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CA BI T-1737 · Item · June 1986
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Lila's Scottish violins, Lila Hashem on piano also director

Gaelic song - Oranaiche Cape Breton, "Oranluathaidh"

Gaelic song by Caana - "Oran Na Maighdinn Mara"

Gaelic song by Oranaiche Cape Breton "Failte Do Bharraidh"

Lila's Scottish Violins

Gaelic song by Oranaiche Cape Breton "He Horo Monighean Donn"

Oranaiche Cape Breton singing "Piuirt-A-Beul"

Lila's Scottish violins

Donnie MacLeod, Scotland singing "Nighean Mo Ghaoil"

Waulking (Gaelic) songs from Barra, Scotland "Is Moch An Duigh" (Singer - Flora Boyd)

Oranaiche Cape Breton "Eilidh" singer is Neil MacPhee

Lila's Scottish Violins

Ossian Dove singing "Mile Marbhaisg Air A' Ghaol"

Piper John Burgess of Scotland - march called "Mrs. Williem Ross"

Fiddler Bill Lamey & Lila Hashem on piano - "Whistle on O're the Mane O't"

Lauchie Gillis "Oganaichan Dir-Fhuilt"

Fiddler Angus Chisholm - Mrs. W.J. MacDonald on piano playing New Castle Hornpipe & Pres. Grant's Hornpipe

Oranaiche Cape Breton "An Teid Thuleam"

Norman MacLean "Am Bruadair"

music of Western Isles "Suidhidh Sinn A'Bhain Gu Socair"

Orain Cape Breton Calum MacLeod -Se Ceap Breatunn Tir Mo Ghraidh"

Popular song in Gaelic "Fail Oro Mar Dh' Fhag Sinn"

Oranaiche Cape Breton "Suidhadabh Bhalaichean"

avid Solley "Mo Nighean Bhan"
Gaelic Trad., in Cape Breton "Ma Bhuannaich Thu" (North Shore)

"Piuirt-A-Beul" sung by Na H'Oganaich (mouth music)

Oranaiche C.b. "Duanag an T Seoladair" piano -- Shauna Doolan

Bagpipe selection by Deanie Beaton "MacNabb's Hornpipe"

Lauchie MacLellan of Dunvegan "Na H-Igneagan Donna"

Jerry Holland, violin selection with Joey Beaton on piano

Irish-Gaelic song from Clannad II "Rince Philib A' Chedil"

Violin music by young Wendy MacIsaac with Betty Lou Beaton on piano