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Stephen D.R. MacNeil

  • 77-474-608
  • Item
  • ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Stephen D.R. MacNeil, a bard from Benacadie.

Ethnic Corner: Scottish foodways & family traditions

Item is a recording of Ethnic Corner featuring Kay MacDonald & Kay MacKenzie speaking about Scottish foodways and traditions. The Ethnic Corner series was produced by Elizabeth Beaton Planetta and taped at Seaside Cable with technical direction by Harry Woodman.

023-Introduction-Herring Potatoes, 041-Recipe for Bannock, 072-Explanation of Folk recipes, 165-Marragan Pudding recipe, & background, 212-Scottish traditions, 283-recipe for Scotch Oat Cakes, 363-Gaelic song by Kay MacDonald & Kay MacKenzie, 382-Closing credits

Beaton Institute

Ethnic Corner

Item is a recording of Ethnic Corner by the Beaton Institute, with segments on the Cape Breton Gaelic Society, the Cape Breton Multicultural Association, and Jewish culture and religion. Recorded by Alan Cash for the Beaton Institute.


An interview with Kay MacDonald, Cape Breton Gaelic Society:
000-Cape Breton Gaelic Society, 042-activities: pipeband, ceilidhs, gaelic classes, scottish violins, 089-Taigh man Gaidheal (the Gaelic Society's Building), 106-Gathering of the Clans, 161-Financing of the Gaelic Society, 180-Saint Andrew's Night, 191-main goal of the Gaelic Society

An interview with Agnes Stephenson, president of the Cape Breton Multicultural Association:
000-History and organization of the CBMA, 034-the concept originally of two cultures in Canada; ethnics and anglos, 037-areas of support to the CBMA, 055-high points resulting from outside encouragement of the CBMA, 080-attempts by the CBMA to implement the federal policy of "multiculturalism" re national policy, 115-national and provincial ethnic publications re: the ethnic groups in Cape Breton, 150-the concepts "mosaic" and "meltingpot" in terms of multiculturalism, 180-the score of the CBMA re: the ethnic groups it affects

An interview with Rhoda Gaum:
005-Judaism as a way of life not just as a religion, 011-Chanukah, origin, 025/049-explanation of the celebration itself, 038-how the tradition was passed from generation to generation, 101-date of the festival, 057-traditional food, 077-game of "tops", 094-Day of Atonement, Food, 114-Kosher, 132-chicken soup, language, 139-Hebrew, 147-Yiddish

Beaton Institute

Brown Brothers of Washabuck

Item is a videocassette recording of The Brown Brothers of Washabuck, Cape Breton, produced in December 1987 and edited by Lisa Morrison, Audio/Visual Department, UCCB. Directed by Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, and Michael Anthony MacLean.

Family History (2:20)
Caledonia Song
Hoodlum Song (3:41)
Grandmother Story (7:32)
Song from the Old Homestead (9:19)
Vince MacLean’s Story (14:41)
Bordon Song (16:55)
Bear Dance (18:17)
Imitations (21:25)
Michael and the Fiddle (22:13)
New Year’s Story (Tody)
Flora’s Story
Home Movie – Michael humming “Duddledum”
No Sir No
Cod Liver Oil
Yon Munroe
Michael Anthony’s Story
Wedding Song
Sister’s Story
Kay MacLean’s Story
Michael Imitating Bagpipes
Dr. and the Bear
Gaelic Song
Hector’s Story
Malcolm MacDonald
Ending Collage

Narrator: Hector MacKenzie

Photographs and home movies in order of appearance:

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Dan Rory (Murdock) MacNeil

Rory D. MacNeil, Joan MacNeil, Dan Angus MacNeil

Hughie MacLeod, Angus MacDonald

Jackie (Fownes) MacDonald, Michael Brown

Maxie MacNeil, Vince MacLean, Michael A. MacLean, Hector MacKenzie, Flora Canning

Upper Washabuck School located near Angus Ranald MacDonald. (“Big” Liza Campbell – Teacher. Two Browns on extreme right of picture – Michael and Dan.)

Store at Washabuck Bridge with potential local customers and teamsters.

Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, Kay MacLean, Annie (Sister) MacLean, Flora Canning, Gordon MacLean (Guitar), Sniffer (dog), Simon MacKenzie

John Dan MacKenzie – store owner at Washabuck Bridge and Eddie MacLean (on right)

Kathleen MacLean, Rita MacDougall

Johnnie Brown, Michael Brown

Square set people:

Leonard MacKenzie, Jeanette MacKenzie, Lawrence MacDougall – Fiddler, Cassie MacKenzie, Florence MacKenzie, Aggie and Neil F. MacLennan, Eugene MacIsaac, Joe (Red Rory) MacLean – Prompter, Michael A. MacLean, Malcolm MacDonald, Michael Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Lexina Fraser

Mary C. MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown, Lexina Fraser

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Alex Murphy

Cheryl MacDonald, Wanda MacDonald, Mary Ann MacKenzie, Dan Brown

Michael Brown, Jackie MacDonald, Rosemary MacKinnon, Dan Brown, Mary C. MacKinnon, Andy MacDonald

Wedding party at Highland Hill: Maxie and Joan MacNeil – Bride and groom, Michael (S.R.) MacNeil – Fiddler, Kammie (S.R.) MacNeil – Guitar, Annie Jane MacNeil – Dancer, Patricia MacNeil, Diane MacNeil, Capt. Angus MacNeil, John Rory MacNeil, Lex MacNeil, Dan Malcolm MacKinnon, Peggy (Dan Joe) MacNeil, Unknown female, Dan Brown, Unknown female

Michael Brown, Rose MacKenzie, Lex Fraser, Jean MacKenzie, Kathleen MacDonald, Michael A. MacLean, Duncan MacDonald, Mary C. MacDonald, Front: Michael MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown

Greg MacNeil (Bear), Arnold MacNeil (Doctor)

Dan Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Michael Brown

Wedding at Upper Washabuck: Dan Alex and Martha MacKinnon, with neighbours and friends

In horse and wagon – Big Neil MacKinnon, Kitty (Charlie Dan Angus) MacNeil

Gaelic Society Concert

Item is a videocassette recording of various artists, in concert at the UCCB Playhouse as a fundraiser for the Gaelic Society. Performers and speakers include Natalie MacMaster, Alice Freeman, John Morris Rankin, and Sheldon MacInnes.

St. Andrew's Night Supper - Tape 4

Item is a video recording of a St. Andrew's Night supper, produced and directed by Elizabeth (Beaton) Planetta and Stephanie Inglis for the Beaton Institute in 1981.


000-piping out of the head table by the Pipes and Drums of the Cape Breton Gaelic Society, 025-music by the Pipes and Drums of the Cape Breton Gaelic Society under the direction of Mr. Francis MacKenzie

Beaton Institute

Oidhche Leis Na Baird Tape 1

Item is a video recording of Oidhch Leis Na Baird, the Cape Breton Gaelic Society concert; recorded for the Beaton Institute by Alan Cash in 1981.

000-dedication of the Gaelic concert by Rev. John MacEachern to Mike MacDougall, 059-presentation by the children's Gaelic class in Sydney, recitation: mary had a little Lamb (Gaelic) song: "Suas Leis a "Ghaidhlig", 171-piano duet by Doug MacPhee and George MacInnis, pieces played: "The Young McGregor March", "Roderick MacDonald's Stradhspey", "Bagpipe Stradhspey", "John Campbell's Reel", "They grey haired lady", 298-duet by Father Allan MacMillan and Mrs. Margaret MacLean-"Mo luaidh a chunna' mi'n diugh", 344-"Oran an t-Saighdear"

Beaton Institute

Oidhche Leis Na Baird Tape 2

Item is a video recording of Oidhch Leis Na Baird, the Cape Breton Gaelic Society concert; recorded for the Beaton Institute by Alan Cash in 1981.

000-Gaelic solo by Mr. Willy MacDonald "Gu'm a slan do na fearaibh", "An t-alltan dubh", 158-duet with Doug MacPhee on piano and Carl MacKenzie on fiddle, "The Bonnie Lass of Head Lake" March, "The Free Gardners" March, "Nancy", "Athole Brose" Stathspey, "John Allan Cameron's Reel", 327-New Waterford Gaelic singers "O Chruinneag", 389-"Illean ill i, illean i"

Beaton Institute

Oidhche Leis Na Baird Tape 3

Item is a video recording of Oidhch Leis Na Baird, the Cape Breton Gaelic Society concert; recorded for the Beaton Institute by Alan Cash in 1981.

000-Gaelic solo by Father Allan MacMillan "Fuadach nan Gaidheal", 031-"Thu mi gaol do'n fhear bhan", 057-Gaelic solo by Mr. Willy MacDonald, "Nuair a chi thu caileag bhoidheach", 128-"Hug oran O Ru Hu bha ho", 181-"Ic Iarla nam Bratch Bana", 251-Trio with Mrs. Kay MacDonald, Mr. Willy MacDonald and Fr. Allan MacMillan "Gaol nan Cruinneag"

Beaton Institute

Collection of Gaelic Songs Sung in Christmas Island Parish

  • G157
  • Item
  • ca. 1965

Item is a collection of songs, and information regarding the songs, that were commonly sung in Christmas Island and surrounding communities. Most of the songs were composed in the area, but a few are Old Country songs.

Skye Boat Song

  • GMISC2
  • Item
  • c1920

Item is a copy of a popular Scottish song.

Am Bru-Dhearg

  • GSB1
  • Item
  • 1913

Item is a collection of contemporary and traditional songs accompanied by sol-fa notation.

An Smeòrach

  • GSB15
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a collection of songs with sol-fa musical notation and two-part harmony.

Dain agus Orain

  • GSB24
  • Item
  • 1902

Item is a collection of poems by the bard Alexander MacKinnon that had originally been copied from the bard's own manuscript by John MacLean (Iain Mac Ailein), otherwise known as The Bard MacLean.

Cronan nan Tonn

  • GSB6
  • Item
  • 1938

Item is a collection of traditional and contemporary Gaelic songs which are also translated into English.

Mo Nighean

  • GSM11
  • Item
  • c.1910

Item is a popular song including sol-fa notation and music for piano accompaniment.

Gur Moch Rinn Mi Dusgadh

  • GSM12
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is the first verse of a Gaelic song. It appears to have been photocopied and enlarged. The owner has written in harmonies in the treble staff and composed his own bass line.

An Eriskay Love Lilt

  • GSM16
  • Item
  • 1908

Item is a song including piano accompaniment.

Fair Cape Breton Isle

  • GSM23
  • Item
  • 1935

Item is the theme song for the radio program Celtic Ceilidh, broadcast on CJFX in the 1930s. It praises the island of Cape Breton.

Gaol nan Cruinneag

  • GSM24
  • Item
  • c1942

Item is a popular song composed early in the 1900s.

Oran Dhan Dotair MacLennan (Gaelic Poem)

  • GSM28
  • Item
  • n.d.

Item is a photocopy of a song appearing in a newspaper. It praises the work of a Doctor Angus MacLennan who, while serving as an MP (1882-1886), was instrumental in bringing the railway to western Inverness County so that industries could be developed there.

Gaelic Song Postcards

  • GSM29
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a collection of 6 postcards, each with a different Gaelic song on the front.

Gaelic Songs Including Harmonies

  • GSM4
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a collection of Gaelic songs, one which includes musical notation for pianoforte accompaniment.

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