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MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence Folklore - Tales/Sgeulachdan
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Big Beach: Gaelic Song and Conversation

Item is an audio recording of an interview with J.A Macneil, Michael Macneil and John Angus Maclean of Big Beach, Cape Breton (N.S.) Features:

MacNeil, J.A. - A trip to Scotland

MacNeil, Michael - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Michael - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, Michael - Ho iri raill o

MacNeil, Michael - S' fheudair dhomh...'s sgur de 'n dram

MacNeil, Michael - Railroad song

MacLean, John A. - Se fad mo mhulad

MacLean, John A. - Biographical sketch

MacLean, John A. - Story - the old woman and the trunk

MacLean, John A. - Ged a'sheoil mi air m'aineoil

Side 2:

J.A MacKinnon (MacKinnon's Harbour) :

Biographical Sketch
Schooling and teachers in MacKinnon's Harbour

Mrs. MacKinnon (MacKenzie):

Biographical Sketch

Selection of Gaelic songs

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs

Item is an audo recording of Gaelic songs and stories recorded in Boisdale and Mabou (N.S)

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence - "Sgeulachd Gill'easbuig Aotrom"

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence - "Cumha Cheap Breatunn"

Cameron, Finlay - "Tha mi sgith o'n tim seo 'n de"

Cameron, Finlay - "Mo Nighean Dubh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Gaol an t-Seoladair"

Cameron, Finlay - "Thug mi run 's chuir mi uidh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Fhleasgaich ur, leannan thu..."

Cameron, Finlay - "O gur mise tha fo mhighean..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Eriskay love lilt..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Air faill irinn ill irinn uill irinn o ro hi..."

Cameron, Finlay - "An te ruadh"

Cameron, Finlay - "Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn..."

Beaton, Angus D. - "Mo nighean donn..."

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs in Boisdale

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic singers in Boisdale, N.S.

Cameron, Finlay - Thug mi run 's chuir mi uidh

Cameron, Finlay - Tha mi sgith bho'n tim seo 'n de

Cameron, Finlay - Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

Cameron, Finlay - Mo nighean dubh

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cailinn mo ruin-sa

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Gleannan taobh Loch Liobhan

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Sgeulachd

MacDonald, Joseph L. - O go toigh leam

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Ruaridh Mor and Seonaid visit to Glasgow

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Story of Donald Gorm MacDonald

Item is an audio recording of Joseph Lawrence MacDonald telling stories of Donald "Gorm" Macdonald.

Story of Donald "Gorm" MacDonald - Story of this man, at the time of taking of Louisbourg

A mother's curse - Donald went from house to house taking the young men by force to fight with him. When he took the third son, a cripple, from this widow, she said: "My son will return but you never will"

Burning of the church - Donald burns church after closing windows, all inside perish

The ending - Tells how this man, possessed by the devil, dies

The schoolmaster and the old woman

The old man's operation - Funny story by a teller of tall tales

Comhairle (advice)

Donald's version of the sinking of the Titanic - Donald couldn't read very well, his stories were strange

He alone know how much he is worth

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence