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School of Scottish Studies Gaelic Songs and Music

MacTavish, Morag (Scotland) "Aite mo ghaoil, tha mise dol ann..."

Na H-Oganaich (Scotland) "Tha m'eudail 's m'aighear mo ghraidh"

Na H-Oganaich (Scotland) "Morag na bilean gheala..."

MacTavish, Morag (Scotland) "Soraidh leis a bhreacan ur..."

Na H-Oganaich (Scotland) "Fal o ro bho'n dh'fhag sinn..."

MacTavish, Morag (Scotland) "...mar theid mi leam fhin..."

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Scottish Dance Band (Scotland) Scottish dance music

Sandemann, Mary (Scotland) Gaelic song

School of Scottish Studies

Ceol na Gaidhlig Gaelic Music and Poetry

Item is a recording of recitations of a selections of Gaelic songs and poems.

Douglas, Nan - Ceol na Gaidhlig, Gaelic music and poetry: Recitation, "Am faigh a' Ghaidhlig bas?"

Thomson, Derick - A short history of Gaelic in Scotland

Grant, Angus - Violin selections

Thomson, Derick - Recitation

Galbraith, Carol - Gaelic lament

Douglas, Nan - Anonymous 17th or 18th Century song

MacNeil, Flora - Anonymous 17th or 18th Century song

Thomson, Derick - Extracts from "Birlinn" (The Galley of Clanranald)

MacNeil, Flora - "Fliuch an oidhche..."

Galbraith, Carol - "Iain Ghlinn Cuach"

Douglas, Nan and Thomson, Derick - Recitation

MacLeod, Pipe-major Donald - Bagpipe selections

MacLeod, Pipe-major Donald - Bagpipe selections

Caimbeul, Seumas - Puirt-a-Beul (mouth music)

Grant, Angus - Violin selections

Douglas, Nan - Recitation Poem "Fios thun a Bhaird"

Thomson, Derick - Recitation Poem "Spiorad a' Charthannais"

Galbraith, Carol - "Nuair a bha mi og..."

Douglas, Nan - "Bana-Ghaidheal"

Douglas, Nan - "Ar Blar Catha"

Thomson, Derick - "Clann-nighean an Sgadain"

Douglas, Nan - "Do Shean-Bhoireannach"

Thomson, Derick - "Latha Feille"

MacDonald, Mary Catherine "Kay"

The Glasgow and Harris Gathering, 1976

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs, fiddle and bagpipe selections.

Association Pipers - Bagpipe selections

MacLennan, Finlay - Presidential welcome

Morrison, Murdo, D.S.M. - Chairman's remarks

MacLeod, Margaret - "Tha m'eudail 's m'aighearr mo ghraidh"

MacAuley, Willie John - "Chi mi'n tir 's an robh mi nam bhalach"

Campbell, Janet - "O 's ann tha mo ghaol-sa thall"

Morrison, Murdo - Presentation of Church Chomunn Leodhas agus na Hearadh

Caledonian Reel and Strathspey Society - Violin selections

Ross, Calum - "Gun till mi m'as maireann mi..."

MacNeill, Finaly - "A' nionaig a' ghraidh..."

Association Pipers - Bagpipe selections

Campbell, Janet - "Nan tigeadh thu idir..."

Campbell, Janet - "A' fhleasgaich an fhuilt chraobhaich chais..."

Campbell, Janet - "A' fhleasgaich an fhuilt chraobhaich chais..."

MacAuley, Willie John - "Tiugainn a' leannan o duthaich nan Galla..."

Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society - Violin selections

Ross, Calum - "A' Chalum bhig, a' Chalum bhig"

MacNeill, Finlay - "Eilean beag donn a' chuain"

MacLeod, Margaret - "He mo leannan, ho mo leannan..."

Gaelic Songs and Stories from Scotland

Item is an audio recording created in Scotland of Gaelic songs and stories and an account of a Scots trip to Cape Breton.

MacPhee, Dr. Hugh - Cathedral of Memories - an account of his trip to Cape Breton
Harp selection - Crodh Chailinn

Grant, Archie - Song - MacDonald's First Visit to Glasgow

Grant, Archie - Song - The Wooers Tangle

Grant, Archie - Song - A' Chuthag

MacLeod, Bobby - Song - Accordion Selections

MacPhee, Dr. Hugh

Gaelic Songs from Scotland

MacLean, Allan - Gaelic story - My Hen's Bad Habits

Pipers from Scotland - Bagpipe selection

Calum Ruaraidh, the Crofter - Song - The Lament for Arnheim

Shaw, Christine - Gaelic song

MacDonald, Allan - Song - Oran an t-Saighdear

Johnston, Annie & Mary; MacLeod, Rachel - Ceilidh in Barra - songs, music

Gillies, Alasdair - Story - Alasdair Wooing the Widow

Gillies, Alasdair - Song - Kirsteen

Gillies, Alasdair - Song - An t-Alltan Dubh

Macdonald, Angus

Ceilidh in Barra

Item is an audio recording taped in Scotland, October, 1973 at a Ceilidh in Barra - names of performers not available

Recording summary:

                   Violin selections - Marches, strathspeys, reels

Bagpipe selections

"Teannaibh dluth 's togaibh fonn" - Lament

"Muilean nam Mor-Bheann"

"Caidil cha dean mi..." - Love song

Bagpipe selections

Violin selections - LeBlanc, Paddy & MacInnis, Dan Joe - Strathspeys and reels

"Eilean uaine a' cheo..." - Patriotic song

Puirt-a-beul - Puirt-a-beul

Macfarlane, J. Malcolm

Cape Breton Highlanders

Item is a photograph of soldiers from the "A" Company, Cape Breton Highlanders in Bolsward, Holland, celebrating the end of World War II in Germany. The man step dancing in the center is identified as Louis Michael Broussard of Pomquet, N.S. Also identified are Leo ? of New Waterford, Earl [?]ilson of Sydney, Hikam Connelly of Annapolis Valley, McLeod (with fiddle) of Inverness, White of Halifax, and Curtis of Sydney with the rest being unidentified.