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CA BI MG 6.5 · Fonds · 1802

Fonds consists of a character reference for Hector MacNeil, one of the first Scottish settlers of Christmas Island.

MacNeil, Hector
MacSween, Agnes (MacNeil)
CA BI MG 6.10 · Fonds · 1892

This fonds consists of a letter from Malcolm Campbell, Barra, with family news; copy of tombstone of Roderick and Jane MacNeil.

Campbell, Malcolm
Polish Wedding
CA BI 79-1096-4076 · Item · ca. 1910

Item is a photograph of a large wedding party, including the bride and groom.

CA BI 79-1098-4078 · Item · ca. 1910

Item is a photograph showing a group of members of the St. Michaels Benefit Society. It appears to be taken during the first year of its founding. Members not identified.

Bras d'Or Lime Co. Ltd.
CA BI MG 14.85 · Fonds · 1889-1915

Two ledgers for 1889-1900 and 1889-1915. Records indicate that an interpreter was employed at the quarry to communicate with the immigrant miners who were of Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Yugoslavian (Croatian) and Greek descent. See MB 40.

Guth na nGaidheal
CA BI G126 · Item · 1916

Item is magazine published bi-annually by the Gaelic League of London.

Sam Goodman and others
CA BI 81-1163-6243 · Item · 1914-1918

Item is a negative of a portrait of Sam Gordon with some other Jewish immigrants.

Seven recent Jewish immigrants, six identified - Sam Gordon, Ike Green, Louis Gallon, Saul Epstein, Abe Jacobson, Dave Epstein

82-953-7653 · Item · [ca. 1918]

Item is a postcard of St. Mary’s Polish Church with a portrait of Rev. Camillus Grzybala, in the top-right corner. The text at the top of the photograph reads, “Kościół Narodzenia N. M. P. w Whitney, Pier, N.S.” The text at the bottom of the photograph reads, “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Polish R. C. Church, Whitney Pier, N.S. Canada.”

First Irish Grammar
CA BI G144 · Item · 1919

Item is an introduction to the grammar of Irish Gaelic.

Polish Wedding
79-1096-4076 · Item · [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph portrait of a Polish wedding with family members, taken in the 1920s.

Polish Band
79-1097-4077 · Item · [ca. 1920]

Item is a photograph of male members of a Polish band.

CA BI 78-112-1862 · Item · 1921

Item is a reproduction of a newspaper article about the Universal Negro Improvement Association band on Laurier Street in Whitney Pier. Members are marching in the street with instruments and banners in support of a movement advocating "Africa for the Africans."

Article attached to photograph reads:
The year was 1921. The scene, Laurier street at Whitney Pier, as members of the city's Negro community paraded in support of a movement advocating, (as banners indicate) "Africa for the Africans." The sizable brass band was one of a number organized within the city and residents who were around at that time recall that nobody ever had to march without the accompaniment of plenty of stirring martial music. Also noteworthy is the complete lack of sidewalks and paving. The photograph is from the album of Pier merchant Louis Mendelson. He's the white-shirted young man with the bicycle standing mid-right in the photo."

On reverse: "Year 1921 Mr. Askell Artzell Hunt 14 Brooks St. Sydney C. B." "Sent a copy to Mr. Hunt" "Colin MacDonald was bandmaster of the Universal Negro Improvement Assoc. approximately 20 members in the band. Band operated from 1928 to 1932. There was also a West Indian Band at the Pier Bandmaster Jack McKnight approx. 15 members Deputy Bandmaster Norman Crawford, lasted 2 years.

Rev. England
CA BI 84-158-14258 · Item · 1925

Item is a photograph of Reverend England of St. Cyprian's Anglican Church, Whitney Pier. Rev. England was
West Indian and served a congregation of mainly West Indian Blacks.

Currie, Michael D. fonds
CA BI MG 6.3 · Fonds · 1928

Fonds consists of reproductions of a letter and reply to The Casket regarding an article, "Early Days in Cape Breton" with special reference to the Gaels, criticizing the way in which they were portrayed in the article.

Currie, Michael D.
The Nova Scotia Gleaner
CA BI PAM 1605 · Item · 5 October, 1929

Item is a October 5, 1929 issue of the Nova Scotia Gleaner, a monthly newspaper that was published in Sydney, Nova Scotia. This issue of the Gleaner was subtitled "In the Interest of the Coloured People of Nova Scotia," and features an editorial and several pieces that focus on Black persons across Nova Scotia.

Group Picnic
91-786-22747 · Item · 1929

Item is a photograph of a group picnic, taken in 1929. Croatian families in attendance.

91-796-22757 · Item · 1930

Item is a photograph of a Croatian Tamburitza Orchestra featuring seven costumed performers, taken 14 October 1930.

Michael Kuna Collection
CA BI MG 21.25 · Collection · 1927-1932

Collection consists of a selection of early Ukrainian sound recordings and 1 photograph donated by Mr. Michael Kuna in 2009.

Dr. Alvinus Calder
CA BI 83-6312-13612 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of Black Nova Scotian doctor Dr. Alvinus Calder standing outdoors at an unknown
location, dressed in suit and tie.

Dr. Alvinus Calder
CA BI 83-6311-13611 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of Black Nova Scotian doctor Dr. Alvinus Calder sitting on the stairs to a home, dressed
in a suit and tie.

82-955-7655 · Item · 1935

Item is a photograph of Polish float in Sydney’s 150th anniversary parade, taken in 1935. The float features fifteen girls, with one as a Polish queen and the rest as her attendants. The queen is identified as Jennie Kieć. The bottom row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Wludyka, Minnie Paruch, Louise Kiec, and Sophie Borak. The second row is identified, from left to right, as Mary Gniewek, Julia Gniewek, Annie Ardelli, Francis Zagorski, Sophie Blazy, and Elsie Gniewek. The third row is identified, from left to right, as Helen Kokoska, Mary Durkacz, Mary Kokoska, and Mary Miecznik.

Dr. Alvinus Calder
CA BI 63-6310-13610 · Item · ca. 1935

Item is a photograph of physician Dr. Alvinus Calder standing next to an unidentified building, dressed in a suit and tie.

7 Mile Bridge
91-699-22660 · Item · [ca. 1936]

Item is a photograph taken at 7 Mile Bridge in Sydney River. The individuals are identified from left to right as Obie Karylak, Alex & Marlene Karyluk, Fr. Tsukuinyk & Mrs. Tsukuinky. Fr. Tsukuinky is also identified as the pastor of St. George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Breton Street in Whitney Pier.

CA BI PAM 2549 · Item · 1938

File consists of two issues of "The Black Man: A Monthly Magazine of Negro Thought and Opinion." The magazine was edited by Marcus Garvey, founder and president-general of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.), of London, England, and these issues feature transcripts of speeches that were given by Mr. Garvey at Bethel Church, Halifax, and Menelik Hall, Sydney. These speeches outline the work that has been completed by the U.N.I.A..

91-797-22758 · Item · 1938

Item is a photograph of the Sydney branch of the Hrvatska seljačka stranka (HSS), the Croatian Peasant Party. Two girls in the photograph hold up a banner which reads, “Ogranak 28, HSS Dr Barišasmoljan Osnovan, 1938, u Sydney, N.S. Canada.” The photograph was taken in 1938.

Back row from left to right: Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Stanley Markotich, John Markotich, Jack Dzaich, Unknown First Name Dugandzic, unknown, Nikola Šimač
Middle row from left to right: unknown, unknown, Blanche Unknown Last Name, Jaka Markotich, Julka Mayich (Majic), Kris Mayich (Majic)
Front row: unknown, unknown

CA BI 86-15-16104C · Item · ca. 1950

Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
boxing match.

CA BI 86-15-16104B · Item · ca. 1950

Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
boxing match.

CA BI 86-15-16104A · Item · ca. 1950

Item is a photographic portrait of an unidentified Black boxer.

CA BI 86-15-16104D · Item · ca. 1950

Item is a photograph that shows an unidentified black boxer fighting another unidentified boxer at a public
boxing match.

Polish Couples
79-1099-4079 · Item · [ca. 1950]

Item is a photograph of two Polish couples, taken in the 1950s. Couple on the left: Tony Reppa and Sonya Wroblewski.

CA BI 84-01-14101 · Item · ca. 1951

Item is an Abbass Studios photograph of members of the Seymour's Senators, a Sydney Little League team. Identified from left to right are Joe "Whirly" Worrell, Alvin Daniels, Hubert Crawford, Tom Miller, R. Callander, and C. Boucher.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
CA BI 83-133-8433 · Item · ca. 1952

Item is an Abbass Studios photograph of a group of unidentified Black World War 2 servicemen at a banquet. The photo shows the men seated around a table.

MacDonald, Colin S.
CA BI MG 6.54 · Fonds · 1954

Fonds consists of the genealogy of the Clanranald MacDonalds of Moidart and Morar.

MacDonald, Colin S.
CA BI MG 6.37 · Fonds · 1936-1955

Fonds consists of:

  • papers including correspondence with D.D. MacFarlane, Joseph D. MacKinnon and Fr. Angus MacNeil pertaining to MacNeil, MacSween and MacFarlane genealogies and to Gaelic songs
  • list of members of the Caledonian Society, Sydney
  • story entitled "Stephen the Spendthrift"
  • passport photo of Mr. MacNeil [#79-1192-4172]
CA BI 77-892-1026 · Item · 1955

Item is a photograph of the Holy Synod taken at St. Philip's African Orthodox Church in Whitney Pier. Featured from left to right are Alderman Chicks Chisholm, City Solicitor Michael Whally, Unknown, Archbishop W.M.E. Robinson, Mayor Tony Gallagher, Rev. Calder and Rev. F. Francis.

Abbass Studios Ltd.
CA BI 84-14-16103 · Item · 1 March, 1955

Item is a photograph of the members of the Pride of Sydney Lodge that was published in the Cape Breton Post in March, 1955.

Members are identified as follows: Front row, left to right: Vernal Tull, Evelyne Brathwaite, L.K.; Lucious
Jackson, P.E.R., Grand Organizer; Leonard Arthur, Exalted Ruler; George Ford, L.K.; Harold Kirton, L.K..
Back Row, left to right: Wakefield Harris, Inner Guard; Canon George A. Francis, Chaplain; Harold Best,
Treasurer; Ralph Hedley, Tyler; Henry Marsh, P.E.R.

CA BI BX 9999 A3 TF7 · Item · 1956

Item is a book about the history of the African Orthodox Church written by Rev. A.C. Terry-Thompson, D.D.. The book includes a history of St. Philip's Church, Sydney.

CA BI G146 · Item · 1956

Item is a periodical containing articles in various Celtic languages.

Polish Dancers
82-233-6933 · Item · 1957

Item is a photograph of Polish dancers in costume. The dancers are Holy Redeemer High School students, taken in 1957 at CJCB studios, Sydney.

First row: Marilyn Baryluk Gillis, Frances Kokoska, (Unknown First Name) Tynski or Mary Petruskavitch
Second row: Julianne Wojick, Frances Tynski, Annie Yelovich or Josephine Rebutski, Audrey Wludyka
Third row: Margie Reppa Johnson, JoAnne MacDonald Kingsbury, Frania Rose Ryba McKay, Dorothy Granich, Patricia Malinowski

84-157-14257 · Item · May 1959

Item is a photograph of a procession of Ukrainian clergy, taken in May 1959.

The Early Lyric in Gaelic
CA BI G158 · Item · 1961

Item is an academic article on early (medieval and dark ages) Gaelic verse, mostly as it appears in stories or song.

CA BI PAM 1266 · Item · 1962

Item is a pamphlet that contains the results of a study completed by the Dalhousie University Institute of Public Affairs that examined the population distribution, socio-economic condition, and educability of African Nova Scotians living in the Halifax area in 1959.

Alvinus Calder fonds
CA BI MG 12.192 · Fonds · 1962

Fonds consists of of an undated autobiography, a travel-logue of a trip to Moscow in 1962, a letter to the editor of a Grenada newspaper concerning that island's economy, a clipping of a speech that Dr. Calder gave on racial prejudice, and a report of the Medical Committee. The fonds also includes an address given by Dr. Calder to St. Andrew's Brotherhood, Sydney, 1950 about racial prejudice.

Calder, Dr. Alvinus
CA BI T-3 · Item · 1963

File consists of an audio recording; mentions first contact between Mi'kmaq and Gaelic settlers.

Brief biographical sketch of Hugh MacKenzie and his contributions to Cape-Bretoniana and Mr. MacKenzie is interviewed by Cathleen MacKinnon

Hugh MacKenzie: Early history of Christmas Island (N.S.), MacNeils vs. Mi'kmaq, Scottish Immigrants to C.B. Brought only bare essentials with them, Funiture and Clothing in the early days

Early method for making dye

Recipe for making soap

Faill iu faillin ho ro eile - Milling song

Recipe for making tea. Early settlers made tea from herbs and roots

Medical care - sick and elderly were cared for by relative and neighbors

His prayers were answered ... Anecdote

Difficulty getting food...

Mi'kmaw with scalping knife...

Dat's me father

Schools scholars in the days...

Asthma and sore throat cure

Superstitious practises

Meeting the red haired woman means bad luck for the rest of the day

The black cat superstition...

Discussion on second-sight

I feel a heavy weight on my back...

Second-sight story

Stop here a minute...something is going to happen right here

I saw my brother's funeral...

Hallowe'en customs/B. New Year with rhymes

Reiteach - matchmaking

Brief sketch of MacKenzie family...

The ship "Harmony"

The Scottish pioneers were ingenious

Oran and amadan bhoidheach...Song-lament tells of a man who mistakenly shoots his sweetheart

MacNeil Boating Songs (Kishmul Castle)

Gu bheil angille dubh-dhonn

Oran an t-saighdear - Soldier laments his second induction into the army

Tha mi fo lean dubh 's mi m'onair composed by Bard William Ross

Song lament

Tha mo glean air au Chieetan [SIC]

Tha mise fo mhulad 's an am...

Mary's Dream

O nach till thu ruinn a rithis...Jacobite song

Soraidh leibh 's oidhche mhath liebh

Thanks Hugh MacKenzie

84-163-14263 · Item · 1965

Item is a photograph of children being instructed in painting Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky) at the Ukrainian Hall in Whitney Pier, taken in 1965. Identified in the photograph are: Michael O'Jolick, Catherine Sawka, Ann Hawrylak, Natalie Pronko, William Melnyk, Denise Mahalik.

Abbass Studios Ltd.