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Gaelic Songs Grand Mira (N.S)

MacDonald, Dan R. - Violin selectionsCurrie, Rod - A ribhinn ogCurrie, Rod - Rose of TraleeCurrie, Rod - English love songCurrie, Rod - C'ait 'an robh mi an raoirCurrie, Rod - Sud an taobh a'gaibhinnGillis, Lauchie - Hi u illin o ag...

Gillis, Lauchie

West Bay Road Parish Hall Concert

Item is an audio recording of a conert held at the West Bay Road Parish Hall. Performers include: Alec Francis Mac Kay, Theresa Mac Lellan, Henry Mac Kinnon, Lionel Owen, Debbie and Viola mac Donald, Mrs. Bessie Mac Eachern, Ron Reilly, Donnie Mac...

CBI Radio, Archie Neil Chisholm

Carl MacKenzie & Doug MacPhee - Violin and piano; Neil Gow's LamentArchie Neil Chisholm - Talks about "ceilidhs"Rita MacNeil - "Old Man"Carl MacKenzie & Doug MacPhee - Violin and piano: Strathspeys & reelsArchi...

CBI Radio

Donald "Dan Alex" MacDonald fonds

  • MG 6.35
  • Fonds
  • 1969

Fonds consists of 27 songs in Gaelic, two hymns in English and a newspaper account of the MacDonalds' 50th wedding anniversary in 1969. Mr. MacDonald, a farmer from Framboise, composed many Gaelic songs, the most famous of which was "Fai...

MacDonald, Dan Alex

Gaelic Songs

  • MG 6.43
  • Fonds
  • 20th century

Fonds consists of Gaelic poetry, songs, hymns and a letter. Creator is unknown.A. Notebook of handwritten Gaelic songs believed to be the songs of Ewen MacKinnon, otherwise known in Iona as "Bodach a'Bhidse".B. Gaelic translation of...

Puirt-a-Beul with Joe Neil MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of sgeulachdan and puirt-a-beul recited by Joe Neil MacNeil with one story from Dan MacNeilMacNeil, Joe Neil - "Gille mor an tuathanaich" (sgeulachdan)MacNeil, Dan - "Naigheachdan mu dheidhinn Alasdair Mac...

MacDonald, Kay

Puirt-a-Beul with Joe Neil MacNeil

Puirt a beul project done by Kay MacDonald for Museum of Man, Ottawa (Ont.) with piano music by Doug MacPhee, Gaelic wordsRuidhleadh cailleach Eachainn Mhoir...Sud ort fhein a' Mhorag...An gabh thu bhean, a "Dhomhunuill Bhig?"O gu d...

MacDonald, Kay

Margaret MacPhee

  • MG 15.76
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1997

Fonds consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings:a. Newspaper clipping: Tribute of Margaret MacPhee, August 23, 1980. 1 p.b. Thank you acknowledgement. 1 p.c. Letter from the Gaelic Society. 1 p.d. Testimonial napkin and invitation.e. News...

MacPhee, Margaret

Mary Elizabeth MacNeil

  • MG 15.45
  • Fonds
  • 1972

Fonds consists of ballads collected by Mrs. MacNeil while working on a grant for Cape Bretoniana, mainly English and Irish in origin.

Dan Kenny MacLeod and Simon Froese

Dan K. Mac Leod sings songs in Gaelic unaccompanied by musical instruments, including "Jesus Heed Me Near the Cross".Simon and Willie Froese play a selection of reels and jigs on the fiddle. [Tracks have overlapped on latter portions of ...

Allan J. Gillis: Gaelic Songs

Tape of Gaelic songs, sent as a tape from Allan J. Gillis to Sister MargaretNa Cnuic 's na glinn bu bhoidhche leinnA Fhleasgaich uasail ho ri ho ro'S i mo dhùthaich a dh'fhàg mi'S Truagh nach robh mise nan eilean mo chridhe

Gillis, Allan J.

Lauchie Gillis: Gaelic Songs in Grand Mira

Item is an audio recoding of Gaelic songs, fiddle music and discussion of local history.Featuring :Gillis, Lauchie - O bhan, o bhan, goraich oGillis, Lauchie - Illean ill o, illean iGillis, Neil D. - Memories of Grand MiraGillis, Neil D. - Biograp...

Gillis, Lauchie

Gaelic Songs, Stories and Mass

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories collected in the Boisdale area. Recording includes a Gaelic mass and Gaelic hymns.Steele, John - Biographical sketchSteele, John - Story of a man buying a horse (Local)Steel, John - Story abou...

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic Songs with Margaret Maclean

Item is an audio recording of Margaret Maclean performing a number of Gaelic songs. Includes:Hu o ro hu oDh' fhalbh mo run, dh' fhag e'n caladh...O gur toigh leam (Composed by Maclean)Oran an Teine (Composed by Lauchie Currie)Oidhch...

Stolarsky, Mildred

Among the Gaels of Nova Scotia

Item is an audio recording of BBC Glasgow's 1971 radio piece 'Among the Gaels of Nova Scotia' concerning Gaelic language and culture in Cape Breton Island.MacEachern, Bessie Fuadach nan GaidhealMacPherson, John Conversatio...

MacPherson, John Alick

CHER Radio Failte 's Furan Alex Goldie

Item is an audio recording of CHER Radio's Failte 's Furan program. Recording features a conversation with Alex 'Alec' Goldie.Fitzgerald, Winston - Violin selectionsCampbell, John - Introduces guest, Alex GoldieGoldie, Alex - O...

CHER Radio

Gaelic Songs from the North Shore

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic song selections as performed by various informants on Cape Breton's North Shore. Recording opens with fiddle selections by Donald Angus Beaton, Mabou, N.S.Shaw, John Wreck Cove. Victoria County "Faill...

Shaw, John

John Allan Cameron

  • MG 15.34
  • Fonds
  • 1978

Fonds consists of correspondence, papers, and clippings pertaining to the “Cape Breton Salutes John Allan Cameron” program, October 21 and 22, 1978, sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education, College of Cape Breton, and New Dawn Enterprises.

Ronald MacEachern fonds

  • MG 15.11
  • Fonds
  • 1977

Fonds consists of papers, including musical manuscripts written by Mr. MacEachern, and a book of folk songs compiled by Mr. MacEachern. Refer to Tapes 1066 and 1067.

MacEachern, Ronald

Gordon F. MacQuarrie

  • MG 15.8
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1965

Fonds consists of 1) Scottish music, handwritten, some composed by Mr. MacQuarrie; 2) Fragments of letters about music; and 3) a newspaper clipping by the Cape Breton Post of Mr. MacQuarrie’s death.

MacQuarrie, Gordon F.

Scottish Step Dancing

Item is a videocassette recording of various events and scenes filmed for the Inverness County Dance Project.

Canadian Museum of History

Scottish Step Dancing

Item is a videocassette recording of various events and scenes filmed for the Inverness County Dance Project. The footage consists of stepdancing demonstrations by Tammy MacDonald, Gordon MacDonald, and Mary Janet MacDonald filmed on location at M...

Canadian Museum of History

Among the Gaels in Nova Scotia

Item is an audio recording of a BBC Glasgow program with John MacPherson exploring Gaelic culture and language throughout Cape Breton Island.Among the Gaels in Nova Scotia: MacMillan, Hector S e Ceap Breatuinn Tir Mo GhraidhMacPherson, John (BBC)...

MacPherson, John Alick

Scottish Tunes and Gaelic Prayers

Item is an audio recording of the CJFX 25th Anniversary Program on Scottish music from Cape Breton. The second part of the recording is Mrs. Catherine MacLean of Boisdale singing a hymn and reciting prayers in Gaelic.Recording summary:Violin sele...

Conversation with Jim Charles MacNeil

Railroad in Cape BretonReads a letter from Michael Ferguson to his mother after he heard of the death of Effie MacDonaldReads Rev. S.P. MacDonald farewell address to Bishop Grant of Oban, ScotlandThe Devil's not idle eitherThe pie socialFathe...

Ceilidh in Barra

Item is an audio recording taped in Scotland, October, 1973 at a Ceilidh in Barra - names of performers not availableRecording summary: Violin selections - Marches, strathspeys, reels Bagpipe selections ...

Macfarlane, J. Malcolm

Ceilidh in Boisdale

Item is an audio recording of a ceilidh in Boisdale.Recording summary:Gaol an t-Seoladair - MacLean, Mrs. Rod - Love songChi mi bhuam, fada bhuam - MacLean, Mrs. Rod - Lament - Composed by Alasdair a' Ridge, After he moved to Antigonish from...

Violin selections and Gaelic songs

Item is an audio recording of songs and tunes by Alex Francis MacKay, Angus Chisholm, Dan Hughie MacEachern, Fr. Allan MacMillan, Rev. John H. MacEachern, and John Williams. The tape was recorded by Elizabeth MacEachern.Recording summary:MacKay, A...

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