Item is a World War 1 map of France, featuring several handmade corrections.

Port de Louisbourg dans l'Isle Royale

  • CA BI MAP 805
  • Item
  • 1764

This map was originally part of Bellin's "Le Petit Atlas Maritime" showing French fortifications destroyed during the 1758 siege.

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

Atlantic Canada

  • CA BI MAP 720
  • Item
  • 1872

Item is a map of Atlantic Canada post-Confederation with inset of Halifax harbour.

Mitchell, Augustus Samuel

Carte de L'Isle Royale 1744

  • CA BI MAP 711
  • Item
  • 1744

This item is a hand-coloured map of Isle Royale (Cape Breton Island) by Jacques Nicolas Bellin from the Petit Atlas Maritime published in 1764. During the French colonial period, permanent settlement on Isle Royale grew to 4000. This map shows changes in place names reflecting the French and Mi'kmaw presence.

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

Isle Royale

  • CA BI MAP 707
  • Item
  • 1764

Item is an 18th century map of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Acadie from Bellin's "Petit Atlas Maritime."

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas


  • CA BI MAP 688
  • Item
  • 1761

Item is an 18th century map of Canada was produced late in Kitchin's career and engraved by John Gibson. Gibson and Kitchin worked together on a number of projects during their lives.

Kitchin, Thomas

A chart of the Island of Cape Breton

  • MAP 667
  • Item
  • 1767

Item is an original map showing acreage of Cape Breton townships, parishes, and counties. The map identifies "Indian Hunting Country" based on an earlier survey completed by Samuel Holland.

Little Bras d'or

  • CA BI MAP 618
  • Item
  • 1947

Item is a marine map of Little Bras d'Or.

Terra Nova

  • CA BI MAP 501
  • Item
  • 1600

Item is an early map of Eastern Canada. Bertius derived this map from Petrus Plancius' map of North America (1594), which documented Newfoundland as a single island for the first time.

Bertius, Pertrus

A Plan of the City and Harbour of Louisburg with inset map of The Island of Cape Breton

  • CA BI MAP 249
  • Item
  • 1747

Item is a map showing details of Louisbourg Harbour and Gabarus Bay with a full inset map of Cape Breton Island, labelled Isle Royal. Documents the landing place and camp of the New England forces as well as the fortified town of Louisbourg, various battery locations, French settlements and the lighthouse.

Kitchin, Thomas

Nieuwe koart van Terre Neuf en Nieuw Schotland

  • CA BI MAP 248
  • Item
  • 1703

Map by engraver Herman Moll showing fishing resources of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and the Gulf of St. Lawrence during early 18th century. This map depicts shared international fishing banks before the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 created geo-political boundaries restricting fishing territories.

Moll, Herman

Map of New England and Nova Scotia

  • CA BI MAP 247
  • Item
  • 1758

Item is a map of New England and Nova Scotia showing Newfoundland and Cape Breton Island situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The map includes identified fishing banks.

Kitchin, Thomas


  • CA BI MAP 207
  • Item

Item is a map of France, created through an ordnance survey.

France, Lens

  • CA BI MAP 206
  • Item
  • 27 October, 1916

Item is a map of France, created through an ordnance survey.


  • CA BI MAP 204
  • Item
  • 1917

Item consists of a map of France, created by an ordnance survey.


  • CA BI MAP 202
  • Item
  • 1916

Item is a map of Valciennes, Belgium, that was created by the War Office.

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton

  • CA BI MAP 199
  • Item
  • 1834

This item is Belcher's map of Nova Scotia including Cape Breton. The map was compiled from surveys by William MacKay in 1834. Map shows township boundaries and expanding communication and transportation infrastructure including telegraph stations and railway lines.

Belcher, C.H. and MacKay, William

The Canadians in France

  • CA BI MAP 185
  • Item
  • 1918

Item is a map published during World War 1 by the Montreal Star Publishing Company Ltd, titled "The Canadians in France." The map indicates locations where Canadian troops distinguished themselves.

Battle maps of the Italian front

File contains reproduction maps of various battle fronts of the Italian Campaign during World War II. The maps were reproduced by the Armey Survey Establishment R.C.E. and compiled and drawn by the Historical Section, G.S.

Map of Halifax, Halifax Explosion

  • CA BI 77-1055-1189
  • Item
  • 1918

Item is a map of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion. According to the photograph's caption, "the section outlined is the devastated area extending from the harbour front out North Street to Windsor Street and then north almost to the extreme right of the map. The collision took place in "Section 10" as indicated above."

Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy

Subseries consists of photographs, correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings and maps relating to the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy.

In 1975, two members from each Canadian unit who participated in the Italian campaign during World War II were invited to take part in a official Canadian pilgrimage to places around Italy where veterans would tour former battle sites, war graves, towns and cities. In the case of the Cape Breton Highlanders, Charles "Sharkey" MacDonald and Ralph S. Davies were selected to represent the Highlanders.