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Archival description
CA BI 78-1217-2967 · Item · ca. 1890

Item is a photographic postcard of the surviving settlers who went to Australia and New Zealand with Norman MacLeod on the ship called the "Highland Lass".
Back row, L to R: J. McKay 'Ban' (Napier), D. McKay 'Ban' (Waipu), W. McDonald (Waipu), Dan McKay 'Ban' (Waipu), K. McDonald (Waipu), D.H. McKenzie (Waipu), K. Stewart (Whangarei Hds).
Third row, L to R: Miss J. McKenzie (Waipu), Miss C. McKay (Waipu), Mrs. J.W. Durham (Waipu), A. MacKay 'Ban' (Waipu), N. McKenzie 'Prince' (Waipu), W. McLennan (Waipu), J.R. MacKay (Waipu), Miss E. McKay 'Ban' (Waipu), Mrs. Webster (Waipu), Mrs. R. Campbell (Waipu).
Second row, L to R: H. McKenzie (Waipu), R. Finlayson (Waipu), Mrs. P.H. McKay (Waipu), Mrs. Anderson (Mangere), Mrs. Sheddon (Auckland), Mrs. W. McKenzie (Waipu), Mrs. D. McKenzie 'Prince' (Waipu), Mrs. J. Finlayson (Waipu), Mrs. D. McLeod (Waipu), Mrs. M. McAulay (Waipu).
Front row, L to R: D. McKay 'Ban' (Waipu), Capt. J. McKenzie 'Prince' (Waipu), J. McLean (Waipu), D. Stewart (Whangarei Hds).

Troops Embarking at Halifax
CA BI 77-1538-1672 · Item · 1914-1918

Item is a photographic postcard of a number of troops embarking in Halifax during WWI. Soldiers in full uniform are visible on the upper and lower decks of the boat while onlookers, mostly in day wear, are visible on the dock.